Saturday, 28 November 2009

Week 13 - My Team


Vermaelen  Baird  Alexander

 Dempsey  Dunn  Ireland  Duff

  Defoe  Adebayor  Drogba

After loads of chopping & changing yesterday, I ended up with exactly the same team I had after the barndoor closed on Wednesday night.

In goal I've gone with Captain Kirk - I'm not confident of a clean sheet but at his price he was just too cheap to turn down & it's allowed me to build a really solid outfield team.

My defence has a familiar look with Vermaelen & Alexander, though I'll continue to assess them each week if I don't get a strong performance from either of them soon. My final spot goes to Chris Baird who I barndoored at under 5, which means 2 of my defenders will be playing in midfield against teams in the bottom 4...never a bad thing!

My midfield contains 3 of the same players I had for Week 12 in Dunn, Dempsey & Duff. All 3 are in great form & have good fixtures. I was initially looking to avoid having 2 Fulham midfielders, but with Dempsey likely to be moved upfront I now have 1 striker & 1 midfielder (...actually...2 midfielders if you count Baird). Ireland is the final midfielder after his fantastic performance & goal against Liverpool last weekend. His movement should cause Hull all sorts of problems, so if Hughes drops him then he really hasn't got a clue what he's doing.

Upfront I've stuck with Drogba after riding out the zero last week & I think he could be in for a goal at The Emirates. Defoe is in, not because I think he'll necessarily score at Villa Park but because he has some great fixtures coming up in the next month & i'll never be able to afford him again after he shot up to £23m - long term strategy is still important. Finally, the one pick I didn't really want to make, Adebayor. I hate him & he's repeatedly let me down this season, but I felt I needed a City this weekend & he's the only guarenteed starter as far as I can see.

So that's my team & I have £1.13m left unspent. Something important to note - I held Rooney & Bily instead of Adebayor & Duff until very late in the day yesterday, but in the end I switched it back. I just couldn't justify Rooney's price when he's out of form & away from home (even against Pompey). I also preferred Duff vs Bolton over Bily vs Liverpool - it could be a move that comes back to haunt me...lets hope not! I almost changed it back this morning, but stayed strong :)

Good luck to everyone! How has your team ended up looking? Who are you planning on grabbing on the barndoor?



mudwalkerz said...

So Ill be taking some huge risks this week

Fulop in goal

Verm/Da Silva/Gabbidon

lamps for the bd I think..

Anonymous said...

Suddenly Defoe's price jumps at 26.87!=)

Anonymous said...

This is my team!! : (
This was the team 10 minutes after the BD LAST week!

Rooney/Defoe !!

This SHOULD HAVE been my team -


Lets see which team gets more points!
It'll obviously be the 2nd Team!!
ughh!! How i hate Adobe Flash for takin THREE second to load the 'Confirm Changes' Page!! :@

Mike B said...

Also taking mahhoooosive risks, but what the hell, the only reason i play this is for fun after all hehe.

Verm, Alexander, R Johnson
Fabregas, J Cole, Noble, Bullard, Bily
Rooney, Benitez

Obviously my worries are as follows;

Cole not getting played
Bily not getting played
Bullard not getting played

And Benitez and Henessey against each other, hopefully it'll be 5 SOT's for Benitez.

Good luck everyone, i'll be in the chat room Cheering/crying from 3pm.

Anonymous said...

First time this year I made so many radical changes just before the deadline. I felt Givet, Ireland, Valencia and Rodallega (why?!) will screw me up and not all of them are sure starters, so swapped them for definite starters as well as more consistent Brown, Jarvis, Carlton Cole and Adebayor. I actually feel happy about it, so hopefully that was a good decision.
So after a great week 12, hoping for another 100pt haul:
Paintsil - Roger Johnson - Brown
Dunn - Dempsey - Gera - Jarvis
Defoe - Carlton Cole - Adebayor
Worried about having 3 Fulham players, but Gera is my real hunch for this week, and Bolton are really poor at the moment. Good luck all ;)

markygoods said...

AM, I had a very similar dilema to you, knowing that we struggle against villa really played on my mind when it came to Defoe and Lennon, but as you said i looked at the long term and a good run of fixtures coming up, I dare not say it but I think we have finaly found a manager that has solved our inconsistency. Spurs , as u know can beat anyone on their day but also, be beaten by anyone, So in Harry we trust and top four I think is a real possibility this year ...... Anyways ended up with
Verms, R Johnson, Alexander
Billy, O Hara, Dunn, Lennon

fingers crossed after a disater of a week last week.
Keep up the good work AM

Conswaila said...

Vermalen Alexandra Nelson
Dunn Dempsey J.Cole Valencia
Drogs Rooney Defoe

Schocked at how many people dropped da drogs

Any thoughts on my team

Anonymous said...

Vermaelen Brown Craddock Konchesky
Duff Bilyaletdinov Valencia
Drogba Defoe Berbatov

Taking a risk here with Valencia, Berbatov and Craddock

greginho said...

vermaelen..ryan nelson..da silva
drogba..jason roberts

i am rolling the dice on midfield. my last four weeks have been poor up front and the pickings have been slim. my choice was for bellamy or lennon and lennon is more long term for me. i had j cole until midnight and am tired of missing players, so i went with bily because two sights said he would play. it is given's last chance for me.

on the barn door i am going from roberts to eduardo. i hope to keep cesc, lennon, dunn, dempsey for a while. i think that is a deadly foursome in midfield and i will sub out the fifth spot, unless bily goes off. ryan nelson may make way for traore.

chris m said...

verm heita bridge
Duff Dunn O'Hara Bullard
Drogs Rooney Robinho

Risks are Bullard and Robinho. I absolutely don't know why I took Robinho, I was playing with my team a hour or so before closing, up early here, read on a site Hughes saying good things about him. Last second hunch. Dropped Saha for him. This may bite me in the ass,


@doc teeth-still searching for a life

rwlwhite said...

i've gone...

givet/roger johnson/evra

and on the barn door i'm going heavy on the arsenal players! prices have dropped (and i think will drop again after a probable defeat v chelsea - even tho i'm an arsenal fan!) and they have a good match up against stoke at the emirates

Ian Sanderson said...

C. Kirkland
Vermaelen Bridge Brown
Fabregas Bullard Giggs Bilyaletdinov
Drogba T****y Rooney

Now that I'm out of the Cup and concentrating on the League I'm looking for my first good week for a while.
Think I've got 9 very good FF players.
Can't drop T****y till he comes good (so I guess he's a season keeper)

Bradley said...


I'm taking a bunch of risks:
1) My non-standard (but not, I see, unique) choice in "cheap keeper roulette." I couldn't bring myself to ride the Robbocoaster again. Hopefully I won't regret passing on Kirkland.
2) Givet or Baird might not start.
3) Ireland might not start (I'll be shocked if he doesn't, but managers have done stranger things before now). Since I don't have anyone else from City, I couldn't bring myself to drop him.
4) Rooney might continue being MIA fantasy points wise.

Other than that, this line-up is rock solid. :) Fingers crossed...

Anonymous said...

Alexander Brown Baird
Dempsey Dunn Giggs Ireland
Drogs Blake CCole

I talked myself out of Evra and went Brown instead
I like my midfield. If Hughes doesn't start Ireland I'll have a sh1t wobbler.
Lite front line but we'll see


Anonymous said...

Here is my team:


Wishing I hadn't dropped Defoe on Wednesday now. I have a doubt he won't score, but I forgot about the long term and didn't bother checking his fixtures.

Anonymous said...

bellamy on the bench!

Tony said...

I went with Rooney and am not complaining, I will take those 3 goals (so far) thanks!

Kernal_Panic said...

Apparently Robinho was not another 'defoe moment', still, he should pick me up some points, should'nt he?

Bradley said...

A mixed bag so far.

1) Rooney, Rooney, Rooney.
2) Carlton Cole. Too bad though that Eagles' late goal wiped out his MWG points.
3) CS for Givet.

1) Deciding not to drop Ireland for Collison or Eagles. Made the mistake of thinking City would stop being lame.
2) Midfielders in general: Dunn, Dempsey, Ireland, and Reid. Ouch. Too bad I dropped Bullard for Reid.
3) Somehow both Robbo and Kirkland get CSs, and here I am with Hennessey. That could really come back to bite me tomorrow. I thought both Stoke and Sunderland would cause more trouble today.

Anonymous said...

Off to a good start after two horrible weeks that dropped me down 20 places in my blog league and out of the Blog Cup.

Nobody disgraced themselves today, and with Fabregas, Drogba, Bily, Benitez and Drogba still to play this could be a badly needed good weekend:

Givet / W. Brown / Bridge
Fabregas / Giggs / Dempsey / Jarvis / Bily
Drogba / Benitez

Anonymous said...

Not to mention Jarvis (did I miss Drogba?)

Kellz said...

86pts with Drogba and Verm to go. Its a solid week fro me after the double.

Next week:
Verm, Baird, W.Brown
Eagles, KPB, Dempsey, Fabs
Rooney, Drogba, HRod

bean said...

this week I had:


kind of wish I had picked up SWP, i had a hunch he would be a good scorer this week, but didn't listen. He's been quietly a pretty consistent scorer this year.

Mike B said...

What i thought was a good start to the weekend, turned out not so good when i saw the huge points other players seemed to get. Duff, Rodallaga etc..

I had 4 players today, Noble warmed the bench, Alexander did nothing, Bullard got a goal and Rooney got a hat trick. I watched with glee as the goals starting flowing, but looked in horror when the points came in and saw i dropped 300 odd places haha. Rooney and Bullard's lack of any phantom points supprised me a bit, but i didn't see the games properly so i don't know how they played.

A grand total of 47 from 4 players for the day.

So enough of today, i have to hope that the players i picked for tomorrow will come out on top to get me back into contention. I have a few more than most still to come, but this will by no means be a big scoring week i feel.

Henessey, Verm, R Johnson, Fabs, Cole, Bily and Benitez, score me some goals boys :P

Kellz said...

@Bean: so far really good week for us, only 10pts behind you in league play and 9.5pts lower than your first day score. Wish I hadn't dropped Duff for Reid, but oh well, still scored much better than most other teams.

Anonymous said...

Lately I've been falling apart, and this week isn't different. The last 3 weeks were 54.5, 37, and 39 in this one for now. I still have Fabregas and Vermaelen, so I hope Arsenal will destroy Chelsea, with Drogba beeing the one that everyone already own. In 2 weeks, including this one, I dropped 4500 places to 6000th.
For next week:

Vermaelen Heitinga Warnock
Fabregas Milner O'Hara Walcott
Drogba Defoe Rodallega

It's actually like a 3-3-4 formation, because with Asenal's injuries Walcott will play as a forward with Eduardo against Stoke.

With a hope for better weeks,

chris m said...

Finally. Thank you Rooney Duff and Bullard. 93.5 with Drogs, Verm, Heiti still to go. Guessed right on Robinho starting but he only returned 4 pts. Just dropped him next week for Bent. If Saha scores big I will be ripped but heh. Went up about 1600 places overall, about 12 in AM group 2 which is very tight. Arsenal Chelsea tomorrow should be a great game.

brianonymous said...

Having okay week, 91.5 points with Jarvis to go. Climbed nearly a thousand spots overall and still dominating my group.

Next week is easy as I don't have to change much. Kirkland, Rodallega, and N'Zogbia are going nowhere with Brum coming to town. Milner and Jarvis stay as well, but my whole defense has to go.

Here's my early team for next week and barring injury will probably be final:


Anonymous said...

Dunn injured, Lennon, Defoe and Evra do nothing, Given concedes...Kirkland, Stanislas, Yayga and Duff, however (all of whom were picked by the guy below me) all perform amazingly!

bean said...

@Kellz - somehow i think we'll be battling it out all year. we seem to end up with similar picks alot and get similar points.

Kind of amazed with 95.5 points i go (-36) overall rank. maybe it was just -36 after spurs match update? still happy with this week as I've had two bad weeks preceeding this. still have Drogba and Verm to play like everyone else

Anonymous said...

Here's my team for next week

Vermaelen Stearman ???
Bilyaletdinov Boateng Duff Fabregas
Drogba Defoe Rooney

I have a problem though, I have only 4.25 units left to fill that last defence spot, and I cant even find one that starts. I'll need to make some changes. I have big discounts on Rooney and Defoe, but one may have to go for Eduardo, or Fabregas to Arshavin?

bp9000 said...

Hey bean, kellz, good Saturday for u both in the Twightlight league. At this rate both of you will go back ahead of me by the end of next week- I didn't do as well: 71.5 from 9, with Rooney scoring nearly half of my points on the day. Missed the barndoor, too, so I was unable to pick up Yayga & KPB before their prices increased.

@bean - yes, your (-36) overall ranking must be based on the Villa/Spurs scoring update.

Curious to see if/when Aquilani finally gets in the 11, and will he be a good points-gatherer?

Looking forward to the full-on double week following this next week - mouthwatering!!!.........

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