Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Injury Update - 11/11/09


The good news for Man United fans is that Dimitar Berbatov is likely to be fit to face Everton next weekend as he has informed the Bulgarian FA that he will face Malta in Sofia next Wednesday, though he will miss a friendly this weekend.

He is currently in Manchester undergoing treatment on his knee injury but will play in seven days' time.

Ji-Sung Park will also play for his country against both Denmark and Serbia after missing six weeks of club football with a knee injury.

"I am in good enough shape to play in the friendlies," Park said. "If it is possible, I want to play in both matches."

Everton 'keeper Tim Howard has been added to the list of Toffees in the treatment room with a foot injury that will keep him out of the United States' upcoming internationals.

He apparently has 'damaged fibres on the underside of his foot' - which sounds awfully like a ladder in his sock.

He should be okay to face Manchester United on November 21, while Leon Osman (ankle), Steven Pienaar (knee) and Phil Neville (knee) are all pencilled in for returns in that game.

Wolves goalkeeper Matt Murray has reassured fans that the latest setback in his comeback from a long-term knee injury is only a minor one.

Murray, who has been out for nearly a year after rupturing his patella tendon while on loan with Hereford, started for the reserves in their 2-0 win over Birmingham last night and lasted just 23 minutes before being withdrawn.

"I just felt a little bit of discomfort in the early stages and the medical team felt there was no point in trying to carry on and play the 90 minutes and take any risks," he told

"It's better to take the precaution, see how things settle down and then carry on my rehab."

Manchester City winger Martin Petrov has pulled out of international action with a knee injury. He will stay at a Barcelona clinic and then return to Manchester for further treatment while his teammates go on their jollies to the Middle East.

Talking of which, Robinho was apparently fit enough after his ankle injury to take part in training in front of City's new owners. He even led the jog around the pitch for a few seconds at least.



bean said...

Drogba out of WC Qualifier against Guinea on Saturday, but doesn't sound serious as he "may" be available for the friendly against Germany on wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Bosingwa out for three months:
If only Ivanovich wasn't that expensive for a defender...

By the way - am I the only one thinking Aaron Hughes for next week?


Anonymous said...

Here is how my team look like atm, a lot may change due to the international week

Verm Baird Givet
Dunn Duff Dempsey Bullard
Drog Saha Zamora

Given : It may look crazy sticking with him after last week's shocker. But he is still the 2nd highest scoring keeper.

He will be making a lot of saves from Liverpool for sure, he could just return his value (6.10). Besides I do not like Myhill & Probbo, couldn't afford Schwarzer.

Baird : I do not follow Fulham's matches, but I think his starting status for the DW is a doubt, no?

MID : I am quite pleased with my Mid. I am banking on these 4 to rake in the majority of the points (or else I would be screwed)

Saha : Unsure whether he will play both games. Facing his old club & hopefull he will score

Zamora : Hmmm...I think he is worth a shot at 7.XX over 2 games

Any comments on my team? ^~^


Kellz said...

@D2D: I like the midfield a lot. Very strong. I doubt Saha will play both games with him probably playing the majority of the United game and the Yak coming in the Hull game. I'd down grade Saha to Cahill or another midfielder with a double game. As for Baird hes playing defensive mid and if Murphy doesn't coem back to the rotation should start alongside Greening again.

My team:
Distin, Verm, Baird
Bullard, Dempsey, Duff, Dunn, Cahill
Drogba, Roberts

Roberts is kind of hard to keep in my team as BBurn play 2 away, but over 2 games he should be able to return his 6mil value and should start atleast 1 game

Dave said...

OK, the Bullard question. Seems that many YFF managers are tipping Jimmy for the double week. And with good reason - former fantasy points machine, and made a succesful return last week (12.5 pts). However, this has been bothering me: will he actually start 2 games in the span of 4 days?? Coming off a long term injury, can he start both games, will Brown do that? Because if he starts one and is a sub in another, he's not much better than a single game pick really IMO.

Further, what is the implication on Hull's MF rotation if Bullard does/doesn't start both?? Does Geo play both, can they play together? Or so they start one each? Seems Hunt has the left wing locked down, so do they play 1 striker with 5 midfielders to accomodate both Bullard and Geo, flanking a holding mid? Does Geo play wide right?

Ugh, so many possibilities and potential pitfalls in the Hull MF. The last thing I need is to waste a double week pick to turn out like Milner (yes, it was an injury, but still only played part of one game, you get the idea) or Diamanti :(

Anyone have good insight into the questions?? Thx

Dave said...

Also, is there any love for Emerton in this double week? Seems to have regained a regular starting place, in the MF, and perhaps more likely to bag some surprise offensive points in a double week. Better punt than Nelson or Givet???

Doctor Teeth said...

Really good questions/analysis re: the Hull midfield, Dave...I'm dwelling on the same issues myself.

I tentaively have Bullard on my team but am thinking of dropping him for Geovanni...cheaper, has been remarkably consistent with his production (look at his actual point production in each game this year - he has had weeks of 10.5, 11.5, 9.5, 9.5, 12, and 20) and takes set pieces, corners and penalties (although TBD whether Bullard takes some of those opportunities from him). If I make the switch, I could fied the following team:

Verms Alexander Samba
Fabregas Dunn Dempsey Geovanni Cahill
Drogba Roberts

Still undecided. Will be intrigued to see if Andy Johnson is healthy after the int'l break. I don't fancy Zamora at all.

I have O'Hara at a discount and don't really want to have to give him up at his discount...Cahill would take his place so I need to mull over whether I think it's worth it.

Mike B said...

I'm shying away from loading up on too many DGers i think, i will get in Bullard, Dunn and maybe Murphy if fit, and a defender for about 6-7 mill.

I'm seriously considering Joe Cole! I think he'll get a start and could get good points against Wolves.

Any thoughts on the man?

saitofall said...

I like your team, but I would still go with Bullard over geovanni as Bullard will take over some FK duties and will have a multitude of SOT. Even though they are playing MU what does everyone think of Baines. He has been taking corners takes penalties and gets forward well. Regardless, here is my team. Keep in mind I have a deep grudge against Dempsey and will never pick him . . . ever.

Alexander, Baines, Konchesky, Distin
O'hara, Bullard, Dunn, Duff,
Drogs, Zamora

kellz said...

I have faith in fielding 9 double gamers. The quality and chance to score points is definately there.

@saitofall: I hate Gabby, everytime I pick him its 2.5pts. Hes my grudge. But if I had taken him at the double it would have been 20+ pts. I think given Fulham's double games, Dempsey is a great choice, certainly over Zamora. Either way I think you should only have 1 everton defender, so keep baines and go with Samba for Distin. Other wise looks great!

I think Bullard will take most set pieces and will start game 1 and sub in game 2. But its a gamble i'll take

Hinrik said...

P. Robinson
Vermaelen Paintsil Emerton
Fabregas Dunn Duff Dempsey Cahill
Saha Eduardo

Dropped Drogba. May have been a mistake. After my disastrous 32.5 points last week I thougt it was time to take a chance.

rwlwhite said...

Cudicini in motor bike accident with 'life-changing injuries'

Lampard pulls out of England friendly with Brazil

kernal_panic said...

I think Brown is too desparate.
He will play Bullard in both games, maybe come on as sub in the second.
His job is seriously on the line, so i don't think we'll see any Wenger softly, softly stuff.

here's my team


verms baines paintstall

o hara dunn dempsey billy bullard

drogs van da man

not sure on billy (he's back right?) or van da man, got a feeling altidore gonna hit some form (very cheap atm).
I've promised myself i'm not going to change the team until the saturday morning before the game. Instead I'm going to use the time wisely, and play some mind games with the other members in my league.

Mike B said...

I think Billy is suspended untill after the double game week unfortunately. Pianarr (or however you spell it) might be back though, so i'm not sure on Billy's starting status even after that.

ToffeeDave usually knows a bit about Everton, but he's gone missing over the last couple couple of weeks.

Anonymous said...

Billy is out for both of Everton's games in the double-week.

Alex said...

Brown will go, Darren Ferguson will arrive.

bean said...

@kernal-is van da man van persie?

one thing i forgot about is that there's champs league matches following next gameweek, just so things are further complicated.

if you ever need to know if a player is suspended, go to the source:

bean said...

i'm liking Murphy for the double, he was "a late fitness test" against Wigan, so I would assume he's healthy in two weeks.

Also interested in Park as he declared himself fit for S.Korea's friendlies. He's cheap, call it a hunch.

bean said...

Also liking Chucho Benitez, B'Ham has a nice schedule next five matches, and he finally broke the duck.

kernal panic said...


in my dreams! lol, no jan vannegoor.

bean said...


bean said...

Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink
the history of his name is pretty interesting

we called him 'V of H' when we had him in FIFA

Dave said...

@ Kernal & Bean - wouldn't it actually be "Ven" the man, not "Van"?? LOL

bean said...

or Jan tha man...
i like 'V of H'

Alex said...

Or Ven the sub?

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