Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Week 19 - Player Picks

Okay, so we don't know exactly what Yahoo are going to do for Week 19, but I can try & work with the information we do have!

What I know as fact is Week 19 will be the 2nd Round of The AM Challenge Cup, in which 406 teams remain...good luck to all those involved!

After Guy's excellent analysis (see his comment in the "Not Again" post) I agree with him, so I believe Week 19 is almost certainly going to be a double week for...

Man Utd


It could be a gamble regarding United as nornally a game on the following Saturday would go in to the following week, but sod that...lets take the risk as Yahoo are putting it in Week 19. Given their first fixture is home to Burnley, one game wouldn't be a complete disaster.

Now, I'm going to pick almost ALL double gamers, but if you would rather go single gamers, then the only teams I'd care about would be:-

Chelsea (home to Sunderland)
Villa (home to West Ham)
Birmingham (away to Portsmouth)

Saying that, I'm not really interested in single gamers myself, so my recommendations for these games will be limited.

So, without further ado, here are my Week 19 player recommendations...

Van Der Sar

Regarding United, picking their keeper is a risk, but I believe Ferguson will give the returning Van Der Sar at least 1 game in the double week, so I can't recommend spending almost £11m on Kusczak when VDS is much cheaper.

If you still hold Almunia on the cheap then he could be a nice choice for the double as Bolton rarely score a bucketful, but he can also let you down as he did last weekend. A good alternative could be a cheap 'filler' keeper (I'm thinking about it) so Kirk is a bargain, even away at Wolves. I'd avoid PRobbo...Blackburn are in terrible form whilst Fulham are flying.

Alexander (to make myself feel better)
R Johnson

Bale was by far the bargain of the week if you picked him up for under £3m & I imagine he'll be in most people's team now he has a double week. Vermaelen will also be owned by the majority, so I imagine the decision most manager's will be concerned with will be "Which Man Utd defender should I pick?"

Far & away the best choice is Evra if you can afford him - he's the only guaranteed starter of both games. I'd imagine Evans has a pretty good chance of starting both, even if Vidic returns, while Rafael will probably get one of the games & always scores well. If you'd rather stick to single gamers then Dunne or Cueller will probably return their value vs West Ham. If you have Johnson at a big discount then I'd keep him. Traore would be a great pick usually, but Clichy is on the verge of a return.

I'd appreciate any opinions on Alexander, who I still hold at just over £5m. Is it time to let him go?

M Taylor

Midfield is tough again this week, but not for the usual reason. Most weeks it's tough because there are so many choices, but there is a real lack of variety this week. This is mainly down to the lack of double gamers likely to play both games.

Gerrard was a popular choice earlier in the week, but he picked up a hamstring injury last night so it's not sensible to spend that sort of cash on him. It's the same reason I'm not recommending Fabregas - I'd love to pick him (if I could afford him) but I don't think he'll play twice in a 4 days so soon after a reoccurring hamstring injury.

I'd say Valencia is the top pick, with Nasri, Kranjcar, Modric, M Taylor, Giggs & Geovanni all decent bets for the double week. Aquilani could be a good filler, but then you might rather spend the money on Scholes or Park, who should both get 1 game & probably offer more of an attacking threat than the Liverpool man.

If you'd rather go with a solid single gamers then Lampard is likely to enjoy himself vs Sunderland, while the same could be said for Milner/A Young vs West Ham & Larsson at Birmingham.


Obviously, Rooney should be in your team & I imagine many mangers will be trying to fit in Defoe or Eduardo alongside him. All 3 players have double games & all 3 are in some sort of form this season, so you're sure to get decent returns. Klasnic & Kuyt are other options with a double week.

If you need cheaper alternatives to fill the final sport; step forward Michael Owen, Daniel Sturridge & Chucho Benitez. Owen must surely get at least 1 game with Berbatov injured, Sturridge should get a start at home & Benitez is likely to terrorize the Pompey defence. If you don't fancy the double week & have cash to burn (or big discounts) then I'm sure Anelka & Tevez will have productive weeks.

That concludes my Week 19 recommendations. I've found it very difficult to write them this week due to the fixture uncertainty & work commitments so it certainly isn't mine finest work, but hopefully you'll get something useful out of it...good luck!



Anonymous said...

What's the problem with Brown? His price is close to Evans', and compared to the latter he has a bigger chance starting both games.


Fidan said...

I'd love to have a blank team, so I could put a decent ALL DG team!!! But...I have Eagles and Given on huge dc and...I am NOT willing to drop them. As a matter of fact I'm very, and I mean VERY tempted to have a Chelsea attacking force in my team because of the simple fact that Sunderland's defence is WOEFULL away from home (@home too, mind you). So as my FW consists of Rooney(@16.33) and EdS(@7.40) it mean that there is no room for Anelka, who my first choice considering it was meant to be a single week. So, step in...JERMAINE!!! It leaves a MF spot for a Chelsea player...and I think it is going to be given to...Malouda!!! Of course I'll wait till the team news are up and make that call (if not Modric is there), and I'll have some "work" to do to convince myself to drop Giggs and make room for Malu.
So, my team so far, quite final, I think:

0.01 left ;)

TBC: Malouda,Nasri,Evans and Defoe!!!

Defoe can still go for...CROUCH (say oooouch)!!! And that would free some cash to do some upgrades. Maybe Evra for Evans (if the latter is a starting-doubt) or Nasri to Cranch and Malouda to Giggs...!!!

Sorry for the long post!

Any suggestion is SOOO welcomed...!!!


Anonymous said...

hey AM,

you are providing a great service here and I have just recently become a faithful follower of your blog. Kudos to you my friend. I actually only play in the official EPL league and am currently sitting at 18000 out of 2.2 million players, which is my highest standing in the last 3 years. I was just wondering why CESC FABERGAS was not included in your list of midfielders.....with 2 games against bolton, I can assume he will escape with a minimum of 2 assists from those games. Thanks AM.

Heran (from Toronto, Canada)

Anonymous said...


agree with you to choose 2 gamers but i'm strongly advice to stay away from those players who got 4 yellow cards especially from weak opponents(bolton/hull)for example hunt...thanks for your compliment about my comment in your post but my name is IJAN not GUY :(

going to bed...see again



Kellz said...

@ijan: Lucky for everyone the 5 YC rule no longer applies after Jan 1st, the players with 4 YC from the first half of the season are now allowed 6 YC before a punishment is handed down. So theres no need to worry about YC suspension from any one yet!

Anonymous said...


so don't pick up players with 5 YC :)

thanks for your information...


macgill said...

looking at a team almost entirely made of manu, arsenal, and tottenham:

Verm, Bale, Evans
Valencia, Modric, Kranjcar, Giggs
Rooney, Eduardo, Benitez

A little worried about giggs as he may not be guaranteed a start in both games.
Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...


i think better drop giggs for carrick and upgrade benitez with defoe

Kellz said...

@Anon: its my understanding that the next suspension limit is 10 YC now until the end of the season so a player with 5 YC will be allowed 5 more until he is suspended. Therefore no one is a risk to pick with any amount because no player is close to 10 YC

Anonymous said...

I'm currently on:
Bale - Brown - Evra
Valencia - Kranjcar - Aquilani - Mokoena
Rooney - Defoe - Eduardo
Selling Given at a discount for PRobbo (who I hate) just does not feel right, but City have a blank week after this one, and I just don't feel I can sacrifice so much for a goalkeeper, even as good as Given. Aquilani should pay back his value over two games, Mok is just a filler, and everyone else looks really good in my opinion. I don't want Rafael or Evans because I think they won't start both games. Just load up on Man Utd and Tottenham with a bit of Arsenal this week. I'd love to get Cesc in (who performed for me last time), but waaaaay too pricy now :( Good luck to all of you!

Ferdinand said...

I'm fairly concvinced as init said that all the games will be on this weekend. It seems nothing as bad as last week and the teams can't keep on delaying the games since the season can't be extended because of the World Cup. This is also one of the reasons why i think England has been underperforming for so long. They don't have a christmas break like all the other big leagues, italy, france, spain and germany, exhausting them further and also the weather. You think your muscles recover better in a 20 degree spain or freezing North West :) also the reason for so many inuries.

Any way great post, once again AM. just a quick question: what's the rooney pic about? as far as i'm concerned he's still joint top scorer :) even though the rest of United aren't performing. The Tevez treble must have been pain squared as well right? seeing that took City past Spurs... But What a Season! luve it!

My team so far:

Verm, Bale, Evans
Rosicky, Valencia, Scholes, Nasri
Rooney, Sturridge and EDS

I don't know anything about Sturridge, just following all of your people's advice... worth it?
Also, scholes tend to be a low scorer, but since fletch is out he'll play two games i reckon and he's always doing well against team he can dominante, i.e. Hull. I also thought he could have scored against Brum with one of his shots. Undoubtedly though he's starting to get old it seems.

That's enough for today!

Keep up the good work AM.
it has seen me come close to "the untouchable" leader in my private group!



Ferd said...

Isn't PRob a bit risky against Fulham?

M said...

Who will be in between the sticks for Man Utd? Kuszczak or VDS?

Anonymous said...

vcan anyone confirm van der sar is going to play ?

Anonymous said...

@ Ferdinand
I think PRob is always a gamble :) But I need a cheap goalkeeper and I think B'burn defence at home is more reliable than Wigan away, not even mentioning Fulop...who do you recommend? My problem is that I have most of my players at full price, so I'm really short of funds...

Anonymous said...

just lately whether it's single, double, or triple gamers, i find myself picking 7 or 8 from Arsenal. even with Arsh & eduardo not consistently firing, there's still that expectation of a goal/assist that comes from the fundamental stats- 30 goals in 10 home games ..ave. of 3 per game !. topscorers away from home too with 23 in 10. one question- which 2 out of eduardo, sturridge & owen ? maybe the weather will answer that one for me . S.P.

Guy said...

AM - thanks for your comments, although maybe 'superb analysis' was going a bit far! I seem to be in a tug of war with Ijan about the analysis - your praise is highly sought after, obviously. I'm glad it helped you, anyway. It will probably turn out wrong now...
By the way, I had Tevez last week which was obviously good news for me, 33 points out of 54 total. I have to agree with you that it was the wrong choice - if I'd been around on Saturday morning I think I'd have ditched him too. It just shows that it's better to be lucky than skilful sometimes. Over the season though, skill will tell.

Ferdinand said...


Not sure who to recommend in these times, i'm quite sure kuszscak will play but he isn't exactly cheap, and the defence is highly unreliable at the moment too. Seems like the only performing player at united at the moment is Evra and rooney(?)

robbo looks attractive due to his price but you are quite right that he's always a gamble :) haha.

I think given is alright. although i just got rid of him... Hart is another option, but aging expensive and reina is overvalued too i think...
so yeah seems like rob won't be such a bad bet in the end :)

possibly green? i'm contemplating it.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Green is a good option away to Villa...I even thought about Begovic, but James might be back, so the keeper position is a real dilemma for me. I currently have two options: Robbo + Brown or Kirkland + Rafael...I'm not sure if Rafael will start both games, but he will certainly pose an attacking threat against weaker opposition...yet again I wish I'd have a discount!
I'm also worried about my midfield since Aquilani is not a very reliable option and Mok will probably get a big fat zero, but I hope Valencia and Kranjcar (who I prefer over Modric) will compensate the losses. Right now I'm only happy about my front line, it seems much better well-balanced.
Regarding Sturridge, I don't think he will start vs Sunderland with Anelka being the lone forward. Even if he does, I doubt he will even repay his value, and Traore (at a similar price) looks much more convincing to me (unless Clichy is back). If you don't have a hunch on him, it's always better/safer to invest in a double gamer.

bean said...

ijan=teknocrat=N00B etc.?

Assistant Manager said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!

SF- If I miss a player off my list, I don't necessarily have a problem with him, it may just be I don't fancy him for this week, or I simply forgot about him! ;)

Fidan - Like you team!

Heran - With Fabregas just back from injury i'm not certain he'll play both games in such short space of time, so he's too pricey.

ijan - Listen to Kellz regarding YCs :)

Kellz - Cheers for clarifying, you're right, it's now a total of 10 YC for the season before a ban (although if you reach that it's a 2 game ban)

Macgill, J & Ferdinand - Nice teams, but agree PRobbo is a huge risk J! I'd go Kirkland @ Wolves instead.

M - I think Fergie will give Van Der Sar his spot back for the double week.

S.P - Eduardo & Sturridge

Guy - It was a great post mate, i think you're right. You're also correct regarding the game itself, 30% skill, 70% luck!

Bean - I don't think so, but you never know... ;)


Assistant Manager said...

Also, regarding the photo of Rooney - I just typed in "Rooney" into Google Images & it came up on the 1st page & made me laugh. That's the only reasons it's the post picture!

Anonymous said...

so is it definite that van will play instead of kuschzak(not sure bout his spellin)..or do u think fergie will give van a couple of weeks before he puts him out there??

Kellz said...

@Anonymous: Any time a player takes leave I worry they won't be match fit when they return. It seems EvS hasn't been back to training for an appropriate amount of time to start against Burnley, but his return does shadow doubt. In my opinion Kuz will play against Burnley with EdS returning against Hull, however theres too much doubt around both I'd steer clear. However this is just my speculation :D

bean said...

i think manU defenders are risky since Vidic and even Rio could be back for the second match.. with a Carling Cup match between the two, definitely makes it almost impossible to pick defenders that would play both league matches (except maybe Evra) you basically will have Rafael,Neville,Evans,Brown,Evra,Fabio with Vidic likely back the second match and possibly Rio... would like to pick up VanDer if he was to start both matches in goal because he's pretty cheap, but haven't seen anything indicating he will be back. anyone have a source for that?

Anonymous said...

Argh, City have great match-ups coming up, if only not for their blank week, I would have kept both Tevez and Given on huge discounts...

bean said...

and it's the Carling Cup semi-final, at City, so I don't think SAF will take it lightly

Anonymous said...

What do you guys think of Klasnic? I know he was subbed early last game but he has been playing well lately and Arsenal havent been very sound at the back.


bean said...

Liverpool sign Maxi Rodriguez,19528,11095_5858007,00.html

Anonymous said...

One thing for sure is that nothing is certain in life,Fantasy footie wise or life...but it's a fact that Van Der Sar is only 8.xx and will not get any cheaper, gamble I'm definitely willing to take.

Anyways Bean is right, it's very risky to choose United defenders and the only one I'd be considering is for their midfield, I'm going for Valencia, Carrick and no one else. Even if Scholes plays the first game, which is a "big if" considering SAF could field Gibson instead, Fletcher will be back on the second game. Now, I have Tevez at 15.00 and I'll be taking a big hit when he goes blank but I'm not letting him go...he has been my favorite payer in real life and now is my favorite in Fantasy footie.

Now my problem is should I go with...

Van Der Sar

I don't know what to do, I want Rooney but he takes so much of my cash...but then again he'll probably triple his price agianst extremely weaker oposition...but how can you afford an attacking force of Rooney, Defoe and Tevez at their premium price without sacrificing elsewhere? I admire those of you who are loyal to your players because at times like this it comes in handy! Enough said...Welcome to the premier league Maxi!!! Thanks for the news Bean...

AM - Great job again and love the photo!


greginho said...

AM is fagregas too pricey to be considered? i won't post my team because i have at least 3 changes to make

greginho said...

AM or other spurs fan. an obvious choice for midfielder is kranjar. does he have a chance to lose his starting spot with modric back? it would be a shame because he is the most consistent spur for fantasy purposes.

Anonymous said...

@greginho - question Lennon fit? Cause "Arry' could opt to go with Krankjar on the left wing and Modric on the right...with Lennon out I mean.

bean said...

anyone watching the Pool/Reading FA Cup match? Torres taken off in the 29th because of injury? not much more info on gamecast..

bean said...

does everyone really think Carrick is a good bet for both matches? I've always felt he's just as much risk of rotation as the others...

Anonymous said...

@bean - One thing I know for sure is that he'll definitely play the first game...what will happen when Fletcher comes back for the second game, that's another question. Even if he only plays one game, he's still a great gamble @home vs. Burnley. You can also consider THudd, he's one of my favorites but I just come short of funds to afford him. What do you guys think of Ashley Young @Home vs. West Ham...Hammers get trashed away from home and Young is only 12.70.

chris m said...

@ Bean same question-I noticed in the game report Torres out for Ngog at 29 minutes. Don't tell me the pretty boy wuss is hurt again.

Anyone have any info???? Please!!!!!

@greginho- physioroom has Lennon out for 3 more weeks so I think its a sure thing both Kranjcar and Modric start. Remember Modric was on fire before he got hurt with Harry saying he was the best player on the team. Kranjcar then got hot. I am trying to figure out if he can play both of them along with Lennon with the speedy twit returns. Anyone have an opinion.

In general for comment-I am of the opinion that giving up players you have with deep discounts its going to start killing you as the progresses. You gradually lose the ability to buy expensive players. For that reason I am holding on to the three players that are not double gamers this week that I have at deep discounts, Duff HROD and Heiti.
My other very deep discounts are dg'ers, Verm, and Rooney. I am taking a complete gamble on including Rosicky Modric and Agualini in my midfield. Gotta start gambling to get back up the table.

let the head games begin

chris m

Anonymous said...

In addition to Torres being subbed Gerrard was also replaced at half time.


greginho said...

thanks guys with the kranjcar and modric update. they might be both worth having. i have petrov and pederson, whom i want to get rid of and i could pick up the two spurs guys. that means my midfield would be cesc, kranjcar, modric and diaby. that would be nice.

Anonymous said...

both injuried. so big BYE BYE to them. once Maxi is added, he will be played.

ToffeeDave said...

WEEEE im back for the millionth time. Heres my team

Given(huge discount)
Verm Evra Bale
Billy(Huge discount again) Valencia, Nasri, Song
Drogba, Rooney, Ebanks-Blake

I finally think the Wolves players we thought were gonna be huge hits are finally starting to fulfill potential (milijas and Blake) and with me needing some cash as im buying rooney at full price, I feel theres no better option under 7.

Anonymous said...

@greginho - News that Gerrard and Torres being possibly injured should encourage you to go for Tottenham players.Liverpool just aren't good without those players...well, even with them but worse without. That being said is if they have a DG. Somehow I'm liking THuddlestone instead of Modric for some reason...I remember when this season started I had modric for 4 or 5 games and didn't return big, decent but not big. What do you guys think?

bean said...

makes aquilani a little more interesting (and maxi pad if he is added, but I highly doubt that will happen by the weekend) although things are really not looking good for Pool. They have lost Torres,Gerrard and knocked out of FA Cup by Reading!

last I read Lennon was hoping to be fit for the FA Cup match against Leeds on 1/23.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Liverpool are in deep doodoo! They must, and I mean they must qualify for Champions League next season cause they're fighting for nothing this season. If they don't I fear a huge financial crisis, Torres, gerrard and other key players would have to be sold to balance the bank.

bean said...

@ToffeeDave - long time no see, how's it hangin'? isn't Song away at ACN?

@Honduran-Saul - I kind of feel the same way with Modric. Although over two matches he could open up since he should be due.. I've always felt Modric is more effective playing just behind the strikers, instead of on the wing.

Also, Bale is a great filler at the 2.xx price (which i missed) but not that excited about him beyond that. I don't think he's ever put up good returns, maybe cause he never had consistent starts. I'd also consider Bassong..

Kellz said...

@Hon-Saul: Well Liverpool still have the Europa League, no its not all over. But if we lost to a team fighting relegation in the Championship and Torres/Gerrard to injury I am very nervous.

Team for next week:
(assuming if Utd have double then LIV/TOT and ARS/BOL will go ahead too in same week)

Verm, Smalling, Bale
Valencia, Modric, Nasri, Park/Aquilani
Rooney, Defoe, Tevez

Anonymous said...

As a spurs fan I would pick Krancjar over modric, I think Kranc has a better chance of taking free kicks, and he likes to shoot more than Modric. Modric is more of a creator - too often the guy who passes to the guy who passes...etc. Modric is usually good for a few points though, I certainly wouldnt dismiss him in a double week. If you're looking long term Modric is almost certain to keep his place in the side too.

chris m said...

@toffe dave a quickie-I think Song is out at the ACN

Anonymous said...

Thinking about adding Klasnic to my squad but i really havent seen his name mentioned. Is he injured or do people just not like his chances vs Arsenal. Also do you guys think the return of Fabregas will make guys like Arshavin usable again?


Fidan said...

3 spots left to be filled. Drop Evans/Malouda/Nasri (=26.78m)...!

Now, here are my options.

1) Keep 'em: Evans/Malouda/Nasri
2) Evra/Park/Kranjc
3) Evans/Giggs/Jarvis or
4) Evans/Kranjc/Milijas

To be frank, I fancy the all of them the same. Maybe if Giggs was sure to start both matches, 3rd option would had a nod ahead of others. I like the 1st and 2nd though, 1st one being 1st choice...!!!

What do YOU think???

Good Luck...!!!

Fidan said...

Which one would you pick out of three:

Macgill said...

@ bean- I may be mistaken but I remember that at one point I had Bale on my team for a decent period of time during which he was quite productive. But I also have him at 2.65..

Also, if Torres and Gerrard are both indeed out, that makes Aquilani potentially a very good filler at 4.6. Some one is going to have to score for them in two games right? And he is more than due.

Macgill said...

@ Fidan- I like Modric the best

greginho said...

klasnic is a great pickup. bolton has not been shutout often and not for a while, it has been 7 games since they where shutout. goals are not coming from mtaylor, lately. they have been coming from gary cahill and klasnic and lee. i have had klasnic for 5 weeks, until i dropped him for diamanti this past weekend. i am going to switch from jerome, even though he has a juicy game, at portsmouth, back to klasnic.

Anonymous said...

guys, please give me some suggestions,

evra verm bale
modric aquilani valencia palacious m.brown(filler)
rooney tevez(@ 14.50)

shud i keep tevez or shud i get rif of him to another Double Gamer player ?


Anonymous said...

or how about this one ?

evra verm bale traore
modric aquilani valencia palacious
rooney eduardo

which 1 is better ?


mehicoradio said...

if Yahoo does make the games on the 26th and 27th part of week 20, anyone know what time the deadline would be?

At least have a week or two to think over picks (unlike in the game where they'll have some midweek games on their own week, giving you like 1-2 days to make changes)

greginho said...

i am keeping tevez
the problem with team 2 is that traore is not going to play. clichy is back

Anonymous said...

thanks greginho!

thanks for the info, i might go with team 2, changing traore to donovan.


Anonymous said...

That's right, Liverpool still in Europa...but do you think they can do good considering they just lost to Reading?

Caleb said...

Hi AM,

Thanks for your blog and this really help my thinking of my choice of players. I really appeciate your work!

OK back to my squard, since I was away from the computer last Sat and missed the BD price for Bale, I have to get him for 5.74, which will definately downgrade my strike force. : (

I also need another cheap defender as I only got Ver for 6.01. I am thinking who should I get?

Troare (6.93)
Degan/Darby (6.07)
Skrtel (5.83)

Since Clinchy is supposed to be back this weekend, I really doubt Traore will starts for both matches. With the snowing condition in England, I also doubt the style of play of Arsenal will give them clean sheets as well (watch the Arsenal v Everton match).

With Johnson out until March, Degan starts at the FA Cup match v Reading last night (or tonight depends on your time zone) and he only cost 6.07. However, I do have a doubt that Rafa will put Skrtel+Agger as CB and put Carra in RB (just like the ET @ last night's match). Skrtel is 24 cents cheaper indeed. I also afraid that Rafa will field Darby for RB instead of Degan (which happened for the FA Cup match @ Reading on Jan 2).

I also doubt the start of both matches for Evans.

Any other suggestions? I do want a double gammer.

Adam Lim said...

Currently with

Verm bale evra
kranjar aquilani mokoena modric
rooney@17.84 defoe Tevez@13.38

having doubts about putting both modric and kranjar for this week (one will do). or should i take traore / evans in place of evra and upgrade modric / kranjar to valencia.(maybe get rid of mok if possible).

Anonymous said...

Not really sure what to do at the moment, is Rooney worth having at 20.45? My whole team is in a mess in order to fit him in.

Vermaelen Evans Bale
Bilyaletdinov(4.77) Valencia Scholes Boateng(Hull)
Rooney Defoe Eduardo

Anonymous said...

Assuming one starts with a blank slate, based on the averages, the team would be

Vermaelen Gardner Cahill
Lee Cohen Diaby Garcia
Eduardo Klasnic Defoe


Anonymous said...

With 0.01 left in the budget, I've managed to assemble the following team:

Vermaelen Brown Bale
Modric Milner Valencia JGomez
Rooney Sturridge Eduardo

7 DGers, and I probably won't go for any other. I have my bunch from ManU, who should destroy Burnley and Hull, including Brown who is for some reason ignored here. I really don't get it - if Vidic does come back for the Hull match as reported, it will be Brown who stays and not Evans, right? I also have Rooney with a 3mil discount, and Valencia who isn't very stable, but over 2 games I believe he'll produce on at least one of the ocasions, if not both.
I'm not taking anyone from Liverpool. Maxi is supposed to be available only for the Spurs game, and while they already play rubbish with Gerrard and Torres, I don't know if they get more than 1 point from the two games without them. Bale is already in on a very cheap price, and he can get a CS from the first match. Modric is my favourite option from Spurs - he'll probably not be cut off by rotation in one of the games (the danger with kranjcar), he's pretty cheap and attacks a lot. On the first couple of weeks, when he was healthy, he got more than 10 points in each. He's healthy again.
Sturridge is cheap and plays home to Sunderland, Gomez was the highest I could afford, but still has a good chance against Wolves. Vermaelen and Given stay because of the discounts. I dropped Benitez for Eduardo and Petrov for Gomez, I hope it pays off as Eduardo plays two games. I love Arsenal, but I can't take too many players from them, as the middies tend to produce on YFF only once in a while, and Fabregas is back (YAY!!!). It's also very difficult to play against the same team twice through 3 days.
The last one is Milner. I could get Kranjcar and free some money to upgrade Gomez, but I wouldn't. Milner produces big, and he's home to West Ham. Read this sentence 3 time more and you'll be conviced as well.


Anonymous said...

How about Crouch?


Anonymous said...

emm..since everyone's selection mostly based on the DG, but there's still no update from YFF. (except for Man U n Hull)

if this goes through, not update till tomorrow, what will your selection be?

RJ Evans Zaba
Larrson Demp Dunn Downing ???
Carlitos Hrod

after YFF update with DG

RJ Rafael Bale
Larrson Aquaman Modric Valencia Diaby
Carlitos Hrod


Anonymous said...

Till now having:
Verma Bale Evra Evans
Rosicky Lee Geovanni
Rooney Sturridge Defoe


rwlwhite said...

i'm presuming they are going to have a double week, the official game is doing so and i don't see why they shouldnt, having essentially missed out on a week last time. im therefore taking the risk and basing my team on double gamers (with risks!)

Kirk (dirt cheap and against wolves)

Bale (again dirt cheap - DG)
Verm (Standard pick - also DG)
Evra (good attacking player, DG with both home matches)

Valencia (DG)
Joe Cole (probably start with so many away at ACN and a few injuries)
Fabregas (on a DG week where they play Bolton twice - how can you not?!)
Mok (@1.00 - taking the 0 is the equivalent of him returning his value!)
Obertan (DG - will probably not start both games but he is only @4.12 so if he returns his value ill be happy)

Rooney (DG - should score plenty)
N'Gog (DG - Torres came off injured last night against reading so....)

So one or two risks (obertan, n.gog and cole), but a few dead certs (rooney, fabregas, vermaelen), and even if they don't have a double gameweek, I'll be happy with this team and their respective match ups!

Anonymous said...

With Man City's upcoming fixtures, even with a blank week next week, I have decided to hold on to Given and Tevez. They will give great returns in the weeks to come, and I agree that the further we get into the season the less "virtual millions" we'll have as the best points scorers increase in value, so changing players around too much for short-term gains probably becomes a long term headache. Hey I just introduced sustainable development into fantasy football!

PS thanks for the tips guys - I really enjoy reading you all


Assistant Manager said...

I've added analysis for each position to the post above


Anonymous said...

16.91 for 2x mid
suggestions ?

greginho said...

thanks for jinxing cesc for me when you called him a "dead cert". just kidding. you and i are the only ones that have cesc. did you keep him at 17 like i did?

i am keeping tevez through the week when they don't play. especially, without drogba, i want to keep the inform striker at his discount.

my team:
vermaelen, bale, nelsen
cesc, diaby, kranjcar, lee or modric or nasri
tevez, eduardo, klasnic or maybe crouch.

Sauce said...

Really struggling this week, players seem more expensive than ever!

Loading up on Utd at the back, which is a big risk, but could pay big if it comes off:

E. Van der Sar
T. Vermaelen-J. Evans-P. Evra
Antonio Valencia-T. Cohen-R. Garcia-A. Aquilani
W. Rooney-Eduardo-D. Sturridge

Any thoughts? Looks a bit shonky I know but I am pinning my hopes on the mediocre pulling through their values game-on-game...

Do I buy Bale at full whack (5.77) to free up more cash for the middies?

Anonymous said...

Fidan - I am NOT ijan!


rwlwhite said...

greginho - unfortunately i dont still have cesc at 17, but i have him now and feel that my side still has a balanced feel even though i have 2 expensive players!

Mike B said...

I'm in agreement with most on here that those extra double gamers will be added soon, so with that in mind i'm looking at the following team...

Verm, Alexander, Bale
Valencia, Geovanni, Aquilani, Arsh, Modric
Rooney, Crouch

Now i'm wondering why not many people are looking at Crouch? Are there any Spurs fans out there that can tell me why? He seems to have secured the starting spot of late, so am i making a big mistake picking him over say, Eduardo or Klasnic?

In response to yourself AM about Alexander, i'm keeping him, without a doubt. Every time i've been close to dropping him, he comes up with a penalty for me. 5.XX defenders don't often get goals, and he's more productive than Verm, who everyone is hanging on to. You won't get him back for 5.XX this season as he'll keeping getting the odd penalty to bump up his price. He's a keeper i say.

My only other uncertainty is Given, who i hold also at 5.XX. Do i keep him, knowing that he has a blank week, or go for Kirk, as i can't afford VDS. Decisions decisions.

By the way, Arsh is not quite dead to me yet, as i've noticed that he only ever scores when Fabs is playing. Fabs is back, so Arsh gets another chance. I think he's gonna go big, a player of his quality cannot go much longer without a goal. I just hope everyone else has had enough of him so i can reap the benefits hehe.

That's it for now.

Anonymous said...

I have Tevez, Rooney and Defoe. In theory, I should be happy with this combination. However, like Mike said, Arshavin scores when Fabs is playing and I would like to get Arshavin... so should I drop Defoe or Rooney and should the replacement be Sturridge or Benitez?

Mike B said...

@ Anon above,

I'd hesitate on dropping Defoe as he'll go off in at least one of those games, he's a decent bet. And i wouldn't drop Rooney for anyone this week. I think he's essential.

You have a pretty excellent strikeforce there on paper!

Arsh is still a big risk, i'm just going with him on a gut, and the fact he plays better with Fabs. But he's more likely to have me calling for his head by next week than either Rooney or Defoe would be.

Anonymous said...

@AM - Do you think Evans has a better chance starting both games than Brown?


Fidan said...

@ Tekno - I did NOT say you're Ijan. Read the comments carefully ;)...!!!

My team, "improved":

0.7m left

Just dropped Nasri for Modric. I'd LOVE to have Kranjc ahead of Modric, but money is an issue there. Still not sure about Evans, but Malouda STAYS unless Chelsea team news mess with it, as he was my hunch pick for two weeks, even @Hull (but that match was pp)...!!!

Modric ahead of Nasri/Lee/THudd. Why?
1) Match ups: Home to Hull (duh) and @L'pool who are looking I-have-no-words-to-describe at the back.
2) As long as I remember he was taking the PK before his injury. Then Defoe stepped in after his injury. So, anyone believes Modric will get "the kick" back, when fit? Just the thought of it makes it worth, imo ;)
@ Mike B - Crouch is great pick this week. I'd take him in a heartbeat, if I couldn't afford Defoe. I may well get him too. And free some cash for Evans or even Modric ;)

Any suggestion...!!!


Alex said...

I love and hate you guys at the same time!
After last week's debacle (and only seeing ManU with a DG) I threw together:

Verm - Bale - Evra
Modric - Valencia - Scholes - Carrick
Rooney - Tevez - Eduardo

And I see everyone discussing mostly the same players! But now you guys having me second guessing the Scholes - Carrick picks and I am wondering what you guys think of the following players:

Carrick (as is)
Nasri (would have to switch Scholes to Park)
Huddlestone (now that spurs have 2)
Bowyer (great match-up)
Lee (now with 2 games as well)

Thanks for all the help and great advice!

Anonymous said...

I was looking at the fixtures on Yahoo! and it appears they have taken away the Man U/Hull contest from week 19 and added Liverpool/Spurs & Arsenal/Bolton.

Can anyone confirm this? or am i just missing something

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