Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Week 11 - Monday

Week 11 came to a close with a thrilling clash between Liverpool & Birmingham at Anfield. The game finished 2-2 & I don’t think anyone can deny Liverpool deserved at least a draw after dominating possession throughout, but there is plenty of controversy over the N’gog penalty decision

N’gog did dive – he flung himself in the air when there was no contact so it isn’t a penalty. However, if he doesn’t jump out of the way then I imagine Lee Carsley’s desperate lunge (which got nowhere near the ball) is going to cause N’gog some serious damage. It’s more the way he flung himself in the air that’s the issue, but if you look at what Darren Bent did against Spurs the only difference is Bent has used his experience to ensure Gomes has caught him by leaving his leg trailing, while N’gog did not. The young Frenchman will be labelled a cheat while Bent gets away with no criticism, so I have some sympathy.

In fantasy football terms there were decent points for Dann, R Johnson, Benitez, Jerome, G Johson, Lucas, N’gog & Gerrard, but again no clean sheets for any defenders. The fact I only dropped 60 places over night suggests not many people picked up many points (Benyoun with just 3) although a special mention to Roger Johnson who again scored 10 points & really has been a consistently outstanding performer so far this season.

We have no games this weekend so there won’t be too many posts until next week, although I’ll keep you updated on injury news & any views on the World Cup Play-Offs / Brazil v England friendly. Until then keep the comments coming regarding your Week 12 team as I’ll have more time to reply with less posts to write...you’ll also find me over on the chat room a fair amount which is really going well with some great discussions.

A reminder that Week 12 is Round 2 of The Blog Cup which 200 of us are still part of & the 1st round of The AM Challenge is pencilled in for Week 14 which should give us the time to fill the last few spaces of Blog League 6. If you haven't got a space in any of the leagues yet then please join with the details below:

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toshack said...

what kind of name is NGOG??

Afrikan said...

and wht kind of name is TOSHACK?

Whyt-Afrikan said...

btw i think this is the post wth the LEAST number o' comments! Pity!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see some common sense on the N'gog dive. Carsley's challenge was a shocker, he was nowhere near the ball and could have done some serious damage. It looked extremely theatrical but I don't think N'gog even appealed. A shame as it took the shine off an excellent performance from the youngster.

Anonymous said...

AM, you make a very good point on your dive analogy. Imagine an opposing player were to come up to a player and take a wild swing at him to box him in the head, but the player managed to duck and not get hit, would the assailant be free and clear of punishment?

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