Friday, 15 January 2010

Updated Week 19 Player Picks

A bit of a Friday bonus... previous player picks based on Man Utd having a double week are pretty useless now, so very quickly, based on the Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool & Bolton double week, here is an updated list of the players I feel you should be looking at for Week 19...

Van Der Sar




I hope your teams are starting to take shape - mine is...& for once I'm reasonably pleased with it!

Remember, Week 19 is the 2nd Round of The AM Challenge Cup.



Ferdinand said...

My team is also pretty much ready,


Bale, Corluka, Vermaelen

Nasri, rosicky, Aquaman, Valencia, Modric

Eduardo, Rooney.

Is corluka good or shoul i change for agger? i fancy the stoke game, but tottenham might turn out rude guests (i.e. scoring) besides i dont see pools attacking threat at the moment...

Fankuat said...

hi AM...thanks for keep updating and sharing us ur view despite ur having ur own life

my team now

Robinson(keep prove us wrong with great displays)


Nasri,Taylor,Kranjcar,Babel(or Aquaman depending on team updates)


currently stuck either
cahill/nasri or arshavin and corluka...

wat are ur guys opinion?
thanks lot A_M for the great post mantain!

Anonymous said...

Is Defoe & Fabregas fit to play this weekend?
If either of them may not playin' both matches, will switch to M.Taylor & Arshavin. Pls confirm.


Caleb said...

As a Liverpool fan, I am quite confident they will not get a CS in the two matches. So I personally will avoid Liverpool defender/keeper.

My team will pretty much consist player from London:

Ver Bale Bassong
Nasri Kranjcar Arshavin Modric
Eduardo Crouch Defoe
with 1.24 left

I am thinking should I change Modric to Diaby. I also keen to upgrade Bassong but I cannot afford Corluka/Aurelio indeed.

Any suggestion?

Anonymous said...


Vermaelen, Evans, Bale,

Arshavin, Nasri, Aquilani, Modric, Krancjar,

Eduardo, Defoe..

Happy enough with this. I have to make a final decision between Aquil and Babel... Maybe Babel has more potential to score more!!

mudwalkerz said...

Yesterday was on Diaby/Bassong.. but with King possibly playing one game at least.. Bassie might only be a single gamer. Then also the fact that Diaby might have to play DM.. so I switched to Kranj and.... Degen. Ok probably really not a good pick.. but with only 6 left for budget he seemed the best double gamer to get with G.Johnson still out for weeks. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

What about Rosicky? Personally dont see much difference between him and nasri in fantasy stakes and he's a little cheaper. Is he less likely to play or something having just returned from injury? Walcott could be back too I read...

Anonymous said...

What about anelka guys? He's a proven scorer when Drogba is not around

Mike B said...

I've pretty much decided on my team now at last.

The problem i had was endlessly trying to fill my team with double gamers, and every team i made, there were a few there for the sole reason that they have 2 games. Not because i even thought they'd score well.

I would love Fabregas but i don't think he'll get 2 games anyway, and at 21 he's just too expensive for me.

So i've just picked the double gamers i think will do well for their price, and then filled the rest up with decent single gamers.

This could all change again last minute, but i like this squad, and the only double game week i've done well in so far involved me picking out half a team of single gamers.

I look a bit short of Arsenal, but i can't begin to guess who will get the points from them. I can see the likes of Nasri and Rosicky getting subbed out or scoring well below their value again aswell. Maybe i'm still annoyed at last week though haha.

So with that in mind, this is my team for now...

Verm, Alexander, Bale
Modric, Milner, Arshavin, Kranjcar
Crouch, NGog, Anelka

This is very different from alot of managers i reckon, it'll either lose me 1000 places, or gain me 1000 places.

Milner V West Ham is a great match-up, as is Anelka V Sunderland.

Alexander is a season keeper.

Given has a reat run of fixtures after his blank next week, and at discount he's worth keeping.

The rest are self explanitory!

Anonymous said...

AM - I'm battling with weather to drop Arshavin.
Seriously tempted but I can just see him compounding the misery of several high price baron weeks by banging 4 in one of the Bolton games the moment I drop him.
On he one hand he's a double gamer with decent match ups and capable of a big score.
On the other hand he's been apalling recently and will prob get fewer kicks with Fabregas back & could even fall victim to a bizarre Wenger rotation in one of the fixtures...
I'm erring on the side of keeping him (based it not being the world's biggest gamble at the price & my main competitor more likely to have him than not) but have a horrible feeling that whichever choice I take will turn out to be the wrong one...
Your thoughts?

Assistant Manager said...

Ferdinand - Keep Corluka over Agger

Fankuat - Cheers for the comments. I'd go Arshavin & Corluka

Ajani - As far as I know Defoe is fit, but I'm not sure Fabregas will play both games. The only person who can confirm this is Wenger!

Caleb - Maybe Bassong to Degen, who should play twice with Johnson out?

Mud - those look like good changes to me.

Anon(s) - Rosicky is a fine pick, as is Anelka; they just haven't made my list this week.

Mike - I actually love your team, it's made me reconsider a few things...

OS - Arshavin is dead to me, yet for some reason I'm leaning towards picking him again..

richy 'liverpool' said...

if it wasnt a double weeker i would have picked up donovan in a flash, and will prob BD him, and will have a think about Ngog as well..

Anonymous said...

I'm having crazy ideas about bringing in Kuyt..he might be pushed up as a proper striker. Bit of a hunch really, please someone talk me out of it!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My team has 5 Tottenham players. What do you guys think? Should I swap them for more Arsenal? Problem is I don't know who will play both games for Arsenal. Or could it be worth to stick to this team? Some advice please.
Here is my team
Verm Bale Dunne
Kranc Modric Huddlestone Nasri
Tevez Klasnic Crouch


j said...

need some advice here...i can either go with defoe n then put the mok with 1.9 still left or i can go with crouch, n then get an average second player...

Anonymous said...

I'm currently thinking about my two last spots - a defender and a midfielder:


These are the best I've found. The fisrt ne is probably the best, but I have a good fealing about the second and the third as well, so I'd love to read some comments about this.

Right now:

Vermaelen Bale Ivanovic
Valencia Milner Modric Aquilani
Rooney Eduardo Sturridge


Anonymous said...


First of all Assistant manager great blog. Using it 4 the first time :)

My team for the weekend
GK Almunia
DEF Verm, Zabaleta, Corluka
MID Diaby, S.Larsson, Modric, Aquilani
ATT Eduardo, Tevez, Defoe

I'm still not sure bout Larsson (but hoping he buries one of his tm freekicks)and Eduardo cus he's in poor form.

GL 2 all from Slovenia

Anonymous said...

Verm Bale Evans
Bily Arsh Modric Kranjcar
EdS Defoe Ngog

Is Defoe fit? Thinking of swopping Evans to Bassong, but I'm not sure if King will be back and take his place.

init said...


Tottenham played a full team last week in the FA Cup and Hutton played instead of Corluka. They spent a fortune on him and although he has had injury problems and not played too much I think both Corluka and Hutton become risky picks...

Currently I am on the following 9 with 14.75 left to spend (holding Rosicky at 6.55)


Any suggestions for the question marks?


or swap Defoe for Arsh (I swapped Tevez for Arsh last week. Genius...) and give a few more options.

Any help gratefully received!!


Anonymous said...

cohen in the mid or bassong in the back? (or any other suggestions for 7.75)

also, anyone think fab won't get in both games? tempted to splash the money

Maxer said...

AM.. no love for Mtay?.. or am i missing something?.. anyway its either him or fab in my team..

btw, which one u prefer, rosicky, diaby or nasri?.. and modric or kranjcar?..

and any suggestion on a 6.19 defender?..


Anonymous said...

AM (and loyal readers)-

I am in New Jersey, and have some limited internet access lately. I can report that the weather here is a cloudy 41F/5C. But I cant get any weather reports anywhere else. Are there any games in the Prem League that are in doubt due to weather? I want to avoid last week's debacle of having only 2 players...

as it stands, my team is:

Vermalen, SeaBass, Bale
Modric, Aquilani, Kranj, Larsson
Rooney, Tevez, Defoe

any suggestions?


ps. Your blog is not only a great analysis, but I enjoy the sarcastic life comments, I am there too!

gman26 said...

Vermaelen, Sagna, Bale, Aurelio
O'Hara, Aquilani,THud
Rooney, Tevez, Defoe

Anonymous said...

will R.Babel get any minutes or starting, anyone?


Alex said...

Babel is not going to be included in the squad this week, according to twitter, and he has not been told why.

STM said...

init - Beg to differ regarding Hutton/Corluka. Specifically this season 2009, although Hutton has been fit for some time now (months IIRC), Corluka (Charlie) has started all EPL matches. So, I see his non appearance in the FA Cup as Redknapp giving Charlie some rest. It is easy to see who is the preferred first choice.

How many EPL games have Spurs played so far? 20.
How many games have Charlie started so far? 20.
How many minutes have Charlie played so far? 1775 mins (out of 1800 mins)

In any case, Hutton has been ruled out of the clash with Hull City. So too is King, BAE and Aaron Lennon.

Those concerned about Defoe, no mention of him in the team news, so he should be fit... PRESUMABLY... ;)

init said...

STN - thanks mate makes sense, FA Cup was the confusing one cos Harry came out and said he picked his first team to respect the opponents. But if he's out then there isn't anything to think about!!

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

Rosicky or Modric? Thoughts?

I'm a Gooner, so, of course, I hate choosing Modric over 'Sicky... but if it is the right YFF move, then I will do it, as I'd like to beat my mates.

Thank you,

ToffeeDave said...

Hey am, good to see we still value the same players. Corluka and Diaby I feel are musts this week and good to see you have em up there along with klasnic. The only problem im having is the bolton and arsenal playing each other 2 times within a week, I feel one of the games can be a complete deadlock and keep the points low. Keep it up mate.

CMass said...

With Denilson out ,have to change lineup:

Anonymous said...

Verm Bassong Bale
Diaby Nasri Aqua Kranj
Tevez Eduardo Kuyt

Stu said...

Current team is:
Gallas Bale Corluka
Nasri Huddlestone Mokoena Diaby
Eduardo Tevez Defoe

I have Given and Tevez on big discount, Eduardo and Nasri on small discount, and 5.1 left to spend. Thoughts about who/where to upgrade? I could obviously upgrade Mokoena, but not sure it's a huge upgrade if I am picking up someone in the 6.1 neighborhood (Moko=1). Wondering if I should use the 5.1 to upgrade to a bigger stud or two elsewhere...


mehicoradio said...

bit stuck on my line-up and had a question. would it be better to go with

Defoe and Kirk


Kranjcar and PRobbo

I don't have room for both Defoe and Kranjcar. Right now i have:

Verm, Ivanovic, Bale
Valencia, O'Hara, Modric, Lee
Drogs, Tevez, Defoe

I don't want to drop any of my one gamers (Ivan, Valencia and O'Hara have pretty good match-ups and Tevez is in form), And nervous about Kirk.

Would rather have Robbo, as Blackburn been pretty solid defensively at home, haven't given up more then 2 there. But also way out of form.

ugh, i hope VdS price doesn't go up so i can BD him and not have to worry about this stuff again in a couple weeks.

Alex said...

Found this really tough, my team all saved and probably not changing;

Vermalaen Bale Corluka
Arshavin Aqua Modric Mok (filler)
Defoe Anelka Rooney

Girlfriend went for;

Bale Evra Degen
Arshavin Aqua Modric Mok
Rooney Defoe Ngog

With her thinking on downgrading Arshavin to Nasri, Evra to Aurelio and upgrading Ngog to Eduardo.


ben. said...

Hmm I'm taking a risk of getting crouch and defoe both in my line up. Do you think thats feasible??

Anonymous said...

At the moment I have:
Bale / Carr / Bassong
Modric / Aquilani / Arshavin / Mokoena
Tevez / Defoe / Rooney

Should I replace Modric with Bowyer? still have 1.34 left to go and holding Tevez at a 5mil discount ;)


azri gadafi said...


verm bale evans
huddlestone modric kranjar nasri aquilani
eduardo defoe

im not so into tottenham,but i got a strange feeling..

Anonymous said...

degen or skrtel quick :)

Anonymous said...

lol i finished my team just a minute before the deadline, it looks like

Bale / Bassong / Salgado
Modric / Arshavin / Kranjcar / Rosicky
Defoe / Rooney / Sturridge

And if you're choosing Lpool defenders, choose the one less likely to play ;) you'll lose less points that way

- Anorexic Pig

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