Sunday, 31 January 2010

Week 21 - My Team

Right, sorry for the delay. Me & a bunch of mates decided to go & see Crystal Palace today, a local club who need all the help they can get after their administration left them -10 and near the relegation zone...they won & it was money (I hope) well spent. team for this week is


Ivanovic  Bale  Baird

Lamps  Utaka  Duff  O'Hara

Anelka  Kalinic  Zamora

Not great so far, but anyway, I digress. It's 2 in the morning, I've been drinking for 15 hours & I simply can't be arsed. Let me know how you're doing ;)

Drunk AM


Anonymous said...

I have 56.5 points so far with this team:

Verm Bale Baird
Modric Lamps Maxi Utaka
Landon Tevez Anelka

So I have 3 to play for sure and possibly Verm... plus some double gamers.

Anonymous said...

I have 47 points with this team:
Ivan Baird Hangeland
Duff J. Cole O'hara Mok
Rooney Elk Zamora

Its really kicked me in the arse selling bale financially and points wise. Im not really happy with this week and I really need a brace or hat-trick from Rooney, or even better Mokoena (lol), to make my week better.
My team for next week right now is:
Zabaleta, Givet, Baird,
Etherington, Jordi Gomez, M. Petrov, Mok
Rooney, Tevez, Rodallega

I would love to upgrade Petrov to SWP but I can't see it happening because then my team looks a disaster.

Maxer said...

i'm at 55 points with..

baird(3), terry(13), stearman(0)
modric(9), fab, gera(8), bramby(0)
tevez, zamora(6.5), anelka(15.5)

*fulop, fab and tevez are playing tonight
*stearman and bramby are fillers.. and i've seen whats coming to me..
*terry (albeit some scandal) and anelka help me wih most points..
*i'm happy modric got more points than defoe who score.. :)

anyway, does anyone know wheres klasnic last night?.. he seem a good striker for next week bolton triple game..


Kellz said...

47.5pts with Tevez, Rooney, O'Hara, and Moke to play, dropped Verm not only because he won't play tomorrow, but with a triple week its unwise to hold him against Chelsea and Liverpool, I would rather have a defender playing 3 easier matches than Verm for 2 extremely difficult ones.

Baird, Smalling, Bale
Duff, O'Hara, Barmby, Moke
Anelka, Rooney, Tevez

Btw, Bale is possibly the greatest pick up for 2.84mil ever. His output is insane, no CS and still scored as many points as some defenders with a CS. Pick up of the season if he can keep his spot.

Next week possibly team:
Bale, Scharner, Garrido
SWP, Lee, Eth (open)
Rooney, Tevez, HRod

just some pre-BD buying in preperation for the triple week

Doctor Teeth said...

Good day for Electric Mayhem FC today...sitting on 89 points with O'Hara still to play tomorrow and 8 DGers midweek. Bale, Terry, Duff and Anelka all did the business for me today with Modric and Gera scoring well without having obvious standout games. Almost into the top 1000 overall which is a high mark for me this year.

Tentative team for next week:

Bale Steinsson Shawcross Richards
Modric N'Zogbia Etherington Lee
HRod Tevez

Hope that Rooney gets a red card against Arsneal. :)

Doctor Teeth said...

PS - AM, shame on you for dropping Terry for Ivanovic. Tsk tsk.

Anonymous said...

Vermaelen Bale Baird
Bilyaletdinov Duff Fabregas O'Hara
Anelka Fagan Zamora

I'm on 55 points with this team, though Bilyaletdinov got a 0 and Fagan didnt start this first game, with Vermaelen expected to get a zero too. Left with O'Hara and Fabregas in the first round

Anonymous said...

I wish i kuld play 3.3.4. Donovan and kalinic r there2stay in my team coz of da price. Bt i also want tevez and rodallega 4the 3games! But samtyms i fil yahoo are very shallow and amateurish when updating players and points. AM kan u tek our collectiv complains 2 them. Where is zaki? Maxi stayd quite a whyl 2be included. If u look at fantasy football they r so upto date. Abdul

Greg said...

52.5 points so far with the below team

Bale Baird Clichy
Duff Gera Mokoena Hunt
Drogba Rooney Tevez

Rooting for the Manchester's tomorrow and I'll be pretty happy with the weeks' points. Duff and Bale were amazing this week. Great phantom points

Bale Baird Steinsson
Etherington Cohen Petrov Larsson
Drogba Rooney Tevez

BD work for triple game week. Is SWP worth it over Petrov. I'd only swap them if I was confident SWP would play all 3...I feel like Petrov will be rested 1 game

Anonymous said...

Reasonably pleased with my score.

I have 70.5 points with this team

Bale Baird Terry
Fabs Duff Hunt Utaka Gera
Tevez Kalinic


AdmiraLord Nelson said...

drinking 4 15 that is all?

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

i love Palace and QPR too

Bojan said...

96,5 points yesterday + Utaka today... 10 DG-ers for midweek...

@AM - How much beers can you drink in 15 hours of drinking?

Ian Sanderson said...

68 points from...
S. Given
G. Bale Terry Ivanovic Baird
Modric Lampard Duff
Tuncay Rooney Donovan

Next week looking like this....
S. Given
G. Bale Baird Scharner
L. Modric Lampard N'Zogbia Taylor
Tuncay Rooney Donovan

If Drogba comes back all guns blazing this team will be ripped apart to fit him in though.

How's the head this morning/afternoon AM?

Anfield Road FC said...

62 points so far from...

Cech (5)

Terry (13)
Baird, Hangeland, Smalling (3 a piece)

Duff (13)
Lampard (10)
Murphy (4)

Zamora (6)
Kalinic (0)

It's moved me up another 400 places to 4,660 but not the greatest of weekends. Hopefully Fulham and Chelsea can keep clean sheets in game 2 to make the 4 defender choice pay off.

Having said that, January has been very good for me as I've climbed 5,000 places. Not a chance of hitting last year's position of 103 but still a long way to go!

Anonymous said...

mancienne, bale , smalling
febregas, d.duff, barmby, mokoena, utaka
rooney, anelka

total of 60.5 :(

Mike B said...

I'm supprised you managed to even find the keyboard after that mammoth session Drunk AM, and no spelling mistakes! That's dedication for ya haha :)

I'm sitting on 58 points with just Utaka and my dark horse Adebayor to go. Not impressed with Geo on the bench, and Fulhams performance in general, buy hey ho, you win some, you lose more.

My team was...

Ivanovic, Baird, Bale
Lampard, Geo, Utaka, Duff
Anelka, Kalinic, Adebayor

I gutted my team after deadline, so my current barn door team is...

Richards, Faye, Bale
Wright-Phillips, Lee, Utaka, Etherington
Tevez, Rodallega, Bellamy

Wright phillips can go for either Petrov or N'Zogbia, but i love the rest of this team, and will probably just stick to it.


The Greek said...

Fulop isn't gonna play. And Sunderland is playing tomorrow.

This week i have:
Baird - M.Richards - R.Dunne
Hunt - Ballack - Gera - K.Boateng
Tevez - Bent - Zamora
(56p so far)

greginho said...

i have 88.5 so far with cesc and a non-playing vermaelen to play today. i am really pleased because in blog league 1 i have the third highest score. i moved up another 600 spots. i made two late friday trades that had mixed results. out went nzogbia at +1.4 for malouda. that worked out great 4.5 versus 12.5. the other one was out went kuyt+2.2 and in came zamora. that one was a stinker, but the double game for zamora might change things.
my team was
robinson 13
vermaelen, bale 11.5, nelsen 10
cesc, duff 13.5, malouda 12.5, cole 2
anelka 15.5, donovan 4, zamora 6.5
i am happy with robinson's performance as he is in the middle of an easy 5 weeks.

out goes malouda, cole, anelka, donovan, zamora. in comes nzogbia, lee, tevez, klasnic and i need to find someone to replace donovan. i might pick up etherington if i can get 40 more cents.

init said...

Well done AM hope not too rough, City/Pompey to watch soon!!

I am going from



Zabaleta/G Caldwell/Steinsson

ALL CHANGE! Decided to focus completely on triple gamers!

Naning said...

Currently holding:
Verm( :/ ), RJohnson, Bale
Duff, Etherington, JCole, Gera
Tevez, Diamanti, Donovan.

I want to switch Cole/Gera/Donovan/Diamanti to Larsson/MPet/ChuCho/HRod... But I'm 0.4 short.

Life sucks sometimes..

Anonymous said...

AM - I am a big fan of this site. You are doing a great job!

One area I feel we could get a better experience is if your team is posted 1hr before the deadline so we can compare against our team.

With this in mind, I thought I will start a blog;

Let me know if this is useful.


Anonymous said...


Cant understand why kalinic got 0 points?

Had 0 points for Robinson last week as well

Anyone else have him?

Have dropped malouda to get Tevez on the barn Door, sold teves just before his hat trick :(

Caleb said...

Zab is subbed out. Injured?
I already had him in the BD, should I keep him?

Anonymous said...

Caleb - it seems that Zab was subbed out because of a bloody nose. I think he will recover by next week unless there was a fracture of some sort, we will have to wait and see.

- SK

greginho said...

kendo i had robinson last week!

i am so glad i didn't jump the gun and drop vermaelen. i thought going into today that i would get at least 10 points from cesc and 0 from vermaelen. now it is 10 for vermaelen and 2 or 3 from cesc

SK said...

YFF Managers

If you want an additional source for assistance with this addictive game, check out my blog on url below. I will blog regular updates on how my team is looking each week and will ensure my final team is on at least 1hr before the deadline. This will give you a chance to compare your team against mine.

Anonymous said...

OMG - dropped Almunia on the BD y/day, for Given. ouch 1 wk too late. rooney pt's 16.5 just about covered his -12. @Maxer , Klasnic was injured. S.P.

Alper said...

97.5 points and cech terry duff mokoena ohara going to play....

Bradley said...

I'd dropped Robbo for Schwartzer, who got 0.5 points. Robbo? 13. The goalkeeper position in and of itself is dead to me. Hopefully Schwarzer can redeem himself.

On the other hand...

Vermaelen was considered highly unlikely to play. Not only did he start, he scored a goal and in the process tacked on match-winning goal points for Rooney.

My team thus far:

Schwarzer 0.5
Verm 15.5 / Bale 11.5 / Baird 3.0
Eagles 16.0 / Duff 13.5 / Hunt 16.5 / JCole 2.0
Rooney 16.5 / Kalinic 0.0 / Anelka 15.5

100.5 with 7 to go Tue/Wed.

I've BDed from ManCity, Wigan, and Stoke, but I'm not done tinkering.

Anonymous said...


Schwarzer 0.5
Verm 15.5 / Bale 11.5 / Baird 3.0
Ohara 12.5 / Duff 13.5 / Hunt 16.5 / Malouda 12.5
Drogba 0 / Kalinic 0.0 / Zamora 6.5

92 pts have b doored teves and eagles by dropping zamora and Malouda

Will Kalinic be worth keeping @ 2.5?

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