Sunday, 8 November 2009

Week 11 - Saturday

Bloody Shay Given. I've written countless time that I hate spending money on keepers because they almost always disappoint me. In previous seasons I would always pick the cheapest keeper I could buy that I didn't think would get hammered 4 or 5 nil but this year I've tried to pick point scoring keepers in the hope I may be able to turn regular Top 500 finishes in to regular Top 100 finishes.- I think I'm going to go back to the tactic of picking cheap keepers.

It was a strange Saturday. I only scored 46 points but somehow moved up 400 places in to the Top 2000, proving it was a very low scoring week. My big decision was to avoid Fabregas or Van Persie & in my opinion it was justified in the end. They returned 20 points combined so were nowhere near worth spending £40m on (thank God!).

I've mentioned Given, but Alexander again helped me out with another penalty. He's probably a season keeper for me as he always has a chance of a penalty but he's also started taking free kicks around the box too & seeing as I hold him at just £5.5m I'd be crazy to drop him. I (along with plenty of other managers) was on the verge of securing 6 clean sheet points for Gibbs & Vermaelen, but a last minute consolation for Wolves made it 0 & 3.

In midfield O'Hara continued to put up fantastic points & again he's a player who'll stay at just £5.7m. I bigged him up when he first joined Portsmouth & told people to buy him so I hope others took my advice. Dunn was also well worth the money but Harry decided that Niko Kranjcar should stay on the bench. The fact he came on for 20 minutes & almost scored twice as Spurs turned the screw on Sunderland proves he should've been on from the start.

Upfront only Adebyaor has played for me so far & he was a wast of space as he barely toughed the ball all game. I was very lucky he was awarded an assist as otherwise he would've received almost zero. I doubt I'll pick him again as he appears to be back to his lazy ways. I really can't stand him.

With Drogba, Rodallega & Etherington to come I have to hope I can get up to around 70 points which I feel will be a par score for the week. Rodallega was my big hunch pick this week so he's the man I'm really relying on to score a brace vs Fulham. I picked him ahead of Defoe which so far looks wise as Defoe scored the same as Adebayor.

One quick note - isn't typical that I drop all my Villa players aftr a double week only for Young, Milner, Agbonlahor, Friedel score 20, 21, 13.5 & 11?

So far on the barndoor I haven't done much other than grabbing Jason Roberts for £6m after his double (with a double week for Blackburn) & Ryan Nelsen. I'm having trouble deciding on exactly who to pick up but Robbo, Myhill, Duff, Dempsey, Geovanni, Hunt, Bullard, Zamora, Johnson, Lampard & Fabregas are some of the players I'm considering.

How has your week gone? Who's in on the barndoor?



richy 'Liverpool' said...

its a funny week where goals from alexander, fabregas and arshavin only net me 38pts between them.. a lack of SOT unfortunately. sitting on 45 with babel, drogba and rodallega still to play, but have also climbed a couple of hundred spots with that meagre score. given + bridge + gibbs + vermaelen = -2 points!

Anonymous said...

only get 36 point.. given with -6, arsenal don't have cs, kranjcar start at the bench, fabs didn't return his value and ade with his lazy attitude.. only hunt, drogba and benitez to go, i hope they will save my week...

want to have chelsea mid for next, but still can't decided between j.cole or deco.. to get lamps at 20+ make me think twice..


Bradley said...

The supply of cheap keepers was getting thin, but it's been replenished this weekend:

D. James 5.72
C. Kirkland 5.56 (subject to change today)
M. Fülöp 4.03
W. Hennessey 4.02
C. Gordon 3.86
B. Myhill 3.74
P. Robinson 3.35

Gordon's apparently broken his arm (or more accurately Defoe has broken it), so Fülöp's probably going to be available for awhile.

I thought Jaaskelainen was going to join the ranks of the bargain priced, but with 7 SVs and 1 PKS, he still managed 5.0 points after a 5-1 thrashing. Take note Shay Given (not that I'm bitter).

J. Dunn said...

Christ, now Stoke give up a goal to Hull, and Olofinjana no less? Can nobody keep a clean sheet this year? I really wish there were some defenders under 3.00. Alexander is indeed looking like a good season keeper at this point, and I'm glad I grabbed him on a points-chasing lark before his price went up last week.

mehicoradio said...

only 36 points here with Heiti, Hunt and Drogs left.

Hoping i can get to 80 but not expecting it. Though Hunt at least got an assist and Heiti will be starting in the midfield today.

Even though i don't have him on yahoo, glad Etherington scored, help out my team on the premier league site.

For the BD i grabbed AY, Carew (spot holder til the Fulham game is over), and D. Dunn. Also grabbed Etherington yesterday. Giving me at least 4 set-piece takers for next week.

Planning to take a striker from Fulham, for the double week, likely Zamora. Probably going to look for someone to bring in to replace Gibbs as well.

J. Dunn said...

Oh, and on Given, my thinking is that he'll return the 6 units I'm spending on him at very least over the long run. He's at 7.75 a game right now, and that plus not having to worry about my 2.00 keeper of choice putting up a -12 every other week is more than worth the price.

If I was buying at current prices, I'd probably think differently though.

Kellz said...

BD options running in my midnd are:

Bullard, Saha, Roberts, Dempsey

Add that to Geo, Duff, Dunn, Baird, Schwartz, Probbo, Myhill, The Yak, and you got a good pool to pick from.

I am down horribly after the double week so I want maximum points and thus have forced myself to drop players at discount (Alexander, O'Hara) to put in quality double gamers. Its veryy possible I will have 8-9 doubles in my line up

Verm, Baird, Heiti
Dunn, Duff, Bullard, Dempsey (Geo)
Drogba, Saha, Roberts (dropped if I go with Geo)

Anonymous said...

Anyone see the Hull game? From the Yahoo text play-by-play, seems that Bullard is back to taking all the Hull kicks, not Hunt. Is that right?


Anonymous said...

just a tip to all: avoid placing faith in goalkeepers and defenders, have only 4 in those positions. especially DO NOT BUY EXPENSIVE KEEPERS...

Sulldaddy said...

I grabbed Dunn before he went up and just added Duff for next week too. Through Givet in the defense. Hope not too much on Blackburn.
Actually dropped Etherington to get more double gamers.
Probably going 3-5-2 with the plethora of MF options that look good for the double. Not sure who to pair with Drogs up front have about 12 to spend. Any thoughts? Not too many doublers that I like up front.

Kellz said...

@Sulladdy: Saha is the only striker I like. Possibly Roberts but don't trust the two away games for BBurn.

Anonymous said...

vermalen is officially overated

Anonymous said...

omg 26 pts. with skrtel and larrson to play, the worst week in 2 years, strangely still in top 1000

Sulldaddy said...

thanks Kellz,

I dropped in saha next to drogs. can actually afford to drop Sonko and put a real player in Def now.

So far have,

givet, alexander (+4.5), sonko
duff, dunn, fab, etherington, ohara (+4)
drogs, saha

Plenty of double gamers I think. gonna flip out sonko for sure, dropping verm at almost full price freed up some cash.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. 54.5 points. And still, overall I'm up this week by 60 places, and I hope I won't drop a lot after the Liverpool match (0-0 please!!!!).
I didn't make many changes at all. O'Hara, Hunt, Vermaelen, Drogba and Gibbs all stay. Fabregas and Given will too - Fabregas performs really well, and I believe Given should have a good at Anfield (yes, if you haven't noticed - Liverpool aren't that good). I'm not so sure about keeping RvP, but with 3mil discount, and with Rooney, Berbatov, Keane, Defoe and Anelka unstable, he'll probably stay after all.
I BDed Zamora and Nelsen as Double-gamers, along with Hunt I already had. Nelsen is a weird pick for me, but many will take him as well anyway. If I find any other worthy replacement, he'll be out. Etherington is also in on BD - home to Pompey, great form.

Vermaelen Gibbs Nelsen
Fabregas O'Hara Hunt Etherington
Drogba RvP Zamora

Any advice?


PS: What happened to Drogba?! Half a point? Really?! He has never got under 10.5 before... it IS a bad week!

Kellz said...

SF: Drogba only 1 SOT and YC which was wrongly awarded for the ref thinking he flopped.

And yes Liverpool are out of sorts at the moment. But the long interational break will give time for Johnson, Torres, Riera, and possibly Gerrard to recover. I guarentee that Liverpool beat Citeh a Anfield. But Given can make enough saves to get positive, I just think a double keeper is the way to go. I forsee a low point week but positive for Given. And since I bought him for 6.89mil and hes not 7.79mil it was easy for me to drop him for the DG and pic khim back up.

undernewmanagement said...

Well I ended up with 68.00 and slid from about 149th to 221st (and will slide further as I have nobody from the LIV game).
My hunch pick of Diaby went off early injured so that didn't work out and Given scored about 20points less than I was expecting him to.

Like J Dunn I have Given at 6.08 and was planning on keeping him for quite some time.

At this stage my only single gamers for next week are Given, Verm, O'Hara & Drogba. I have O'Hara at 7.12 as opposed to some people's 5.xx so he'll likely change too.

For those who BD Nelsen, be aware that he is flying to New Zealand and back for the weekend in attempt to get NZ to the world cup for only the second time (after 1982). Win the Game and they qualify! Here's hoping it is a fruitful trip.

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