Monday, 18 January 2010

Week 19 - Sunday

I write this post still waiting for Yahoo to update team points properly after Sunday's action, so at the moment we don't know exactly how far we've gone up (or down) in the rankings. It also means I can't calculate the current AM Challenge cut-off point, but there's no urgency with 2 games still to go on Wednesday.

What I do know is I'll finish the day on 70 points with potentially 11 players to go in midweek...I still don't have a goal.

If I can get up to 130-140 points for the week I'd be pretty satisfied but there are no guarantees I'll reach this total & with the performances from Anelka/Lampard/Rooney/Fabregas I feel I further drop in the rankings is inevitable.

As for Sunday itself I watched Villa v West Ham which lacked any sort of entertainment as the sides played out a 0-0 draw. I can't really think of anything to comment on, there were so few chances, but clean sheet points all round.

Blackburn v Fulham wasn't on TV in the UK but from what I've read it seems Blackburn were good value for their 2 nil win. Great points from Paul Robinson, Chris Samba & Ryan Nelsen but sad news regarding Clint Dempsey's injury. It seems it's a cruciate ligament tear, which means a long time out; probably no World Cup for him, a huge blow for Fulham & the USA.

The final game was the one I had a real interest in, as Arsenal travelled to Bolton. It started badly for me, with the news the Samir Nasri had tweaked a hamstring in training on Saturday &  was not even on the bench & he's likely to miss the midweek game too. Bolton started the game well but Arsenal took the lead through (no surprises) Fabregas, Eduardo with the assist.

In the 2nd half Bolton had numerous chances, with Matt Taylor guilty of missing 2 of the best. They were playing some really good football & had Arsenal on the rack, but inevitably Arsenal got the killer 2nd goal when Eduardo's cross was only half cleared by Zat Knight & substitute Fran Merida sealed the game.

I've seen a few people mention in the comments section that Eduardo was not given points for his 2nd assist, but I can't really see why - his cross was heading for Arshavin but Knight intercepted it, only for the ball to fall to Merida. That is not an assist, never has been, never will be. I had Eduardo in my team so I would've loved to have the extra points, but we can have no complaints about Yahoo on this occasion.

I picked up points almost 30 points from Almunia, Vermaelen, 4.5 from Eduardo & an utterly useless 1 point from Arshavin. His final chance is midweek, before he is officially dead to me.

How's your Week 20 team looking? Mine remains:-

Van Der Sar, Bale, Vermaelen, Salgado, Aquilani, Modric, J Cole, Lampard, Kalinic, Anelka, Rooney

I don't like having 3 fillers in Salgado, Aquilani & Kalinic so either Van Der Sar or Lampard will be downgraded in order to improve 2 of these positions.

That rounds off the Sunday review. How are you getting on? Has anyone got lower than my 70 points so far?



Hinrik said...

61 pts. Not going well for me lately. :(

Mike B said...

Not a great day for me, with my gamble on Milner not working, and Arshavin being his usual self. I had moved up a chunk in the rankings on Saturday, but i anticipate i'll lose all of that when it's updated.

My early team for next week looks odd right now, but i'll post it up anyway.

Verm, Alexander, Bale
Modric, Fabregas, Lampard, K P Boateng
Anelka, McCarthy, Donovan

Either Lampard or Fabregas will go, so i can upgrade McCarthy, but i'm waiting till the next load of games are up before making any drastic changes.


Alper said...

104 points and still 7 players will play in midweek....

Anonymous said...

no defoe A.M. ? even though he has a reasonable home game - is that beacause you didn't think he looked too hot, or you're just trying to provoke him into scoring for your team ,spurs, by dropping him. ? S.P.

Sauce said...

113 points with 8 to play midweek, so pretty chuffed. Looking for a good return midweek - in particular from Arsh, Defoe & Crouchino.

AM - I feel for you and thank you at the same time, as it was your last minute note on Anelka playing against the weakened Black Cats that made me draft him in on Sat morning for Tevez! Sorry you didn't go with it in the end.

Hope everyone has a bumper midweek.

Only thing that took the shine off the weekend was the dire Wolves performance - a sitter missed by Ebanks could have made the difference at 0-0 and then Stearman getting sent off - what was he up to!?!?!?

Afif said...

Can I just cut and paste your comment Sauce because I have only the same thing to say :P (the only difference is I don't have Crouch.)

Anonymous said...

Everyone grab fabregas now before his price rises!!


Crazylegs said...

98.5 with 9 to play..Glad I put and kept Fabregas in my team against so many who were against him.
They are crying in there beer now.. ;-)

DownSouth said...

Now that we have a couple days of down time, I would like to see if we can come up with a list of the PK takers for all teams in the EPL. I'll start with the obvious:

Man U: Rooney
Man City: Tevez
Chelsea: Lampard
Burnley: G. Alexander

DownSouth said...

Everton: Saha

Anonymous said...

liverpool - gerrard

Anonymous said...

Tottenham - Kean
Arsenal - Fabregas
Blackburn - Dunn
West Ham - Diamanti/Cole
Hull - Bullard/Geovanni
Stoke - Beattie
Fulham - Murphy
Sunderland - Bent
Wigan - Rodellega
Bolton - Taylor
Birmingham - McFadden
Aston Villa - Young/Milner/Carew???
Man City - Tevez
Wolves - Ebanks Blake
Portsmouth - Boateng


Anonymous said...

For City, it's been Barry as well I think...

Anonymous said...

Use fantasy football scout for takers os set pieces/PKs. Great resource - it lists them all.

Anonymous said...

125 points (unofficially) with N'Gog, Almunia, Rosicky, Traore, Modric, Bale, Bassong, Defoe and Lee still to play.

Not a bad weekend with only Anelka's 2 goals to show. I've had more goals and much fewer points other weeks.

If Defoe and Modric get untracked this could be a real stunner. Haven't had a really good week in a long time so really looking forward to Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

I am definitely waiting for Wednesday before making any changes but my team so far for week 20 is:

Bale Mancienne Heitinga
Fellaini Nasri Fabregas Ramsey Bilyaletdinov
Rooney Saha

Anonymous said...

I held onto Ramsey because I have a feeling he will be crucial towards the end of the season and at 5.66 I just dont want to let him go yet

Anonymous said...

Oh I just heard they are both gone for 3 weeks!!! damn I had Nasri and Ramsey at huge discounts what a blow!

Anonymous said...

adjusted squad:

Bale Heitinga Mancienne
Merida Fellaini Fabregas Bilyaletdinov
Rooney Saha Eduardo

Anonymous said...

does anyone know if Arteta will be back for next wednesday?? he is only 9.06 right now huge discount waiting to happen!

Anonymous said...

Bale Mancienne Salgado
Fellaini Bily Fabby Arteta
Rooney Donovan Defoe

Defoe against an injury ravaged Fulham side?

Anonymous said...

The bet on Ivanovic and Milner really wasn't good. I can even say it was bad. I spent almost 24mil on both players, and got 7.5 points in return. Well, of course I took a chance with only 5 double-gamers, and it's going to hurt me really bad on mid-week.
I currently have 64 points with another 15 coming from Eduardo and Vermaelen after the update. So far I gained more than 300 ranks, but I really hope I don't lose them all throughout the upcoming updates. Bale, Modric, Eduardo, Vermaelen and Aquilani still to play.
On BD I kept Rooney, Valencia, Modric, Bale and Vermaelen who were all great for me, along with Aquilani. I hate him, but he's cheap. I really want Maxi instead.
I got Anleka and Robinson, and also Salgado as a filler. Dononvan is also in with great points, even as a striker, even though I missed the minor discount over him. I also got Ballack in for a while along with Heitinga, but watching Fabregas I couldn't do anything but trade them with him and Salgado. I know Fabregas has a tough schedual ahead, but he has been absolutely fantastic lately, and I really believe he can get great points even against Villa, ManU, Chelsea and Liverpool. For the double week of Chelsea I might drop Valencia for one of their midfielders, and I'm pretty counting on them to drop in price after the Brum match - this is the kind of games Chelsea have lost points in.

Vermaelen Bale Salgado
Valencia Aquilani Fabregas Modric
Rooney Anelka Donovan

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

70 points with 7 players left to play. discluding Ramsey and Nasri at big fat zeros!

Anonymous said...

changed my nickname from doorofperception, I am also FlyEmirates in the chatroll. you will be seeing a lot of me!

Anonymous said...

Go Gunners!

Anonymous said...

Never picking Arshavin again!! (and i mean it this time!!)

ToffeeDave said...

I got to watch the Bolton game live and I was furious at Mtay. He missed 3 golden chances to score, not mentioning when he shot from 20 yards out with a clear run at goal in front of him...Good news is Bolton have become more attacking, giving Lee and Taylor plenty more chances to score massive points.

Anonymous said...

Arshavin will probably get 30 points on wednesday...then it will really be a mind fock!

imues-syaitan merah v3 said...

106 pts..7 plyers left..

my team for nextweek probably:
verm, bale, olsson

Dave said...

@ ToffeeDave re: MTaylor - not only what you said, but to make it worse, he did not even manage to put any of those three great chances on goal for an SOT !!! :( Should have been a nice score for MTay, but he looked shaky in front of goal instead. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

what about Mascherano at 5.62??? anyone taking him?

Anonymous said...

After watching "Landycakes" Donovan in his first two matches, I am mildly optimistic. Yahoo has him listed as a Forward, so therefore my team for week 20 is:

Vermalen, SeaBass, Bale
Modric, Billy, Lamps, Tamir Cohen
Rooney, Tevez (discount at 9, hard to drop), Landycakes.

I am thinking of swapping Lamps and cohen for fabs and Eagles.



greginho said...

andrew keep lampard for the double week, which directly follows this one!

Anonymous said...

Mascherano hmmmm.......too risky with yellow cards and red cards. couple of yellow and red so far this season.

shadowgex said...

i'm torn between donovan/lampard and arshavin/rodallega.

what i'm really wondering is who's a better pick next week between lampard and rodallega? i think Hrod has a pretty good chance of scoring at blackburn..

i'm currently sitting on 127.5 points with 5 players to go (bale, modric, kranj, arsh, aqua).

Afif said...

Even though Cesc is relatively cheap now but Arsenal don't have an interesting fixture ahead :(

Starky said...

RE: ShadowGex: 1.49am
Lamps & Donovan by a country mile!
Arsh, only one decent week every ten and Rod is too inconsistent.
Donavan looks really sharp to me and Lamps is hitting some fine form!

Anonymous said...

man if i only knew citeh won't have a game this weekend, i woulda sold off tevez. and i also have to thank Mike and AM for persuading me to get the Elk at the last minute, although i had to sell fabs which would still come back to haunt me if he scores 2 more goals! 103 pts with 6 players to go so not too bad..


Anonymous said...

78 pts so far.... Quite disappointed that none of my tottenham players scored big, though they got decent returns. Still went up 503 places though, so should be satisfied. Hopefully I can move up even more after the midweek games. 7 more double gamers to go with nasri out.


Anonymous said...

Who's a better pick for next week? Saha or Donovan? Is it wise to have them both, especially as both are listed as forwards?


Anonymous said...

Can someone please take the defribulator paddles away from me!!!

I keep using them on Arshavin to put him in my team, I feel good about saving his life, then he repays me with pennies.

Needs a big week or this time I promise he'll be dead to me!!

(Unless of course I convince myself that I cant squeeze in Fab4 at his current price but he will get back to his best that'll make all the difference to Arshavin)

Kellz said...

@Bengoh91: Donovan is playing on the wing and so far has looked good, Saha seems to pop up with a goal now and then but beyond that penalty didn't score many points. Its not bad to have both but Donovan is the better choice to keep.

@Anon: Fabs or Arsh next week is too much of a gamble given the opposition especially with Chelsea, Utd, and Liverpool to come as well.

Anonymous said...

Planning ahead is difficult... some how I missed the Chelsea upcoming double game until too late to pick up Anelka et al before their prices went through the roof... hoping for a B-ham stomp down and the Chelsea prices come back to earth.

Looking at the February schedule.... what happens with the Feb. 16 games for Stoke/ManCity & Wigan/Bolton games? i.e. which week will they go in?


Anonymous said...

Evans, Fellaini, Rooney
Evra, Krancjar, Malouda

thoughts appreciated


Anonymous said...

@Kellz: Thanks for the advice. Hope it works out for me as I haven't been doing well.
My team for week 20 (as of now):
Verm Bale Dunne
Kranc Modric Lee Fabs
Klasnic Diamanti Donovan


Anonymous said...

my early team for next week:

Bale Mancienne Salgado
Fabregas Bilyaletdinov Fellaini Cahill
Donovan Rooney Defoe

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