Wednesday, 6 January 2010


I don't really need to explain how I feel as you probably all feel the same. I had Vermaelen, Steinsson, Taylor, Arshavin , Klasnic & Eduardo still to go tonight, so that's 30 points minimum, possibly as many as 60 down the drain.

I'll leave it to my good friend Jeremy to explain exactly how shite this is...

Make no mistake, this is a huge thing to happen. Lots of people made big errors by not investing in triple gamers this week, but they have now been undeservedly saved by the weather. It hurts.

God knows how we plan our teams for the weekend with this uncertainty, but I'll attempt to get some player picks ups tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

im on 220 and had almunia gallas Vermaelen nasri arshavin diaby and klasnic to come, im gutted, was hoping to break the 300 mark!

L'orange Noir said...

This is actually good news for me, sort of. Although I had a few players in this game, the person ahead of me in my local league had many more so I've amde up a lot of ground on him now that this match isn't going ahead.

Small silver lining, but there you go.

DownSouth said...

two weeks in a row that i've gotten screwed. Last time it was Rodallega for the wigan game and now, I had 5 to go today. Also, Fabs wasn't going to play, so my private league competition was going to miss out on that while I gained big points on my players.

Only good thing is that I dominated my private league this week and was 23pts clear of my next competition. I really will be upset if not getting these points comes back to haunt me later in the season.

Anonymous said...

at 160.5 with 6 player to go, i'm screwed...

Kellz said...

Ended with 219.5pts despite Arshavin, EdS, MTAY, Verm, and Almunia, was looking at a possible 275+ week if Arsenal won with a CS.

Its not all bad, in fact I seemed to have scored in the top 5 for the week(s) in many of my groups moving me up many places :D

Next Week:

Zab, Verm, Bale
Dempsey, Eagles, MPET, Nasri, Collison
Rooney, Tevez

Feeling good about my line up, but boy could have scored some really great points today as well as many of you!

chris m said...

@ kellz. Well this is weird. I ended with 219.5 also. Now in addition to reading all sorts of blogs, injury reports, local english newspapers, I am going to have to start reading weather reports too. This sucks

chris m

richy 'liverpool' said...

RAARR!!! damn it!! 190 points after first weekend then stuck on it waiting for the arsenal contingent, all 5 of them, to do the business at home.. so anyway i take it arshavin is confirmed as dead to many of you :P

Anonymous said...

With 212.5 for the "week" I could have taken over the top spot in my league with Verm, Arsh, and Diaby. I am only 10 points back. AAGGHH

@richy 'liverpool' arshavin is dead to me now

AM - How are your meteorological skills at weather predictions???

bean said...

had a pretty terrible double/triple week, even before this match was postponed. not a good week to come up short with only 143.5. i was hoping m.tay,arsh,&verm would come up big for me tonight. oh well..

any brits out there have input on the weather forecast for the weekend?

bean said...

my biggest mistakes were Arshavin, holding onto O'Hara even with suspension risk, taking a punt on aquilani, taking a bigger punt on Ebanks-Blake, and thinking Salgado would at least get positive points..

Kellz said...

@Bean: just makes me think of American Football and how the entire field can be covered by 1-2 inches and they still play. But yes it wasn't the field just the surrounding area and worry over safe transportation. Can't they atleast play the game for us fantasy players lol?

Stato said...

I lost 2 players for Wigan v Bolton and 5 for tonights although my players last night got me about 50 points .... followed your gut feeling AM on Faye (thanks).
It will be difficulut to predict best chances of games going ahead this weekend but the snow alert and the 3 day every 3 hour forecasts on the following link may help.
Good luck all ........brrr it's cold in Wigan

ktl said...

how do you predict the weather when the deadline is 10 days before the game? arrrgggh

I had 7 players from this game. darn.

mehicoradio said...

GAH had 153.50 and really hoping to get to 200 from my Arsenal players +Klasnic.

Instead i get screwed :(

Anonymous said...

226 points for the week so I am pretty happy even though I lost out on 3 players for todays postponed match (suppose thats less than most had)

What are your thoughts on Bale? Upcoming game against Liverpool will be tough but he is so cheap and may be a keeper for a while.


Anonymous said...

There is a positive in this though. With the rest, Arsenal players are much more attractive.

My side of the moment:

The popcorn has popped.

Anonymous said...

barry, zabaleta and AJ? how bout wbrown, dunn, and sturridge

Anonymous said...

The Green Bay Packers fans think the Arsenal officials are pussies.

Anonymous said...

I'm on 800 pts with almunia, gallas, vermallen, sagna, eduardo, arshavin, nasri, denilson, diaby, boohoo boohoo - f'cking twats

Anonymous said...

the match called off between Arsenal and Bolton some sort help me in my private neareast opponent has almost an arsenal team and he will definitely pissed off with the news..

time to dig in for this week match:-


Thinking dropping Bassong for Kelly .. not so sure as i wanna keep him for the season, will watch out whether he's fit to play this week

Dempsey kinda tempting but with weather condition and not getting him on the barndoor, i reluctant to do so..same goes for AJ whether to take him over Sturridge..hmm

thinking about Malouda too but risk of him not playing will always be there

looking forward to AM player suggestion for the weekend..cheers!!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:21 AM - Someone told me Malouda was suspended for his next game...don't know how much of a fact that is. You might want to look into that before you make a decision. If so I'd recommend Ballack, he's lazy but his height against Hull could get him a goal.

Maxer said...

this sucks.. was aiming for 150 points (at least due to the stupid rsc injury and klasnic & fab only play 1 game instead of 3).. but have to settle at 120pts.. dropped 1 place on my private league since my closest rival has load of fulham players and mr.etherington..

the posponed games really makes me dizzy due to the uncertainty of some players like fab, ramsey and mtay..

anyway, for next week..
verm, alexander, bale
mtay, diaby, modric, kranjcar
klasnic, zamora, tevez

zamora might leave if i can get confirmation that he's injuured (someone mention that his shoulder is injured in jeremy & neil blog), sturridge, diamanti or eduardo might replaces him..
tempted to get dempsey in but hes too expensive now..
other posibilities: etherington, n'zogbia, bale


Anonymous said...

I hate the fact I dropped Bassong I figured he would be in the Cup of Nations so I dropped him. I had 195 points going into todays game with Arsenal-Bolton. Having M.Tay Arsh Nasri, I was expecting at least 215. Much like everyone else after the last Arsenal Match I barndoored Ramsey and Eduardo, but now its tough to decide to keep Ramsey but I probably will.

Anonymous said...

Arsenal are the greatest team in the world and now are a well rested squad as well. Long live the Gooner Pride!!!!!!
People who are scared of driving in the snow are nitwits, its the most fun you can have besides skydiving, getting pissed, or having driving in snow. How can you not like a lil adventure to get your blood boiling, boo hoo!

J. Dunn said...

205 is still plenty respectable without my Arse/Bol players, but I was really hoping for a giant week to vault back into contention. I am still 500 up places this week though, so it's progress.

So far for next week(weather permitting) I've got:

Verm, Alexander, Bale
O'Hara, Lamps, Dempsey, Modric
Rooney, Tevez, Sturridge
I'd like to find a way to get someone from WHU in there, but short of dumping Modric @ 6.98 for Collison or swapping an in-form Sturridge against Hull for Franco, I can't see how. I'd like to get off of O'Hara, but I have him at 5.75 so he's the best alternative I can find until he's totally gone. Hopefully someone else gets in on a transfer soon or he gets re-loaned somewhere he'll get to play.

shadowgex said...

my team's currently:

g.alex / bale / mccartney
Mtay / Mpet / modric / arsh
rooney / zamora / EdS

but i'm thinking of doing this:

my team's currently:

g.alex / bale / kelly
Mtay / Mpet / modric / ballack
rooney / zamora / diamanti

what do you guys think is the better option?

Anonymous said...

who is MPET?

Anonymous said...

im at 215.5 points...and hoping to reach 300..urgh frustrated..i have 6 more players to play in this game...damn!!


bp9000 said...

@Anon 3:30AM - MPet is Martin Petrov of Man City.

204.5 w/ 6 players lost due to the postponement, but I did move up to position 489 from 607 before the week began. Kellz is slowly catching back up to me, however - which is not what you want your "arch-enemy" doing ;)

Gonna wait til the last minute and get all the news on which matches may be postponed this weekend,,,,after these last 2 gameweeks I'm a bit leery about choosing player from Monday's Man City/Blackburn contest. Dumped Almunia (5.39) for Given (5.73) after Given's first CS last week, so he'll probably stay whether or not the forecast is grim in Manchester. Sticking with Duff (11.20) & hoping he is not rested this weekend - he has been a great investment these past several weeks.

Verm/G.Alex/Baird/Bale on defense right now - I don't go w/ 4 defenders very often but this might be the week for me to do so.

Arshavin?.....he's as good as gone from my team!

Anonymous said...

RJ Bale Zabaleta
Eagles Duffman MPet Lamps JHenderson
Diamanti Tevez

Zabaleta is the man concern for me. But i still didn't click 'Save Team Changes'. will do on Saturday morning/afternoon Malaysia time.


Anonymous said...

All my players were triple gamers and I had 8 waiting to play last night. My closest competition in my private league only had 2 and now he's only 13 points behind me. This *reaaalllly* sucks!

mehicoradio said...

right now i've dropped Arshavin (no discount and done with him), Gallas, and Garrido (unsure on him).

Got Dempsey, G. Alexander, and Eagles to replace them but i'm not 100% yet. First question is what the chance of Garrido starting? and a Middle with a nice match-up under 13 was tough to find, thus settling on Eagles.

Also not sure if i should go with G. Alexander, or Mears?

azri gadafi said...

i've got 233 and far from target was 300..damn it..

DownSouth said...

The key to this weekend will be to see which of the 7 Saturday games are postponed. This will give us an advantage on which teams to avoid. Assuming there are some cancelations, it will be necessary to make last minute changes.

Anonymous said...

@DownSouth - looks like a last minute job, yeah. Had a look at the forecast - bloody cold, everywhere, forever.

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