Friday, 27 November 2009

Week 13 Summary & Week 14 Preview

Friday...didn't I once say you should never make changes on a Friday? So why am I sitting here with only 5 "keepers" in my team leaving me chopping & changing the 6 remaining places every half an hour or so? The one positive thing is my initial player picks list has been whittled down from 45 to 22 players.

Here it is, with a brief explanation of the remaining issues I'm dealing with as we fast approach the deadline for Week 13.

Given is gone because he's let me down so many times (cue clean sheet & penalty save). The news of Bent's possible return does put me off Kirkland slightly, but then I see his price & realise how many treats I can buy myself out on pitch! It'll be between him & Robbo.


I'm going to keep Vermaelen, so there are 2 defensive places up for grabs. I hold Alexander & Baird at big discounts but both could go. I'd love to keep Baird but I'm concerned about his place anchoring the midfield if Murphy is back in contention. If he does go it'll probably be for Givet or Jacobson (depending on injury news) & I'm considering bringing in a Man City defender for Alexander. Evra is probably out of my reach, but I can still dream...


Dempsey & Dunn are definitely staying, so if I stick to 3-4-3 there are 2 more spaces. I would love a Man Utd player & it'll probably be Giggs ahead of Valencia. I'm still pissed that I didn't grab Valencia on the barndoor. Ireland is tempting, Billy could cause Liverpool problems with his set pieces, Reid the same for Sunderland - Jarvis is my cheaper alternative if I want to spend more on strikers. I'll mention I thinK Gerrard could have a break-out week vs Everton but I'm not confident enough to recommened him at 21m.

C Cole

Drogba obviously stays & I'm banking on my decision to stick with him as everyone else jumped ship to pay off in the next few weeks. I half want Rooney, but the other half is thinking I'd be overpaying for a player who hasn't scored more than 12 points in a week since Week 4. Defoe still sits in my team but he'll probably go, whilst I still can't decide on Adebayor. I'd like to get Carlton Cole in, I think he's great value.

So those are my dilemmas.Now a quick look at Week 14, which of course will be The AM Challenge 1st Round. More details on this early next week, but for now, the fixtures:

Saturday, 5 December 2009
Arsenal v Stoke, 15:00
Aston Villa v Hull, 15:00
Blackburn v Liverpool, 15:00
Man City v Chelsea, 17:30
Portsmouth v Burnley, 12:45
West Ham v Man Utd, 15:00
Wigan v Birmingham, 15:00
Wolverhampton v Bolton, 15:00

Sunday, 6 December 2009
Everton v Tottenham, 16:00
Fulham v Sunderland, 15:00

Standout fixtures - Arsenal at home to Stoke & Villa home to Hull look like the most tempting, with honourable mentions to Man Utd at West Ham, Spurs at Everton & Liverpool at Blackburn....maybe Wolves at home to Bolton? I'd say the others are all too close to call, so i'll be focusing on getting the likes of Eduardo, Fabregas, Arshavin, Walcott, Agonlahor, Young, Milner etc on the barndoor.

That completes the post. I'll get any injury news I find up as the day goes on. How's your team looking?



Anonymous said...

Da Costa is a good bet??

Anonymous said...

Doubt that Bily(8+) & W.Brown(7+) might not start, any replacement?


Anonymous said...

well had defoe in team for last weeks massive 63.5 point and am gonna repay that by keeping him in again this week. Whilst I don't expect get that amount of points from him again, his and spurs confidence must be sky high - plus spurs have two good fixtures coming, in fact it wouldn't suprise me if villa won!

Once again a excellent post - thanks AM, yourself and all the posters on your site have helped take a 140 point lead in my personal league!!!!

Cheers - Dazconnor

rwlwhite said...

i can afford to switch Roger Johnson out and bring in Evra, but does anyone think that is worth doing?

greginho said...

rwlwhite keep roger johnson man. are you crazy?

Hua_Ren said...

My team





Any opinion guys?

Hua_Ren said...

feel weird because i only have 3 midfielders xD

Bojan said...

Jarvis is in my plans also, but there is some talk that Milijaš could play in Sunday... if that is true i will keep out both of them...

Anonymous said...

With all of the doubt about ManU and BBurn's defences, along with the doubt over Baird's starting spot, I'm thinking Wilkinson. He's been playing recently with all of Stoke's defence injury and in spite of the return of Huth, while I can see Stoke getting a CS at Ewood Park. I really don't know why everyone likes Blackburn so much, and even more why everyone makes Stoke such a lousy team.
I had O'Shea first, but as he was doubted, I thought about Baird or Wilkinson. If anyone sees why I shouldn't go with the latter, please write.


Anonymous said...

United's official website says O'Shea and Evans are out SF. I'm thinking W.Brown if u want a United defender.


Bradley said...

Your short list looks a lot like mine, but the devil is of course in reducing it to a starting XI (why are roman numerals always used BTW? :) ). I was out of town and couldn't BD Sunday or Wednesday, which is causing some money troubles for fitting in DFs.

I'm 3/4 of the way to rolling the dice on Rooney. He'll revert to form someday, but the tricky part is anticipating when. Is it away to a woeful and turbulent Pompey? We'll see.

Given the Hammers habit of leaking goals and winding up with a 3-3 or 2-2 draw, I'm wondering whether picking up a Claret might pay off.

As for Week 14, Villans are all too expensive since the Bolton match. Your Spurs will have to do something about that tomorrow. :)

Anonymous said...

I would've got him if I had the money, he's one of the best for this week in my opinion. Another option is to downgrade Heitinga to someone like Givet, and upgrade Wilkinson to Brown, but I'm afraid it will hit me in the face afterwards...


Anonymous said...

@JT8 - I would've got him if I had the money, he's one of the best for this week in my opinion. Another option is to downgrade Heitinga to someone like Givet, and upgrade Wilkinson to Brown, but I'm afraid it will hit me in the face afterwards...


Anonymous said...

Any opinion on my team


W Brown P Konchesky G Givet

M Etherington Dempsey Dunn Joe Cole

Rooney Drogba C Benitez

Jeremy Spitzberg said...

Good look at the options this week. But credit where it is due... we've been saying No Friday trades" for a long time.

I'm thinking Dempsey might be playing striker this weekend if Bobby Z is hurt so looking to move to him over Jummy Bullard. And likely to stick with Ridgewell, even though Alexander is tempting.

Assistant Manager said...

Apologies Jeremy - friday changes was something I was talking to some of the guys about in the Chat Room on Wednesday, but of course it's something I picked up over the years of reading your blog. I'm still unable to stick by the rule though, as I'm sure very few of us are! :)

Definitely fancy Dempsey this weekend. Bullard was in earlier this week, but left my team as soon as I saw him missing from the squad for the Everton game.

Bojan said...

saturday changes are better then friday changes

Bojan said...

@AM - Jarvis or some other midfielder for 9,64?

Closest to Jarvis and that is my only dillema so i need just your opinion...

I know only how N'Zogbia plays in real life, and that Larsson and Etherington take kicks, but i think that they are soft(few fouls made, no YK)... And I see prasis for Jarvis from MCCarthy, but woried if Milijaš playes on Knightly's place that he will take some kicks from Jarvis...

toshack said...

any love for hot rod?

Merv said...

Yeah toshack, I'm with Bellamy at the moment but leaning to Rodallega. Robinho might start in his place, or take his place in the second half.

Anonymous said...

SWP and Cole or Ireland and Rodallega?

Anonymous said...

Dropped Defoe after having him last week. Also dropped Lennon, but only BDed him. I was initially going to keep Defoe but, for some reason I wouldn't be suprised if he throws up a whopping 2.5 pts or something. Of course the chances of him getting 5 goals again are slim to none, but I am trying a new strategy, picking players who have been cold for a while or our and have a nice fixture (That logic is why I selected Defoe last week and it paid off immensely).

saitofall said...

Finally, i am done and will not even sign into yahoo until after the deadline. Here is the team with which I am quite pleased.
ALexander(keeping for awhile)R. Johnson Evra
O'hara(keeping for awhile) Valencia Dempsey Dunn
Mcfadden Rodallega C. Cole

I am pleased with the team and my hunches Mcfadden and Johnson can really create points against the wolves, although most people don't think so :) good luck all

Anonymous said...

I only made on change to my team, took out Berbatov and put in Adebayor.
Currently at:


I hope it pays out cause I'm sticking to it. Kirkland, I figured he's cheap and cannot do worse than last week, he's bound to be a bargain at home. Adebayor I figured can get a goal or 2 against defenseless Hull. Campbell, he's been giving his price back...and more. I hope Overtan at least plays 30 minutes and gets his price back. Everyone else well you know, they usually do their business. Good luck to all and have a great weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

Rooney/Giggs/Dempsey/SWP/ spots but lots of cash to spend!


should probably take out defoe and buy 2 of the above...

Hinrik said...

My final team
Vermaelen W. Brown Craddock
Dempsey Dunn Billy Ireland
Adebayor Defoe C. Cole

Anonymous said...

my final team:

rooney,c.cole,j roberts


Bojan said...

@ AM

There is no help for friend in trouble...

Beers again ;-)

Brianonymous said...

Still debating whether or not to go for Hennessey or Kirkland in goal but my side as of now is:

Had Upson but apparently he's a major doubt and with Gabbidon next in the pecking order I took him over Spector, even though I like him as well.

I would be all over Franco if Yahoo would add him, but apparently that's just too much to ask.

Anonymous said...

Alexander Heint Evra
Dunn Ireland Cole Dempsey
Drogs Roberts Blake (BNY)

I actually like this line up which means I'm in for a shit weekend. I have Cole at 6.87; does he start?


Kellz said...

@Beth: With Lampard back Cole could be back to the bench. However Deco and Ballack are also back which makes the rotation that much more confusing. I dropped him at discount for sure starters plus Arsenal is a very tough team and I can't see J.Cole scoring many pts vs them.

Brianonymous said...

I agree with Kellz, JCole no matter how cheap doesn't seem worth the risk especially @ Arsenal.

I think Diame, Gera, HThomas, Milijas, and DeJong are better options at that price range.

Anonymous said...

Bellamy seems a good pick (Donegal08)

shadowgex said...

my team:


alexander samba bridge

dunn duff dempsey KPB

bellamy rooney ccole

pretty happy with it. good luck this weekend everyone

Kellz said...

Verm, W.Brown, Baird
Dempsey, Collison, Fletcher, A.Reid
Drogba, Rooney, Tevez

Good luck tomorrow for all!

Tone$ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
toshack said...

im on the fence here
bullard pr reid?? seing hull have 7 points in 3 games.....>_< helppp

Anonymous said...








Anonymous said...

I think this will be my team

Vermaelen Heitinga Brown
Bilyaletdinov Duff Valencia Dunn
Drogba Defoe CarltonCole

I decided to drop Joe Cole as Lampard is back and I dont want to risk him not starting, so I swopped him for Valencia. That would mean I would have to downgrade Rooney to Carlton Cole. I dont know if not having a ManU striker would be bad.
I could swop Defoe for Berbatov, Tottenham arent exactly that good away and Villa is not a bad team, is it worth losing that discount on him?

bean said...


I guess Wilk & Giggs are a risk of not starting, but those were my hunches, so stuck with them... ended up with exact 100.00 team value, so i figure the YFF gods were telling me that was right.

@Toshack - I would go with Reid. good avg. near his price, guaranteed to start and play 90, good couple matches coming up..almost went with Reid myself, but ended up sticking with Giggs.

good luck!

Afif said...

Valencia or Benayoun?

J. Dunn said...

I don't think I've ever screwed around with my team this much on a Friday. I ended up with:

Verm(6.02) | Alexander(5.79) | Mancienne
O'Hara(5.71) | Dunn | Reid | Jarvis
Drogba(10.75) | Rooney | K2

I did have Dempsey, Ireland, and Emerton(6.02) on the BD and CCole instead of K2. But, I had a real feeling about K2 against Hull and just couldn't shake it, so I tore up my team over it. Also, Ireland and Emerton were unsure to start, and I felt like my team was too all-or-nothing with them and Dempsey, so I went for consistent kick-takers who are sure to start in the MF instead. Hated to lose Emerton as I wanted to keep him long term, but there's always Traore at about the same price. I also had Billy in for a time, but replaced him with Jarvis, again, to be sure of having a sure starter who takes kicks.

I'll sure feel like a jackass if CCole does the business for 4 bucks cheaper than K2, and Ireland and Dempsey continue their form. But, if Rooney and K2 go off, I have a monster week, and if not, I likely still have a decent one with all those kick-takers and no real risks to not play. Of course, with my luck this year, two of them will tweak their groin in warmups and Dempsey and Ireland will both get hat tricks.

Kernal_Panic said...

Hi all,

My hunch this week is Robinho, he's sitting at eleven, and according to sky sports is well up for it, even hughes was singing his praises.

Trouble is no one else seems to fancy it. Which is making me nervous...

bean said...

go for it Kernal_Panic, trust your gut.

Anonymous said...

Verm Konchesky Brown Craddock
Duff Bily Valencia
Drog Berbatov Defoe

I've never picked 4 defenders before, but with my remaining funds, Konchesky seems like a better pick than any of the other midfielders. I considered Jarvis, but I'm not sure if he will start

bean said...

AM, not interested in Jordi?

Kernal_Panic said...


right on! cheers mate, changes saved!

ben. said...

G.alex brown baird
giggs lennon billy ohara
rooney robinho roda

Hows this team gonna do?

Conswaila said...


Vermalen Alexandra Nelsen
Dempsey Dunne Cole (Hunt)
Drogs Rooney Defoe

I want to get Valencia for Hunt( think he will hav a massive week )
Only way i can do it is
Robbo to Kirkland
Defoe to C.Cole

Most other players are at discounts and dont want to lose them maybe J Cole
Please help

Mikl-em said...

here it is:

Vidic Alexander RJohnson
O'hara Fletcher Bily JCole(?)
Drogs Defoe Rooney

I know everyone is dropping Defore (who I BD'd last week), but I'm going to stick with him, figuring that 5 goals in a game counts as "on form" and he is as likely as anyone to put at least 1 in this week.

have same concerns about Joe Cole in a healthy Lampard world as others above. So I may swap him out, right after this post. I may even take Fantasist's advice and grab Baird. Nevermind. I just did it, switched to a 4-3-3 and brought the Fulham man on. Now I can sleep in peace.

good luck all!

Mikl-em said...

and fwiw the tip from the latest Fantasist Choose 'em or Lose 'em is that Baird has been playing midfield but is listed as a defender. He's less than 6.5 and scored solid double digits last week. I think it's a good move, though he was nowhere on radar til I read that post tonight.

we'll see!

Anonymous said...

Baird is a doubt if Murhphy returns which he is due to.


Mikl-em said...

I had seen a late report that while Murphy is healthy, he would not be featuring today. So that gave me confidence on the switch. So far it looks good unless Cole plays and is a superstar.

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