Thursday, 12 November 2009

Get Well Soon Carlo

I'm sure you'll join me in wishing Carlo Cudicini a quick recovery:- 
Tottenham goalkeeper Carlo Cudicini has fractured his wrists and injured his pelvis after he was involved in a serious road accident on Thursday.

The 36-year-old Italian goalkeeper was admitted to hospital and underwent scans under the supervision of the club's medical staff.

Cudicini's BMW superbike collided with a Ford Fiesta on Forest Road, Walthamstow at 10.30am.

The former Chelsea star's injuries were initially described by the police as 'possibly life-changing'.

A police spokesperson confirmed: "A 36-year-old male suffered injuries described as possibly life-changing and was taken to an East London hospital for further assessment and treatment."

A spokesperson for Tottenham, who later confirmed the goalkeeper had fractured his wrists and injured his pelvis, said: "We can confirm Carlo Cudicini was involved in a road accident this morning. The club doctor is with him at hospital where we await the result of scans and tests."

The female driver and a child passenger walked away from the car - which was described as a 'write-off' - and did not need hospital treatment. 

Other injury news from football365:-
Bad news for Chelsea on Wednesday night, or, to be more precise, bad news from Chelsea on Wednesday night with the club themselves confirming that their defender Jose Bosingwa will be out for around three months after undergoing surgery on his left knee.

A statement released on the club's official website read: "Chelsea Football Club can confirm that Jose Bosingwa underwent arthroscopic surgery on his left knee this week. His recovery time will be approximately three months."

However, the same statement also included the reassurance that Ashley Cole will not require surgery to sort out his leg injury while it seems as if there shouldn't be much concern about Didier Drogba's withdrawal from the Ivory Coast squad for this weekend's World Cup qualifier with Guinea.

The Daily Star says that Chelsea are 'confident' and 'optimistic' that he will be passed fit for their game with Wolves when the league season resumes next weekend.

Unfortunately, good news is conspicuous by its absence for Liverpool.

The Times says that scans have confirmed that both Albert Riera and Yossi Benayoun tore their hamstrings against Birmingham and will be out of action for a month.

The newspaper also says that 'Fernando Torres has begun a rehabilitation programme aimed at curing a longstanding groin problem and the Spain forward could be unavailable for up to two weeks.'


And there's still more. Rafa Benitez has admitted his concern at the recurrence of Daniel Agger's back problem on Monday night and the defender has pulled out of Denmark's friendlies this week. So the only ray of meagre comfort is that Glen Johnson's thigh complaint is not thought to be serious, though scans will reveal the full extent of the damage later this week



Anonymous said...

Guys, I know it sounds crazy but I think it's about time to drop Vermaelen. Reasons:

1)His points return has been average without a clean sheet.

2)Arsenal just can't keep a clean sheet these days. Their attack-minded style leaves them vulnerable at the back. Also they concedes late goals when they leads by 2~4 goals and thinks the match is over.

3)Arsenal's easy fixtures are over. They have Sunderland away next week which will be a goal fest. And they have Chelsea and Liverpool coming up.

4)The lack of rotation sees Vermaelen and Gallas playing almost every minute of Arsenal football. Fatigue problem is gradually showing up.

5)He's now being tight-marked at set-pieces.

Finally, it's a good double-week(compared to the last) and it's much better to load up as many DGers as you can. I think it's a good time to drop Verm.

Kellz said...

yes, crazy

Doctor Teeth said...

God speed for a quick recovery, Carlo...

saitofall said...

I agree with anon, I doubt Verm will be pulling many points the next three weeks , which will most likely bring his price to the point most of us are holding him at. Sunderland will score, Chelsea will score and he won't there, liverpool will have torres back in time for their match. Their are some great dg dfs this week I would take them

Alex said...

Verm will return more, it appears that the better defenders post the most impressive weeks when they of course have more to do, as per their scoring criteria, this is looking at the basics and not taking into account any goalscoring activity. It's not all about the clean sheet.

Perfect example being that mush from Brum I wish I had got in.

rwlwhite said...

My team as it stands before the internationals and impending injuries!

Goalkeeper (Hunch - hint: NOT a double-gamer!)

Givet - Paintsil - Vermailen

Hunt - Dempsey - Dunn - Milner - Duff

Drogba - Zamora

bean said...

I think the Verm has definitely been cooling, but who's available in that 6.02 and below price range? swap for Gibbs? Wilk if he'll play, which he might after Faye's red. Emerton? that's about it.

bean said...

or Baird

bean said...

the Hull midfield is a tough nut to crack. I think if I had to bet, i would say Geo has the best chance of starting both matches and putting up points. He has been a consistent points scorer and is only coming back from suspension, not injury. where Bullard is just coming back from long term injury and seems like it's a good possibility they don't push him too hard.. But he could still put up big numbers in one match if he finds last year's form. I've had Hunt for a week or two, but I'm done with him.

Fidan said...

It's been a while since I last posted in here...but I've been reading ALL the comments in here...!!! It's really hard to pick a MF these GW. I just can't drop O'Hara and I have Etherington on dc and I really want to hold onto him, someone might think it's points chasing but remember he is home to P'mouth, can it get any better...!!! So it's definitely going to be 3-5-2. As it stands for now:


I could swap Ether for Zamora or Bullard for Geo and upgrade Ethe to Dempsey and Baird to Heiti...!!!

Any suggestions...!!!

GTR 34 said...

A speedy recovery for Carlo please.

Just shows it can happen to anyone at any time.

Bradley said...

Lampard out for 2-3 weeks:,19528,11095_5692573,00.html

ben. said...

Duff or Dempsy? :/

Dave said...

@ Ben - Duff is probably more consistent and gets more phantom points, but Dempsey is more likely to nick a goal. Watch for the return of Murphy to Fulham's MF - in his absence Dempsey was taking some FKs and that PK, so he may lose them to Murphy and Duff again.

Kellz said...

@Bean: Agreed. Verm has dropped in fantasy form but who else could you put in for 6.02mil? In any case I plan on getting Gibbs on the the BD if Arsenal hold out for a CS this next weekend and play 2 Arsenal defenders not necessarily banking on CS but blocked shots for the next run of matches

Anonymous said...

i can't believe "banking on a cleansheet" is still on the fingertips of some posters!!

chris m said...

Ok. I am having fantasy footie withdrawals. To make matters worse, I crashed my hard drive, a macpro, wiped out everything, getting replaced at the apple store, less than 25% backed up, so all my soccer bookmarks, info, data all gone. So I am in techno hell, bought a mac book, replacing everything, arrrgggghhhh!!!!.

And I have another whole week to contemplate replacing my whole team, except drogba and verm whose discounts are too deep with double gamers.

@kellz Absolutely agreed. Not giving him up, and will definitely grab Gibbs on the BD unless Clichy bounces back faster than thought. As I said earlier, Gibbs showed real promise. Which from me, given the way I am going, means he gets a red card the next game.

The two DG'ers I like the most are Duff and Bullard, but both have injury issues and I don't know if they go twice?? Anyone have thoughts on that.

The other problem is all the forwards on the DG teams basically suck. Saha is probably the best bet but Everton has the toughest fixtures. I thought ManU without Rio and Vidic would get shelled by Chelsea, but the didn't, so I don't know about the toffees. Toffee rips my fillings out anyhow, apt metaphor.

So I am leaning toward Zamora wondering whether he can get in 2 games what Rooney can get in 1. At least when Villa had a DG there was some quality to select from. I think I am talking myself into rethinking this whole DG thing. Another week to go batshit.


chris m

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