Saturday, 9 January 2010

Week 18 - Saturday

Saturday is over & all my players have played, so I end the week with 41.50 points. A disaster in any other week, but in the farce that was Week 18 it's enough to move me up 600 places. The highest score in the entire game this week was 75...that sums it up so far.

I watched the Arsenal game - they simply didn't get going, the crowd were subdued & Everton's work-rate was outstanding...the Toffee's were unlucky not to take all 3 points.

Typically the only 2 attacking players I didn't have, Denilson & Rosicky, were the goalscorers, but I got 2 assists from Eduardo & Diaby. Almunia proved a complete waste of cash, as were Ramsey & Nasri.

I didn't see the United game but I was lucky enough to pick up 15 points from Benitez & Bowyer & I was also very happy to see Rooney cause minimal damage.

Now, on the barndoor I grabbed Man Utd players (Rooney, Valencia, Evra, Kusczak) but I'm still unsure how Yahoo will arrange the Week 19 fixtures. Currently it's a United & Hull double week but the dates spill over 2 weeks - I'm pretty sure they'll split the 2 weeks up but United at home to Burnley is still attractive. Villa, Spurs & Chelsea also have good fixtures. I also grabbed Bale today & I'm glad I did as his value shot up from 2.80 to 5.74.

Finally, it was brought to my attention by an anonymous poster that Week 18 was meant to be Round 2 of The AM Challenge. I'm really sorry, I'd completely forgotten about it, but had I remembered I would've postponed it anyway because of the fixture chaos. I feel it would be unsporting to use Week 18 to knock out 150 teams so The AM Challenge 2nd Round will now be Week 19, followed by Round 4 of The Blog Cup in Week 20. I hope you all see this as a fair solution.

That concludes my Saturday post, and it possibly concludes the week if Man City's game on Monday night is snowed off. We shall have to wait & see but the weather is still horrendous so expect a decision tomorrow.

How did you get on today - triumph or disaster? Barndoor work?



Bojan said...

i always have last post in old topic and that post contain answers to new post...

46,5 points... up from 305 to 217... week over...

P.S. Bale @5,74

Anonymous said...

I got Bale back after today's game @2.80...somehow I new this price increase was going to happen and am happy to have BD'd him after the United game. I think the price increase could be a good thing for those of us who got him before he shot up. Anyways 42.50 points for the week with Given only to go if City play...I'll take the big FAT (0) for Given by the way. Moved to the early 7,000's overall rankings. I was at 16,000 a month ago but have been doing so well lately I could actually finish below 1,000 before the season ends. How'd you guys do?
By the way AM you didn't do so bad, I thought when I first saw you post your lineup this morning and after watching the Arsenal game you would get at most 25 points but 41.5 is pretty good for this week. Congrats!
Bojan - What was your line-up like? Good points.


Fidan said...

46 pts, with Given still "to play"...!!!

Not exactly what I expected but it'll do!!!

Good Luck!!!

P.S. I'm not sure do I or don't I want the City game to go ahead (having only Given)...!!!

Fidan said...

Btw, moved from 95 to 72 overall...!!!


Anonymous said...

30.5 points for the week with Collison and Franco to go tomorrow, i hope that wont be postpone.


Bojan said...

Kuschak(always writed his name wrong, i know)
Ramsey,Giggs,Fellani(fantasic today), ASSavin or ASShitavin/Eduardo and Benitez

Bojan said...

Sephiroth@ no chance that they will PP that game

Bojan said...

Because they PP allready... LOL

greginho said...

i had 30.5 points that put up 900 places. i had
vermealen 3.5, nelsen ?, bale
petrov ?, diaby 6.5, nasri 1.5, cesc
eduardo 5, jerome 14, diamanti

with the late cancellation i lost 2 players and bale and cesc stayed. i dropped tevez for jerome to limit the monday gamers down to nelsen and petrov. that worked out well. i have 2 left if nature leaves england alone!

Anonymous said...

I have only 30.50 points. As I am winning my private pool easily it is the top 2000 I really want to tackle so I took a little gamble for monday.. that the City game (please please please) does not get postponed, and Tevez,Zabaleta,Petrov and Given go big...please let it be areality, not just a dream.


Anonymous said...

Ha, just noticed, thanks to AMs print screen, that on the team page it says "Goalkeepers". I didn't know I could field 2 GKs.

Anyway, 42 pts, with possibly Given to go. Though I am content with a 0 from Given.

I had Given
Verm, Alexander, Spector (filler, with play potential)

Larsson, Ramsey, Abou Diaby, Arshadouche, Valencia,

EdS, Chucho.

Anonymous said...

why hart got 4 points while he had 3 saves which makes it 9 poitns minus 3 for the goal allowed,we are left with 6 points plus 1 point for a draw that means he should have 7 points.
any one knows better about yahoo points? why 4 instead of 7 points?

toshack said...

a save only give you 2 points dear :)

BTW i only got 24.5.. and its done for me this week :(

Anonymous said...

Did okish by this week's standard, even though it is my season's low of 47.50.

Verm(3.5) Evans(6) Traore(6.5)
Bily(1.5) Ramsey(1) Arshavin(5) Fletcher(-2) Valencia(8)
Eduardo(5) Benitez(9)

For next week, I have grabbed Kusz, Bale, Evra, Geovanni, Anelka and Berba

Vermaelen Bale Evans Evra
Bilyaletdinov Valencia Geovanni
Benitez Berbatov Anelka

mehicoradio said...

wasn't able to BD for the Man U game, but did nab Denilson though i doubt i keep him, and Cahill.

Ended up with 32 points, as i picked around the points a couple times. went with Sagna over Evra, and Ramsey over Larrson or Denilson.

As for next week, thinking about Ballack and Modric. Are both likely to start?

Lastly i'm hoping they will count the games on the 26th and 27th as part of Week 19.

Anonymous said...

i am actually a little not happy with the formations they give us. its abit limited. we could have 5-4-1 as well.

Anonymous said...

yeah,YFF should put at least 2 more formations for us to choose,such as 4-5-1 and 5-4-1

Mike B said...

A terrible end to a very strange week for me! Ended on 21.5 points, after picking a team consisting of

Verm, Alexander, Zabaleta
Arsh, Ramsay, Nasri, Larsson, Giggs
Eduardo, Diamanti

I was at work all day on Saturday so couldn't change any players, so i just went for those on Friday night and kept my fingers crossed.

I'm disappointed in all of my Arse players, mostly they gave me 1 point each lol. Aweful. Disappointed that Fergy played that prat Scholes instead of Giggsy, thus giving me a further 1 point.

I was so close to changing Diamanti to Jerome on Friday night, as Jerome has always been lucky for me, and i actually think he's a better striker than Chucho after watching a few Brum games this season. Alas i took the chance and it didn't work out.

The only barn door work i did was to get in Bale before the inevitable price jump, i don't think many other players went up in value anyway.

So this weekend i'm putting down to experience, and being thankful everyone else seemed to pick around the points aswell haha.

I'm trying not to cling on to the slight chance of the City match being on, but points from Given and Zabaleta would be nice.

Next week, against my better judgement i'll pick Man U, Chelsea and Tottenham players. My entire team is going to be changed pretty much. I'm just glad i kept players i had at a decent discount. All Arsenal players are currently dead to me so i'm saying goodbye to everyone apart from the ever present Verm.

Until next week chaps!

Stato said...

Yahoo have included Man U v Hull in Week 19 but left the following Tuesday and Wednesday games out (as seen at 11am GMT). So currently appears as a double header for these two teams and no one else.

Ian Sanderson said...

I went with the following and amassed 35.5 points, keeping 3 discounted players. Have brought in Bale and Valencia

Vermaelen Heitinga Traore
Arshavin Dempsey Modric Nasri
Tuncay Rooney Eduardo

Cannot understand why Man U & Hull have DG week; all other 18 teams play on Tues/Wed. Will wait and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

heres my team for next week

Verm(8.49), Bale(2.65), Evans
arsh, dempsey(11.73), gibson, rosicky
rooney(16.05), crouch owen

im thinking of changing arshavin for valencia
what do you think? I still have 1.23 over

Anonymous said...

46 points with Given (hopefully) still to play.

Anonymous said...


Berbatov (Man U) seems to be injured : see -
the guardian/football "Sir Alex Ferguson says..."
Perhaps a player to leave out for the double games for Man U?


The Greek said...

"The club is delighted to announce that tonight’s Premier League fixture with Blackburn Rovers will go ahead.

The club has received praise from all quarters for the tireless work that has taken place - day and night - over the weekend to ensure all areas and major walkways around the ground are free of ice and snow.

Following a meeting with the city council, the police and club officials this morning, the green light has now been given to play the game, and only a serious deterioration in the weather conditions in the next few hours will put the game at risk.

East Car Park will remain closed for this evening and several local accredited external car parks are likely to remain shut. We will keep you updated as to which of these will not be in use."

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