Sunday, 29 November 2009

Week 13 - Sunday

Chelsea are in a league of their own - you won't see any other team go to the Emirates & tear Arsenal apart like The Blues did today. It wasn't just the scoreline, but the overall dominance over the 90 mins. It was men against boys & I was very impressed, as I'm sure you all were. Unlucky Gunners :)

Didier Drogba continues his phenomenal form with another 2 goals & a haul of 26.5 points as he shot up to £21.65m. He has now scored 72 points more than any other player in the game & helped salvage my week as I scraped 80 points to end in 1800th, down 350 places from the beginning of the week

I'm sure Drogs will continute his form giving Toure & Lescott a horrible time next weekend & his following fixtures are mouthwatering: Everton (H), Portsmouth (H), West Ham (A), Birmingham (A), Fulham (H) before he's off to the ACN. One thing to note is he picked up his 4th yellow card more & he'll miss a game. My only other player was Vermaelen, who managed -1.00 after his unlucky own goal. He'll stay at home vs Stoke next week but he could be on his way out of my team in the near future.

In the midday kick-off, Wolves lost again & now seem to be certain relegation candidates. Birmingham should be fine, Bowyer is in great form. Hennessey was dropped after his performance vs Chelsea, so apologies if you picked him up from my recommendations.

Then there was the Merseyside derby, which Liverpool ran out 2-0 winners. I'm not sure how, as they were second best for long periods & Everton will be wondering how they didn't take a point at the very least (the answer is Pepe Reina!). I'll honestly say I've seen 8 better teams than Liverpool in the Premier League this season - they aren't pretty to watch, they look laboured, there's no confidence in their play, they struggle to defend any set plays & for the first time I'm thinking they could slip outside the Top 4 unless Benitez can turn it round very quickly. The return of Torres can't come quickly enough!

So that's it for another disappointing week. It's just not happening for me so far this season, but I'm still only 150 points off the Overall Top 50 (which is my aim each year) so with two thirds of the season still to go it's not out of the question. My current team is Kirkland, Vermaelen, Alexander, Baird, O'Hara, Fabregas, Duff, *blank*, Rooney, Defoe, Drogba...but lots will change. Week 14 is the 1st Round of the AM Challenge, more details will be up later this week.

How did you do? Who's in your Week 14 team at the moment?



markygoods said...

finished with 102.5 which I'm very happy with, finaly lost patience with Alexander and got Ivanovic on the barn door, not sure if I'll keep him tho, Currently have
R Johnson, Verms...for one more game to prove his worth, Ivanovic
Billy....kept him through his suspension and have nice discount, O Hara, Lennon, Duff
Drogs, Rooney, Defoe.....
Probably gonna reluctantly drop Lennon and Ivanovic to pick up fabs and cheepeio defender..

markygoods said...

oh i forgot.....lovely to be looking down at the gooners for a change.....come on the spurs!!

Anonymous said...

I dropped Walcott after I saw his and Nasri's points because I thought his price will drop, while I BDed Nasri to get me one more option. I ended with Walcott out of reach. I'm still keeping Nasri before the mid-week where Walcott can start againt ManC. If he doesn't, I'll probably make changes to fit him as a fourth striker :)
I saw Warnock was injured, so Dunne must be a better choice home to Hull. Heitinga seems average again, and Paintsil has a good chance for CS. Milner is in my team, so are Rodallega and Kirkland. I actaully think Rodallega has a better chance than Rooney to score big points next week.

Vermaelen Dunne Paintsil
Fabregas O'Hara Milner Nasri
Drogba Defoe Rodallega


Doctor Teeth said...

Afternoon up and down week, finishing with 99 points thanks to 60 from Drogs and Rooney up front. So pleased to have both of them on my team at deep discounts. Lots of disappointment in my only bank 18.5 points in the aggregate from the likes of BFAR, Lennon, Dempsey and Dunn is quite shocking to me but sometimes you have four studs that all have dud weeks at the some time.

I BDed Eagles, KPB and HRod and imagine that they will allow survive the week and feature on my side this coming weekend. I have a formidable striker trio wit, 3 of the top 4 scorers for the entire season. I like all of their match-ups next week even though only Wigan are at home. As for my MF, I think I'm going to go for some "value" players for the time being in part so that I can afford my fire power up front. KPB is an absolute shooting fool (although most of his shots are off target) and takes he takes PKs and Eagles, who I chose for my team the very first week of this season in August and have been watching ever since, seems to have finally secured a starting role for Burnley and is a very dynamic presence.

As for now, my "gamble" is going to be suiting up MTay in my MF again. I like Bolton's chances against woeful Wolves and the guy is just so bloody consistent. If you look at his stats, he has scored 12+ points in 2/3 of his games this year. And he really hasn't even hit a goal scoring streak yet...most of those points are of the phantom variety. He takes set pieces, corners and PKs. I just think he is in many ways more of a secure choice for a big money (i.e. 15 million+) player than, say, a Fabregas who is more likely to be 30 points or 4 points. Anyway, we'll see if I stick with him at the end of the week...I'd like to think I will.

My fourth midfielder right now is Lennon who I am holding on to in part b/c of my discount. I may drop him for a cheaper player like Nasri or Billy so that I can upgrade my defense. As of now, I would have to field Bassong (who might not be starting now with Dawson's performance) or Mancienne (yuck).

Spurs hold steady at 3rd in the table. COYS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Got 92.5 this week. I had a BNY striker just the wrong one (Blake instead of Fletcher)
Team as of now is

Alexander Verm Insua
Demps Giggs KPB Eagles
Drogs Rooney Fletcher

Alexander's BNY teammate Mears has 3 more points than him! I'd dump him but I have him at 5.76.

I'll probably let Fletcher go but I like how Eagles looked on Saturday. Maybe I go 352 and pick up Nasri


Ian Sanderson said...

Finished on 131 points :-)
BD'd Aquilani but don't think I'll keep him; have a team sorted and have 8.77 left so lots of options.

rwlwhite said...

finished in 129.5 and am now more than 100pts clear in my private league, having been 71 points behind 2 weeks ago!! Crazy!

My early team for next week is as follows:


RJohnson - Baird - Alexander

Duff - Bily - Fabregas - Song

Drogba - Rooney - Fletcher

I have song as a cheap filler at the moment (despite having a good match up), but am considering going 3-5-2 and swapping fletcher for fletcher (Darren In - Steven Out) or maybe sacrificing Cesc for Giggs considering his blistering form!Also may bring in traore for baird.

But for now, I'mjust happy I've got a big week score again!

Anonymous said...

Here's my early picks:

Given (always plays better against top sides)

Scharner/Hreidarsson/Verms (he should regain form for at least this week)




saitofall said...

pretty decent week with my hunches paying off well and friday trades biting me in the arse. First, the good, Bowyer Larsson Johnson(not as much) and Carr Paid off well. I said it all week the BC would take out a poor wolves side. Drogs was awesome. Yaya Looked very solid. Now, the bad, I couldn't justify Ronney with his previous listless performances, and I may be baised, as I have become loathe of manure with constant verbal BS outside of the pitch. I dropped both duff bullard, and ivano for dempsey dunn and evra. Meaning the difference ended up being 38 points. I did a fair mite of trading, bd'ing
ivano-I think Mancity can easily be held at nil considering how chelsea performed today and the fixtures after that are delicious.
Eagles- we all saw him perform and he is a cheap 6.5
KPB- he played well and seemed much more aggressive than he has over previous weeks
Rooney- well what else could I do.

My team
Gallas ivanovic 7.4
O'hara KPB Eagles Bowyer
Rooney YAYA Drogs

I reall think portsmouth are going to beat burnley soundly. hence two Portsmouth players. Ivanovic gets forward well and is part off the best backline in the league . I like Bowyer and the way he plays BC are in form he might be a keeper for me.

Scored 111 pretty cool number :)

Bradley said...

God bless Drogba and Rooney. My midfield was high-priced rubbish. I wound up with 101 points. Not bad, but for a change, I would've been better off overthinking on a late Friday night. After making a bunch of changes, I was considering replacing Hennessey (what the hell was I thinking?) with Kirkland and Ireland with Eagles (had a feeling West Ham/Burnley would be a goal fest), but sadly, I said to myself, "No, it's time to just click 'Save' and walk away." I would've had another 31.5 points. D'oh!

The holiday got in the way of my BDing, alas. Now that Yahoo's become competent, you have to be quick. Here's what I have at the moment:


Mikl-em said...

A decent week for me, just missed 100. I'm still learning so I'm good with that. Drogs/Rooney, plus a couple other good scores, plus several duds (looking at you Defoe, Vidic & Fletcher!).

Key stat guiding my team selection this week: Stoke has only scored 4 away goals this season--so ARS is the answer. Other stat, longer view, is Chelsea's enticing set of fixtures from 12/12 through January. So adding them over this and next week.

Swapping Kirk for the dirt cheap Almunia. And picked up Verms for the first time in weeks. Got Ivan on the BD. Here;s the unsaved lineup now:

Dunne, Ivan, Alexander, Verm
O'hara, Bily, JCole, Walcott
Drogs Rooney

This means letting Defoe go, and that's why I haven't committed to it yet. The Spurs schedule for most of December is also very promising for goalscoring. So I might regret letting him go and reducing to 2 strikers.

Happy to hear opinions on that!

Btw, someone had mentioned in chat about a double week for Chelsea, but that's week after next. Even more reason to load up.

But my other big question: which Chelsea MF to include, Ancelotti is on record that he's going to be rotating. Ballack sat out this week, so likely in next? Deco & JoCo are relatively cheap. Essien has played every game, but is expensive.

That's what I'll be chewing on this week....

Kellz said...

Finished with 111.5pts, a great haul. Only mauling my descion to drop Duff for Reid, but I still faired extremely well.

Next week I can decide between Almunia in goal for 5.57 or Kirk at 1.67mil. Both have very good chances to produce above their value and with Fabs recent performance and lack of quality forwards to play off I will doubt to get him in making Almunia a much better option.

I am with Doc, I got in some Value Midfielders with KPB and Eagles, should be a good match as both teams will/should score. My 3rd slot is Dempsey who I think will stay for now and my final slot is BD Giggs. But I bet I will drop Giggs depending on starting status.

Forwards are HRod, Drogba (will keep season), and Rooney

Good luck to all for picks!

The Greek said...

All the teams have a double week, not only Chelsea. It's on 12-13/12 and 15-16/12. But Chelsea has very good match-ups. Everton and Portsmouth, both at home.

Anonymous said...

112 points this week, thanks to Drogba and maybe also the switch to a 3-5-2. A very solid performance top to bottom, everybody started and no negative scores. Hopefully the slump is over.

C. Benitez disappointed again this week so it's unlikely he'll stay on my squad. So glad I dropped Vermaelen but may bring him back for next weekend.

Already looking ahead to the ACoN and thinking about inexpensive fill-ins for the departing players who could shine for a few weeks. And whatever happened to Alessandro Diamanti, the YFF points machine? Will he ever play for WHU again?

mk34 said...

Bill, Diamanti is injured. Should be back in contention soon:

Anonymous said...

Finished with 109 pts.

Team for next week as of now:


Not sold on Milner or Duff yet, but not sure what my other options are. Strikers will probably stay and my defense will probably as well. May drop Verm and/or Alexander soon, but not til after this week at least. May add Fabs and someone else for Duff/Milner. I'll have to do some resarch on my choices.

I've been thiking of ACN as well, but I'll have to wait to see what his stock is at, but Ivory Coast could easily win it and that would mean Drogba will miss 4 weeks, I believe.

Jujubi said...

Manage to get 141.50 this week. Thanks to my trio Rooney, Rodallega & Drogba.

For week 14, im banking on Portsmouth players. Manage to grab 3 of them during the barndoor. I got a feeling that Dindane will create something special on this 14th week. Then i added Prince Boateng and Hreidarsson as well. Am thinking to have Ohara but will make late decision. Still got sometime to monitor.

Other than that, i still keep Rooney.. Made some 'crazy' decision to sell Drogba and bought EDSilva upfront..

In the centre of the field, im banking on Fabregas, BFAY and Duff..

Im keeping Vermaelen and Nelsen at the back.

I have no faith on Given anymore..Made decision to buy Kirkland..

GTR 34 said...

So, things to consider that are useful or useless:)

Heitinga got a YC at the weekend, so will be ineligible for the next match.

Will the waiter ever play Aquilani? You know, the golden one who was supposed to replace Alonso:)

Will Drogba pick up his 5th YC, and miss one more match before the ANC?

Where is BFFL and Young? What happened to the Serbian hitman? Blake? Cahill?

The great majority of last year's performers are not point machines anymore.

Is there any point to ever pick a Man City player again? Given has been dropped by most people, Tevez cannot hit the net, and Robinho and Adebayor are both lazy, and at the moment uninterested.

Ireland is hot and cold, and does he/ doesn't he play - Martin Petrov.

Who plays for Utd. Rooney for sure. But Giggs? Certainly their best player this year, and another stunning 25 points this week. But, at 36 YO, and with CL, will he play week in week out.

It's all quite simple really - picking a team and all. It's just that the funds won't allow it.

I have been guilty of chasing points on occasion, and with the fluctuating prices of players, this has leant toward me making several changes to accommodate them.

One thing is for sure though. Drogba, Rooney, Fabregas et al will all finish the season as point leaders (in the top 5). So, although they will have an off week here and there, you can't go wrong in the long run.

So, Drogba leads the forwards. Vermaelen leads the defenders. Fabs the mids, and Sorensen the GK's. These are currently the top point scorers in their respective positions.

But how many have actually had Sorensen? Not too many I think. If you had, then over time no other keeper would have returned more for you.

We can all afford these players, so at the moment I cannot see any reason why they shouldn't form the backbone of your team.

But that would be boring wouldn't it:)))))

bean said...

happy with 121 points for the week, makes up for my two previous bad weeks.

now tinkering with:


though I would like to get some Villa in there. Villa v. Hull and ARS v. Stoke seem the best matchups.. Dunne is pretty cheap, maybe Milner or BFAY? like Walcott, but have to see if he's on track to start. Traore seems a good bargain, but never know if Silvestre might take his spot. Arshavin is cheap but hasn't done shit, maybe home to Stoke could be the time he does? Aluminum is real cheap, but i'm fine with Captain Kirk at the moment.

Anonymous said...

blimey, thanks bean, hadn't spotted almunia.. so cheap. got some cash-back, and dropped kirkland to get him. even the win pt's virtually cover his price. :)) and he could be a long term hold as ars will win more times than not even if they don't keep clean sheets much. S.P

Anonymous said...

GTR - because although these players will finish point leaders, rotating between players can get you much more! Its finding the balance.

greginho said...

i got 63 points for the week, with everyone playing, but underperforming. my supermidfield of cesc, dunn, lennon, dempsey and bily was not up to the task and came in with 24.5 points. my decision to drop joe cole was right, but i had stanislas until midnight friday night, so i went with bily who led my midfielders with 8. i am dreading that horrible miss right at the beginning of the game. my only 2 players over 10 were ryan nelson and drogba.
i am at a crossroads. in order to build my team, i need to pick which goalie is going to be in my lineup for a while. should i keep kirkland, whom i barn doored for 1.64 or should i go for almunia at 5.57.
if kirkland makes 2 saves and loses he gets a little more than his cost. if almunia gets 2 saves and a tie, he has gotten his cost.
i don't like to change goalies too often. what do you guys and girls think?

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