Thursday, 14 January 2010

BIG NEWS: Week 19 Fixture Update

Exactly what many of us thought/feared might happen has happened... Manchester United's double week IS NO MORE.

Yahoo have changed the deadline for Week 19, so United's 2nd fixture vs Hull will now be placed in Week 20.

Only Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool & Bolton have double weeks.

Admittedly it makes perfect sense to arrange the fixtures in this way (Yahoo "game-weeks" are always 12pm GMT on a Saturday to 11:59am the following Saturday), but why on earth has it taken Yahoo so long to make this decision & show the change on the site? Hours of time wasted for all of us chopping & changing our team.

I guess it's now back to the drawing board. How does this change your approach to Week 19?



Ferdinand said...


Quite a bit.

This is really getting annoying. worst part being there is one guy in my group who hardly changes his team, sitting on 8 arsenal players, and the fact that they've had many double weeks for some time and the fact he's unaware just means he's beating me all the time, with luck i hope, since i like to think my decisions have been better.

Anyway, united keeper is gone, fact is we can now look to barndoor VdS if he'll be back.
Not so sure about Aquaman, apparently he's still not fully fit. on the other hand benitez doesn't have a choice. It's a great time for them to be building a new stadium too.

I suppose it's gonna be all spurs and arsenal with a few bolton and pool fillers.

Ngog and M Taylor possibly.

We'll see. Thanks for the update AM!

greginho said...

never had a manu player and never will. how does those rooney, velencia, carrick, flecther, vidic, brown, rafeal, evans and van der sar picks feel now?

Mike B said...

Wow this is actually OK news i think. The Man U team is a nightmare to pick from, with only a few of their most expensive players seemingly likely to get a double game anyway.

I'm temped to hold maybe one of of my Man U players, and change the oter to a DGer.

Man U have probably the best single game match up, so in no way should they be ignored completely. No need to go buying expensive Evra's now though, which is nice.

I had picked a very balanced team anyway in

Verm, Alexander, Bale
Valencia, Geo, Modric, Aquilani, Arsh
Rooney, Crouch

I may drop either Rooney or Valencia, so i can upgrade Aquilani. I feel i need more Arsenal players now, but i just don't trust them after last weekend. I'll almost certainly try and fit Kranjcar in somewhere aswell.

I'll report back later after messing around.... again!

Anakin Fung said...

AM, can we have Team News on double gamers? coz i'm not too sure with the players injury status especially Gunners, who is going to play two games?

Anonymous said...

Well, decided to drop Valencie for Modric and upgrade Skrtel to Agger.

Here's my team:

I'm actually very pleased with this side and probably, barring any late news, will go with it. If history has anything to say about it, I'll tank. Oh well, gonna have a hell of a time doing so. Cheers and good luck to all.


Gooner said...

This is going to make picking next week's team a real pain. We are going to be picking a team several days in advance of all but one match, without team news, not knowing the outcome of all the FA Cup matches, including the inevitable assortment of new injuries. This is going to suck.

Anonymous said...

ive got tevez for a good value at 14.50 and hes worth 19.25 now. I have money left over to afford defoe for this double week if i drop tevez. Do you think thats a good move, or should i keep tevez since hes in such good form right now. I feel like defoe has fallen off a little bit recently, but plays hull and an injured liverpool this week.


greginho said...

i am staying with tevez and not picking defoe

Anonymous said...

Ah, the Tevez conundrum... I had him at 13.53 and dropped him for funds for DGers, mainly because Man City travel to Goodison this week. Everton are going to improve with each match this season and with depth on attack, Fellaini can now play his DM role, mostly marking said Tevez. Neill's imminent exit doesn't bother me either as Distin should be fit for City. With that said, Tevez is probably good for a goal anyhow, but he's matchless the following week. I personally am hoping for him to have a stinker this week and with the massive selection drop he'll come down for a more reasonable price, say around 15. After that he's got a rather salivating run of fixtures with POR, hul, and a double gameweek (BOL, stk). So basically if you don't mind a big fat zero next gameweek, keep him.


Anonymous said...

Was eagerly waiting for yahoo to rectify the error.


Mike B said...

What do people think about having both Kranjcar and Modric in their team?

I'm just fiddling here, and think i quite like the look of it!

Anonymous said...

I finally pulled the trigger and got rid of Bily@4.77 and Kovac@3.xx Missed Bale at 2.6 though because I had him in then took him out when the fixture was cancelled. He is still worth around 6 though. Final team (probably):


Vermalen Alexander Bale

Kranjcar Rosicky Abou-Diaby Lee Chung-Yong

Tevez Eduardo Defoe

Feeling pretty happy about it, there is a decent amount of double-gamers in there.


Fidan said...

Arsh/Stearman or Giggs/LYoung???

Anonymous said...

Mike B

Why not? Krancjar is in form and Modric is class. Lennon should only make a cameo in the second match at most.


Discount or not, Alexander is a waste of funds. Diaby is probably going to play DM so unless you have him dirt cheap, he's expendable.

There has to be a better combo than those two. Looks like you have around 21 to spend, whom else is on your side?

Fidan said...

I got a 100.00 team. Good news?! I hope so. I like the look of it.

Here it is:

Still not so sure about Kranjc,Lee and Nasri. They might be the subjects to some changes!!!

Any thoughts?


donut said...

This was always going to happen, the week ending on a Tuesday was only likely when there weren't midweek games.

My problem is Rooney

I am picking Modric AND Kranjar, Liverpool are so shit and without Lennon I think they will play...

Anonymous said...

Anon - I have Diaby at full price so do you think I should change him for Modric? What makes you think he will play DM?


Stato said...

Nobody has mentioned Bassong. Any reason why?

L'Orange Noir said...

Team is
Verm Hetinga Bale
Diaby Kranj Modric Lee
Rooney Benitez Eduardo

I'm on the Modric and Kranj in the same team bandwagon!

Conswaila said...

Ok all, help required
Looks like its da london boys this week
Players wit ( D) i have at big discount

Almunia (D)
Vermalen (D) Alexandra (D) Nelson (D)
Nasri (D) Rosicky (D) Aquaman Krankyman
Rooney (D) Defoe Eduardo

Dats 8 potential doublers
Rooney a must
Alexandra/Nelson has stood me well all season

Have 3m left
Any suggestions on possible changes

Anonymous said...

CJ - No Song and Denilson doubtful. Don't see Wenger risking him when he's got Diaby to cover.

init said...

Looks like a good team to me..
Almunia isn't my favourite keeper, as AM says he seems to let you down, but I guess the alternatives aren't much better and at least he is playing twice...
Rosicky will play 1 game max. Aquaman is over rated in my opinion, but good filler and will probably play 2 games, albeit in that annoying holding position...

init said...

Hutton started the FA Cup game with Corluka on the bench and is ridiculously cheap. What about Hutton and Bale as full backs for 2 games, at not very much?
I don't pick too many Tottenham players but I am thinking about 5...


Can't believe so many yids!!


Anonymous said...

Ok mate, based on your advice I took out Defoe and Diaby and put in Crouch and MTay. It's now:



Kranjcar/Rosicky/M Taylor/Lee Chung-Yong


Better? :-p


Anonymous said...

I don't know if I would have gotten rid of Defoe. I personally hate Tottenham strikers as they rarely pay off for me, but I never advise against picking them up, not my place.

I also think Taylor is overpriced and would never pick him up. Just don't care for him. I would go Arshavin before him and trust me, that says loads.

I would get Defoe back, drop MTay for Arsh, and downgrade Krancjar for Modric if needs be.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad United don't have a DG cause I was really hurting when I had to pay 20.45 for Rooney and now that I wont, I'll just upgrade my midfield and defence.
Currently sitting at...
Verm/Bale/Gallas(why isn't he popular with you?)
Tevez, Defoe and...the Blow up doll(lol, crouchie)

I'm stuck because I know Young doesn't have a DG, but he looks mighty delicious against West Ham who don't seem to know what a clean sheet is this season and get Hammered. Keeping Tevez at discount, and I might actually try to fit THudd in the midfield. What do you guys think...make changes or keep the current team?

Anonymous said...

Anyone want to take a punt at Carlos Vela from Arsenal...he's only 3.11 and he's a striker. If he plays for 20 minutes, he'll give you more than his price. Just throwing it out there in case you're interested. I'm actually considering...

Guy said...

Well talk about moving the goalposts. Do Yahoo think people only select their teams the day before the deadline?
Looks like my 'superb analysis' of yesterday was quite wrong. I was way too kind to Yahoo - I thought they were making decisions to help the players, but actually they were just catching up (very slowly). It isn't as if the ManUtd-Hull game only just got rearranged. So the consequence is that much of our careful barndooring has to be reconsidered.
About the only thing I'm slightly pleased about is that I have Rooney at 16.10 and I can consider keeping him for the next two weeks at least since he won't have a blank week.
@Gooner - totally agree - next week is going to be a real pain. Injuries from cup games could decimate a team.

fankuat said...

hi guys i am currently stuck with my team

G.Alexander,Bale, G.Cahill

i have 3 units left..any advice for my team????feels uncomforablte seeing so much units left..lols
may be upgrade ngog to Nasri?or midfielder/striker with 10 units?

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous, Rooney at 16.10 is a steal. If I had him that cheap I'd probably keep him until the end.

Where to start... Unless you have Cahill for less than 10, I'd drop him for a United (Rafa, Evans, or Evra more specifically) or an Arsenal defender (Gallas imo). Then decide between Taylor and Arshavin. I'd go with the latter since he's well due and much more likely to score. I would then grab Nasri. I would then upgrade Crouch to Defoe and if you need funds to do so, downgrade Kranky for Modric.

Fankuat said...

anon 11:03
thanks lot..hrm may be gary was too expensive..i change my lineup to

G.Alexander,Corluka, Bale

Ngog should be 1st choice, wanted aurelio since he is liverpool's main kick taker but lack of cash n needa settle for Corluka...(i can downgrade kranjcar to modric...but kranjcar take the kicks for tot and on form)

Anonymous said...

Change to:

Verma Bale Alexander
Nasri Rosicky Modric M.Taylor
Defoe Eduardo Sturridge


Anonymous said...

What do you guys think?

Ngog and Lee Chung-Yong or Eduardo and Babel/Aqua

Also currently leaning on MTay and Arsh over Valencia in my midfield. Valencias matchup is awesome but the 2 games for Arsh and MTay are too enticing to leave alone, even though theyve both burned me before.


Mancunian said...

Hi AM and everyone who frequents this blog,

I'll like to hear your views on Babel and Aquilani since they are both v cheap and will most likely play 2 games. Fankuat also mentioned that Aurelio is Liverpool's main kick taker. Do u think he'll play 2 games?

This is how my team line up at the moment,

Verm Bale Evans Aurelio
Modric Aqua Kranjar
Tevez Defoe Eduardo

I've 3.71 left. Any opinions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you all.

mehicoradio said...

right now only been able to really fit 5 DGs in my line-up. if i put +# in () its the discount i have on them.

Verm, Ivanovic (~+1), Bale
O'Hara (+4), Valencia (+2), Modric, Chung-Yong
Drogs (+9, and not dropping him), Tevez (+4), Defoe

Not loving having Kirk, but it opened room for Modric and Tevez. and can't do worse then Almunia has (at times)

Anonymous said...

What are you thoughts?

?will all play? changes?

mehicoradio said...

forgot to ask (this is for a different game where Man U has a double), whats the probability of Giggs playing at least 70 in the hull and burnley games?

I can swap him out for a cheaper Kranjcar, just not sure if i should make the move?

toshack said...

My final team consist of 5 Tottenhams

Alexander Verm Bale
Modric Kranj Eagles Arsh
Drog Defoe Crouch

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:18
Not sure with Traore as Clichy is coming back.

Anonymous said...

I have for the most part moved away from holding players. You fall in love you get hurt.

This team only has 2 players from last week, Given and Tevez. Additionally I was on the ManYoo DG early and had 8 Reds, 1 from Hull and the 2 Shity players. This is the team now

Verm Bale Traore
Modric Diaby Nasri Rosiky
Tevez Crouch Edaurdo

I'm a Liverpool fan but they're dead to me :(

Sulldaddy said...

Glad I held onto Bale

Bale Alexander Baird
Ohara krancjar Nasri Ramsey
Defoe Rooney Tevez

I love my strikers but not sure about MF is Ohara not playing? Missed news on loan deal etc.

Ramsey a sure 2 games?

Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions.

bean said...

really tenative lineup for me:

Tevez,Klas,Lando(Donovan)(i'm a yank, can't resist)

this is a pretty tough week, especially after last weeks winter wonderland debacle. kind of pissed the ManU/Hull match got moved as it had been the first one up there (why would you include it and then remove it?) so I had kind of planned my team around it, even last week.

any chance we'll need to worry about weather?

until tomorrow....

Anonymous said...


with 26.59 left..

defoe/diaby or crouch/arsh ?

just want to ask, what is o'hara status?
he is heading back to tot? stay at ports? or go somewhere else?
have him at 5ish, want to keep him if he still on loan because he def won't start at tot..

Anonymous said...

My team for the week

Verm, Corluka, Cahill
Diaby, Lee, Kranjcar, Nasri
Eduardo, Klasnic, Ngog

Hope this works


shadowgex said...

well, this non-manu-DG made me change things up a bit (had owen up front and evans in back, plus valencia and rooney)...

but i'm sitting on a decent team now:

kirk (not a terrible matchup)
g.alex / bale / dunne
valencia / arsh / kranj / modric
rooney / anelka / vela (!!)

i have 1.19 left.

bale and vela are super cheap but they have DG's, so they have a chance to at least match their value... assuming vela subs in. G.alex is a season keeper for me at 5.5, and hopefully villa gets a CS with dunne scoring a goal!

my mid is pretty solid, all DGers but valencia who has a very good matchup and has been in decent form.

up front, i have rooney at 16.05 with a good matchup, anelka with a decent matchup and vela at 3.11.

any comments?

Anonymous said...

nobody mentioned about kuyt..

is he injured or banned? any comments?

Caleb said...

As a Liverpool fans, I am not pleased with the injury of Torres, Gerrard AND Benayoun. However, as an YFF player, this is not a bad news for me. As after I know that the Liverpool v Spurs and Arsenal v Bolton is re-arranged to next Wed, I've already bought in BOTH Torres and Gerrard (I havn't pick Rooney not because of my Red, it just because I am quite sure he will not have a DG, as Yahoo always change their week on noon GMT, although home v Burnley seems tempting). With the Liverpool duo injured, I can free up lot of cash for other DGer that I liked.

OK back to the Liverpool line up, where lot of you asked; with Stevie, Nando & Yossi all out, I would think Rafa will field the following:

(not sure about Masch's fittness)

I am quite confident Aquilani and Ngog will start both matches, with Aquilani my must pick (as a filler as I missed Bale in the BD). I am still having concern with Ngog's scoring ability so I am not picking him with Educardo (my must pick due to discount), Crouch, Defoe and even a non-DG Rooney avaialble. For Babel, I am not really sure as he is never Rafa's favourite. But I am sure he will be playing SOME time in both matches. I would think they are all good fillers. I am thinking should I have Aurelio as he will be the set piece ticker (Aquilani is another one) but I am not sure if he will starts. Also he is listed as a defender but play in a midfield (although I am confident that Liverpool will not have CS in the two matches, so it might not help indeed). Another great pick should be Maxi but Yahoo haven't list him yet. I have doubt if he will be available b4 the deadline.

Back to my team:
Given (only non-DG due to discount, 5.63)
Ver(D) Bale (@5.74, not please) Aurelio
Nasri(D) Taylor Kranjcar Aquilani
Educardo (D) Crouch Defoe
with 55 cents left

I tried to downgrade Aurelio to Bassong and free up some cash for others, but no one I can thought of. I tried to fit Ashavin but still cannot figure out who to put up front.

Any other suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Pretty satisfied with my team, although I am always open to suggestions and comments :)

Corluka Carr Bale
Lamps Lee Kranj Diaby(6.89)
Anelka Jerome (9.06) Crouch

Brum will dominate portsmouth should I drop crouch for ngog and upgradediaby to larsson?


Caleb said...

@ shadowgex: If I were you I will not have Vela, I will try to fit a DG starter Aquilani as a filler indeed.

@ Anonymous @03:13 GMT, I am quite sure Kuyt will play all 180 minutes this week. However I think he will not worth his money.

Mohd said...

@ Anon, here kuyt in my team..hehe


definitely kuyt will play both games..with Gerrard,Torres and Benayoun are all injured, kuyt is a must!!

Anonymous said...

What is the story with Defoe? Apparently he is listed as having a hamstring problem. Is he injured, or will he play both games?

If Defoe cant go, I am thinking of Cucho Benitez.


mehicoradio said...

@Sulldaddy, i'm not sold on Ramsey playing 2 games (if even 1), not saying it isn't possible either.

A pretty good write-up on the coming week i found that might help (along with of course the excellent write-ups AM does)

Anonymous said...

Van Der Saar
Vermaelen Evans Bale
Bilyaletdinov Arshavin Kranjcar Modric
Eduardo Defoe Ngog

I want to drop Evans, just not too sure who can I swop to at the moment. Not too sure about VDS though, I'm worried they may raise his price before we can BD him next week. Arshavin last few games sucked point-wise, not too sure whether to keep him

Caleb said...

OK guys, to make things simple, which combination do you think is better:


I already have Crouch+Kranjcar in my team indeed.

Mohd said...

caleb, Arshavin+Ngog..
you'll have extra forward as Arshavin may play as striker..heh

Caleb said...

Well, I think I decided to dropped Taylor instead (v Arsenal twice seems not that worth his value), so I can keep both Arshavin and Defoe. With that I can drop Ngog, which I am not confident on (although I am a Liverpool fans).

So my final decision will be..... Modric or Diaby?

bean said...


Kellz said...

@Bean: I commend you on your unique selection and wish you the best:

Verm, Bale, McCartney
Arshavin, Modric, Nasri, Aquilani
Rooney, Defoe, Tevez

bean said...

just tinkering, not sure i'll end up with that


bean said...

my method on that lineup was focusing on matchups rather than dubbles. hanemann has been good, if he would still start. mok scored a match winner last week.

Anonymous said...

k i have an option to go with defoe n mok n have 1.9 left or go with crouch n get a second average player..which 1???

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