Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The 2011/12 YFF Blog Cup

It's that time again; The 2011/12 YFF Blog Cup is here and it's bigger than ever...

1400 team, 8 rounds, 1 winner!

This all started two years ago with 300 teams, growing to 800 teams last year, but having joined forces with Jeremy & Neal this year we have taken things to a whole new level. At set points throughout the season we will have weekends where the Top Weekly Scores from our FOURTEEN blog leagues go through to the "next round". It's a knockout so once you're out, you're out!

All 1400 teams in the Blog Leagues have a place in the Blog Cup... unfortunately I can't run more than 14 leagues across my 3 IDs so if you didn't get a space then you're going to miss out on this one - sorry. We may look to run another cup competition later in the season and we may look to add additional leagues for this, but for now I have my work cut out with fourteen!

Anyway, I've outlined the The 2011/12 YFF Blog Cup schedule below:-

1st Round - Week 4 (this week!) - Top 1200 teams based on weekly scores in the Blog Leagues go through to 2nd round. 200 teams go out.

2nd Round - Week 8 - Top 1000 teams based on weekly scores from the remaining 1200 teams go through to 3rd round. 200 teams go out.

3rd Round - Week 12 - Top 750 teams based on weekly scores from the remaining 1000 teams go through to 4th round. 250 teams go out

4th Round - Week 16 - Top 500 teams based on weekly scores from the remaining 750 teams go through to 5th round. 250 teams go out.

5th Round - Week 20 - Top 250 teams based on weekly scores from the remaining 500 teams go through to quarter finals. 250 teams go out.

Quarter Finals - Week 24 - Top 100 teams based on weekly scores from the remaining 250 teams go through to semi finals. 150 teams go out.

Semi Finals - Week 28 - Top 40 teams based on weekly scores from the remaining 100 teams go through to the final. 60 teams go out.

Final - Week 32 - Top weekly score from the 40 finalists wins the cup. If we have a tie on the top weekly score then we will have a play-off in Week 33.

Prize - The winner of the cup will obviously win the respect of his fellow managers :) but also a £50 voucher to the online store of their choice (Amazon, Play, CDWow etc).

As people will probably change their team name throughout the season I'll be tracking teams by their Yahoo IDs.

Only teams who are in a blog league when the Round 1 results are compiled can take part - if a team drops out of a blog league after Round 1 then the team replacing them in the league does not take their place in The Blog Cup.

In the event of any of the above weeks/rounds being an international break week (ZERO Premiership games) then the round will be moved to the following weekend.

It is always the Top 1200/1000/750/500/250/100/40 teams who go through, with one exception. In the event of teams being tied on weekly points at the cut off (e.g. Round 1- if the 1200th, 1201st & 1202nd teams are all tied on the same weekly total) then all 3 teams would go through to the next round.

Those who were following the blog over the past two years will know the cup competitions always work well so I hope people are looking forward to taking part. I think it makes things interesting as it's nothing to do with Overall Position, it's purely based on your weekly score in the selected week, so it gives players not doing too well the chance to have one-off weekends where they score big whilst a top player has a bad week...fantasy giant killing!

I'll make it clear on the lead up to each round whether it's a Cup Weekend to remind you....

Round 1 is Week 4, THIS WEEKEND!!! The teams with the top 1200 weekly scores in the blog leagues will go through to Round 2. Everyone else will be knocked out.

Good luck to all! Check back for Week 4 Player Picks tomorrow afternoon.



Scott said...

Let's do this.

Saiful said...

1st so i will go to next round.

The Relegated said...

Sounds like fun. I hope I don't live up to my screen name this week. Good luck to all.

kwyjibo said...

Woo hoo! Great, but, of course now that puts even more pressure on this weeks picks!

And, for those of you in the last post asking about Nasri, unfortunately now it looks like he might be out. Time for a lineup reshuffle:

Nasri breaks his hand

DJ PIGG said...


I'll be out after the first round but good luck to everyone else!

AFM said...

this is my first time join blog cup...wish me luck and thank Nik for the great effort...

Bitsketchy said...

My third attempt and as I went out in the first round in both of the previous ones I'll be happy to just survive the weekend!

Russell said...

Bottom of my league (missed first week), so a cup run would be nice :)


Razesh said...

nasri out

Irons said...

WOOOHOOOO! Blog cup is back! This thing is so difficult to win. Last year i somehow got to the final - only there were 19 (i think) other teams to still beat in it!

I'm finding it really difficult to settle my team this week... with all these new faces and options it's difficult to work out who's gonna hit hit the ground running. Currently on:

De Gea
Bosingwa Santos Lescott
Taarabt Cabaye Drenthe Arteta
Persie Aguero Dzeko

Can't say i'm delighted with it, but i'm happy enough.

Ken M. said...

Am I seeing things?

In the process of "shuffling" my players around, I see pricing changes on players as well as the money available to my team.

Example: Not so long ago I was considering Taarbt who is currently at 7.23. While I was working on it I looked and suddenly he was at 8.00. I did not "save" anything so when I returned to my team..there he was (back) at 7.23. I have also, in the course of picking new players, seen my available funds shift from say 1.3 to 1.6 and back again without making changes. This only happens when you are in the (unsaved) portion of fitting players into your current team.

I have two questions.

(1) Anyone else experience this?
(2) I do not drink....should I?

Ian Sanderson said...

Week 4 has suddenly become very important

5uperMan said...

U're not experiencing hallucinations. & dun drink if u dun want too..
My advice? Quickly save all the changes u want b4 Yahpool discovers it ;)

MAIDUL said...

@ Ken
yeah bro... i was experiencing the same i thought it was only me... so i guess its normal... ;)

David S said...

@ Ken--

1) Yes
2) Yes

Good luck this weekend!

Anonymous said...

My first year in the Blog Cup, good luck to all!

First I'm confident on Van Der Vaart then Baines and then Nasri! ><

eyesmate said...

I'm new to the blog, can we still join the league? Or is it already full? said...

Where do I find Info on League ID & Password


Assistant Manager said...

Leagues were full 6 weeks ago, sorry Steven

sai said...

Can I join this challenge now???

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