Sunday, 8 November 2009

Week 11 - Sunday

Another excellent day of Premiership football as Chelsea stretched their lead at the top of the table to 5 points with a 1-0 win over Man Utd.

I didn't have any players (other than Drogba who gained his worst score of the season) but I enjoyed the game as both teams showed real passion & the game pinged from end to end. To be honest I thought Man U were slightly the better side but the current Chelsea squad tend to grind out wins in tight games. I will say I thought the referee was shocking - I lost count of the number of basic decisions he got wrong (for both teams) throughout the game.

In terms of my team I had a decent day as Matt Etherington scored, adding 16.5 points to my weekly total & Rodallega a further 10.5. I end the week on 73.5 points which would normally leave me disappointed, but due to it being a generally low scoring week it has actually moved me 500 places up the rankings in to the 1400th place. I'll fall a bit after the Liverpool game tomorrow but should still enter Week 12 in the top 1750 or so.

On the barndoor I decided I'm likely to go 3-5-2 due to the excellent midfield options available & my team will probably contain at least 7 double gamers. I grabbed Schwarzer, Nelsen, Duff, Dempsey, Bullard & Roberts, and I'm glad I did as all their prices have risen quite significantly.

I may well downgrade Schwarzer to Myhill & lose Roberts but as we don't have any games for 2 weeks it's not something I need to worry about right now. I did think about Saha on the bd but I'm aware the Yak is back so with his injury record he may only play 1 of the 2 games (possibly away to Man Utd).

With my current team I still have £6m in the bank so I may look at a way of getting another Chelsea player in for the Wolves game...possibly Lampard although he may prove too expensive in a double week. I really don't want to lose my huge discounts on Alexander & O'Hara so it's very possible they stay (along with Drogba & Verm). Samba, Zamora, Konchesky, Paintsil, Geovanni & Hunt are other players I'm considering.

That's if for now - just a reminder that Week 12 is Round 2 of The Blog Cup which 200 of us are still part of & the 1st round of The AM Challenge is pencilled in for Week 14 which should give us the time to fill the last few spaces of Blog League 6. If you haven't got a space in any of the leagues yet then please join with the details below:

Group ID: 23246
Password: yahoo

How did you get on in Week 11? Have you got anyone left to play  in the Liverpoov Birmingham game? And  who came in on the barndoor?



Bradley said...

I have 67.5 with Yossi yet to go. I went with 3-5-2 for the first time this season because there weren't that many striker match-ups I liked. All my MFs (excl. Yossi of course) more or less returned their values as did Bellamy. Drogba, all my defenders, and Given were shocking.

I'm not that thrilled with the striking options again (esp. among the DGers), so I might just keep the same formation.

YFF updated Schwarzer's price just as I was about to hit "Save Changes", although I was already leaning toward Myhill anyway (I hope he's healthy in time). Fortunately, I'd already done the rest of my BDing. I can't complain regardless. Yahoo's really got their act together this weekend. Hopefully I didn't just jinx them for tomorrow.

Anyone seen ESPN's ad for the Liverpool-Birmingham match? The voice-over goes something like, "Welcome to Rafa's big, red rollercoaster. Strap in and enjoy the ride."

Mike B said...

A real shocker for me, 47 points with just Larsson and Benitez to go tomorrow. Here's hoping for good attacking game from the blues!

I missed alot of the barn door, i'm gutted that duff, dunn etc prices have gone so high, i haven't got many options unless i lose some discounts which i don't want to lose, i.e Fabregas, Alexander, Verm, Drogs.

I did jump on Bullard pre update, and Gosling, but didn't think anything through as i only had 5 minutes online grrr.

Oh well, 2 weeks to think about it now!

Come on Birmingham!!!!!!!!!

Kellz said...

Watch Liverpool win, I have faith.


Anonymous said...

What a miserable week! I have 41.5 with Benayoun and Larsson still to play. That late goal by Wolves just ripped my heart out (though somehow I KNEW it would happen), costing me 12 points for clean sheets.

Hope somebody here manages 100 pts.

Finally here's a football question that's a little OT in FF terms -- what's the advantage to having a player place the ball on the ground just before a free kick? I've seen Hull do it several times and now Stoke this weekend. Can't figure out what's gained so hopefully someone more knowledgeable can fill me in. Thanks.

Team Gunners said...

Ended with 76.5 pts. I am very satisfied.
After the success in the previous double week moved me to 2500th from 5500th and I have climbed to 1648th this week. I never thought I can ever climb back into the 2500th zone before xmas.

Although I missed the BD, dropping RVP allow me to pick up few few double gamers. Thank you for advising me to pick Etherington.

I am considering the following

Given => Schwarzer
Heitinga => Samba
Etherington => Dempesy
RVP => Hunt or Duff

Douchebag United said...

Hello all!

Very happy with this week's results 90.5 points with Yossi to go (love to see a repeat performance of the hattrick game but I won't be holding my breath.) A little bit of a journey on the way to my 90 points. Usually Friday trades end in disaster but this is a story of a time where it actually worked. So during my usual sleepless time of 3:30 AM I knew my team wasn't where I wanted it to be. I has Dunne, Zabaleta, and O'Hara and swapped them for Samba, Scharner, and N'Zogbia. It was a net changed that boosted my score by 9.5 points. Etherington helped my cause quite a bit (thanks AM!) Bellamy came through for me as did Dunn. Drogs and Defoe were two of my bigger disappointments.

This season it seems to be important to identify those defenders that get forward to score phantom points due to the scarcity of clean sheets. Scharner was a great play this week because he was actually a midfielder that was slotted at defender by Yahoo.

Next week I've gone to a 3-5-2 as well my line up looks like this:

I have a couple of worries-
1) Dunn, if Big Sam starts going with McCarthy and Roberts up front will Dunn lose some points?
2) Geovanni, with Bullard coming back does he lose all of his points as well?

Let me know what you think guys and here's hoping for a big day from Yossi!

Kellz said...

@Douche: Funny we have almost the same team for next week only changes being Beattie for Roberts, Heiti for Zayette and Cahill for Geo.

(1) Bullard will take the majority of kicks
(2) Cahill should start both games and represents an alternative to Geo. I just can't have 2 Hull players on my team.
(3) Roberts isnt necessarily a sure starter and with 2 away games Beattie looked a great value home to Pompey. BUT Roberts at 6mil (still have) should return his value over 2 legs. Just watch for starting status.
(4) Dunn should still be taking penalties, corners and direct kicks if I am not mistaken.

Good luc kas we have very much in common!

Kellz said...

@Billy: Setting the ball before a free kick can impact the direction and loft to some degree. Most kick takers will rest the ball on the blade tips of the grass to ensure their boot can loft and add power to the shot.

kit said...

Was planning on bringing in Zayatte for the double week due to his good average, but after seeing his points this week, doesn't look tempting anymore.

Funny how the top points team for this week has two players with zero points.

Anonymous said...

Bitter, bitter week with just 54.5 points from 11 players - Given, the late goal by Wolves and Drogba / K2's non performance wiped me out, in a week when I genuinely thought 100 points would be relatively straighforward. Ah well, thats why we play, I guess.....

Current BD team is:

Geo; Depmsey;Duff;Dunn;Cahill

But that will almost cetainly change over the next 2 weeks - not sure I trust Cahill to return big points and would like to get Jummy in if possible.

Paphos Toffee

Anonymous said...

Guys!! There is an empty slot in League 3!!
Thos who want it get it right now!.. Its upto you to find the League ID ...
Good Luck! =)

Maxer said...

yossi please give me 20 tonight!!.. currently only got 40 which is my worst in yahoo fantasy since i played the game in 2007.. but lucky its a bad week for all managers in my private league too with higest only 77pts.. and i'm back one step up.. :p..


Anonymous said...

102 so far with benay'n still to come. goal -fest compares to last wk's drought where drogba was just about the only player to score in both my eng, span, french & ital teams ! 4 in villa game alone..with carew, agbon, cuellar & young...and to think i even dropped milner for bena. so approx 600th now. the bolton defence..the gift that keep on giving... ( o clean sheets ..zat knight is playing rubbish ) so kept dunn, kept p rob, and bought nelsen . also orig bought di santo..although switched to j roberts after he banged in that will be a tough call whether he'll start. also bought duff after someone on here tipped him. not sure whether to ditch gibbs, and go for a double gamer like heitinga.

chris m said...

Crushed. 45 pts with Babel and Aqualinii still to go the PM. And they could both make 0's. Worst week ever.

Will definitely do nearly a complete line up change next time, going for all DG'ers. Will only hold Drogs and Verms because of the deep discount. Just waiting to see what happens the afternoon, who knows, mayber Agualini scores a brace, gets a few SOT's and an assist, gets me 45 pts, doubles his value and I might keep him. Right.

Angry I didn't BD Roberts. Asleep there. A couple of weeks to stew over this debacle. Damn the international break.

chris m

Anonymous said...

Not getting Roberts BD'ed might be a blessing in disguise. He's always a rotation risk with Di Santo and McCarthy being around. If he doesn't do well in the first match he probably won't see the pitch in the second. Blackburn's fixtures are not that enticing either, especially with their poor away form. IMO one Blackburn representative is enough and it should be Dunn.

Bethchapman said...

Paintsil Alexander Verm (thinking about dropping him despite the discount)
Dunn Duff O'Hara Geo
Drogs Roberts (BD) RVP

Have 2.01 left to spend but final line up will prob be

Paintsil Alexander (DGamer for 13.28)
Dunn Duff O'Hara Geo Bullard
Drogs Zamora

Anonymous said...

Myhill is injured for 2 weeks, so he can be back for the next run of games. I thought I would keep Given until the end of the year, but it seems like ManC have lost their form, and the next matches or the horizon, apart from the one that is home to Hull, don't look any better for them - Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham, plus @Bolton and Sunderland, against whom ManC can still find it hard to win.
In deep sadness, I'm dropping Given. Myhill is in, at least until it will be cleared that he's not playing. In the worst case, PRoblem is even cheaper. Schwarzer is just too expensive.
Aaron Hughes is in my team too, because he's averaging 5p lately, and should return his value. I thought about Samba too, but he's really out of form and his Average tells a lie, and I already got Nelsen. Though I'm considering maybe Heitinga instead of him.

So for now:

Vermaelen Hughes Nelsen
Fabregas O'Hara Hunt Etherington
Drogba RvP Zamora

Any advices?


bean said...

i'm tinkering around with a little bit different lineup:

Verm,Ivanovic,Wilk(should play after Faye red?)
Lamps,Giggs,O'Hara,Geo,Modric(on the off chance he's all fit by then, he was in light training right?)

the lineup goes more for matchups rather than doubles.. certainly no one else will have that lineup..


Anonymous said...

reina...absol useless stats website stats have at half time him with 2 shots faced...2 let in... . his goals against /saves ratio must be close to 0.6 now.. p robbo std ! ...yet the media still think he's world class...and they prob wouldn't even admit he's out of form at the very least. no top fantasy mgr would have him anywhere near their team...just shows we know best. must remeb to check fans of liv lge to see if even they have him. SP.

bean said...

wow, now Benayoun might have hamstring problems, along with Riera, Torres probably out for 2-3 weeks min.. Agger's back is hurting.. they need to see a witch doctor to reverse this voodoo curse! at least Stevie G. might be okay.. only to get injured on international duty.

saitofall said...

I am actually quite excited by the upcoming week after my lowest score ever at 60.5 I am going with a rather unorthodox lineup
P Rob
Alexander/Kochevsky/BAINES(Good feeling about him)
O'hara Duff Dunn Bullard Rodwell
Drogs Saha(he may change)

Despite the big discount on Verms I think he may be settling into the back and wont be coming forward very often . Who should I drop for Saha or should I drop Saha.

bean said...

@saitofall - how is that unorthodox?

bean said...

i somehow was just able to buy zamora for 7.93, it shows he has no points for week 11

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