Tuesday, 13 September 2011


So Week 4 is over and a distinctly average 115 points leaves me 19,000th, already 150 points off the Top 50 - sh*t! - I may take a few risks in Week 5 in an attempt to get back in to contention. I'm considering taking another punt on Leighton Baines ... thoughts?

As for The Blog Cup, I'll be waiting a few days before calculating the results, just in case there are point adjustments by Yahoo (I had to re-do them twice last year and it takes ages!), so expect them on Thursday. Week 5 Player Picks should be up tomorrow afternoon.

How did you get on in Week 4? Are you confident of making it through to Round 2?



Ali said...


Ali said...

my rank is 73000.
Last year it was 13000.
I hav faith in rvp and dzeko.
My week 5 team is


Will make 2 OR 3 changes till weekend.
This time i will not follow NICK.my rank is 73000.
Last year it was 13000.
I hav faith in rvp and dzeko.
My week 5 team is


Will make 2 OR 3 changes till weekend.
This time i will not follow NICK.

Assistant Manager said...

Ok (it's NIK by the way)

capiTeno said...

with 132.5pts i'm a little more confident than you i assume ;-)

Gingerman said...

Ended up with 120 point so i guess I will make round 2. Currently 3729th with 442 points.

AFM said...

118.5 point this week put me 5526 of overall rank...feel regret drop jones for smalling and bd young instead of rooney...

AFM said...

by the way...to ali...nobody tell u to follow nik...its your own decision...use this blog just for reference..but u on your own...

Ali said...

hey NIK,it worked last year.....
I use to refer this blog for fillers.....but now i am following this blog like herd(subconsciously) ..lolz.

Ian Sanderson said...

A poorish 94 points giving me a total of 411 position 9309.

For week 5 I have sold Rooney; my current team has over 25 units spare...DDG, Bos, Merts, Gibbs, Silva, SWP, Walcott, Ramsay, Gervino, Bentner, Aguero.
Lots of tinkering to do before the weekend.

Chaos said...

A below average 109 points for the week.

Currently 12,946th place, finished 11th last season.

131 points off the top 50, and agree with Nik, its time to punt and take some serious risks in Wk5.

p.s Does anybody remember a season when we´ve had such high scoring weeks? I have 4 teams in my private league who have scored over 100 points in 3 of the 4 weeks so far.

Anonymous said...

I think I'm pretty sorted on my team already, I'll be banking heavily on an Arsenal clean sheet though. I think it is achievable away at a lackluster Blackburn.

De Gea
Gibbs/ Mertesacker/ Santos
Silva/ Arteta/ Taarabt/ Wright-Phillips
Hernandez/ Rooney/ Graham

I'm seeking advice on my third forward - the alternative is Klasnic who has proven himself already this season and Bolton host Norwich but Graham is really due a goal and West Brom at home is more likely than any if the near future Swansea fixtures..

Ken M. said...

Received what is hopefully my new average of 104.50 for the week and 393.00 for the season.

Finding it a little difficult bringing in new players. Aguero & Rooney are going to be hard to move for now. Brought in Adebayor for now and he also will be hard to move out considering his price of 5.79..so no more strikers?

My midfield with Young, Silva & Nasri holding 3/4 spots make that an added task.

With the above players mentioned I am limited on funds to make any real changes.

Either I will be holding ...or...like Nik (Nick)
I may just go on a revamp basing my decisions more on the fixture of the current week as opposed to the player of last week.

Time will tell.

Good luck everyone.

kwyjibo said...

I'll be sweating until Thursday, worrying about my measly 103.00 points. I dropped Aguero thinking he would get rotated, and kept Dzeko. At least I had Hernandez, who saved my week.

There is still hope, since 1200 are going through in this round, but I'll have to do much better if I get through to later rounds.

My team currently looks like this:

I BD'd Rooney since I'm not sure what's up with Welbeck and if Hernandez will keep his spot if he returns. Rooney is the sure starter. Not sure what other changes to make at the moment. SWP was a pleasant surprise, doubling his point value, so I'll probably stick with him for a while and see how it goes.

Alex said...

89 points total. i got rid of aguero and put faith in arteta and van persie (which made sense). last year i made it to the second-to-last round of the blog cup. This year, i think i'm probably out already. :(

Ken M. said...

From scout tweets:
Steven Fletcher is a doubt this weekend giving a (possible) striker roll to Stephen ward.

NICE..option to be sure.

Let us also not forget Gervinho???? Another nice inexpensive option.

At the moment (both) may be in this week for me.

Great options for sure!

Eddy E said...

Just a note to anyone who blames Nik for our poor results. This blog is called "Your Assistant Manager." My understanding of team management is the team manager makes all the decisions and delegates certain tasks to the Assistant Manager. Feel free to fire your AM at any time you find his or her input unhelpful. But ultimately, there's no one to blame but ourselves....

By the way, I never understand when people are upset that the AM might be performing at the same level as the Manager. I mean... He's your AM.

Anonymous said...

96 points, regret dropping DDG

Team for next week.

Gibb Boyata Richards
Silva Young Nasri SWP Osman
Aguero Agbonlalor

10.8 left and i don't see me using it this week

fergy_the_red_nosed_reigndeer said...

BARGAIN OF THE WEEK gotta be wes brown guys !!

and coleman for everton is back and cheap as chips

Anonymous said...

129.5 despite taking a goose egg for Dzeko. Too many keepers in my lineup, which worries me (Aguero, Chicarito, Silva, Nasri, A. Young, even SWP). Still it's tempting to let it ride with only a few changes in back.

Anonymous said...

I made some decisions based on rumors (which have been mostly accurate in the past). I kept DeGea but not Aguero (but did BD him immediately after). Hernandez saved my week as well but with 97.5 points I may not make the next round of the blog cup. I have 403.5 for the season. I do not blame anyone except myself for the decisions tha I made at the last minute. Had I stayed with what I had then I would have scored 156.5 points this week but "water under the bridge" and "hindsight is 20/20".

My team will probably stay like this:


UNLESS there are injuries during the Champions League this week.

steven.ng said...


Brown Mertesacker Gibbs P.Jones

Silva AYoung Taarabt

Aderbayor Aguero Rooney

still has 6mil on hand, probably drop Brown and A.Young for Walcott & Sessegon. Anythought ?

Rick said...

Hernandez or Aguero for week 5? I am really concerned about Manchini's rotation policy and maybe its time for Aquero to sit one out? I lost out big time on dropping him for the last week and also Dzeko did not play, so no points there either.

Eldwin said...

Lol Nik I had the same thing on my mind. I've already BDed Baines. I might have to risk another week to do some catch up as I dropped another 8k down to outside top 55k, but all's not lost yet! :)

DavidKBritt said...

I don't know if I would take risks Nik. The problem with this year is that the big points have all been from the obvious sources. It's the same players scoring again and again. If you don't know much about the fantasy game and just pick the "good" players you'll be winning. If you lay off of the players who might not start (i.e. Aguero on opening day or last week) you're out of the money. I wouldn't make changes right now that will set you out of contention for good. I'd bide my time until the double weeks start, which is where the cognoscenti stand to make up the most ground. By then hopefully it won't be "just pick the Manchesters" every week. For now I'd worry most about finding the efficient phantom point machines who will score enough to make up some ground on those who are also holding Rooney, Aguero, Dzeko, Silva, Young, Mertesacker, and DDG, just like everyone else. (seriously, look at the top 10 teams) But I wouldn't buck the train because, honestly, it looks like they have a good thing going. At least for the first few weeks of the season.

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