Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Injury Update 10/11/09

From football365.com

Bad to worse for Liverpool? Apparently so because Rafa Benitez is fearing the worst for Albert Riera and Yossi Benayoun after they were injured against Birmingham on Monday night.

According to the club's official website, Benitez 'fears both wingers tore their hamstrings' in the 2-2 draw.

"Riera had the same problem as before. The players are sometimes available but not 100 per cent ready. We thought he was okay but in the end you can see he wasn't," Benitez bemoaned.

"Yossi has the same problem as Riera. Some players are playing too many games in a row. They are working very hard and so you always have this risk. I think both will have tears."

As for Fernando Torres, who missed the match, there's no guarantee that will be fit for the Man City clash in two weeks either.

"Torres had no confidence and said he couldn't play, so we started the treatment yesterday," reported Benitez. "He has to work with the physios and try to improve and be ready. We are not talking about an operation at this moment, we're talking about treating him properly. I don't know if he will be ready for Man City. The only thing I can say is we're talking about two or three weeks working with the physios. We haven't got a deadline, we just need to see how he is every day."

The only bit of good news delivered by the Pool manager concerned Steven Gerrard. "I think he will be okay," said Benitez. "We have to check. There's small things but I think he'll be okay."

Seems as if the seriousness of Ashley Cole's foot injury has been exaggerated.

According to The Daily Telegraph, 'It has now been decided by Chelsea's medical department that Cole requires rest. It had been feared that the 28 year-old would be out for six weeks but Chelsea are being far more optimistic. With the international break, the club hope that Cole may miss only the Premier League match at home to Wolverhampton Wanderers and the Champions League tie away to Porto.'

However, the Telegraph also says that 'first-choice right-back Jose Bosingwa may also be out for at least another month. The Portuguese international underwent an exploratory procedure yesterday to find out why his knee is not responding to treatment although it is still hoped he may be able to recover without having to undergo surgery.'

Nicklas Bendtner says he needs surgery on his injured groin.
"I will have an operation. I don't know how long I will be out," the Arsenal forward has been quoted as reporting.

If accurate, it's highly unlikely he will play again this year. However, Arsenal are well stocked with players who could play on the right of their front three, which is where Bendtner has been playing this season, and The Daily Mail reckons that Theo Walcott will make his return on November 21.



billthegrunt said...

Interesting to see that out of the top ten scores in all of YFF last weekend, only two of the players have over 1000 points. 77 of the 100 players in my blog league have over 1000.

It was just one of those weeks where the rational approach didn't work, and most of us would have been better off picking names out of a hat. So we'll let the lucky ones enjoy themselves, knowing that we'll come out on top in the long run.

rwlwhite said...

Glen Johnson pulled out of the England squad for the game against Brazil too. Not sure if that is a proper injury or if Benitez is simply limiting the possibility of any of his 'decent' players getting injured in pointless money-spinning matches. now no Liverpool players in the england squad! funny that! (although there would only normally be 2 anyway)

John said...

will D.murhoy play next weekend?

Kellz said...

There is nothing scarier than being a Liveprool supporter right now. I can only hope this international break will bring well deserved rest and some better prognosis for our injured players

Anonymous said...

i wonder if the penalty kick goal and reguler goal points are the same?? take a look at gerrard last game points. it's the same after all!!

Anonymous said...

long live the battle...

Anonymous said...

"You'll Never Walk Alone" - except for Celtic, Hibs, Feyenoord, FC Twente, Club Brugge and FC Tokyo who all also apparently never walk alone

I bet you don't even know what that song means and why Liverpool fans sing it?! scum

Kellz said...


First off why don't you reveal yourself instead of hiding behid a non name if your trying to start something.

I'll lay this down to you asshole. The song "You'll Never Walk Alone" comes from the 1945 Broadway Musical Carousel sung by the female leads cousin to comfort her after her husband was killed in a robery.

The song was then recorded and performed by Gerry and the Peacemakers in 1963, who were a beatgroup from Liverpool. The song caught on huge with the KoP and sung before each home game as Liverpool gained back promotion to the first division league. It became the anthem of Liverpool's Merseyside.

The song's meaning is that of courage through adversity and today means no matter how dire thigns get we (the KoP) will always be by your side.

And your list of teams that also support this anthem left out Athletico Madrid who also sport this. Hence the Liverpool chant:

"His armband proved he was a RED! Torres! Torres! You'll Never Walk Alone it said! Torres! Torres!"

So F*CK you asshole, this coming from a Liverpool supporter from the States.

Kellz said...

By the way anonymous asshole, don't come onto a post that deals with injuries just to start SH*T. Your pathetic.

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