Saturday, 7 November 2009

Week 11 - My Team


Vermaelen  Alexander  Gibbs

Kranjcar  Dunn  O'Hara  Etherington

Drogba  Adebayor  Rodallega

The first thing you'll notice - I have neither Cesc Fabregas nor Robin Van Persie. It's a huge call & one that could see me falling a long way down the rankings if Arsenal turn it on at Wolves, but I had a lot of fun picking my team this week not having to worry about ploughing £40m in to 2 players. Even if both players score a goal, it's possible they won't return their value...I just have to hope they don't go crazy & return 30 points each!

In goal I've gone for Shay Given on the barndoor. I haven't had much luck picking keepers this season but City should keep a clean sheet. My defence contains my only 2 Arsenal players, Vermaelen + Gibbs & I decided to hang on to Alexander at £5.5m - a penalty taking defender playing in midfield was too good to let go with so few clean sheets around for other defenders.

My midfield contains 4 set piece takers: O'Hara, Etherington, Dunn & Kranjcar. All 4 are capable of returning more than their value with their fixtures & I'll need to hope they do to make up for the points Fabregas is sure to rack up. Kranjcar was very nearly replaced with Martin Petrov, but I decided I wanted 1 Spurs player & I already had 2 City players.

Upfront I have Drogba & decided that I needed a Man City striker - step forward Adebayor. My final spot cam down to Defoe or Rodallega & I've gone for the Wigan man. Fulham travel back from Roma with a fair number of injuries & rarely do well after Europa Cup games, especially away from home so I think Rodallega has a great chance of a goal or 2. I think Defoe will score too, but as a Spurs fan I'll get joy from that anyway (plus I have £10 on him scoring), so I'm certainly hedging my bets!

So I have: 2 Arsenal players, 2 City, 1 Chelsea, 1 Spurs, 1 Wigan, 1 Portsmouth, 1 Blackburn, 1 Stoke, 1 Burnley...a nice spread of players which will hopefully give me a number of chances if 1 or 2 particular teams don't perform.

Good luck to everyone! Let me know your team & who you're planning on picking up on the barndoor. I'd also like to hear your opinions on going without RvP & Fabregas - have I made a terrible mistake? It's certainly a choice I feel very nervous about...



mudwalkerz said...

guess you know mine already but here it is





good luck...

Bojan said...

my team stayed the same since wednesday:




Drog/H Rod/Defoe

Mike B said...

Ok here's mine, i'm braced for the ridicule that's about to follow reguarding my striker pick haha...

Verm - Alexander - Zabaleta
Larsson - Fabs - Arshavin - Kranjcar
Drogba - Diamanti - Benitez

I know i know, i really wanted Eduardo, and i know Zola will play Hines and Franco up top, but my guts told me to stick with Diamanti, because Franco played midweek.

We'll see, i hope he scores a hatrick of set peice goals.

Good luck all,

Mike B
Real Soni

Anonymous said...

fabs/ohara/ethrington/billy[holding on]
dorgba/van persie/hrod


syaitan merah said...


hopefully i cab still in top 50 overall 4 dis week..

masterP said...

i had RVP at 18.68 before the double game week but sadly dropped him on the saturday morning.
no need to say how depressed i was when he got his 32 points!!!

anyway i've now bought him at his current price and was even able to keep fabregas in my team...moreover i've got the 2 arsenal defenders too!!
so if arsenal doesn't perform tonight i'll be in a real nightmare!!!!

here's my team:

myhill(at 1.00)- keeping him for the upcoming double week
vermaelen, gibbs, spector(chose him on The FRIDAY night)
fabregas, larsson, hunt, mokoena( big time filler)
drogba, RVP, rodallega

what do you guys think??????

Anonymous said...

Vermaelen, Gibbs, Givet
Fabregas, Dunn, Aquilani, Etherington
Drogba, Van Persie, Hines


Ash said...

I have a very similar team AM, so I am going to say you have made the correct decision this week not going with Fabregas or RVP. I felt that overall I couldn't justify their prices with the wealth of other quality well priced options around. I am hoping for a 0-0 stalemate, with lots of successful crosses for gibbs and shots blocked for the Verm. Wanted to go against the grain without Fab or RVP and hope to gain places dropped over the last 2 weeks. Wishful thinking I know. Here's my team:

Verm Gibbs Zab
O'Hara Ethers Dunn Petrov
Drogs K2 HRod

AM, are you using money donated by blog users to fund your gambling habbit? ;)

All the best, Ash

rwlwhite said...

ive gone for


vermaelen - sonko (cheap) - givet

fabregas - benayoun - mokoena (filler) - hunt

drogba - rvp - adebayor

Anonymous said...

i've got 8 out of the 11 players AM selected. I didn't get Etherington, Given and Kranjcar but went with Fab, Hunt and Robinson. Let's see who comes up top AM :D

Anonymous said...

No last minute changes for me this week, gone for 4-3-3:
Vermaelen - Givet - Agger - Gibbs
O'Hara - Dunn - Babel
Drogba - Rodallega - Bent
Good luck everyone! :)

rich 'Liverpool' said...

Also with the 4-3-3

Given +4.8

Vermaelen +3.7
Bridge +.5 (doubtful :( )
Alexander +4.2

Fabregas +2.1
Arshavin +.6

Drogba +7.6

its funny seeing most players sharing 4-6 of their team, given, vermaelen, gibbs, alexander, fabregas, drogba anyone?

saitofall said...

Well made a last minute change and seeing that eduardo will not start, I am pleased.

Verms Alexander Gibbs
Kranjcar Fabs O'hara Larsson Lee Chung-wong
Drogba Dindane(blackburn's defence is so poor)

My Upset of the week in Bolton taking out aston villa

bethchapman said...

Nothing unusual in my team, kept verm, alexander, drogs, lamps and rvp and built around that.

with an eye to next week my 11 is shaping up as
verm alexander paintsil
hunt duff geo fellaini
drogs rvp zamora

the previous double week bit me hard but i'm jumping back in - drop lamps and go with 7 double gamers

Ian Sanderson said...

Had my team sorted with Eduardo up front, but had 16 units left so did the obvious and upgraded to RVP...

P. Robinson
Vermaelen Heitinga Gibbs
Fabregas Reid Benayoun Palacios
D. Drogba T****y Van Persie

Anonymous said...

o'hara just scored!!!

Kellz said...

Line ups look really similar this week:

Verm, Gibbs, Zab (dropped Alexander DOH!)
Kranj (why is he not starting?), Dunn, O'Hara, Yossi
Drogba, K2, HRod

If Given doesn't make some saves, K2 score some goals, Dunn make some good crosses, Kranj get on the pitch, and Zab make some blocked shots its going to be a bad day for me

ben. said...

verm alex gibbs
hunt o'hara arshavin huddle
drogs defoe roda

Quite a similar line up AM! good luck for your spurs bet! (((:

Anonymous said...

why couldn't have Villa done this last week? Bolton upset my ass! Those who didn't have time to change out Young, Milner, and Gabby will have huge points


Anonymous said...

So fur I've BDed Wilkinson, Fellaini and Zamora. Wilkinson is cheap and home to Pompey (who yet again seem poor), Zamora plays 2 matches and is in a great form right now. Fellaini seems a good option, and I believe he'll return his value over 2 games. Gera looked also good, though he doesn't to be a sure starter, so I went with Fellaini.
A lot can be changed over two weeks...


Dave said...

As far as the barn door goes, Nelson is worth a punt - scored, may get credit for an assist, and is cheap for a double week.

I've also slotted in Saha and Duff, just to protect against random Yahoo price fluctuations. Already had Dunn for this week.

Got lucky this week so far by going with Bellamy instead of Ade, keeping Alexander due to lack of time to find a replacement LOL, and O'Hara. Sadly, my personal Given curse continues - I manage to only pick him on weeks where he stinks.

Go go Gibbs LOL~

Anonymous said...

23.5 from five players. Wow. And that is when O'Hara has a good day, and Tevez practically returns his value. Palacios was disappointing, though not too much (1.5p from 5.18mil...). Given curse continue for AM and his pals, but for me he performs because I always keep him. If you want to do me a favor, AM, drop Given for week 12, so he can save 3 PK against 'Pool :)
Zabaleta with 4 points was average, but I can't blame him. Without a CS he's worthless.
I'm still optimistic - Gibbs, Vermaelen, Fab and RvP who are already performing, plus Hunt and Drogba to go. Should be an average week (I pray it will be), I just hope those 23.5 points won't drop me too much in the ranking before that...


gman26 said...

40 points through the first set of games

I might stay away from Ade for the rest of the season. He's so inconsistent.

bethchapman said...

next week

verm alexander paintsil
duff geo ohara dunn
drogs rvp roberts (BD)

possibly drop ohara and bring in a double gamer.
also 6.50 from dindane this week, not bad in a loss

bean said...


guess i should have kept milner.. but got fabs, so not too bad

Anonymous said...

arsenal took one

mehicoradio said...

ugh only 19 points so far (Should get a little bump once the Arsenal points are put in) Was hoping, not expecting, i could do something when TWO of my players are starting on the bench :(.

1.00 from MPet
2.5 from Kranjcar

and Given helped me sooooo much, -6 points, basically made gambling on Dindane absolutely worthless.

Hell my top 2 players on my team so far are Dindane and O'Hara *sigh*

chris m said...

Weird so far. Sorry to whoever I touted KPB to, -2.50. Didn't have him myself of course. Didn't want 2 Pompey players, had O'Hara instead, +15 :).

A question, I don't think Fabregas got any points for his corner that resulted in an own goal. Seems like he should at least get an assist. Anyone know the rule??

A bunch of us had both Verm and Gibbs and got hard done by by Sunderland's 89th minute goal. Lost the clean sheet points. This points to the peril of playing 2 defenders from the same team. However Gibbs looked really good, going forward, a lot of speed, he could have had a couple of SOT's and an assist. Looked like a Clichy clone. I think I will keep him til Clichy returns. Arsenal looks great. Problem for us is they have the most packed midfield in all of football. Outside of Fabs who knows who will play. And wait until Walcott comes back. Even Song looked really good coming on for Diaby as a holding midfielder. I am starting to think that Arsenal is going to win it this year.

I am hoping for some luck on my gamble. We all have Drogba. Not many of us have Rooney, a few of us took a flyer on Aqualini, maybe the next Blini?

That said got 39 pts all but 3 from Dunn Fabs and O'Hara. Got hosed by Given like many of us. Still have Drogs and Rooney tomorrow. And Monday, I can't wait, my make it or look incredibly stupid gamble of picking both Aqualini and Babel. Somehow I feel that I am going to get 60+ points from this bunch and get it over 100. Not.

chris m

Anonymous said...

hey chris, hoping that fabregas gets points for the assist takes points chasing to another level. worse than having dindane in a team this week. just a joke

Anonymous said...

A question not relating to FF.

Where is the biggest Wigan forum/message board? All I could find is but it is not very active. Any Wigan fan there to help me out?

Anonymous said...

No assists for own goals or penalties. The penalties one particularly annoys me....when drogs wins one and lamps takes it.

Maxer said...

got 25pts with kirkland, benayoun, hrod and drogba still to play.. lucky if kirkland saves few shots tonight (10pts), hrod got brace (15-20) and drogba and benayoun a goal each and few sot and assists (17-20).. but that just me daydreaming..

verma points are dropping each week.. i don't know if he's a season keeper anymore.. first chance i got (injuries/suspension), i might drop him for someone else..

mears got negative for that 2 fouls and yc.. he's off my team this week.. givet didn't perform that much and got same deductions with mears (2fouls and yc)..

fab and rvp only manage to get 14 and 6.5pts each which is so-so.. quite disapointed that against a poor team, they didn't manage to collect much fantasy points then against a good team..

and my two fillers are brown and moko.. saw whats coming to me..

anyway, hopefuly my other 4 players do good tonight and tommorow.. ow.. is this a bad week for u all?.. i just drop one place in my private league with someone got 58pts as highest.. weird.. :p


Kellz said...

Leader of one of my private groups got 17pts today with only3 left to play, so your not the only one.

I am on 37pts with Drog, HRod, and Yossi left to play.

Could be a 70-80pt week at best

Anonymous said...

i am on 66.5 points with Drog,Hrod and Hunt left to play. Looks like i'm doing alright :)


bean said...

got 50.0 with lamps/drogs/hunt/zhines left to play

for the first time i'm kind of happy for the int. break. might give a little time for some of the injuries to settle, players get back fitness, or bring a ton of new injuries! sometimes that's good to narrow down choices....

Anonymous said...

wow ur team got high points!

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