Friday, 30 September 2011

Rooney & Hernandez Fit For Norwich Official - Rooney & Hernandez Fit For Norwich
"Wayne Rooney and Javier Hernandez are fit for tomorrow. They trained very well yesterday, which is pleasing. We'll hopefully have Jonny Evans back too." Official - Team News
"Walcott, Gervinho and Koscielny will all be late tests and very late decisions. Saturday or even Sunday morning. Walcott looks the most likely to have a chance. Koscielny maybe less. He is recovering well but the game may come too soon." - Dzeko Apologises to Mancini
"Mancini said he was "furious" with the striker and he reiterated at a team meeting on Thursday that he would not tolerate any more of his players disputing his decisions. The club have decided not to fine Dzeko but he has been warned about his conduct and is hoping to make amends at Ewood Park."

This changes things but I'm out of the office for the day so I'll need to have a proper look at my team later.

Please can I ask you to add any important team news you read about/hear about to the comments sections below and I'll look to summarise everything when I'm home tonight.



paulyff said...

Rooney is no longer in the Physioroom injury list for "3 weeks" out! He's gone from the list altogether!
As I've sold him this week, it's back to the team page & drawing board for me...

greginho said...

now need to find out if dzeko is playing

capiTeno said...

i'm going with players i've heard a lot about;
René Higuita (transfer tbc)
tit-us bramble, ferdinand #1, ferdinand #2
jesus h. barton, n'zogbia, pennant, bentley, giggs
bellamy, tevez, goodwillie

sounds like a good honest team to me

kendo said...

Cant beleive I dropeed Rooney @18 last Sunday aggggghhh!

Now have adebayor modric and van d vaart.

Advice appreciated should I put Rooney back a t full value and take the hit


replace VDV with Ash Young as I'm too heavy on spurs players???

Neal Thurman said...

If you're looking for an Injuries and Suspensions column, Nik asked me to post a link to ours since he's going to be out of pocket today. I'll try to get in and get it posted officially.

Neal Thurman said...

@Greginho - Dzeko seems to be starting

kwyjibo said...

And, to add insult to injury, have you seen Tevez on the YFF Team Manager page? His name has suddenly changed to just 'C. T'. And when you hover over the link, it says 'Go to T Profile'. If you actually go to his profile, his name is listed as 'Carlos T'. Apparently, he has been so shamed, they can't even list his name anymore! So, he's now 'Mr. T'? lol!

Actually, I just noticed Aguero is now listed as 'S. Ag', and his profile says 'Sergio Ag'! What's up with that?

Anyway, this news means I have to shuffle things around. Who's the better duo:

Nani-Mata or Rooney-Anderson?

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt put my money on Dzeko starting but again he needs to put out his best team so may be he'll back track and start him but then again (lol) there are so many options out there so why bother?

Guy said...

@Kwyjibo - for me I'd go Rooney/Anderson but Nani/Mata look like safer starters. Depends what risk you want to take. And I have Rooney at 18.38 so that makes it slightly clearer for me.
I have S.Ag in my team - hope he's who I think he is. Perhaps Yahoo are going to rename E. Adebayor to K2 at last?

kendo said...

Should say Rooney Aggggggggggggh kwyjibo :)

ok decided not to pay 23.81 for Rooney don't think he wil return that again this weekend.

Bosingwa Brown Richards
Young Modric Anderson Silva
Aguero Adebayor Mata.

looks good on paper???

Good link for squad sheets more reiable than yahoo

Cee Pee said...

mata or bent?
Should i even bother to look at Hernandez or Welbeck?

kwyjibo said...

@Guy - After seeing Hernandez listed as J Hern, I figured it out. Any name with an accent mark is getting cut off.

@Cee Pee - I think Hernandez could be a good pick, if you can't afford Rooney. I'm thinking of going with him.

Chaos said...

Brown Rangel Hutton
Silva SWP Bannan Ramires
Rooney Bent Mata

Anonymous said...

The news of rooney and hernandez being fit has made me have to change my team:





I still like the team even with the changes. I just hope there are no late surprises like Week 6 with Rooney.

Anonymous said...



I did drop Suarez at a small discount and brought in K-2 and also Richards.

Started a list of what I DO NOT like about to long!

Good luck everyone...

kendo said...

Just read thru thread again lol @ capiTeno's honest team! :)

FIXXXER said...

If you are Fergie, why do you even play Rooney? You are home to Norwich, then an international week, then have to play Liverpool.My money is on him starting on the bench and only coming in for an emergency. Silly to risk, esp just coming off a hammy.

Cee Pee said...

ach im gonna keep Adebayor and im betting i regret not picking up Hernandez

kwyjibo said...

I'm still unsure about my team, but this is what I have:


I really want VdV but can't fit him in.

Oh, and it looks like Yahoo fixed the 'names with accents' bug.

k o c b said...

Rooney should be rested hernandez plays along welbeck to keep him fit for clash with liverpool may be he just come as sub
My team

Saimoon said...

richard is out!

Rio - BenArfa or SWP & a đefender below 5???

kwyjibo said...

nani-nasri-adebayor or young-vdv-mata?

kendo said...

Where is the news that Richards is out saimoon?

Chaos said...

Man U have drawn last 2 matches, they look miles better with Rooney in the team and I don't see fergie taking norwich likely.

kendo said...

No one selecting Williams for Swansea v stoke ?

He is the top listed defender at only 8.78

Swapped Richards for him!

paulyff said...

"Richard is out"
Is that a first name, or do you mean Richards, the MCity def.?
Where is the source of your info
Thanks for your reply

kwyjibo said...

There is no news about Richards being out. He may be referring to Fantasy Football Scout not including him in the 'Predicted Lineup'.

"The manager may wish to freshen things up a bit after the midweek game and he has options with James Milner, Adam Johnson, Nigel de Jong, Joleon Lescott, Aleksander Kolarov and Pablo Zabaleta all fresh and able to slot into the starting lineup. That could see the likes of Gael Clichy, Micah Richards and possibly Samir Nasri make way."

But, of course, the Scout is just guessing, and has no inside information. So, who knows. I didn't pick him only because I wanted Bosingwa for this week.

WaLaWaLa said...

Guys any news about BENT? is he recovered? thx

kendo said...

Cheers kwiji but having looked u think williams is a better option than Richards

Brown Williams bosingwa
Silva modric young Anderson
Mata adebayor aguero

Hope Rooney has a bad day! :)

kwyjibo said...

@kendo - I don't like uncertainty, so if there is any chance Richards will not start, I wouldn't pick him. I already had Bosingwa at discount, so I wasn't going to go for Richards anyway.

I'm actually not too familiar with Williams, but maybe I should be, his average is pretty high! And, against Stoke, could be a good pick. I just don't have the funds for it.

My team was all over the place. I wanted VdV, but couldn't afford him, so went with Modric instead.

My team:

Actually, it's cruel, because if I switch Nani for Young, I end up missing VdV by only 0.01! D'oh! How cruel...I don't really want to switch Adebayor or Hernandez, and I have Bosingwa at discount, so I'll just stick with Modric. His average is over 10, so, we'll see.

Good luck everyone!

Miku$Army said...

please comment:
boyata/obertan(in midfield) brown williams richards
silva SWP BFAY
aguero adebayor rooney
???????????? waht do you think??

Rick said...

Will Dzeko start guys?

Miku$Army said...

@Rick I don't think so

neo said...

ronney will start Guys???

madness said...

I see shitroll is screwed again.
I almost missed deadline, saved on last minute :D

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