Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Not Again...

Bad news all round:
United's misery was made complete when Rooney limped off with an ankle injury.

And the England striker's injury could yet prove to be the major story of the night, with the 24-year-old apparently in severe pain after turning over on his ankle in the build-up to Bayern's winner. 
As an England fan, I remember this all too well.



Ian Sanderson said...


Forget England - what about my FF team.

After Rooney & Drogba got me zip last week I kept Rooney and sold Drogba.


LBarroso said...

Ian - that sucks. That's why I always wait until after non-league matches to see if anyone gets crocked.

Mike B said...

I wait with baited breath!

Don't worry though fellow England fans, Carlton Cole will surely step up to the mark!

Seriously though, this will be a complete dissaster if he misses the world cup, he's the only player we have that is currently playing at a world class level.

We shall wait and see what happens!

Maxer said...

beckham injured too i heard.. looks like its gonna be a bad year for England.. anyway, fantasywise.. i can downgrade rooney to a cheeper striker and upgrade anywhere.. i might go for massive arsenal, mcity or everton players with one or two liverpool/spurs in the mix..


Anonymous said...

anyone has news on fab's injury?.. i might downgrade him if its confirmed..

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

All is not bad, when Arsenal host Barcelona today!!!!! Come On You Gunners!!!!! "aye ben a Gunnah sinz '79" hahaha

bean said...

tinkering with:

salgado jag wilk
ether arteta mok malouda
torres tevez saha

ToffeeDave said...

I bet on Drogba to finish league top scorer at 7/1 way back when. My karma must be good.

Anonymous said...

Just kidding, I'm also a fan of England and I can't see them winning the Cup without him, but if he could only be out until the end of the league... I really want that Arsenal will win the league, but if they don't I can't bare seeing SAF lifting the trophy AGAIN... it will be too hard to watch.
I haven't been in touch for the past few weeks, and I'm getting back now. After dropping out of the top 1000 last week, the Monday game got me 400+ places back to 1112nd. I need a big week once more.
My team so far:

Bale Jagielka AFaye
Malouda Diaby Walcott AYoung
Bendtner Tevez Saha

... and I really hate it. Betting on both Walcott and Diaby is risky, while Young is away to Bolton and playing for the out-of-form Villa. Malouda is away to ManU, but I like to keep him. Without Rooney Chelsea might be more encouraged to attack, and he has good match-ups afterwards. A discount of 7mil can't be underestimmated.
Bendtner and Tevez should stay as they are on a great form and against weak oppositions, while Saha is my bet for goals home to West-Ham. Bale is in for sure and Jagielka is the cheapest playing Everton defender. Faye is another risky bet, but Stoke don't concede too many at home, and Hull don't score too many period.
I don't like the Given pick, so I might drop him and AYoung for the combination of Howard and Etherington. What do you say?


rwlwhite said...

SF, i believe diaby is a doubt for the champions league game too. just keep an eye on that

greginho said...

huge game today, arsenal is going to prove some people wrong. not being an england fan, rooney's injury is the same as a long list of others injured in this campaign. it is nice that it is on manure's team and this might help arsenal win. van persie's injury was more sorriful than rooney's because he was playing so well before he went down.

Anonymous said...

Rooney out.... I feel for the guy; he truly is playing the most impressive/dangerous football of ALL players and I was looking forward to watching him play Sat..... However, fantasywise this is good for us who do not hold him at 16 and could be another stroke of good luck as a U.S. fan (though I would rather the U.S. play against a full strength England team as I will be there watching and would love to watch Rooney play!!!!)

I LOVE single weeks... much more interesting I must say, though I kind of think lots of teams will be choosing from the following:

Players I am considering:
* Howard/Given (glad I missed out on Myhill otherwise I might make a huge mistake)
* Bale (duh), Jagielka, Wilkinson (if Faye is injured), Smalling (will he start again or ride the bench after the mugging of Altidore?), Vermalen/Sagna, Baird (though I see he is actually playing defense again)
* Nasri/Arshavin, Bullard (discount), Etherington, Cahill, Dempsey, Duff, Pienaar, Dunn, O'Hara (picking Pompey... hmmm?)
* Drogba, Bendtner, Tevez (all at BIG discount); though wish I could have Saha as well . . . ANYONE still have Tuncay at $1

Money really no object with discounts... would love to hear combo thoughts from players above (especially midfield) or other players I should consider.


p.s. Barca and Arsenal AND Chelsea and MU does it get any better!

Mike B said...

SF - Faye is also a doubt i think, so keep an eye on him. Wilkinson ay be a good straight swap if you want a cheap Stoke defender.

I would suggest going with Etherington over Young too :)

Now on to tonight, i'm not an Arsenal fan, but i'd bloody love to see them win! So tonight, i will be an Arsenal fan for the evening.

Should be a great game!

Jon said...

@ Dark, 1:13 pm.

Have to confess that i still hold Tuncay @ 1 - so far he has got me 74 points, which is around treble his value over the season.

Just a word of caution regarding Arsenal picks this week - Wenger surely will rotate if the Barca game is still alive after tonight, so Arsh, Nasri, Bendy, Sagna and Cesc all at risk of not playing ...

richy 'liverpool' said...

Twisted ankle, football365 reporting that rooney will be out for 2-4 weeks, but fine for the world cup. Shame for all you ManU fans and rooney@bigdiscount holders, good chance for berbatov who hasnt been playing that badly to get some points... just not this weekend!

Anonymous said...

rooney injury news apparently came from skysports.

well, tonight will be a messi game me think.

~Newbie(back from busy-ness)

Anonymous said...

'difficult games remaining'
Liverpool: @b'ham,chelsea.
manc: manu,@arsenal,villa,t'ham.
t'ham: arsenal,chelsea,@manu,@manc.
Ars: @t'ham,manc.
che: @manu,@t'ham,@liv.
manu: che,@manc,t'ham.

i would stick to my previous opinion that liv will be challenged closely by manc than t'ham.

it'll be interesting now to see if people are holding rooney at 16odd since he may(at worst) play only 2 games. and will drogba miss anymore game if the FA cup goes to pens.


AdmiraLord Nelson said...


I hope the Arsenal can foil the blaugrana today!

Anonymous said...

verm & gallas start for Arsenal tonite. :(. like AM, i'd bd'ed sol c for sat v wolves. i've already got defensive issues to solve with hutton. take the zero or try and find a replacement for 3'ish. my other defender is fox. got him before the stupid price rise. not sure whether to keep him or not. probably will , not much choice.


Ban said...

Oh NO! Rooney is out!
From yahoo news:

'Rooney will miss Saturday's top-of-the-table Premier League clash against Chelsea, and the return leg against Bayern.

He will also be a major doubt for the league games against Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur.

After Tuesday night's game in Germany, Sir Alex Ferguson said: "It's too early to say. I don't think it's terribly serious, but we'll wait and see."'

Any advice? cause didn't barndoor any strike last week, torres, saha? anyone? or cecs?
Rooney, Why!! Hope u recover soon.. God bless You

Anonymous said...

Arshavin, Gallas and Fabregas were injured... I said "Not Again" of my own 3 times during that game, and seems rather stupid - can we really expect a clean bill of health from now on? I don't care - bring 100 physios, 200 if you like - something mast happen at Arsenal. It's not normal with all that injuries...


greginho said...

exciting second half. arsenal took the path they have been doing, alot of lately. saving everything for the end. it is hard on the fans. 2-2 is not a great result at home. arsenal have to play with nasri, in cesc's spot. i think it will be tough. i think that arsenal will get the first goal and messi will score the 2nd goal, winner, in injury time at barcelona. we can call walcott the "pedro" of arsenal. everytime he plays he scores important goals.

Alex said...

Cesc thinks he has broken something and out for the season

greginho said...

that puts an end to arsenal's title hopes. hopefully chelsea take it away from manure. i will have to pick up nasri then, if cesc is truly out.

joshtottenham said...

I cannot, absolutely cannot, believe that match ended in a draw. Barca could have had 4-5 in the first half hour, with no exaggeration. 70% first half possession, unbelievable. Arsenal will be torn apart at the Nou camp. Although personally im hoping for a penalty shoot out - get those arsenal players nice and tired before they play spurs :)

Anonymous said...

Chelsea fans must bee practically dancing in the streets with the CL injuries...

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