Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Week 7 - Player Picks

Week 6 was a massive disappointment as my decision to go with Rooney over Van Persie cost me 34 points, undid a lot of the great progress I'd made in Week 5 and left me right on the edge of the Top 10,000.

It's been boom or bust for me in the opening six weeks of the season; 3 weekly scores of between 60-75 points and 3 weekly scores of 115-135 points. I could really do with another bumper score so Week 7 is a chance to bounce back and again it's another single week for all teams. There are seven teams in particular that have my attention...

Stand-Out Fixtures
MAN UTD v Norwich
MAN CITY @ Blackburn
CHELSEA @ Bolton

No surprises here as the 3 teams with the pick of the fixtures make up the current top 3 in the Premier League. Norwich have been playing well but Manchester United will be frustrated after 2 draws in a row and I'm expecting them to hand out a bit of a thrashing at Old Trafford this weekend. Manchester City head to Ewood Park to face 3rd from bottom Blackburn and Chelsea travel to to rock-bottom Bolton. It is advisable to have at least one representative from each of the top 3, ideally two if you can fit them in/afford them.

Should Win

Aston Villa may sit in 8th but their fans have been less than impressed with the style of football they've seen under Alex McLeish. There won't be many better chances to put on a show than against Wigan at home and I'm expecting them to do just that, leading to a comfortable home win. Sunderland are struggling for goals but 2nd from bottom West Brom are visiting this weekend and again I predict a home win to take a bit of pressure off manager Steve Bruce.


You get the feeling this game could finish 4-3 or 3-4 as neither side likes defending and both have a great array of attacking talent, so I'm expecting a lot of points for Spurs & Arsenal midfielders & strikers.

Close/Draws/Low Scoring
Wolves v Newcastle
Everton v Liverpool
Fulham v QPR
Swansea v Stoke

It's hard to call these four games but I do expect them to be quite low scoring, so defensive players could be a decent shout. I wouldn't be going out of my way to spend too much money on attacking players unless you hold them on the cheap or at discount (e.g Taarabt/SWP).

With the fixtures in mind, here are the player I'm recommending for Week 7...

De Gea

DDG continues to lead the way in saves (32, almost double the number that Joe Hart has made) and has a great chance of winning every match he plays in, so he'll continue to be listed as the number one Keeper pick for the foreseeable future whether United are home or away. If you've missed that boat then the best options this week are Swansea's Vorm (down in price after -8 at Chelsea) at home to Stoke, or the ever-reliable Shay Given at home to Wigan.

(* awaiting injury news)


Chelsea's Jose Bosingwa has a goal and two assists, while Manchester City's Micah Richards also has two assists in the opening six league games of the season. Both men should get plenty of opportunities to get forward against struggling Bolton and Blackburn so this makes them the top defensive picks of the week, although Richards is slightly pricey after last week's clean sheet vs Everton.

It remains to be seen if Chris Smalling or Jonny Evans will be fit to return this weekend but whoever does make it will slot in at right-back and would represent great value given the fixture against Norwich. If they fail to recover then (with Fabio picking up an injury last night) it could well be Antonio Valencia slotting in, and despite the fact he's listed as a midfielder he may actually be a decent choice if you're looking to spend less then 7, as he should get forward plenty..

Angel Rangel has been Mr Consistent all season and he's a fine choice again as Swansea host Stoke, priced @ 8.52. John Arne Riise and Alan Hutton are also great options if you're looking for an attacking full-back as both are playing at home for Fulham and Villa respectively and are priced below 8. Wes Brown is the best value defender this week as he has clean sheet potential at home to West Brom, while Boyata is the filler who continues to outscore his cost.

Van Der Vaart

Wright Phillips

Ben Arfa

**Ahhh, Blogger has somehow lost what I'd written for my midfield analysis, how annoying! I'll retype it when I get time later. :( **

(*awaiting Rooney/Hernandez injury news)

Van Persie


We've had no update regarding the injuries to Rooney and Hernandez, so at this point in time you have to consider Danny Welbeck as the top striker pick, at home to Norwich and fresh from two Champions League goals on Tuesday night. The chaos at Manchester City means both Carlos Tevez and Edin Dzeko are unlikely to feature this weekend, which leaves Sergio Aguero the City striker to go for (unless you fancy a punt on Balotelli!).

Torres serves the first game of his three match suspension so Didier Drogba should lead the line against a Bolton side who have already conceded 16 goals this season (10 of those at home). 20.90 is a lot to spend but he broke his goal-duck last weekend and I'd expect more from him on Sunday. He'll be supported by the excellent Juan Mata (7.63) playing in the hole, who disappointed last weekend after a booking, but should get even more space to work his magic this week.

We all know that when Adebayor is fired up he can be unplayable and he's sure to be fired up facing his old side Arsenal for the first time as a Tottenham player. Admittedly this could just as likely mean a red card as it could mean 2 goals, but I'm sticking with him and I expect a good total. His old striker partner Robin Van Persie is considerably more expensive but he's in excellent form having knocked in goals 99 and 100 for Arsenal last weekend so remains a great choice if you hold him at 20ish.

Finally if you're looking to do something a bit different then two strikers you may be interested in complete the player list this week. Gabby Agbonlahor has been in his best goalscoring form since he burst on to the scene a few years ago, so with a home game against Wigan and priced below 9, he has to be worth a look. An even bigger outsider is Nicklas Bendtner, just 7.26, yet to open his Sunderland account but at home to West Brom; if you're in a gambling mood he could be your man.

That's it!

My current team:

De Gea, Brown, Bosingwa, Richards, Ramires, Wright-Phillips, Silva, Nani, Adebayor, Welbeck, Aguero

That team leaves me with over 5million left in the bank so there's work to do. I may upgrade Brown, I'm undecided on Ramires and I'm aware I may need to change Welbeck if Rooney and Hernandez recover. In fact, if Ferguson confirms Rooney will start then I'd really want to bring him in Welbeck's place, which would require some serious downgrading elsewhere (starting with Nani to Young). The only players safe in that scenario would be De Gea, Silva, Adebayor & Aguero.

I'll leave it there for this week - I'll be back on Friday with team news and an update on the all important Manchester United injury situation. With Champions League and Europa League games still to come, there's sure to be plenty of further knocks picked up before deadline.

Please let me know how your own Week 7 team is shaping up!



paulyff said...

Rooney is down for "4 weeks" out on the physioroom injury list - a bad omen?

Anonymous said...

what about berbatove, i am sure he is the best pick this week

Sonic Rover said...

In other news, Titus Bramble has apparently been arrested:

kendo said...

Hi Nik what about rio @ home v Norwich rather than bosingwa?

Have bd'd modric fancy him v the gooners?

Brown Richards ferdinand
Silva modric Vdv Anderson
Aguero Adebayor mata

Have dropped Rooney at discount too late to go back hope i dont regret it!

ahmadkhairulnizar said...

Hai Nik, any comment on the tiredness effect on Stoke and Fulham players.?? because they will play on Thursday.. i didnt worry of Spurs players because Redknapp surely will rest some or almost his key players..

Assistant Manager said...

Hi lads,

I haven't seen any news suggesting Rooney will be out for longer than 7-10 days; in fact he thought he'd be ready for Basle last night but Fergie decided not to risk him. It's only a slight hamstring strain which he picked up in training last Thursday, so I think he'll have a chance for this weekend.

Berbatov is 4th in line behind Rooney, Hernandez & Welbeck - if Hernandez or Rooney make it back then I don't think Berbatov even plays. If he is set to play then he's a good pick but I'd prefer Welbeck over him.

Ferdinand is a good shout but I wouldn't put him above Bosingwa. I'm also unsure whether he'll able to play three times in a week; after playing 90 minutes vs Stoke & Basle there's a chance he's rested if Smalling or Evans return.

Friday's team news will be key!

Dens23 said...

How bout Barry Bannan of Aston Villa. He's on free kicks, penalty. Has a great left foot. Almost scored from a free kick too last weekend.

Assistant Manager said...

Bannan is listed, but it's worth noting that that if Bent is back he'll take over penalty duty.

Irons said...

Another good week for me last week, 97 pts. Really starting to move in the right direction..

I've got a team set that i'm delighted with but it all depends on Rooney being out. If it looks like Rooney might play then i would need major surgery to bring him in.

De Gea
Brown Rangel Boyata
Taarabt Cabaye Nani Young
Adebayor Aguero Mata
1.14 spare.

I love it!

Eugene said...

Nani seems a sure starter, but BFAY played 90 min. last don't think he'll be rotated for the weekend?

Ѭ said...

De Gea
Brown *Boyata? Richards
Silva Young SWP Nani
Aguero Adebayor Welbeck

Available Funds 0.01

Yeah, BFAY played 90 min last game. but Im pretty sure that he will play against Norwich. Anyway still have to wait for update news

虎-Thệ Tổk Im∆m-¬MYѬ™

Anonymous said...

What about Wayne Hennessey at home against Newcastle?

Anonymous said...

and what about Stephen Ireland at 2.75?


Skip said...

I still have faith in Suarez.. i want to give him the NOD over Mata..


hope Gervin and get me some points :)

Matron-D said...

@ Eugene - I seriously hope he starts. I planned on taking him this week. said...


Brown Rangel Risse

Silva Taarabt AYoung Arteta

Aderbayor Wellbeck Aguero

Still has 8mil left, not sure who should I drop out (Brown Taarbat or Arteta) since I bought them as discount price.

Should I drop arteta for Van Der Vaart / Bale?

Anonymous said...

I like my team for the first time in 3 weeks:

Bosingwa,Richards,Boyata (accidentally dropped brown at discount)

Ѭ said...

Brown Boyata Richards
Silva BFAY SWP Nani
Aguero Adebayor Welbeck

Available funds 0.01

Yeah BFAY played 90 min last game against Basel. But I'm pretty sure that he will start against Norwich.

虎-Thệ Tổk Im∆m-¬MYѬ™

Anonymous said...

If all are fit for the weekend who would you choose...

Modric/Arteta/Nasri to go with a MF of Silva,VDV,Ramires?

I currently have no Arsenal players for this weekend and that is why I am looking at Arteta, even though his fantasy effectiveness with Arsenal as depended heavily on scoring. Is he playing to deep to be a factor with Ramsey playing more advanced?

mrtwig said...

Rooney will play, ManU are half the team without him.

I dropped him in disgust after his no show last weekend but taken him back, I foresee a 30 pointer from our Wayne with a good few from Wellbeck too..

Bendtner is shite, even if he flukes a goal he is still shite and I don't think he merits a place amongst the favoured few even if he was free!!

Still have Tarabt but want off the QPR bandwagon, just wish Mata was MF!!

Enrique Brown Richards
Taarabt SWP Silva Young
Aguero Adebayor Rooney

Mohd said...




Anonymous said...

I am also with the same thought that Suarez was a good pick up on the door. (which I did)

However, I am rethinking my position somewhat and this is why. He has a tough road trip in Everton this week followed up by an even tougher game against United. After that 3 more favorable match ups appear to be the best time to bring him in. Taking all this into consideration I feel his price (after) the United game will be close to his current price if not a little less.
I am considering either Agbonlahor, even though I did see Villa play the other week and was not impressed at all..yet, Agbonlahor appears to love the "home" crowd.
Or..Adebayor who seems to be in form and has a nice run of favorable match ups ahead even if the Arsenal game proves to be tougher then expected.

Would love a United striker this week and will be watching that also.

Good luck

Anonymous said...

Connor Wickham at 6.05 is set to start for Sunderland...


greginho said...

i have issues with uncertainties. mine are with rooney and dzeko. if they do not play then i will look at a bunch of options with welbeck, mata, gervinho, van der vaart, nani, adebayor, etc. now i need to figure out which ones are the best. i mata is my least favorite choice because he has not scored or assisted in any away games for chelsea. wellbeck and gervinho will both likely score, so i like them. spurs have issues with players that play direct like gervinho. van der vaart and nani could each get a brace, especially if rooney is not playing. adebayor will get a goal too.

kwyjibo said...



I really want VdV, but with 3.88 left over, that just isn't enough to upgrade Nasri. I would have to switch Nani to Young, which I don't really want to do, or, do this:


Which isn't a bad team, either. I'll wait for team news before making the final decision.

SfSS said...

Agbonlahor or Mata? I guess many will pick Mata, so i guess having someone different might be a worth gamble, or should i get Bent? up to 14 is not a problem

Brian said...

@Ken and @Skip, I think Suarez is worth holding onto at $13 - which is what I paid for him last week.

I agree with the poster above who said he dislikes uncertainty. I'm the same way. I especially hate uncertainty with's brutal to get nothing out of your forward spots.

Dzeko has done this to me twice now, and I'm done with him. I prefer to have a guy like Suarez, who is not only world class striker, but is BY FAR the best goal scorer on his team. Unlike the Man City, Man U, or even Chelsea strikers, I don't need to worry about Suarez being benched for "rest" or "rotation" every week.

As for the tough matchups vs Everton and Man U, they aren't ideal, but I could see him getting a goal in each. I certainly don't see his price getting back down to the $13 level any time soon. He would have to get a straight red early in the game for his price to drop that low.

And having my 3 strikers of Aguero ($8), Adebayor ($5), and Suarez ($13) allows me to spend money on top notch midfielders like VdV, Nani, Young, etc. And that's the only way to catch all the people who will pay $23+ for Rooney every week.

David S said...

Just when we thought we might have some certainty in the Man City starting forward situation, it seems Dzeko has apologized to Mancini and is back in his manager's good graces for this weekend.

I still like Balotelli's chances since Mancini definitely needs to publicly enforce some discipline after all the dissention at Bayern Munich, but I'm not confident enough to go actually go ahead and make the bet on him. Like Greginho and others, I like certainty.

greginho said...

well that is a great occurence. i only need to change out rooney then. dzeko is staying.

lipanboy said...

got RVP..what do u guys think?drop him or keep him for future..i cant see him score well vs spurs with his support (walcot, gervinho) injurd..any thought?

RohAyu Rocher said...

bosw brown mets
nani siva swp
suarez wellbeck aguero

Rick said...

If I sell Rooney (I have a big discount) can I barn door him after the game at the same price? I am concerned that he will not start, but want to keep him in my squad?
Any ideas?

Mell fantasyonthego said...

Rooney injury and Dzeko apology are really turning the events around. RVP as a replacement has a very tough matchup this weekend while over expensive Aguero may prove too costly. I reckon its a Drog's time!

mrtwig said...

Rick if you drop a player and save the team you lose the discount completely.

Even if Rooney is 50:50 I will keep him for home game v Norwich, only if I hear he is 100% out will I drop, he is on fire and Man U couldn't beat Stoke or Basel without him so he will definitely play if he's in the squad.

Prefer to pick him and see a zero than to drop him and to see 40 points go..

Normally I stay clear of doubts but Rooney is a special case this year.,.

Edward said...

Berbatov or we beck any suggestions because my team would look like this
DDG boyata brown bosingwa Silva grella Vdv young aguero welbeck k2

Rick said...

Thanks Mr Twig I take your point and I think I will keep him. I am really worried about taking a chance on 2 forwards, The other i of course Dzeko.

Anonymous said...

Mancini said Dzeko will be on the bench and until he says different thats where he will be this weekend.

Hermawan said...

My Team Week 7 =

Rangel Brown Riise
Silva Ireland Dempsey Young
Aguero Agbonlahor Welbeck

B4P said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cee Pee said...

Bent or Welbeck?
Apparently Bent is back from injury...

Justin Lim said...

is nani certain to start? it will be a blow to spend 23 bucks to see valencia and young or giggs for that matter to flank the wings. :S

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