Saturday, 9 January 2010

Week 18 - My Team


Alexander  Vermaelen  Traore

Diaby  Arshavin  Nasri  Bowyer  Ramsey

Eduardo  Benitez

What can you do?

The week has descended in to farce with 6 postponements leaving only 2 games today, 1 tomorrow & 1 on Monday.

After reading the weather reports this morning it appears the UK is set for more snow and freezing weather tonight so I decided to only go with players playing today as it's very possible West Ham v Wolves & Man City v Blackburn could also be postponed. (I understand as I write this that the West Ham game has been postponed).

So as you can see, I've gone with Arsenal galore - 8 players (as a Spurs fan I'm not proud). I kept Alexander as I have him at a £4m discount but everyone else changed. I also slotted in Bowyer & Benitez as they are guaranteed starters vs Man Utd.

For next week at the moment it appears Man Utd have a lovely double week but I wouldn't be surprised to see the Premier League try and rearrange some of the postponed fixtures which will change everything regarding the barndoor.

There's not much more I can add...let me know what you ended up with.



Anonymous said...

Hey AM. Ive got the same 8 arsenalplayers as you. + Diamanti (postponed 12.01) MPet, and Bale)

Good luck mate


kit said...

I have 7 haha. No Traore

Chris said...

What a week.... but what a chance to shoot up rankings if played right... I decided to keep 3 players i knew wouldn't play & loaded on Arsenal & Man Utd.


Ivan Alex Evra
Nasri Bily Arsh Rosiky Giggs
Tuncay Berbatov

Am confident even if I only get between 30 - 50 points surely this will still progress in the rankings ?

Am sure you will do well this week AM

Also West Ham game has now been cancelled... glad i didnt save diamanti :-)

Team Crispy

kit said...

aargh why didn't West Ham announced earlier??

I have Franco :(
Almost went for Diamanti as well

Dave said...

Went with Larsson & Barry Ferguson in the MF, mainly because they should be sure starters, and because I was running out of time to tinker. Kept Tevez & Given, hoping the City game goes ahead. ANd gambled that old man Giggs has some magic in those boots today.

Manu double game next round, hosting Burnley and Hull.

kit said...

with the rescheduled League cup tie against Man City, it is possible United's game against Hull will be postponed

Hinrik said...

My team:
Gallas Vermaelen Traore Sylvinho
Nasri Ramsey J.Park Mokoena
Rooney Eduardo

Fidan said...

My team:

I hope ManU game goes ahead and I HOPE for 50-60pts, which would be HUGE, imo!

My team for next week, barring injuries:

Still considering Defoe for Anelka, but I think it is pretty much final. Of course, LOVING the current team, usually (for me) means Rooney (@16,37) will get injured with Brum, and EdS too...!!! Let's not jinx it!!!

Here is to sun for the next weekend!


kit said...

oops my mistake. already rescheduled lol

zur said...

can i ask sumthing, dunno whether its a stupid question or not..i jez wanna ask..points for the postponed game, wont it be added to the week it cancelled? if im not mistaken, it was like that last there wont be much of a difference when the teams not playing for this week plays and the points added right? or will the points be added to the week it will be played?

Alex said...

So....after the long Drogba debate with next weekends Chelsea match also not gaurenteed and with all the postponements I really think I should have kept hold of him.

Anonymous said...


with W Ham postponed, i'll get 4 eggs..arrgh..
just hope for 20-30 (if lucky) only this week

Rj Traore Zaba Upson(0)
Diaby Dunn MPet JCollison(0)
Carlitos Diamanti(0)

but only if the SUN & MON game is on..if not only 3 playas...Arrrggghhhh...


Anonymous said...

you can still get him when he is back, i don't see the issue with that really. what you need is more points in the bag.

Anonymous said...

^whose Rj?

Alex said...

I won't be getting him at over 19 when I had him at 10.

My point was with getting burned with postponements last week and also this week and maybe even next there hasn't been many opportunities to get points in the bag.

Anonymous said...

This is an awful start for the week - I've been away from the internet and couldn't know the West-Ham game was postponed as well, so I have Franco, but fortunately he's cheap. I gave up on Downing as I saw the Villa postponement, and I also have 3 ManC players. Yes, it is a bit crazy, but if the game goes on I'll have a huge advantage over people who didn't take that risk.
I'm a huge Gunners fan, but I only took 5 players from them. I also took one from the hated ManU, and one from Brum which is also a huge bet - Larsson has a great average, and with the other option in this price range being Diaby who could be positioned in the defensive midfielder slot and didn't take set-pieces, I thought Larsson was a better choice. We'll see.

Vermaelen Richards Traore
Petrov Nasri Larsson Ramsey
Rooney Eduardo Franco

I had pretty good weeks lately, so it looks like the best option for my luck to hit me badly again. About the ManU double game - it's not a mistake, both teams are the only teams from the EPL that doesn't play a cup game on this weekend.
Heading next week I've already dropped Larsson, Ramsey, Franco, Richards and Traore. Instead of them I got Sturridge (cheap, possible starter, home to Sunderland), Bale (VERY cheap, home to Hull), Modric (also home to Hull, and lately it has been enough), Valencia (over 2 games, both home and against Burnley and Hull, he must have a great week) and Evans. I don't really like the last one because he can easily be replaced by Vidic when he's healed, so he might go for Brown or Cuellar (home to West Ham).
For now:

Vermaelen Evans Bale
Petrov Nasri Valencia Modric
Rooney Eduardo Sturridge

Good luck, and stay dry! (I'll absolutely stay dry, as it's almost 25c and clear skies here in Israel)


Anonymous said...

@zur: No, it's never been like that, at least not in the 5 years that I've been playing. That's why the postponements make us scream, otherwise we wouldn't give a toss about it..

@SF: The WHU game was cancelled like 5 minutes after deadline (or at least most of us got the info then) so there was really nothing anybody could do..

rwlwhite said...

kirkland (cheap)
verm - bale - traore
ramsay - denilson - nasri - diaby - valencia
eduardo - tevez

Anonymous said...

Got up early (5:30 a.m. on U.S. East coast) to check for additional postponements and make changes. Looks like I lucked out with 10 of my 11 expected to play (I hope). Figured if I have to take a zero it should come from the GK, who might go negative numbers anyway.

Vermaelen / R. Johnson / Heitinga / Evans
Bily / Ramsey / Giggs / Larsson
Eduardo / Benitez

kit said...

@anon 12:44

Rj is Roger Johnson

Anonymous said...

Vermaelen Evans Traore
Bilyaletdinov Arshavin Ramsey Fletcher Valencia
Benitez Eduardo

Dropped my West Ham and Man City players at the last minute, so hopefully I have 11 starters

greginho said...

i gambled on
vermaelen, bale, nelsen
cesc, diaby, nasri, petrov
eduardo, diamanti, jerome
now i know that the west ham game is postponed, i will lose green and diamanti. green i am not too upset about because i couldn't afford any of the other goalies left. diamanti could have been easily switched for berbatov so that is a loss. bale was an enabler to get green, not much loss there. cesc was my gut call. i can't let him go out of my lineup and will start ahead of all of you, with him in my lineup at a discount. so i have 7 now that could or should play

zur said...

thanx for d info..oh well, only got 4 players then..bye top 2000.. =(

my team:
verm, bale(0), alexander(0)
eagles (0), dempsey (0), etherington (0), milner (0),
rooney, tevez, tuncay (0).

shitty team..hope given, verm, roo, n tev can get 20 points each..

richy 'liverpool' said...

almunia +5

verm +4.5, bale, alexander +3

arshavin, nasri +3, kompany (filler), larsson

eduardo +1.5, tevez +2(doubtful now), rooney (who i hate)

im happy to be keeping about +20 in discounts whilst still having 7 or 9 if man city play. tevez, eduardo, alm and defence stay, barn door possibilities in midfield mostly..

well lets see, people are making a lot of changes and with such cold conditions im not sure the games will be hugely profitable, but this week id be happy with 60-70 with so many players from few teams.

rwlwhite said...

my early team for NEXT week:

bale - traore - rjohnson
ramsay - valencia - larsson - kranjcar - anderson
eduardo - rooney

ramsay probably wont start as fabregas will be back, so i'll try and replace him, although not sure how!

Anonymous said...

My early team for next week. DG for ManYoo and Hull

Brown Evans Evra O'Sheas
Carrick Valencia Fletcher Garcia (Hull)
Tevez Berbs

Sulldaddy said...

well I already lost diamanti and Milijas but have eduardo and rooney up front
nasri in the MF with a benched Bily next to him
held onto Bale and alexander verm in the back and didnt have enough cash to get a GK. very ugly week and just couldnt make up my mind on guys...50 point week will be huge I think.

Anonymous said...

uh oh, Donovan starting for Everton and YFF doesn't have him. Meanwhile Bily's on the bench.

x2x2 said...

just wondering..
week 18 should be 2nd round of AM Challenge Cup rite?

Kukuski said...

Osman just scored against Arsenal!!! Looks like a Donovan assist...

Anonymous said...

osman just scored again...OG

Anonymous said...

just an observation from reading the blogs... even with the limited fixtures narrowing choices (down to ten teams before the really late announcements), almost no one was even considering Wolves players.

Anonymous said...

hey guys, i'm sure all of you have heard of the shooting in angola. i'm not really bothered about my YFF team this week in light of the tragedy. i'm surprised no one else has mentioned this. there really are more important things going on at this moment...

Anonymous said...

how's the weather around? Arsenal's game looked bad Already. and its london . wonder if the rest will have even heavier snow.

Anonymous said...

w/o Fabregas
Arsenal is less than ordinary.

Anonymous said...

they had been ordinary since the likes of Pires , henry,viera moved on.

Anonymous said...

Arshavin- never will i have him again. he is crap! a myth that he is good. only against Liverpool.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 4:21pm

Your right the shootings in Angloa are tragic.

But there will always be more important things than fantasy football. It's just a game.

Anonymous said...

zabaleta r.johnson vermealen bale
nasri duff kompany petrov
torres rooney

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

AM, looks like this weeks gonna be ur lowest yet..

Anonymous said...

I posted in weather update at 11:25 that fox Australia reported 1/2 hr before deadline that only 3EPL games to go ahead,there was warning to all those that picked in wst ham / wolves game.

richy 'liverpool' said...

ha!!! i got 12 points from 5 arsenal players, thank goodness i paid the premium for rooney who will get much more than that on his own!

richy 'liverpool' said...

NOOOO!! just seen that rooney didnt score and it was an OG! and larsson got a yellow as well! daaaaaammmnnn! well that puts me on about 15 points from 7 players. Are those who kept drogba at discount laughing now??

bean said...

18 pts. and +70 in rankings.. that's pretty funny

Anonymous said...

w/o Fabregas
Arsenal is less than ordinary.


Take the best center mid in the world out of any team and you will struggle, also it doesn't help when van persie, bendtner and song are not playing, when they are playing with or without fabregas they are anything but ordinary

Anonymous said...

while Fabregas and Van Persie are both world class players that any team would miss (and VP is frequently missed), you are validating his argument by claiming a big impact from the loss of Bendtner and Song, lol.

Anonymous said...

richy 'liverpool' :

nope. i got 29 pts from 7 (exclude Brum's game). and w/o Drogba too.

Anonymous said...

song has been one the best players in the premiership this season, as for bendtner it is the ability he has to hold the ball up and bring players into the game which is why hes being missed

Dave said...

In a nice little Yahoo pricing move, Bale has jumped to 5.74 from the 2.8x he was this morning!! Hope people got him back in early...

Bojan said...

46,5 - all my players played... gambled that City gane will be PP due the weather...

Up from #305 to #217

Bojan said...

Inter won 4:3 against Siena... Sneidjer is great... Mourinho has one more home league game without losing on his belt...

BD team for next week:

Man Utd will score 10 goals in week 19

Anonymous said...

51pts. and same with Bojan- all played (with a stupid D. Fletcher the only blip). City's game is most likely getting PP-ed.

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