Saturday, 16 January 2010

Week 19 - My Team


Bale  Vermaelen  Aurelio

Nasri  Aquilani  Arshavin  Kranjcar

N'Gog  Defoe  Eduardo

Week 19 is here! It's been another chaotic week with all the fixture confusion, but now we can all sit back, relax & enjoy another weekend of Premiership action.

As you can see, I've not messed around - I've gone with potential 11 double gamers. 5 Arsenal, 3 Spurs, 3 Liverpool.

In goal, Almunia gets another chance & should hopefully get at least 1 win/clean sheet across the 2 games. Bale & Vermaelen were never in doubt, but my 3rd defender may raise some eyebrows. I found I was happy with 10 players yet I still had £10m to spend on my final defender. Step forward Fabio Aurelio! It's a gamble as he's not guaranteed to start BUT if he does he'll be on set piece duties with Gerrard out injured. We shall see if it's a wise gamble.

In midfield I was very tempted to go with Fabregas, but in the end I just couldn't justify £21m on a player who could tweak that hamstring again, especially as I had to decimate the rest of my team to afford him. Arshavin gets one final chance to do something  for me, but this really is his last chance! I still had Nasri at £7.6m so stuck with him, Aquilani was too cheap to turn down in a double week & the in-form Niko Kranjcar should score well on set piece duty.

Upfront I've gone for Defoe - he scored a hattrick vs Hull earlier this season & I can't see their defence keeping him out for 90 mins. Eduardo also stays & Ngog completes the line-up!

I'm reasonably pleased with my team - I'm giving myself plenty of chances to pick up points by going with all double gamers so I'm hoping for a better week.

Let me know what you settled on...any barndoor plans?



fankuat said...

wow.....AM has dropped G. ALexander!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone get stuck with any Pompey or Brum players for this week? Good thing there weren't any key teams featured in this postponement.

Cheers AM...keep up the great work...PurpleHelmets!

Dave said...

Aquilani back to the bench :( Degen starts in the MF (WTF?!!) and Maxi on the bench.

Staffer84 said...

Kranjar, Modric, Aquilani, Arshavin,
Eduardo, Crouch, Kuyt

This is my team. 11 DG as well. Wish you all the best of luck! AM - thank you for your magnifecent blog! Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Awesome team AM...

Anonymous said...

Hey AM..hows it going?

I hope you have an excellent week seeing that we have 9(!) players in common! I've got Sagna where you have Aurelio and Rosicky where you have Nasri.
So best of luck to you! ;D


Caleb said...

AM, your squad is quite similar with mine:

Ver Bale (@5.74!) Bassong
Nasri Arshavin Kranjcar Mordic
Defoe Eduardo Crouch

However, I wonder how much you left? Seems a lot!

Also, let me tell you I am a Liverpool fan and I have ABSOLUTELY NO confident of them now so i decide not to pick a single of them, despite their DG.

Caleb said...

I feel sorry for owners of Aquilani as he is surprisingly on the bench, while Degan seems to start at midfield. Oh gosh, what are you doing Rafa?

Mike B said...

I'm taking big risks this week and going for alot less DGers than most. I explained why in a previous post so i'll just post this team up.

Wish me luck, i'm definately gonna be needing it!

Verm, Alexander, Bale
Modric, Milner, Arshavin, Kranjcar
Crouch, Ngog, Anelka

I'm not a religeous man, but i'm actually praying.

Dave said...

Van Der Sar at 8.19 looks a right bargain (home to Hull), and maybe for the long term - he should get plenty of wins and some CSs as Vidic & Rio return.

I plugged Donovan in my line-up on the BD. At 6.99 home to Sunderland, why not LOL.

Anonymous said...

Grrr. Benitez is a bloody idiot.

"If the message is always the same, it's because it has to always be the same." - Benitez

What like don't choose fortune-changing players?


Azree said...

I must be a luckily one this week.. Managed to get rid off Larrson and Johnson from my team.. My team this week:

Van der Sar - i made a last minute decision to have Van der sar rather than Almunia. I dont think Almunia gonna get clean sheet in two games and it is possible for Mannone to comes in for the second game

Vermaelen - he will be in my team for the rest of the game (unless something bad happen)
M. Dawson - he is one of the defender who always takes free kick and have a few on targets. So just try my luck on him

G. Bale - i guess Bale will get 2 games for week 19 and at 5.77 he is a great bargain at left back

J. Evans - hoping for a clean sheet from Evans.

Kranjcar - he might get one goal and a few shot on target. A midfield with great anticipation and awareness on field.

Aquilani - just have him as a filler this week. I dont think he might get a start on the first game. With the introduction of Maxi, im not sure his future at Liverpool.

Arshavin - For the past few weeks, Arshavin not really perform well. But you wont know what gonna happen next. He may get some two figures point or end up with single figure for week 19. Just hope for the best from him

Crouch - danger in the box.. might get a few shots on target

Eduardo - with no strikers in Arsenal squad, he is the only striker everyone should consider for this week. Again he might not get a full 90 minutes but im confident there will be one goal from him at a few shots on target. He takes freekicks as well.

Kuyt - Kuyt will get 2 starts with absent of Torres and Gerrard. Can play upfront, on the right, supporting striker and everyone. Hoping the best from him this week after a nightmare in Liverpool squad..

Anonymous said...

How on earth has benitez contrived not to find a place in the starting 11 for aquilani considering liverpool's injuries! Damn him! I hope Liverpool lose.

Anonymous said...

I only have 6 double gamers this week, so hoping that Man Utd will revenge Burnley for their earlier loss.
Bale - Rafael - Salgado
Aquilani - Kranjcar - Huddlestone - Valencia
Eduardo - Rooney - Defoe
Good luck to you all! Great team AM, very balanced.

Azree said...

Benitez have to go.. what a bad decision to put Degen on field.. he is doing nothing on field..

Anonymous said...

My team:

Bale Vermaelan Evans
Modric Rosicky Arshavin Aquilani
Rooney Crouch kuyt

Good luck to everyone, hopefully RRosicky and Crouch can both score hattricks lol.

Anonymous said...


Good luck with your team this week
Aquilani is sitting on the bench - what kind of tactics are we seeing from Benitez? I think he's lost it, poor Rafa, and all that stress for the measly sum of 4 million a year!
Anyone fancy a job?
I wanted to be your 365th fan AM,like a kind of rounding off a year thing, but Facebook didn't work for me, so I'll wait to be the 1000th!
At least things look good for Spurs...

Look forward to reading you soon


Anonymous said...


You dropped Alexander, you daredevil!


Anonymous said...

surely aurelio had a SOT on that goal!? i would even call it an assist! espn has it as neither.. WTF?! what do u guys think?

Caleb said...

I think he will get a SOT instead of an assist. I think Yahoo's stat is a little bit harsh than Soccernet's.

Rwlwhite said...

I'm glad everyone has gone for crouch except me and he hasn't started! Although he'll probably still get more points than ngog and eduardo put together!

Anonymous said...

sure enough - no SOT for aurelio!? is it just me??? i could swear that was SOT and a save (albeit an awful one) for sorenson? what do you guys say?

Anonymous said...

biggest regret... did not buy anelka

bean said...


went all in with the Spurs with Bass,Bale,Huddles,Modric, which doesn't look to have worked out well. but putting all the firepower up front seems to have worked out well.

picked up Van der Sar on the BD, what a great deal, get em while he's hot...

ToffeeDave said...

Verm Bale Corluka
Billy Taylor Lee Milner
Drogba Klasnic Crouch

not too good of a first day. Imagine if Drogba was part of chelsea during the sunderland least he scored in the Ivory coast match justifying he hasnt lost form and now im even more excited for his return. Gj for tottenham on cs points im hoping for 15+from Corluka and Bale which justifies their price. Need the Bolton game to be a blinder and crush arsenal as I have none and the leader in my private league has picked up 5.

Sulldaddy said...

well here is the worst pick of the year for me...just couldnt convince myself that kirkland would be better than fulop.....
also couldnt free up an extra .75 to "upgrade" to robinson..

7 goals against....lowest week score ever for Fulop??

Art Vandelay said...

For all the numpties who were questioning why on earth Aquilani was on the bench against Stoke. It's because he's had lots of injury problems in the past and had just played 120 minutes against Reading. Seemed obvious to me that he'd sit the Stoke match out with Masch back from suspension. Aquilani will start on wed against Spurs.

Anonymous said...

spurs had 18 SOT's today. 18. how was it 0-0!!

bean said...

go toffees! nice win

richy 'liverpool' said...

damn. went with tevez, will get virtually 0 with no game next week, that big discount will shrink substantially, i think he has to go, bringing in rooney instead and shifting around the midfield. had malouda and swapped him for aurelio at the last minute.. curses!! well he has a chance at redemption vs spurs, but not hopefull.

Anonymous said...

for those calling for Rafa's head, look, he got one point ,at least. Mancini? Big Fat zer0 .

bean- you sure you still want to hold on to Tevez?
richy 'liverpool' had explained the situation correctly. points in the bag counts.


bean said...

@newbie - no, not going to hold tevez, just didn't need to bd anyone right away.. need to wait to see how alot of my players work out for 2nd match, or first match for that matter.

Anonymous said...

myhill 29 points haha

Anonymous said...

^ yea, every week there bound to be some cheap players scoring ridiculous points. just if you can spot them.

@bean- well, i had got VDS and Elk on... good luck( you surely have quite some pts since you had Elk)

chris m said...

Let's hear it for phantom points and SOT's. Spurs Modric 12.5 pts, Kranjcar 9.5 and Bale 11 with nary a goal between them, and a double week to boot. I am in at 94 pts with Duff and Verm tomorrow. Might be high for the day in my group, but will drop back when everyone holding a lot of Gunners check in tomorrow. Not bad. Might be a 200 pt week. Would have been well over 100 had not Hrod missed a penalty.

Many thanks to Doc Teeth and Mud for convincing me to drop Traore for Bale last night in the chat room. Worked out for all of us.

I was going to BD Anelka before he soared 8 pts in value today. I didn't, thinking drogs might be back by the next fixture? Ivory Coast is through to the quarters.

Lastly, ManCity paid 32 million pounds for Robinho. Does anyone think they get 50% of that back from some stupid Spanish team after his performance today. He is so gone from Citeh.

velvet underground allstars (like Everton starting my comeback)

Anonymous said...

BDed lots of guys today and even dropped Tevez and Given. Picked up VDS at 8.14 and he went to 17.94! Also picked up Elk at 15.20 and he went to 23.18

Maxer said...

good 1st day game.. end up 49.5 points with modric, kranj and bale (3 top5 points in spurs this week) were in my team.. kirk too got me a decent 14pts.. tevez dissapoints me, but got him at discount, so i'm okay with it.. n'gog didn't do much and end up with 1.5 (rafa bad decision, should have played aquailani for some attack and assists).. now i still have my filler salgado, verm, diaby, fab and klasnic to play tonight.. and another game on wednesday for them, including modric, kranj, bale and n'gog..

didn't do any barndooring last night because i couldn't catch the rest of the game except stoke v liverpool which i don't fancy anyone..


Anonymous said...

Reason 3004 Yahoo Fantasy Football is rubbish: Eduardo screwed out of nearly 10 points including a second very obvious assist. This game is for retards who cant handle the official game or CYKI.

Anonymous said...

Hi AM,

Your best value pick was Almunia, followed by Bale.

Verm just about did the trick.

After Kranjcar, everyone else disappointed.

Player Points Price Point / Price


Almunia 18.5 9.15 2.021857923
Bale 11 5.77 1.906412478


Verm 10.5 10.39 1.010587103
Kranj 9.5 10.97 0.865998177


Defo 8.5 15.5 0.548387097
Aure 5 9.7 0.515463918
Edur 4.5 9.99 0.45045045
Ngog 1.5 7.3 0.205479452
Aqua 0.5 4.61 0.10845987
Arsha 1 14.02 0.071326676
Nasri 0 9.9 0

Hope this is helpful


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