Thursday, 5 November 2009

Week 10 – Wednesday

I'd been looking forward to West Ham v Villa all week & the game was a cracker... 2 penalties, a sending off & a last minute winner for the Hammers from substitute Zavon Hines.

In the end, choosing double gamers was more-or-less the right choice for me. I wound up with 40 points from last night for 127 points in Week 10, moving up 1300 places in one night which is really 800 places from where I was sitting when the week began last Saturday lunchtime. I now sit just outside the Top 2000, but it could’ve been so much better.

15 points from Ashley Young could’ve been 30+ if he’d converted his penalty, with an additional 10 points instead of -6, but I can’t be too disappointed. Agbonlahor did a fine job with 2 SOTs & an assist, while Dunne chipped in with a useful 6 points & if West Ham hadn’t scored with the last kick of the game it would’ve been 7 points for Friedel instead of 1. Going with Friedel over Green seemed the sensible choice, but it didn’t work out as the latter returned 7 saves including one from a PK.

The real killer was my decision to go with Diamanti instead of Noble. Another sensible choice in theory, as in recent weeks we’ve seen Diamanti steal corners, free kicks & penalties away from Noble, but football is unpredictable & Zola’s decision to keep the Italian on the bench infuriated a number of fantasy managers. It’s the difference between -1 and 33 points for the week. If things had gone my way it could've been 150+ week (Milner not playing didn't help), but I can't get too caught up in "ifs, buts & maybes"...I should be happy to have moved up 800 places in Week 10.

My attentions can now fully return to Week 11, & you can find my Week 11 Player Picks post here. At the moment I’m trying to fit both RvP & Fabregas in my team, but it may have to be one or the other. I’ve even considered picking neither & spreading the wealth across my team but surely that would be crazy? I’d like to hear your opinions...

Finally, Blog League 6 is filling up quickly with only 18 spaces left, so if you don't have a space in one of the leagues yet then be quick as this is definitely the final one. Details below:

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bean said...

i've been doing a lot of tinkering and now playing with:


i'm interested in West Ham, Fulham, Blackburn,B'Ham for their upcoming schedules. and ManU after Chelsea, they have favourable fixtures through mid january

i'm very interested in how well arsenal is playing, if only i could predict who Wenger will play.

OS said...

Jesus... what a shower of Sh!t! One of the worst weeks in about 10 years of YFF... my double gamers (Ilunga, Cuellar, Milner, Sidwell & Diamanti) contrived to get -1.5 between them! Sickening!

toshack said...

turn out i get most point off my dgers ( green, dunne, gabby and the lesser party diamanti n milner) jump almost 6000 rank..and finished up 130..good week for me
as for oshea...will he be a good keep for 1m disc?

chris m said...

In the for what its worth department, I had no double gamers, and between Sunday and yesterday dropped 714 places in the overall standings from 1096 to 1810 and 5 places in AM's group 2 from 14 to 19. Extreme Ouch. The message here I think is to go the double gamer route.

Now to next week @ Bean-no one can predict the who Wenger will pick in the midfield, aside from Fabs, and especially now with both Nasri and Rosicky back and Walcott about ready to return. Arsenal is more confusing than Chlesea, been burned too often so I'd stay away.

That said, Arsenal looks hot as hell and about to get hotter. So I just hit the save button and jumped on the band wagon. I had to get rid of Torres, which after yesterday's debacle, I think he had one SOT, and the lingering groin issue, seems like the smart play. So I added two Arsenal players.

I still couldn't afford RVP so I switched formation and am playing a 3-5-2 for my first time ever in YFF and added Fabs. And I had to get rid of the injured Seabass so I added Gibbs who looked good in the CL.

So I am going with

Verms Heiti Gibbs
Dunn Fabs O'Hara Aquilani Rodwell
Drogba Rooney

To do this I dropped Duff in the midfield, he's injured too, and Kightly who was filer who didn't play replaced by Rodwell, whose filler and will play. The gamble here is obviously Aquilani but Benitez has to hit the panic button and throw everyone in, otherwise, he's out of a job and Liverpool is perhaps out of the CL for next year as well as this.

chris m

Anonymous said...

Rodwell away at West-Ham, or Palacios home to Sunderland?


OS said...

AM - I like Kranjcar this season (since spurs move) but can't afford a no-gamer after last week. As a spurs fan, how certain are you that he'll start vs Sunderland?

Assistant Manager said...

Chris - Your team looks good mate. I'm leaning the same way - I'll probably get Fabs but I can't justify Van Persie's cost.

OS - I'm pretty sure we'll go back to 4-4-2 so I expect Kranjcar to be back on the left wing. Call it 90% certain!

Anonymous said...

want to have a spurs attacker this week. defoe, kranjcar, or bentley?

saitofall said...

Arsenal is giving me a headache this week here is my lineup but I am not sure of two

Verms Gibbs ALexander
Fabs O'hara Nasri Aquilani
Drogs Dindane Defoe

Possible Changes are dropping Defoe for eduardo upgrading Nasri to Kranjcar or Rosicky and Aquilani to larsson

I will return the favor for any help

Anonymous said...

got Bily at 4.7. v tempted to keep, the guys a points machine when he isnt injured/suspended. can I take the 3 game hit? any thoughts

Anonymous said...

aqualani to play? how u all think?

Anonymous said...

yakubu anyone?

Gordon said...

I am so happy with 152pts. I am glad I chose Agbonlahor, young, noble. I moved to 2747th from 5,600th.

Now right I have Heitinga, Dunn, Boatang

I am considering Rosicky, Nasri, Gibbs, Hunt.
I would like to get Rosicky over Nasri but I don't have the fund unless I drop Dunn, who has a good match up this week.

Rosicky:If he start, he might be replace by Nasri later in the game. However, 1-2 SOT will already return his value.

I hope there will be news about Nasri starting this week.

Anonymous said...

Verm Givet Alexander Gibbs
Fab O'Hara Hunt
Drogba Yayga Defoe

Any room to improve?


Doctor Teeth said...

I don't like the approach of fielding both Fabs and RVP unless you have both at nice discounts...way too many eggs in one basket in my opinion. Blowing 33-34 million on two players is a recipe for disaster for yIf you really fancy Arsenalour side unless you can really do some quality discount managing with your remaining players. If you really fancy Arsenal in their game at the Molineux, I'd go with Fabs and Eduardo.

Still waiting on K2's fitness report....

Doctor Teeth said...

I don't like the approach of fielding both Fabs and RVP unless you have both at nice discounts...way too many eggs in one basket in my opinion. Blowing 33-34 million on two players is a recipe for disaster for your side unless you can really do some quality discount managing with your remaining players. If you really fancy Arsenal in their game at the Molineux, I'd go with Fabs and Eduardo.

Still waiting on K2's fitness report....

Anonymous said...

Hmm... The Fantasist's injury report for this weekend suggests that Bridge will be out for ManC, but it isn't written on the PhysioRoom report. I'm thinking about Zabaleta instead, but if anyone has a helpful report I'll be glad to read it!


Mike B said...

i just read that aswell, could mean another recall for Richards!

saitofall said...

dark horse pick of the week p scharner to score a goal against fulham and keep a clean sheet

Bojan said...

129 points in week 10, now I'am 117th overall(+43 this week), with 1.173,00 points...

It could be better, but is O.K.

Done good with W Brown, A Young(damn PK), Reid and Gabby, and had problems with Sorensen and Diamanti + I chosed Caldwell over Alexander for Burnley defender...

For this week I expect a lot of goals in Tott-Sunderland match and CS with 3 goals past Jensen for Man City... But i don't like Defoe and Keane(they never done anything for me) and I hate City's attacking overload... I would put Petrov and Bellamy if I know that they will start...

Arsenal players are too expensive and I don't have discount... Van Persie has to score, give assist and 4 SOT to return his value, Fab is 20M
and Arshavin(15,50) plays great for Arsenal and bad for YFF... If Eduardo starts he will get 20 points...

I haven't changed my team from yesterday, still have to see who plays for Fulham and Everton -

so for now is:

Drog-H Rodd-Defoe

Bojan said...

btw my team's name is:
Jose Mourinho 124 HLGWL

and still counting, next stop - Roma on Sunday...

Anonymous said...

Another decent week which would have been even better if BFAY had scored the penalty...and if Richards and Diamanti had returned any points at all. Still, 35th overall this week so made up. As for the weekend, I fancy Citeh to get a CS so Given stays and Zabeleta replaces Richards, with Verm and Gibbs also looking good for CS points. Barndoored Fabs and O'Hara,Drogs picks himself and looking at K2 and HRod up front. This leaves two midfielders and here's where I'm getting stuck - I like Dunn but it only leaves me enough for Mullins/Moka, alternatively in the absence of Jummy and Geovanni, Hunt gives me Rodders or (whisper it) Aqui. IF Rafa gives him a start. I'm not keen to add another Arsenal middie as they seem to have an embarrasment of riches in midfield and could start any of Song, Diaby, Nasri, Arshavin, Sicky or even Eboue (they even may play 5 across the middle and RVP as a lone striker, Eduardo fans). Anyone got any thoughts?

Paphos Toffee

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