Saturday, 6 March 2010

Week 25 - My Team


Bale   Hutton  Fox

Arteta  Fabregas  Lee  Nani

Berbatov  Bendtner  Torres

Not a lot of time to write my post this week as I'm off out for the day...i'll quickly sum each area of my team.

In goal Gordon has been brought in ahead of James. I feel more confident with this move but knowing my luck with keepers it'll probably backfire.

In defence I was always going to keep Bale @ 2.5 despite his blank week, Hutton has a good chance of a clean sheet & is another I'm holding at a dirt cheap price, while Fox stays as a set piece taker with 2 games (although Alex is doing his best to curse Jordon back in to the team in his place ;)...

In midfield Fabregas was the first name on my team-sheet, he should give Burnley the run around & Arteta was too cheap to turn down & I hope he may get the chance to push forward a bit more vs a poor Hull side. I wanted one double game midfielder so I've gone with Lee for Bolton - with Holden out he should be back on corner final pick is a bit of a risk, as Nani isn't 100% certain to start, but the gamble is based on the fact he'll be fresh, it's a fairly easy game at Wolves & will give Ferguson the chance to rest Park before the Milan game. Fingers crossed for me.

Upfront I very nearly went with Bendtner, Diamanti & Yakubu, but in the end I bottled it. Bendtner was always going to be in there as the spear-point of the Arsenal attack...I still hold him at under £6m & expect a goal today. In the end I decided I couldn't afford to lose my £4m Torres discount given Liverpool's fixtures for the rest of the season, so he's hung on to his place ahead of Diamanti & will hopefully torment. Finally, the news of Rooney being a doubt meant Berbatov came in ahead of the Yak - I really hope these moves don't come back to bite.

That's it (a bit longer than originally intended) - let me know your team & any barndoor ideas? Enjoy the weekend & good luck to all!



Alex said...

I think looking at your team, my own team and being in the chat room this morning, there won't be much movement in the tables as all are very similar. It will come down to which everton mid/forward people picked and same for man utd.

Oh and those who picked Fox or held on to Drogba dropping down ;-) maybe add Rooney to that if SAF is to be believed.

Tekn0kraT said...

AM - You will reach heights of glory if Nani plays and scores!! =D


My Team

GK: James
DF: Verma - Bale - Hutton - Fox
MF: Fabregas - Pienaar - Jummy!! =D
FW: Bender - Nando - Berbatov

HEY TD!! Best o' Luck mate! =D

May the best man win! =)

Alex (Fox will cost you!!) said...

Damn I missed my first ever oppotunity in YFF to say 'first'

madguy said...

same frontline here!

Alex (Fox in negative points!!) said...

oh and just checked and I have moved up three spaces without a ball being kicked, go figure?

Ian Sanderson said...

I'm getting a few blanks this week, but believe in short term pain, long term gain.

Bale Baird Ricketts
Modric Eagles Maxi Rodríguez Fabregas
Tuncay Rooney Torres

GTR 34 said...

Good team AM, and well done with the growth of your site.

Went with

Bale, Hutton, Fox
Yakubu, Fabregas, O'Hara, Lee
Bendtner, Berbatov, Yakubu

This will probably be a bad week as everyone is planning on all the games going to script - but it rarely does?

Many of us could have a few zeros this week with uncertainty of starters, injuries, CL and so on.

Had Vermaelen, Holden and Torres at one point, but with Holden's injury and the slight lack of funds (0.75 here and there) I had to reshuffle to what I have above.

And here we were with a supposedly easy week to pick a team in light of all those teams not playing, and a kind of lousy choice for double gamers?

Sorry I haven't been around since the earlier part of the season. I shall start to make that up forthwith.

Right. I hope you all have a great week.

Thanks once again to AM for all his effort.


GTR 34

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

bale verm hutton baines
fabregas arteta Lee
Bendtner davies elmander

Lee B said...

same midfield as me :)

Fox, Verm, Hutton, Rio
Fab, Nani, Lee, Arteta
Bendtner, Yakubu

Good luck to all..

Next week looks as difficult as this

Wigan and Villa are the only DG
Milner looks good for that even with 2 away games to Stoke and Wigan
Drogba against west ham @ home
Spurs home to BBurn
Burnley home to Wolves, a few cheap BD's there
Bolton home to wigan, i'll keep Lee for that one
Arsenal away to Hull, ill be keeping Fab and Verm
Man U home to Fulham, we'll be looking for revenge there
L'pool home to Pompey

All the big players have got majot opportunities to score big. Could be a real make or break week for those wanting to get into the top 500, hey AM.
Doesn't really matter too much for me i'm only ranked 17.5k, I discovered this blog far too late lol

Anyway, once again good look to all this week and I hope all the AM bloggers stuff the rest and have a successful week

Lee B

STM said...

Just a word of caution with regards to jump gunning BD options.

Reading play Aston Villa in an FA Cup match on Sunday, Mar 7. Those hoping for a double game in Wk 26 would have to pray that the game above ends up with someone winning the tie.

Otherwise, if Villa and Reading require a replay, it will take place at Villa Park on Tuesday, Mar 16. Which means, the EPL game scheduled with Wigan on the same day will be postponed.,,10265~1983445,00.html

Hinrik said...

My team:
Hutton A. Ferdinand Bale
Gerrard Fabregas Lee Arteta
Torres Bendtner

I see when I look at the other teams that not many went for Gerrard. Is there any particular reason for that?

Hinrik said...

I forgot W. Elliot in midfield. There should be eleven. :)

Anonymous said...

Keeper = Craig gordon

Defenders = Bale

Midfielders = Arteta

Strikers = Torres

Anonymous said...

my team this week.
bendtner donovan torres

good luck to all mangers

from supercoach

Anonymous said...

Last minute change - dropped Valencia and Eagles in favour of Nani and Arshavin. Huge risk, I hope for a huge gain as well.

Vermaelen Bale Heitinga
LeeCY Pienaar Nani Arshavin
Bendtner CCole Torres

Hope for the best!


Anonymous said...

my team for this week


goodluck to all mangers
from supercoach

Bradley said...

I don't like my line-up, but here it is:


It's my first 4-3-3 of the season. I couldn't find a fourth MF who was both affordable and certain to start. Given that I'm taking a 0 from Bale and possibly another from Rooney (@16.10), I couldn't afford a third. Howard taking up 8.10 contributed to my money troubles, so I hope he doesn't cause my usual keeper headache.

greginho said...

my team is
vermaelen, bale, nelsen
cesc, gerrard, lee, valencia
bendtner, paterson, davies

nobody has paterson or davies. i am hoping that i get some points from these two so i can climb up some spots or it could mean that there is a reason nobody has them. once again i have 4+ in the bank for the 4 week in a row. i am trying to pick the best player for the week not the most expensive choice. i know ryan nelsen is out but i hold him at 5.10 and can miss out on another 3 weeks.

Anonymous said...

Bale - Vermaelen - Fox
Lee - Fabregas - Arteta - Maxi - Pienaar
Bendtner - Cole

Good luck all ;)

Two Face said...

AM - good line-up..i felt ur team is better than mine..


ur pick Nani and Torres could easily move u further up..kudos to u!!

Merv said...

Prices of Gabby, Young, Milner and Downing all increased before matches kick off! Hope it goes back down. I think I might just drop Rooney at last. Villa's double week is just too hard to resist.

Miec said...

My Team:
Hutton, Ricketts, Alexander
Fabregas, Gerrard, Arteta, Elliot, Nasri
Bendtner, Torres

I was wondering about BD's picks and I have no idea who to bet on.
I took Hilario, McCarthy, Fox and Walcott so.. these are really HILARIOUS picks.

Doctor Teeth said...

Let the games begin. My line-up:

Bale Hutton Verms Spector
Wilshere Fabregas Arteta
Berbatov Torres Bendtner

In the end, I decided that I felt strongly that Everton, WHU and Arsenal have good chances for clean sheets and so I tried to get in at least one defender/GK from each of those teams. Spector is the most anomalous pick and I imagine few other teams will have him...he's a young, highly-skilled defender who is a product of the Manchester United academy system (and he's American!) who I hope will do me proud. I'm psyched that I was able to get in Verms (even at his think I once held him for half his current price) and Howard.

Wilshere is my only I've posted before, Coyle loves this kid and I expect he will play at least 90 mins over two games if he doesn't start both. I was close to picking Lee (which would have required a rejigger of my backline) but opted against him in the end.

I love my frontline..I can see me holding Torres and Bendtner for the remainder of the season at their prices.


Anonymous said...

seems that arshavin is not starting today SF

Anonymous said...

We have 10 similar players AM! Only exception is my Nugent for your Bendtner.

All the best!


Mrljo said...

bolton allready 2 up, nobody saw that one coming :) at the last minute I changed wilshere/rooney/jussi for mtay/fletcher/howard. I don't know why but i went with taylor AGAIN, hoping he will finaly start, but AGAIN i'm looking for a overpriced 0points:(

And fletcher not even on the bench with all team news saying he will start for sure!!
my team for this week:


Good luck everyone!

Lee B said...

Fabregas just scored, come on Jussi clean sheet please....

Lee B

Anonymous said...

s.fletcher no play... damn

SK said...

Not good news for all Fabregas holders. Fabregas came off after scoring due to an injury

- SK

Anonymous said...

fletch not even in the bench :( I am so mad

Caleb said...


How many chancesssssssssssssssssssssss will Bendtner need to miss in order to score?
I dropped him already, so I am happy. Although he do have an assist for Walcott's goal.

Raconteur said...

Cesc was taken off as a precaution, hamstring tweak. Beeb reckon he'll be ok.

Can't believe how many bender is missing, the saying "couldn't hit a cow's arse with a banjo" was thought up just for him. At least we've all got him.

Anonymous said...

BBC-Some news you may be interested in from Molineux: Wayne Rooney is not in the squad for Manchester United.

let's see if its a precaution(re:Cesc) or the arsenal jinx.

Anonymous said...

@Anon (2:59PM)
Not exactly... well, Arshavin didn't start, but came on and scored. But I guess I would drop him any way for Fabregas if his price drops after playing only 40 minutes.
37 points already from Almunia, Vermaelen, Arhsavin and Bendtner, and that's without counting the phantom points from the last 3. It could have been much more if Bendtner hadn't been that stupid, or if the Arsenal defence whadn't been that slow. But you can't get them all, can you?


Hinrik said...

Ouch. I was 5 seconds late to switch A.Ferdinand+W.Elliot for D.Fox+K.Richardson. :(

Hinrik said...

I just thought that Burnley wouldn´t get a chance against Arsenal and would get hammered. Therefor I hesitated to buy D.Fox until it was to late.

Anonymous said...

BBC-Speaking of Rooney, Sir Alex Ferguson reckons the striker is a doubt for the Champions League second leg against AC Milan on Wednesday with his knee injury.

take note fellows.


Anonymous said...

ArsenalFC-"He has a hamstring problem and we don't know how big the damage is yet because it is too early. We'll see tomorrow or Monday. We have to make a late decision over whether he plays on Tuesday, certainly. It is the same hamstring [he hurt against Aston Villa earlier in the season]."

take note fellows.

bean said...

@GTR 34 - "This will probably be a bad week as everyone is planning on all the games going to script - but it rarely does?" couldn't agree more, i was thinking that all week when trying to pick my team.

@DocTeeth - I share your love for Spector.. didn't pick him this week, but he's definitely a great under the radar pick.

this week i ended up with:

Sagna Rio Hreid Fox
Fab Gerrard Arteta Lee
Bendt Yak

i should have known Sagna wouldn't start, all the predicted lineups had him in, but seems Wenger doesn't favor him anymore or he has fitness/injury issues that no one seems to mention...

Lee did me well, but had Wilshere in there at one point, kind of wished i gone with Jack, but picked him up on the barndoor along with Walcott.

this upcoming week feels strange having all the teams playing, with only the two DG teams, which could very well change. i feel like there are so many options after trying to put together this week's squad.

Good luck everyone!

Thanks to AM, cheers!

Danny said...

AM, What is barndoor means? I see everyone using this word. Sorry, news to this word.

bean said...

@Danny - the barndoor is buying players after the matches take place but before Yahoo updates the points... like if a player scores a hatrick and you pick him up before his price shoots up..

Anonymous said...

Not a bad week for me 70 points from 7 players, have yet to do any barn door work and ill end up waiting to see how Arteta and Bullard perform before i change my team. I thought about bringing in Walcott but i figured he will be either be rotated or end up pulling a hammy making a sandwich midweek and be out 2 months.


Anonymous said...

49.5 points with 5 players and 3 more double gamers to go. My Europa League rival has 3 more points than me but he only has 2 DGs. Hopefully I can progress to the next round.


Anonymous said...

Hi AM,

Same as you, i went for Berbatov and Nani.

Both are dead to me for the season from here on.

What a colossal waste both are.

Man U have gone from a Ronaldo + 10 team to aRooney + 10 team. The rest are crap.

Sorry, just venting, because i spent good money on Nani and Berba instead of holding Stevie G. God, I hope that does not come back to hurt.


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