Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Week 5 - Player Picks

I'm away on a work football tournament today and tomorrow so this post is being researched & written on my iPhone, which is not easy! For that reason I can't add any anaysis but I'll look to do it tomorrow evening if I can (though with The Blog Cup results to calculate & publish too it will be a push). I'm sure some people will be unhappy but it's better than nothing at all.

Here's how I see the Week 5 fixtures...

ARSENAL @ Blackburn
WOLVES v Queens Park Rangers
BOLTON v Norwich

Aston Villa v Newcastle
Swansea v West Bromwich Albion
Tottenham v Liverpool
Sunderland v Stoke

So based on the teams I see having a chance of winning or at least performing well, these are the players on my radar for Week 5...

De Gea

Gibbs or Santos

Ward * (could play upfront for Wolves, see below)

Van Persie

My current team:  

DDG, Boyata, Gibbs, Baines, Ward, Wright-Phillips, Petrov, Silva, Adebayor, Aguero, Rooney

I've only spent 5 or so minutes on it so I'm sure loads will change when I get a proper chance to look at things on Friday. I'm unsure on Baines & Ward will only stay if McCarthy says he's partnering Doyle (he has hinted at this as Fletcher is struggling with an injury), otherwise it could be Benayoun.

Remember Arsenal kick-off at 12:45 on Saturday so we SHOULD have their starting XI before deadline. This will help make those last minute decisions on Gibbs/Santos/Benayoun/Gervinho if you're considering them.

Let me know who you're considering for Week 5 - hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with The Blog Cup results AND some analysis of my selections above. I'll definitely be back on Friday with the team & injury news.



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ward a good shout!

Anonymous said...

i have ward atm. @5 and if he plays as striker, that would be gold

kwyjibo said...

@Nik said: "I'm sure some people will be unhappy but it's better than nothing at all."

Anyone who gets upset because you actually have a life outside of this blog is just being silly.

I only need to make a couple of changes, as I'm already pretty happy with most of my team:


Most likely the defenders will change, but other than that, I think I'm almost set.

Anonymous said...

I went the Petrov/Ward route last week and it sucked.
I too have Adebayor, Aguero, Rooney. BFAY will go so I can get 2 quality midfielders in so anyone wondering about AY should pick him up if I'm dropping him.
I had my best season ever last year and this year has started out horribly (Like Liverpool under Hodgson).

However seeing Nik also struggle makes me respect what he does all the more as he still brings passion and commitment to the blog on days when he rather just say screw it.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute you mean S Petrov not M Petrov right?

Matlan Marjan said...

@playtomo - that's M Petrov mate. See the pic on top

Anonymous said...

@Nik...Finding this blog during last seasons X-mas break has been fantastic for me. Getting to see your opinions and those of others have improved my managerial thought process for the better. AM was a brilliant idea on your part so keep it up (no matter the platform) and we will all follow it.

I do not see a different team for me this week. After week 4s debacle where I actually had Rooney, Hernandez and Aguero but fears over rotation blinded my original starting philosophy.

My team this week:

DeGea (I will take my chances against Chelsea. He has been fantasy gold at 5.91)

Richards (Man City, attacking defender, predicting CS)
Mertesacker (Good match-up, target man for restarts)
Gibbs (Has performed well for 3.11)

Silva (Season keeper maybe even through an injury spell)
Nasri (The fact that he was preferred last week even with the hand injury speaks volumes)
Benayoun (too cheap @3.11 for a good attacker not to chose)
Osman (Everton at home, someone has to step up this season with Arteta gone and Cahill not at his best)

Dzeko (Kept him last week so I might as well see if my bad decision can get me some points for this week)
Aguero (Said he was a season keeper at 6.52 but let rumors get the best of my decision to keep last week)
RVP (I am will to go with fatigue as reason for a lack luster performance at 20)

I need results to reclaim private league top spot. At 403.5 for the season and 97.5 last week I was far behind most of the league as well as the league average. So, barring injury I may stand with this team for week 5. Every player made Nik's radar for this week even though I am hoping for some big things from those I think my private league competitors will probably not be choosing.

I can not see choosing any Chelsea, ManU, Liverpool or Tottenham players. Not because I think Nik's predictions are wrong about the outcome. For me these are potential table deciding games amongst teams all looking good to earn European spots. I feel cards will be a plenty especially if the games are closely contested. Maybe even if they start to get a little lopsided.

I do understand choosing RVP over an inform player like Rooney (which is what got me in the predicament I am in right now) is another big risk. But attacking options are coming available for Arsenal and RVP is the key striker everyone else tries to get him the ball in and around the penalty area. He takes PKs, some freekicks and corner from the right side of the field.

If it works I am a genius and back atop the private league. If it fails I regroup and look for other ways to climb back to the top.

David S said...

Aguero and Dzeko both starting vs. Napoli today. Would therefore expect Tevez to start this weekend along with one of them. If there are injuries tonight that would obviously shift the math though.

mrtwig said...

I can't see Aguero not playing but rotation always a risk...

Very similar teams of course, I can't see past Aguero Rooney Suarez as front 3 this season which is making YFF a bit dull! All 3 are superb and able to score big every week... But any injury spell and I will drop withot hesitation.

Someone who is missing IMO is BF Ashley Young. Didnt score high this week but he was superb and for me rivals Silva as so far player of season...albeit not long in...And on average likely to score big most weeks

I hate my team as I have far too many season keepers barring injury, but I know that changes in time...

DDG Boyata Brown Enrique Silva BFAY Taarabt SWP Aguero Suarez Rooney

Nicky said...

rubbish post, ur going down the pan mate, i can list players for nothing, why should you be runnin this for doing the same? joke

Assistant Manager said...

WOW - you could list players for nothing? You do know I don't get paid for writing this? Fuck me, I really don't know why I bother.

DMC said...

Nik, I just discovered your blog and I find it immensely enjoyable and informative. Don't let the trolls get you down. Thank you very much for the work you put in on this.

Assistant Manager said...

Thanks mate - been going for over 2 years now & those here from the start will know I've ALMOST learnt not to bite (compared to the past), but sometimes a troll can be such a c**t that it makes me wonder. I'll be back tomorrow though :)

greginho said...

so just got back in the states. i flew in on tuesday. i will be changing my name to my gregandtonic name that i used for so many years before i moved down to brasil.

Rick said...

I for one enjoy this blog Nik, it help me pick my team and I am ranked at 224 on YFF so it can't be that bad lol. Keep on keeping on!

Vatsa said...

Hi AM,

I think the Man City forward line up will be Tevez and Balotelli, since Dzeko and Aguero started and played almost the whole match.

Similarly for Man U, i think Rooney will be rested. Berbs and Chicharito to start.

The better forwards are likely to be

Klasnic, at home against Norwich, a points machine.

Agbonlahor, at home against Newcastle, he is really playing well

Zamora, at home, scores in spurts

For Midfield, the picks would be

Formica, at home, has been doing well.

Cabaye, steady as he goes, not a great opposition, will return value

Ryan Taylor, same as above.

BFAY will be a good pick in Midfield as he did not play.

In Defence, pick Rio for Defence from Man U. He is rested and ready

Also, Cahill, clean sheet guaranteed,

Lastly, Berra from Wolves.

For Goalkeepers, The best pick would be Vorm from Swansea.



joo said...

Jesus Nicky, Why are you being such a little bitch? It's surprising even someone so immature like you visits this blog. Don't embarrass yourself.

Great Post Nik, awesome smartphone effort.

joo said...

@Vatsa mate I don't see SAF fielding Berbs against Chelsea side. Fergie always, always plays Rooney against strong teams.
As for Citey, Mancini will play one of Dzeko and Aguero, maybe two. It will be foolish to rest both of them because they've been doing so well, and away at Fulham is an harder fixture than home to Wigan.

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Anonymous said...

going down the pan? a pan is flat, dont really know how you can go down from there....

NjeP said...

@Nicky: since you can list the player for nothing, go figure it out your self then..stop bitching in other ppl blog, Bitc*!!

SpeediSingh said...

Sorry****Nik, pay no attention to these D**K HEADS.

SpeediSingh said...

@nicky, can't stop dicks like you coming here; wish we could. If you don't like this blog why waste your time and ours. We love this blog and find it very informative and it has developed into a family like atmosphere.

Nik pay no attention to this P***K. Keep on keepin on the good work you do here.

aranzedo said...


Gibbs Boyata Mertesacker

Silva Osman Taarabt Wright-Phillips

Rooney Aguero Adebayor

amacam? ok ker?

MUFC said...

Love the EPL and the blog. A good footie discussion makes work on Thursday a little more bearable!

My 2 cents-

1- @Nik : I know its been re-iterated by many but this blog is really great, personally I love the discussions (and arguments) in the comments section + your picks are great. Best to ignore the odd "haters". Its Probably somebody who swapped Kun for Dzeko at the last minute taking out some frustration !

2- Some less "conventional" players who in my opinion will do well this week

a)Osman- he was awesome towards end of last season and has an eye for goal, though Evertoin sometimes spas out at home (QPR)

b)Odemwingie- He is pure class in a very confident and attacking West Brom side, though a bit pricy

c)Begovic- Stoke are so solid at the back and Sunderland lack an attacking threat, he is also a great shot stopper, though again a bit pricy

d)- Jarvis- Back in the side, attacing wide player with an eye for goal

e) (lastly)- Adders - Have a hunch + he is unbelievable value at 5.2 if you barndoor'ed him (Like I did)


Saiful said...


appreciate if we can communicate in one understandable language. Ideas and opinions, if you need one, can only be channelled to you if everyone understands what you want and need. Peace no war mate

fellow malaysian

Siam said...

Hey Nik.
I am one of the people who lurk and read this blog regularly, and I never have posted to say thank you. I so appriciate the work you do on here. You have helped me win my leagues the last 2 years. Thanks bro. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

De Gea
Mertesacker/ Boyata/ Gibbs
Silva/ M.Petrov/ Taarabt/ Ward(*)
Klasnic/ Rooney/ Hernandez

* Ward is based upon what I've read here, he replaces Wright-Phillips. I'm not overly convinced that he'll even start up front and I have the funds to upgrade him to team-mates Jarvis and O'Hara or to take an outside bet like S. Petrov (I'd quite like to have both Petrov's, for novelty value!)

Who would you edge towards?
1. Ward
2. Jarvis
3. O'Hara
4. S. Petrov

Matlan Marjan said...

@Fleeties - I'd go for Jarvis, O'Hara, Ward, Petrov in priority sequence. Can't really separate Jarvis & O'Hara though - I fancy large attacking points from them this week. Wolves are different team this year, more solid than last year - I reckoned top half finish for them this season.

kendo said...

Brown Richards Gibbs
Silva taarabt anderson young
Hernandez rooney aguero

Anderson was rested last night as was young but think I'll wait til sat before making changes

I was reluctant to make changes last week and came away with 157.5 pts :)

David J. Pereira said...


Devo dizer que gosto imenso deste blogue!

Podem adicionar os meus aos vossos links? Eu prometo que retribuo :p

Saudosos cumprimentos!

The Orphans™ said...

Hi Nik,

The first web page I hit every morning is this blog.
So do hundreds and hundreds of your other readers I'm sure.
It's always fun, entertaining and insightful for people from all around the world who share a common passion.
Long may it continue. To hell with the haters. They can screw off.

Irons said...

My slump continued last week with a score of 78.5. Puts me 56,599 overall. I've managed to miss the big scorers every week, apart from 1 good Rooney week. Very frustrating. My team this week:

De Gea
Baines Richards Gibbs
Taarabt Osman MPetrov Hunt
Adebayor Aguero Bendtner
3.8 spare

My team is nicely spread between the good match-ups i feel. My main gamble i suppose is not having silva/rooney. I hope for a quiet week from them for once. I have the money to go gibbs --> santos if it's announced he's playing.

henry said...

shorey jarvis RVP
baines SWP dzeko?

Afnan Arshavin Syafiq said...

awal sgt post tu paklan. haha

Afnan Arshavin Syafiq said...


please rate. tq

Anonymous said...


Just want to re-iterate what others have said. A lot of us greatly appreciate the time and thought put into this blog, particularly the player picks each week. We understand some weeks require work and personal obligations that can make it difficult to give more in-depth analysis. Every week is helpful though. I've said this many times before, but my ranking has gradually increased each year, with a large part thanks to finding this blog two+ years ago. After finishing in the Top 400 last year, I'm struggling just like AM this year, missing on numerous decisions each week (like keeping Dzeko and dropping Aguero, and dropping Rooney to grab Van Persie last week). Still confident with the help of this blog that my fantasy season will turn around. Since I've missed each week on the Man City forward choice, probably just going to not have a ManU or ManC forward this week with those matchups, we'll see how bad of a choice that ends up being.

Thanks again for the continued effort AM,

Cech's Mates

Ken M. said...

Since there was time...we heard..

Give a man a fish, & he eats for a day:
Teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime:

The main thing I have gotten from this blog is...

I love fishing!

Some...still sit and wait to see what is on the menue.

Catch-of-the-day......I think I'll have the Van Persie!!

We appear to be running low on the Rooney.

El Canon said...

Richards Brown Gibbs
Silva Nasri O'Hara Kuyt
Suarez Aguero Hernandez

Only changes I'm considering is RVP & either SWP or Frimpong in for Suarez and Kuyt or O'Hara. Don't think Hernandez will have a productive game vs. Chelsea but he has good upcoming fixtures and I BD him before his price jump.

Mussel said...

Another difficult week ahead!!
Trying to drag myself back to top 1000 that I have been in last few years but way off at the moment. 9000 and something currently and 50000th ish a few weeks ago.
Now have lots of players with big discounts
Brown Gibbs Baines
Silva Nas SWP Ossie
Kun Roo Adey
(5 away from home, 3 difficult match ups and 2 Everton)
Would like to change balance but will suffer next week so thinking of sticking with team for now. Thank heavens this is not the Blog Cup.

SpeediSingh said...

I think you're going to see a lot of tired teams this weekend, with competitive Champions league and Europa league games eg. Manu, Mancity, Fulham, Tottenham, and Stoke all tied. And most of the usual suspects played for their respective teams. I could be wrong, but I'm just saying. Pick accordingly, and have the B***S to take responsibility for your own actions. No blame games here, “know I’m sayin.”

waingro said...

Can you explain to me how you are going to obtain Arsenal starting line ups before Yahoo deadline? Last year the deadline was 430am pacific time. This year the deadline is 4am pacific with Arsenal set to start at 445am. I know I'm’s hard living in the states and following the premier league. You gotta get up pretty early on Saturday/Sunday to watch these matches but my bro and I are diehard fans.

That means line ups must be released at least 50 minutes prior to the match to allow for enough time to get into Yahoo and make the necessary changes.

Do you have a source that provides line ups 50 mintues before a match cause I sure as hell can't seem to find one.

Vatsa said...

Sorry, just one more hunch, I suspect De Gea is not going to play against Chelsea. said...

Rooney Aguero Adebayor

Walcott AYoung Taarabt D Silva

Brown Gibbs Mertesacker


*Aguero could be bench since he play 90 mins in CL
*A.Young is worth to gameble, I may drop him for Petrov

Ѭ said...

Brown Mertesacker Gibbs
Silva Young Wright-Phillips Nasri
Agüero Rooney Dzeko

Agüero or Dzeko, Either one of them could be benched. Any comments?

Apa pun x boleh
-虎-Thệ Tổk Im∆m-¬MYѬ™-

Gula Apong said...

guys, what's up with rooney??dont u guys really think that he will score big against chelsea? are chelsea is shit enough to let him??

JJOKBOB said...

Some may also consider Sessegnon, home to Stoke. 1) As mentioned above Stoke may be tired
2) I think Sunderland will have a lot of possession esp. in midfield due to tactics (4-2-3-1 vs Stoke's 4-4-2), so I expect Sessegnon at least to get many phantom points.

I don't know if they can penetrate Stoke fortress though, so who knows.

If I could afford Sessegnon in place of Taarab I would.

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