Monday, 25 January 2010

Week 20 - Saturday

Firstly, apologies for the lack of posts over the past couple of days, I've not been feeling very well so the last thing I'd wanted to do was stare at a PC screen (no barndoor work). I still don't feel 100% so this will be quick.

Rooney - for once I pick a striker who has a cracking week. 4 goals & 45.5 points moved me up 200 places. A clean sheet for Van Der Sar & the United defence gave plenty of additional points for other managers, otherwise it would've been a bigger climb up the rankings.

It wasn't all good news for me. Frank Lampard picked up an injury in Chelsea's FA Cup tie, Matt Taylor is looking unlikely to make Bolton's game vs Burnley, so that's my 2 most expensive midfielders in jeopardy - a huge blow. Spurs' result with Leeds also ruined my Saturday evening.

Finally the news that Drogba should be back for the double week after Ivory Coast were knocked out of ACN has really annoyed me - anyone who kept him for 10.66 should be laughing their little hearts out!
Remember - Chelsea, Fulham, Hull & Portsmouth have 2 games in Week 21.



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No Rooney and had Valencia, who proved to be a big waste of money and space. Dropped more than 2000 places.

Anyone thinking of Cech vs. Burnley and Hull? Even though they are away for both matches, he has a good chance of clean sheets in at least one game, if not both.


Caleb said...

I think this is the first time in your Sat post that you did not mentioned your BD team. Hope you are well AM!

Bryce said...

Yeah, the Drogba situation really annoyed me. How the hell did Ivery Coast's defend so badly? I watched the highlight of that quarter final and felt disgusted, not that i cared about their team, though. But I had hoped Drog would stay away longer!

Chris (Shrek's Army) said...

i would like to show you all a post that was put up in my private league. i thought it was hilarious.

some interesting team names on this list.

88 Shrek's Army 155.5

man you guys are pathetic, at least i had respect for you guys when i thought you could come up with your own teams. the sad thing is that i have all of this guys picks, or most of them on my own. i hope this guy shuts down shop so i can watch all of your scores drop.

does this sound like sour grapes to anyone else?

rwlwhite said...

"Remember - Chelsea, Fulham, Hull & Portsmouth have 2 games in Week 21."

No they don't AM.

I think you mean Week 22

Assistant Manager said...

rwlwhite - I'm pretty sure it's next week, which is Week 21.

From BBC Sport...

Saturday, 30 January 2010
Birmingham v Tottenham, 15:00
Burnley v Chelsea, 17:30
Fulham v Aston Villa, 15:00
Hull v Wolverhampton, 15:00
Liverpool v Bolton, 15:00
West Ham v Blackburn, 15:00
Wigan v Everton, 15:00
Sunday, 31 January 2010
Arsenal v Man Utd, 16:00
Man City v Portsmouth, 13:30
Monday, 1 February 2010
Sunderland v Stoke, 20:00
Tuesday, 2 February 2010
Hull v Chelsea, 19:45
Wednesday, 3 February 2010
Fulham v Portsmouth, 20:00

NEWBIE said...


Anonymous said...

Any word of the extent of Lampard's injury?

Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that Drogba was banned from his first match back from the ACN so would only play 1 out of the 2 games?

Bradley said...

All the FA requires is that the team play a match without him regardless of whether he was available to or capable of playing, which happened awhile ago. See the official FA suspended players list:

Bojan said...

with all this news I could be end up with no one playing for me(my team) this week...

This seasom of YFF has been shity last 5-6 week but this is becoming multi-shity... I might stop playing this game serious for this year...

STM said...

Hmm... crazy week...

Does this mean that Bilyaletdinov may not start vs Sunderland? :-/

Bojan said...


Anonymous said...

Taylor's out?!

So there is news that Jordan is out too, plus Valencia on the bench. That's 3 fat zeros!

Bradley said...

Taylor's a doubt:

Don't panic though. Several times I've dropped players supposedly in doubt before the deadline who wound up not only playing but also racking up points (ask the people who dropped Rooney just before Saturday's Hull match).

Pining for a good, old-fashioned single-game week without any funky FA Cup scheduling...

Art Vandelay said...

Anyone remember what day they finally got the fixtures right last week, after having Man Utd down as a double for most of the week. Because I could really do with the confirmation of Chelsea's double week.

marhawk said...

Hi all,

any of you guys heard when Jimmy Bullard likely to return?, the best I've seen is 30Th of Jan,

madly in love with the guy! ff wise that is!!

if that is the case, what do you think his chances of playing a game and a bit in week 21?

bean said...

@Chris - wtf?

@markhawk - brown expects Bullard could play some part against Wolves:

how does Yahoo always screw up the fixture list? still no chelsea or fulham second match and wham wolves still up there...

bean said...

almost forgot, hope you feel better AM, get some rest.

Anonymous said...

Official Premier league site indicates double games for CHE, FUL, HUL, and POR just like AM posted. All we have to do is to wait for Yahoo to update the fixtures. I totally trust AM on this.

Be alert, and good luck everyone.

P.S. Get well soon, AM. Thank you for this great blog!

- big fan of AM -

Keido said...

Dear Harry,

Please put bassong on the bench and play bale. His greed may have cost the spurs the match against Leeds, but the yff community who has him at 2.84 loves this kid.


Bojan said...

Keido@ ;-)

Anonymous said...

@ Chris
Sour grapes for sure. Just proof that everyone reads this blog, even if they won't admit it. Great work AM!

Anonymous said...

Be well AM
I wish you a speedy recovery in time to see Matty Taylor come on to score that match winning goal against Burnley!

All the best


Anonymous said...


Just to make you feel better-
Lampard is expected to play : (from the guardian site/football/Chelsea to be boosted by early return of Drogs etc;

"Frank Lampard trained with the first-team at Cobham today having come off as a precaution after 66 minutes of their 2-0 win at Preston North End on Saturday complaining of a tight calf. The medical staff were monitoring his fitness tonight, but expect him to be available for the game against Birmingham."

Feel better already, don't you?!


Anonymous said...

@ makinante

Sorry, but in the yahoo official blog i read this:
Next week West Ham and Wolves have a double week - ypo might want to consider bringing players in now before the midweek matches.

I play from spain and our Liga system is different, then could somebody tell-me about the right choice of matches.

bean said...

@anon 11:18 - yahoo blog is worthless and not correct... west ham wolves will NOT have a double week because of FA Cup replay for Wolves. Look at the real schedule and look at the dates that Week 21 in YFF shows: Jan30-Feb5. So Chelsea, Hull, Fulham, & Portsmouth should be double gamers (just as AM outlined above), but you never know with Yahoo. They could totally screw it up and leave out some of the matches as it shows now... but I think it's safe to say those will be included..

I'm looking at totally uprooting my team for double gameweeks:


still need to wait and see how the matches pan out this week...
Zhirkov,Baird,Gera,AJ,Zamora look like good value for the double

mehicoradio said...

Some news from the blogs i've been reading:

Zamora, Kamara (for Fulham) could be back tuesday Bikey (Burnley) could be back by Saturday. C. Cole could be back for West Ham, King and THud are back in training, but Lennon and BAE aren't quite ready yet. Gerrard is supposedly going to be back for today's game.

bean said...

and Bullard might be back

mehicoradio said...

and Stojkovic seems the likely starting in goal for Wigan with Kirk out

bean said...

Bendtner could also be back

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

Come on Arsenal beat Villa;

bale steinsson baines
modric fabregas aquilani taylor
kalinic klasnic donovan

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

for the Double-week I've BDed;

Bale Hreidarsson Terry
fabregas aquilani duff boateng
kalinic drogba nevland

(subject to change)

Anonymous said...

Is Dunne injured? I read this news somewhere on the net. I have him on my team and he's been a season keeper for me.

If he is indeed injured, I would have definitely sell him and bring in a double gamer.

Currently I have only five DGs, which I feel is not enough.


Bradley said...

Just as a "heads up," we appear to have a scheduling conundrum on the horizon:

Tuesday, 16 February
Stoke v. Man City
Wigan v. Bolton

The problem is the nearest matches are on Wed., 10 Feb. and Sat., 20 Feb. (13-14 Feb. being for FA Cup Round 5). These four teams will have either a TG week if grouped with the preceding matches or a DG week if grouped with the following ones.

Bradley said...

Pompey's transfer ban has been lifted. Cue Avram Grant to sift through the bargain bins for the next week:,19528,11661_5886470,00.html

Anonymous said...

I picked up G. Boateng from Hull who has 2 games instead of Aquilani or Maxi that have only one.
I'm not sure - is it a good move?


bean said...

@SF - seems a decent pick. he'll never put up big points, but 2 game vs. 1 game logic seems right, especially if Gerrard is back; maybe reduces Aquilani's potential

i've been shuffling my team around quite a bit. can't seems to settle on just making a few changes and not going all in for doubles, or getting all the doubles i can. right now i have VDS, Verm, Fab,Rooney,Anelka,&Pienaar on really good discounts, hard to let them go, but right now i'm looking at:

S-Warts (double game, good schedule coming up)
Fab,Gera,G.Boat,Utaka (lots of filler-ish picks, but double gamers)

Anonymous said...

is it worth i drop rooney at 20 and pick drogba at 18+ this week ??

Maxer said...

@bean.. our team look almost identical.. i got..

verm, baird, stearman
fab, modric, gera, zhirkov
drogba, tevez , zamora

*i'm trying on zhirkov for the first time this week..
*zamora is coming back from injury.. hopefully he'll play twice as hard after resting..
*drogba might play.. he and tevez are at form right now and i wanted them for the next coming matches too..
*baird and gera are in for their DG.. stearman is filler..
*fulop for his price.. and sunderland vs stoke is not a bad match..
*got verm, fab and modric at discount..


bean said...

@Maxer - nice... i'm worried stearman isn't going to start again. Also, Zhirkov might not play now that Cashley is back?

Anonymous said...

gordon just played against portsmouth for FA CUP.

Merv said...

I think Bale is able to displace BAE from the left back slot after the ACN if he continues to perform consistently like the past few games. He's been amazing and I'm sure he would score a couple of goals from set pieces if Bentley isn't playing!

Anyone agree with me?

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

so really... what is the real schedule for next week? I am confused is Yahoo got it screwed up again?

Anonymous said...

^ yup me too

just visit yff, they come up with this schedule

Sun, Jan 31 Hull v Wolves
Sun, Jan 31 Fulham v Aston Villa
Sun, Jan 31 Birmingham v Tottenham
Sun, Jan 31 Liverpool v Bolton
Sun, Jan 31 Burnley v Chelsea
Sun, Jan 31 West Ham v Blackburn
Sun, Jan 31 Wigan v Everton
Mon, Feb 1 Man City v Portsmouth
Mon, Feb 1 Arsenal v Man Utd
Tue, Feb 2 Sunderland v Stoke
Wed, Feb 3 West Ham v Wolves

STM said...

Regarding the schedule, AM has already mentioned it in one of the comments above. Not sure why some of you are still confused.

YFF has always been slow in fixing rescheduled matches for the week, and probably always will be. :-D The deadline in your Team Manager sheet should more or less tell you which games would be included.

For Week 21, it is for games Jan 30 to Feb 5, meaning it should EVENTUALLY include...

2 Feb, Hull City v Chelsea
3 Feb, Fulham v Portsmouth

As mentioned, the match between West Ham vs Wolves on 3 Feb is postponed AGAIN to a later date as Wolves is still involved in the FA Cup replay vs Crystal Palace on 2 Feb.

Supposedly YFF will fix this in due time, so take it easy...

Bradley said...

If you click on "More fixtures>>" at the bottom of "WEEK 21 FIXTURES" and then click on "FEB", you'll see that Yahoo Eurosport displays the correct fixtures (the two STM listed above). I don't know why Yahoo Fantasy Football takes so long to follow suit. Hopefully it'll be fixed after today's points update, but as STM also mentioned, the deadline on the "Team Manager" page would include those matches.

Anonymous said...

Verm is injured!!!
Any idea how long e will be out?


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