Sunday, 22 November 2009

Week 12 - Saturday

Does somebody want to explain to me how I managed to move up 50 places in the overall standings with only 32 points? Seriously. How?

It was a very weird week. I went to the pub last night after the 3pm kick offs finished thinking I'd drop outside the Top 2000 with only 1 goal, but I end up in 1400th place. I'm not sure what's happened...some people must've had absolute shockers! At least the results were good news for Spurs, with Arsenal losing & Villa, Liverpool & City drawing, meaning we could go 3 points clear in 4th today with a win vs Wigan.

The only players breaking 20 were Malouda, Essien & Van Der Sar & I can't imagine many people had them. Anyone investing in single gamers from Arsenal such as Eduardo must be furious, but Joe Cole & Kalou owners will be pleased as both returned far more than their value.

So where did my 32 points come from? Well, certainly not from Schwarzer (-3) or BobbyZ (-2.5). How the bloody hell does someone score -2.5 when they didn't get booked? Rubbish. Jimmy Bullard helped me out with his goal but I was disappointed with only 12.5 points, Dempsey grabbed a handy 8 but I took a zero for Drogba & Duff, 0.5 for Geovanni & Vermaelen.

Alexander weighed in with 5 points but the unexpected bonus was Johnny Heitinga with 11. That's as good as a goalscoring performance & only 1 point less than the Zayatte (who did score). I actually think Heitinga is the sole reason I've gone up in the rankings  & I can't really take credit as it's one of those lucky picks...if I'd had the money I would've gone for Paintsil (0) or Konchesky (3)!

I have Dunn to come today then 8 more players on Wednesday, so I have to believe I can still reach 100 points which might be enough for the Round 3 of The Blog Cup, but it's going to be tough.

Next week we're back to a single week -  I really don't like double weeks so I'm relieved. On the barndoor I grabbed Ireland but that's pretty much it as I missed Valencia. Robbo will probably be in goal, Verm & Alexander are likely to stay, Carlton Cole & Adebayor could be up front with Drogba (although I'd like Rooney) & I'm thinking Duff & Dunn may stay in midfield. As always, lots will change between now & next week.

How did you do? Who have you got left?



rwlwhite said...

i ended up with 21.5 points so far this week, but luckily my only challenger in my own league got 14.5 and only has 1 (potential) double gamer (Sonko) and Huddlestone to play! my problems were vermaelen (0.5), paintsil (0), eduardo (0) and zamora (-2.5). Shocking!

I did ok keeping hunt (10.5) and dempsey (8), but thats about it. even fabregas only hit 4 or something.

i've done some bd'ing for next week, and rather than look at specific match ups, i've been looking at average season points. here's the team so far

PRobbo (couldnt afford to get anyone better - as long as he doesnt get minus points)

Givet, Vermaelen (might lose this week), RJohnson

Dunn, Reid, Hunt, KPBoateng (better average score than his price - even if he is playing Man U)

Drogba, Rodallega, Bent

Anonymous said...

not too happy with scwarzer... or zamora. normally the tips from you AM prove more useful :) haha. but yeah sitting on 31 points so far. what happened to those way over 100 points weeks?

Brian said...

My early squad for next fix:


I would avoid Blackburn players like the plague.

Mike B said...

Thankfully 90% of us managers who think we know what we're doing :P seem to go for the roughly the same players each week, meaning that when 1 of us scores low, 90% of others do aswell, hence me moving up 95 spots into the top 200 with only 42 points.

If you look at the managers who scored well this week, most of them are sitting on like 800 points overall.

With the big names underperforming like Rooney, Drogba, Fabregas etc etc, and Bents and Defoes inability to score any kind of phantom point, while we're all picking them every week, things aren't going to move much. At least we have consistency in that respect.

I'm thinking it's time to start thinking out of the box with a few players each week to try and crack on with a few supprise scores that will boost me up into the top 100. AM includes alot of players in his player picks that are more hunchy kind of picks, so i'm looking to grab a few of these kinds of players, to go with the more obvious ones.

I tried that this week by only going with 4 DGers, and i'm sure it's gonna jump up and bite me on the arse on wednesday when they perform well, but when i pick that seemingly elusive top performer it will make a huge difference.

I think i'm gonna try and pick up 8 solid choices each week, and 3 wildcards to take a chance on. I'll do this for a few weeks and see how i fare. I don't think i can handle many more weeks where my enite strikeforce only scores 1 point though haha, what a disaster that was!!!

I think around the 25 - 30 point mark is average for this week so far, including us that have gone for single gamers. So you guys with lots of players still to come midweek, don't fret, it was definately the right decision as no single gamers have really performed.

I'll be happy with 70 points this week.

Assistant Manager said...

Mike - great post, I agree with a lot of what you say. Just look at the mention of Fulop in my player pick this week...I really fancied him to have a good week & he did, but I didn't have the gut to follow my hunch. I went with the "safe" option in Schwarzer & it looks like it's gonna bite me.

To finish in the Top 100 you need a combination of luck & the balls to make big decisions/take big risks!


kit said...

I scored 6.
A new record.

Duff, Eduardo and Ivanovic gave me big fat zeros.
Anelka 1.5, Schwarzer -3.

Just great

greginho said...

brian why are we to avoid blackburn players at home to stoke?

Bradley said...

I have 45.5 with Robbo, Givet, Dunn, and Etherington to go plus 6 DGers on Wednesday. I got stuck with Robbo because Myhill didn't get fit in time; hopefully he'll do better than a benched player. Given what happened to Schwarzer, maybe he won't turn out to be too bad a pick, but I won't be able to breathe till after Wednesday.

@AM: I too wound up with Heitinga because I had to drop Pantsil to free up some cash to fit in both Bullard and Etherington. It's better to be lucky than good. :) I considered but ended up taking a pass on Chucho, Eduardo, and Geovanni, so that worked out well. On the other hand, I had a bad feeling about holding on to Fabregas for the discount, and sure enough I got burned.

Dunn scores!!! Go Rovers!

Brian said...

The most likely result seems to be 1-1 with neither side renowned for their pace. In other words, not a lot of points. Risking points on a player on a team with very little consistency outside of Dunn is not taking a risk, it's being an idiot. 9 different players have scored for the Rovers for a grand total of 15 goals plus they have had one of the easier schedules. Stoke is more then capable of taking all three at Ewood.

greginho said...


blackburn get 2 goals, away from home, dunn gets one of them.

i got a goal from dunn, a clean sheet from nelson and an assist from roberts, who started and finshed this game, when everyone said he would come off the bench.

Anonymous said...

i juz can envy who got defoe...5 goals...=(

GTR 34 said...

What a crazy week.

Spent too much on Schwarzer with a return of -3. Dropped Robbo to get him and he has a stormer.

Dropped Nelsen for Givet who came off with an injury. Dropped Heitinga who had a good match, and took Konchesky - see Robbo.

Finally kept Alezander, and glad I did.

Took J Cole who got a goal, but only 11.5, and Bullard who I thought had 2, but one was an OG. Dunn who scored and will get good points, and Ethrington (currently 0 -0)

Kept Drogs despite the injury, took Zamora at -2.5, and Eduardo at 0. How I have any points is a mystery.

I dropped Defoe, and he's just scored 5, yes 5, yes you read it right - 5 goals, and has set the new record for the highest point total in YFF history. I don't even need to check his final points. It is secure, and of course we will all get him on the barndoor, and chase ghosts.

The only slightly sweet feeling is that we are all in the same boat.

If you kep Defoe, then you will rise 1000's of places. It really is as simple as that.

Now it's f**cking 8-1.

Congrats AM as you support Spurs, and all your efforst deserve it.

Wigan players will be available at 1 million per 5 chosen right now.

1 more goal, and the Premiership record is equalled.

Utd 9 - Forest 1. Solksjaer 5 goals.

What are the odds for Defoe to break the record?

GTR 34 said...

UTD's record is equalled.

Spurs 9 - 1 Wigan
Utd 9 - 1 Forest.

Congrats AM, and congrats Spurs.

Anonymous said...

Wat The F*ck!!! Ughh!! i am like SOO pissed!!I had Defoe for the past TWO weeks and decided to ship him out Friday! And that too for!!... wait for it!... LEIGHTON BAINES!! I wanted to bet on him on thrashing Hull!! IMAGINE!! FIFTY points!! FIFTY!! down the drain due to my fkin impulsive Friday Trades!! UGHH!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

GTR 34, it was Utd 8 - 1 Forest actually.

martyn said...

anybody have kirkland ? hahahahahaha!
oops! sorry, really sorry

Anonymous said...

lol kirkland!!

Anonymous said...

thanks J.T from the van persie thread. you said you're a spurs fan and recommended i drop defoe rather than j roberts to get eduardo in !! jrob did q well and still has 1 more to come. didn't drop him 100% off what you said but that certainly was not the best tip i've ever received :). did also consider dropping drogs for defoe.... let's hope drog's does the biz in coming wk's to make up for this.

saitofall said...

woohoo sitting on 85 points with 8dg to go. great week for me thank you prob and dunn :)

Anonymous said...

kudos to defoe pickers! wow!! 63 points! i BD him just cuz his value would skyrocket.. i will drop him later if chose.. but maybe this will get his scoring form back when was alot more consistant in pervious years.. : )

Anonymous said...

AM, Zamora got minus points most likely from foul committed. really bad call on blackburn as well, but i don't blame you.

ey anon, don't be ashamed that you BD'd defoe, you would have BD'd him if he scord 2 not 5.

Anonymous said...

Bradley -
I heard that you started a blog league for Barn Door Live Regulars!.. Do you have a spot in it for me?? I know the ID. Can you just tell me the PW ?? Please Bradley??

Geobfree said...

Dropped Robbo for Myhill, before I knew he was crocked, could of switched back, decided on no goalie than one that could cost me double.
Dropped Drogs from 10, couldn't afford another none player, but needed 2 Chelskys, hence Kalou & Cole, already had Carew"Defoe" Fabs Dunn, Bd Dempsey,dropped Collison[scored],Collins[Sto CS]Verm, Picked up Samba, Heitinga & Paint{no show],ended up with 130+. Have six Dger for Weds.
Now yest,I dropped Defoe to Bd Bent{oops}

blanco said...

Viva Jermain Defoe!
Saturday morning, I changed Paintsil+BFAY for Heitinga+Defoe, and now I moved +2117 places!
Unbelievable! Kavivedas (sorry dude if I got your name wrong) thank you for the push to make the change:)


GTR 32 said...

@ Anonymous, then it was 9 -1 Against Ipswich:)

GTR 32 said...

Sorry again.

Make that 9 - 0 against Ipswich, so United still just have the record.

Brian said...


Stoke and Bolton are not the same club.

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