Thursday, 14 January 2010

When It Rains... pours.

From The Official Site

"Liverpool today revealed the extent of the injuries sustained by Fernando Torres, Steven Gerrard and Yossi Benayoun against Reading last night.

A Club spokesman said: "Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres both underwent scans earlier today after coming off in the FA Cup tie against Reading.

"Steven has a hamstring strain and will be out for a fortnight, while Fernando has torn a cartilage in his right knee. The injury will require surgery and he is expected to be sidelined for six weeks.

"Yossi Benayoun also suffered a fractured rib in the game and will be unavailable for between three and four weeks.""

More terrible news for Liverpool after last night's embarrassing FA Cup exit, but this should guarantee Aquilani 2 starts across the double week. It also makes N'Gog a reasonably decent pick at just £7.3m.



rwlwhite said...

FYI, Yahoo have added Arsenal, Bolton, Liverpool and Spurs second games, but taken away Man U's second!

rwlwhite said...

Oh, and...wouldn't it suck to be a Liverpool fan and lose your whole team (all 3 of them!) to injury! Ha Ha Ha!

rwlwhite said...

As they say...'The rain in Spain, falls mainly on...Rafa Benitez and Fernando Torres!'

greginho said...

it is no different than losing van persie, fabregas, half the midfield, all of the forwards, and gael clichy for stretches of games. one team is just deeper and better coached!

Naning said...

Now this week looks terrible. I'm not dropping Given or any of my 3 Birmingham players. Valencia will probably stay @ 11.43, but I'm not entirely sure about that. As for the rest of the team, Defoe seems like a really good pick up front. Eduardo... well, for now he's in. I don't like him, but he is value at just under 10.

But here's my problem. I have two open spots, and about 26 to go. But there are really not too many great picks. I want Modric, but is he a sure starter for two? I'm not convinced.

And to post my team:

Verm - RJohnson(8.42) - Bale - ?
Larsson(7.86) - Valencia(11.43) - ? - ?
Chucho(6.25) - EdS - Defoe

Anonymous said...

As a Liverpool fan, I'm actually not too down. I wish Rafa would have kept Adam Hammill, Paul Anderson, and Danny Guthrie now though. Would love to have them and a healthy Martin Kelly on the pitch. I wonder if Nemeth will get a recall now. I for one, hope so. Charlie Adam from Blackpool would be a brilliant addition, but Rafa would never go for it.

Maxi and Aquilani become essential now, as does Ngog, so that's cheap alternates for FF. Babel may even be allowed to play his proper position up front (oh my). With Mascherano's return, at least their defense tightens up, if only Rafa would drop the bloody zonal marking, it's just not working this year. Defo communication issues with no Hyypia or Alonso to assuage.

I guess I should have become a Man U fan when I started following English footie 15 years or so ago, but I just have too much class. Chelsea wasn't an option, never took to headhunting.

As for the dropping of the second Man U match, THANK GOD. With the huge League Cup match at City in between, SAF is liable to go roto crazy. Time to nab more Arsenal players.


Anonymous said...

Trying to figure out the best Mid/Fwd combo:

Lennon and Benitez


Defoe - Cohen



Anakin Fung said...

@andrew: lennon is injured

Anonymous said...

Lennon is injured


Anonymous said...

The two biggest conundrums I have for this gameweek now are picking Rooney or Fabs and Babel or Aquilani. I already have Rooney and I have a feeling he's gonna murder Burnley as revenge for their loss at Turf Moor earlier this season. On the other hand, you have a fresh Fabs to terrorize Bolton twice, though he's a risk to have limited playing time and may get reinjured as well. Hmmm, Fabs is looking better and better by the moment though I feel I have Arsenal well covered on attack with Nasri, Rosicky, and Eddie.

The other issue comes down to playing time, Aquilani will definitely start both matches while Babel, at the very least, will come off the bench for both, BUT will probably provide more scoring chances. They are also both less than 5, which helps limit the risk considerably. I don't expect slow ass Yahoo to add Maxi before the Saturday deadline, but if they do, he's in my side no matter who I have to drop.

Right now I'm going with Rooney and Babel, dropping Park for the latter.


Anonymous said...

thanks Anakin and Pauly, that would have been a less than briliant pick on my part. I have to pay better attention to the injury reports.

Would that mean that Modric and Kranjcar would be top picks for Spurs?


ToffeeDave said...

Thank god for you AM, help making my team so much easier. I never wanted rooney but with adouble week I felt I had to have him, not anymore. Dropped Evra, Valencia, Rooney to fit a much stronger point potential. I substituted Corluka, MTay, and Klasnic for the Man U players. and now upgraded ebanks Blake to Crouch and Song to Diaby(has been bossing Arsenal games lately). So that leaves this as my team

Verm, Bale, Corluka
Billy, Nasri, Diaby, Mtay
Drogba(thank god for cold snaps) Crouch, Klasnic

I just cant help thinking that if Coyle can get Fletcher to score 5 goals for Burnley, he can get alot more out of a much better player in Klasnic, even if it is against Arsenal.

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