Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Week 18 - Monday

On Saturday morning, pretty much every newspaper & football website stated that the Manchester City vs Blackburn game was in "severe doubt" & unlikely to go ahead the following Monday.

The Carling Cup semi final between both sides of Manchester had been postponed 2 days early the previous week, the city was covered in snow & temperatures were expected to drop to -8 over the weekend with more snow to follow on Sunday. So, what should we do...?

Well, those of us who could get to a PC on Saturday morning took in all the information: 7 postponed games so far, only games at Arsenal & Birmingham to go ahead that day, the weather due to get worse...and we made a sensible, informed decision - it wasn't worth risking zeros, so we dropped our Man City players, our West Ham players & we stuck with Arsenal, Everton, Birmingham & Manchester United players.

At 12.01 as news filtered through that the West Ham game had been postponed minutes before the deadline I saw lots of angry people in the chat room, wishing they had sold their West Ham players, furious they hadn't had time to get rid of their Man City players in case the same fate befell that game. At this point in time, those of us that had dropped Tevez had 100% made the correct, sensible, informed decision, so if you were one of the many who did please don't be too hard on yourself.

As it turned out, it actually turned out to be an absolutely terrible move, possibly the worst of the season so far (well...since I dropped Rooney at 11:50am the day he got his hat trick at Portsmouth).

I don't know about you, but last night I thought a bad night would be a Tevez goal. I'd just about be able to deal with that, but seeing as he'd initially been the first player in my team for Week 18, my "pick of the week" in my Player Picks, my captain in the Official Fantasy EPL game (where the captain scores double points), I'd still be very very annoyed. Typically, it ended up being far worse than us tevez-sellers could ever have imagined, as he capped a superb display by completing a frickin hat-trick in injury time as City ran out 4-1 winners.

Congratulations if you had him, I'm sure it's made your week! 33 points, only 8 points from matching my entire team's total. Thank GOD City failed to keep a clean sheet, meaning Given scored only 5 points (still 7.5 better than Almunia, who I dropped Given for), Zabaleta only 4.5 & Petrov just 0.5, but it still hurts & it's another frustrating evening in an increasingly frustrating season. Special mention to those of you who had Micah Richards - a great goal & great points.

I dropped 500 places as a result of last night points, from 1350th to 1850th...1 step forward, 2 steps back AGAIN! But we must move on, to Week 19.

Week 19 is confusing me. Yahoo still list Man Utd as having a double week, but their 2nd game falls on Saturday 23rd of January. Why is this not being put in to Week 20 with the 8 games that follow on Tuesday 26th/Wednesday 27th? It really makes no sense, so I still think it might be corrected to make Week 19 a single week for all teams, but it's making team selection very difficult at the moment.

UPDATE 1:30pm (GMT) Week 19 is looking more complex...more teams set for double weeks now fixtures are being rescheduled

NEW FIXTURES for Wed 20 Jan 2010
Arsenal v Bolton, 19:45
Liverpool v Tottenham, 20:00 
Finally, I'll reiterate what I wrote on Saturday regarding The AM Challenge:-

...it was brought to my attention by an anonymous poster that Week 18 was meant to be Round 2 of The AM Challenge. I'm really sorry, I'd completely forgotten about it, but had I remembered I would've postponed it anyway because of the fixture chaos. I feel it would be unsporting to use Week 18 to knock out 150 teams so The AM Challenge 2nd Round will now be Week 19, followed by Round 4 of The Blog Cup in Week 20. I hope you all see this as a fair solution.

So Week 19 is Round 2 of The AM Challenge, good luck!

How did you end the week? Did City save your skin? How is your team shaping up?

I'd also like to hear people's opinions on what they think will happen regarding the fixtures/United's potential double week...



Anonymous said...

49 points and finally I moved into top 5000.

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem as you lol. Dropped Rooney at the last minute for that Pompey game, and now the exact same thing with Tevez!!!

Anonymous said...

56 pts, moved up 900 places to 3723

Anonymous said...

AM - double wee?? lmao! xD

Assistant Manager said...

lol, don't you know what double wee is? ;)

blanco said...

Hey guys, let me tell you a story. I'm a die hard, hard-core Real Madrid fan to the bones and as such I read AS and Marca newspapers every day :) There is a campaign in these two newspapers against the referees in Spain because the refs are really biased to Barca and all these mistakes the refs make (unexisting penalties for Barca, no red cards etc) are called Villarato, named after the president of the Spanish Football Federation Angel Maria Villar. These weekend Real Madrid played at -4 C under a heavy snow in Madrid and Barca played at +20 C in the Canarian Islands. The crazy Madrid newspapers had an editorial "The weather joins Villarato" saying that even the weather is on Barca's side.

Let's be clear, I know the Spanish media are crazy and that it's all nonsense, but this week I really feel that the weather was completely against me. I too loaded on Arsenal and ManU players and they brought me a total of 31 pts. I had Given & Petrov and they brought me 5.5 pts. The guys behind me in my private league both had Tevez, one of them even had Richards, so now I'm only 50pts clear (it was 100 before this week).

Sorry for the long text, but I can completely relate AM's post this week and I had to get it off my chest :)

Better luck next week and I hope the weather will come to it's senses :D


Anonymous said...

Oh Tevez you little beauty - 67 points and back into the top 500 after being on a total of 29 points on Saturday night. If I was being greedy I'd be gutted about the Pederson goal, as it robbed me of a clean sheet for Given and a match winning goal for Tevez, but hell, I'm just glad a gamble paid off for a change.

Hoping very much Yahoo change their minds and put the Utd v Hull game into week 20 as it will save me having to pick mostly United players for this weekend, when there are some other very tasty match ups already there (I know I don't have to pick mostly United players, but I probably will if they are confirmed as having a double week).

Paphos Toffee

Anonymous said...

Is a double wee a post sex splitter?


Anonymous said...

in fact dropping Man City players was a right move. Given with the info, and the end result that only selection fav. Tevez really got alot points , with MPet a big disappointment and few would go for M Richards/Benjani to be honest, so it isn't really a wrong choice for people to drop players. it is wrong to drop Tevez. But hey, Rooney had only a wonderful day at pompey[later ONLY week17 save his skin with points truely reflecting his price ], but remember what he score against West ham? week15 DG? FULHAM? Birm? Come On AM, Rooney will always flattered to deceive. don't be either , too harsh on yourself, or , buy into that hype.

Anonymous said...


As a Spurs fan do you think that Modric will start before/ instead of Kranjcar after the former's great restart last time out? Im unsure who to choose - any ideas?
Thanks again for your inspiring blog


Jon said...

Just been confirmed (on Arsenal and BBC websites) that the recently postponed Arsenal v Bolton game will be played on Weds 20th Jan, 3 days after they play each other at the Reebok!! So if it's going to be a double week for Man U and Hull, is also going to be a double week for them. Just to add to the confusion ...

Anonymous said...

I think the double week is in for Man U as there is 3 days between the games, its a weird decision i agree.

To Pauly - If Lennon is still out you can 99% guarantee both Luka and Niko will start. I think with Niko playing so well and Lukas recovery taking longer than normal he wont want to rush Modric back into the starting line up. Thats also the same with however Lennons injury goes.

With an easy match at Hull next up (said also with wolves DOH!!!) Id expect a lot of attacking football so itll be lots of points for either Niko or Modric. Ive added Defoe into my team already with Rooney.

If you check closer to Saturday on injuries will be easier to pick your team.


Ian Sanderson said...

AM - the Official Fantasy EPL game (which you play) also has Man U and Hull as DGers.
Strange indeed.

Neil Tan said...

Donovan available as striker at 6.99 and viera available at 5.7 :O

STM said...

Pauly - Lennon is still out injured, probably about 2 weeks (or more) away from recovery. He is targeting to be fit for the FA Cup fixture vs Leeds Utd on 23rd Jan.

Redknapp started both Kranjcar (left) and Modric (right) in the previous FA Cup tie (before the postponed vs Liverpool game). Considering their form and Lennon's unavailability, I am pretty certain they would start. Unless Redknapp intends to "experiment"...

Anonymous said...

What about the Arsenal-Bolton match that has been rescheduled for the 20th? Does that mean a double week for Arsenal as well?

Assistant Manager said...

Pauly - I'd have to agree with the other posters, Modric is our one world class player, so if he's fit Harry will find a place for him.

Important - Week 19 is looking more complex...more teams set for double weeks now fixtures are being rescheduled...

Wednesday, 20 January 2010
Arsenal v Bolton, 19:45
Liverpool v Tottenham, 20:00


Anonymous said...

thanks to tevez i ended up with 77.5 points cant get better than that with only 3 games being played.

Alex said...

AM - Am sure arsenal was already in there?

Assistant Manager said...

Hi Alex - Bolton v Arsenal was already there, but now the reverse fixture (postponed last week) has also been arranged for Week 19 so we'll have Arsenal v Bolton a few days later!

Alex said...

Am lost to be honest, the fictures it shows are the ones for the next round, which bizarrely gives Man Utd and Hull a double game week, surely the others will fall into the week after with a likely sunday lockdown (or error corrected) but surely the one you mention above and the others are not week 19 fixtures as they dont show on the holding page?

LBarroso said...

45 pts for the week and ranked 2360th. Thank you Mr. Tevez

Alex said...

OK am with you, they have just been added but not yet on yahoo.

Ok am more annoyed than the man city game being on as if it stands as it does now (with those added) then my line up is good, am happy it has o'hara, rooney, defoe, anelka, I ay chop anelka for sturridge or EDS to give me a MTAY and its cool.

But heres what I think will happenm when yuahoo adds those two new fixtures it will get rid of the Man Utd 2nd game which will throw me into chaos and mean loading more on arsenal who killed me last week, argh its all balls, I was happy, my team even came to exactly 100m and included avra and vidic, dont take this away from me yahoo, not after the west ham debacle last week, dont be a hicks about this!!!

Alex said...

I of course meant evra and modric argh, see what the game has done to me!!!

STM said...

Alex - The Arsenal v Bolton and Liverpool v Tottenham were postponed matches, which have just been announced/confirmed officially as rescheduled for Jan 20.

These matches are not inserted into the Yahoo fixtures yet, which is why you don't see them. Presumably, Yahoo will fix and include them for the week 19 fixtures (games from Jan 16 to Jan 25)...

Bojan said...


Anonymous said...

I imagine the deadline was moved to Tuesday instead or Saturday for that round. How much sense would it make (meaning, how many of you would be outraged having to fix your squad for one game on Saturday when most games aren't until Tuesday)? So they lumped the Saturday ManU game in with this upcoming week.
By the way, the following week has no fixture for Stoke and Man City as well as Hull and ManU. West Ham v. Wolves appears to be on Feb 2.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how Yahoo labels positions for players? I'm wondering why Donovan is listed as a forward instead of a midfielder? I thought he played midfield for Everton this weekend. He plays midfield for the US national team.

I was actually considering him as a midfielder at that price, perhaps over a guy like O'Hara or Milijas, who are 1.5 points more expensive. That may be more difficult at forward. I'm completely locked in with Benitez and Tevez at two spots because of huge discounts. I planned on going with Anelka until Drogba returns, but using Donovan at forward would open up enough money for Lampard or Gerrard in midfield instead.

Cech's Mates

STM said...

Perhaps the positions are based on as listed for their respective clubs? Everton's official website, www.evertonfc.com has Donovan listed as a forward.

Gregor said...

Well I dropped 128 places to 862 with a tremendous 21 points. Think a lack of Tevez helped me get pelters from the rest of the league. Not even 2/3 of the points he earnt by himself. A stamp of authority is def needed for next week!

bean said...

@anon 5:45 - this is a very important point for Tevez owners as well as anyone loading up on ManU players for the double week only to have an empty week following.

fantasyfootballscout.co.uk does a great job keeping up with the fixtures (even though they focus on official fantasy game so gameweek numbers are different, but it gives you a good overview)

it's just been updated:

bp9000 said...

Another "last minute Tevez dropper" here - finished with 46 pts and my team fell 95 places to 487 last night, for a net +2 for the week.

I snuck home at lunch to watch the 2nd half of MCFC/BLA, only to see MGP bend a beauty just past the outstretched fingertips of Given to rob me of a Given CS as well. But Carlitos' two 2nd half goals were class, I must admit.

It will be nice if ARS/BOL & LIV/TOT rescheduled games are added to Week 19, providing a lot more strong DG options than just Rooney, Valencia & Evra. Defoe, Modric, MTay, Klasnic, Fab4, Arsh (well, maybe not Arsh....)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@anon- Bale should start.
I have...
Kirkland(I got rid of Given @6...I know, I know, I'll regret it later but I needed cash elsewhere.
Verm/Bale/Evra (I like very much)

Palacios/Carrick/H.Thomas/Rosisky ----I don't think this players will get me big points but they should get me back what I paid for them.

Rooney/Defoe/Tevez ----This I like, match-ups look incredible for Rooney and Defoe...on Tevez, well you know, he's on fire!

I will, of course, make Friday changes cause the weather and DG's will affect my selection.

brianonymous said...

Tevez really saved my hide this week and would have loved to have had 14 pts from Given instead of 5, but I'll settle for 63 on the week and staying (barely) in the top 1000. Considering I was outside the top 2000 a month ago, I can hardly complain.

With my team this week I'm banking on them adding the second Arsenal-Bolton and the Liverpool-Tottyham ties to the schedule.


If Vela can get 4 points from two matches and I wouldn't be surprised if he played a bit part in both, he returns his value.

Anonymous said...

@brianonymous - I lost my faith both on Eduardo and Nasri...it seems like you'd expect them to get at least 2 SOT's every single game but sometimes they go blank, same goes for Arshavin. I'd go Carrick instead of Nasri...but then again, that's my opinion.

Anonymous said...

its funny how some of you take this game so seriously. got 99 problems but YFF aint one haha

Afif said...

61 points..thank you Tevez and great job Mancini. Keep up the good work.

brianonymous said...

Honduran-Saul, Eduardo and Nasri combined for 50.5 the last double gameweek just two weeks ago and that was a much tougher set of fixtures (AST, por). Bolton is one of the worst, if not the worst defense in the league with only Wigan and Hull allowing more goals per. Fabregas' return should allow more chances for the rest on attack. Bendtner is set to return soon but I doubt he'll make more than a cameo in the second match.

If I had to pick another Man United player, it would be Park not Carrick. He's much cheaper and is more likely to be on attack. Plus I get that feeling he's about to get a rare goal and maybe even break the 20 pts. For 4.58, it's not much of a risk.

Anonymous said...

Hey fellas, I'm thinking of including Wes Brown for the United double fixture. Any opinions on whether he'll start both games? I've heard rumors about Vidic and Rio getting healthy, but nothing confirmed.


Vermaelen W.Brown Bale Evra

Huddlestone Valencia Aquilani M.Brown

Rooney Defoe

- Slicky

Alex said...

Tevez is out for three weeks, enjoy that tw@ts, you wont find this story on sky sports, or anywhere to be honest.

brianonymous said...

Slicky, can you afford Rafael? If so, go with him instead, he's a threat on attack and will reap the same amount of defense points that Brown will. Plus Brown's behind Vidic, Rio, and Johnny Evans in the CB pecking order. Evans is cheaper and less of a risk not to play.

Sulldaddy said...

so glad I held onto Bale as a placeholder, nice +3 investment...wish I hadnt flipped tevez for diamanti so I could swing some other MFs.

But did get Tevez on BD and now have Rooney, Eds, and Tevez up front.

MF in flux:
ohara, valencia (until double goes away), larsson, and nasri

bale, alexnder, baird


almost definitely swap some guys around as doubles etc are confirmed.

Anonymous said...

brianonymous - I'm not saying you're wrong, it's just that I've lost faith because I picked them for the other games and they gave me squat. I guess it might be because Arsenal have so much attacking potential that any one of those players any given day could rack up some big points...i.e. Ramsey, Diabi, Arshavin, Eduardo, Fabregas, Nasri, Rosisky...but the question is, who will it be? and it's usually 1 or 2 of the above and not all. On Carrick, he was getting a few shots on goal against Birmingham...and they have a mean defence, I think if he gets one or 2 against Hull or Burnley he'll put them in. Also with Fletcher out, there may be a possibility that SAF will even field Gibson...I hope so cause that kid had a wicked foot! And by all means, brianonymous, in no way am I telling you that you're wrong, again it's just that it's dificult to guess who will show up and take initiative with the ball for Arsenal. I don't know if I explained myself clearly, hope you understand what I'm trying to say.

Maxer said...

got 54.5pts with tevez saving my azz.. got zabaleta, sylvinho and petrov in my team too but they didn't do much..

anyway, pretty sure mcity-blackburn game is pospned, i didn't save my team.. after the game prices of some players in my team rises and i end up -0.11 cash.. now i have to re-do my team all over again.. sigh..

anyway, vieira and donovan is in the list now.. anyone trying them for next week?


Danyel said...

"man utds double game doesnt make great sense" - AM / anyone can explain next week YFF fixtures???

Danyel said...

Don't you (& all) think that whenever a game is played in a saturday, thats when the "IFF WEEK game" starts? So it would not be logical to include the 2nd Man Utd game in this next week. I believe this is a(nother) mistake from Yahoo! & it will be changed, don't you???

HooRus said...

Danyel, It depends on whether that ManU/Hull fixture date was on the original schedule. I'm not sure if it was, but I think that gameweek was already set for Tuesday deadline. Again, how many of you want to have you team set four days ahead on Saturday just to include one game (ManU/Hull) when the rest of the league won't play until Tuesday and Wednesday? You'd be screaming your heads off about that probably. Just deal with what's indicated, ManU/Hull is included in this gameweek.

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