Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Week 6 - Player Picks

I'd been a very happy chap for the past few days after rather successful weekend all round, but I'm not particularly happy today after seeing Spurs crash out of the Carling Cup on penalties to Stoke City last night. I've probably raised this point on the blog in the past, but I'm going to raise it again.

At the start of each season there are a maximum of 4 trophies available to an English top-tier side - the League title, a European Cup, the FA Cup & the Carling Cup. Now the League title is obviously out of the question for Tottenham and Redknapp is playing a youth team in the Europa League at the moment. He'll probably take it seriously if we get through the group but with 16 matches plus drop-outs from the Champions League to join later on, it's very tough to go all the way. The FA Cup is a complete lottery due to the number of teams and rounds, so the Carling Cup is Tottenham's best chance by far to get to Wembley and win some silverware.

Many people see it as a joke competition but two of the greatest days I've had as a Spurs fan were seeing my team beat Leicester to the trophy in 1999 and Chelsea in 2008. I can't help but feel we threw it away last night by resting the majority of our best XI against a Stoke side (also in the Europa) who were close to full strength, and I just can't see the logic.

The players had it pretty easy on Sunday playing 10 men for 40 minutes, 9 men for the final 25, and we don't play again until Saturday. Surely a stronger team could've been fielded against Premier League opposition with 4 days to recover afterwards? At least if you go out with your strongest team you have no regrets. At a bare minimum could we not have put Modric, Bale, Parker & Adebayor on the bench in case we needed some extra quality?

I know the league should always be a club's focus and Champions League qualification is massive nowadays, but can anyone remember exactly when finishing 4th became better than the glory of winning a Wembley Cup final? I've seen us win just 3 trophies in my 25 years as a Spurs fan and they are some of my fondest memories. Last night increased the probability of that becoming 3 in 26 and I find it all a bit sad really.

Anyway, on to the week ahead and once again Week 6 is a single week for all. Now it's quite a rare thing, but I see no fewer than EIGHT teams having a great chance of winning this weekend. They are as follows.

ARSENAL v Bolton
CHELSEA v Swansea
NEWCASTLE v Blackburn
QPR v Aston Villa

Arsenal (despite their form) & Chelsea have nice home games, Man City & Liverpool face slightly tougher opposition but should still win, Man United & Spurs are away but I'd expect them to take 3 points, while Newcastle & QPR are surprise packages so far this season and I think they'll do just about enough in front of their own fans.

West Brom v Fulham
Norwich v Sunderland

These 2 games are difficult to call, but I wouldn't be surprised if they end up as dull draws, so I'll be avoiding players from West Brom, Fulham, Norwich & Sunderland.

Now on to the players, and there's nothing too left-field this week. The usual suspects are doing the business and seeing as they have good match-ups there's not too many reasons to take risks. Here we go...

De Gea

I think anyone who failed to jump on the De Gea bandwagon when he was priced in single digits in the opening few weeks has really missed a trick judging by how things have gone so far this season. Unless he gets an injury he's a season keeper from here on out.

If you missed him at that price and now refuse to pay 11 then the only real option for Week 6 is Newcastle's Tim Krul. They have the tightest defence in the league, face Blackburn at home, and Krul is still priced at below 5 for some strange reason; lump on. I guess Szczesny and Reina are ok alternatives, but the two above stand-out for me.




Gibbs played 90 minutes in the Carling Cup, so I think it's safe to say Santos will continue at left-back for Arsenal this weekend and given his 14 points despite no clean sheet, he has to be considered a fine pick against Bolton. Bosingwa had a bit of a stinker at Old Trafford and I've read a few reports that suggest David Luiz could be close to returning to the Chelsea line-up (at CB, with Ivanovic moving to RB). We'll have to wait for more news, but both are priced around the same, so whoever gets the nod will be an excellent pick.

Micah Richards is having a really strong start to the season and he's the pick of the City defenders against Everton, Mertesacker is the an alternative Arsenal defender if you can't afford Santos and if you want a Liverpool representative then you could go for Martin Skrtel who's price has plummeted after his red card. He serves his ban tonight so he'll be available to replace the injured Agger at center-back this weekend.

Chris Smalling had to be subbed due to a groin injury picked up against Chelsea, and it's possible he could miss the next week or so, which means Jonny Evans becomes the best value United defender if you fancy them to keep out Stoke. Traore was superb in QPR's win at Wolves last weekend so he could be great option at home to a flat Villa side, while Brown & Boyata round out the list once again as filler options guaranteed to start.

Van Der Vaart


David Silva continued to light up the season with another mesmerising display at Fulham last weekend, there's no reason that won't continue on Saturday and nobody would blame you if you went with Samir Nasri too as the Silva-Nasri-Aguero triangle should work wonders against Everton. Arteta is the pick of the Arsenal midfielders now he's getting some of Van Persie's set pieces and Charlie Adam should return as Liverpool's set piece taker after serving his one match suspension tonight.

Van Der Vaart was given an hour against Stoke last night and I'd expect that was to get him ready to face Wigan, possibly in place of Defoe with Adebayor upfront alone in a 4-4-1-1 or on the right of a 4-4-2. Either way, he'll take all set pieces. Young and Nani remain fantastic picks in their current form, although you'll pay a premium for them now and Theo Walcott is likely to get a start against Bolton after he was sub at Blackburn and rested last night.

Wright-Phillips has made a great start to his QPR career playing as a support striker, which is making those of us who picked him up at 4 extremely happy indeed. Luka Modric looks to be playing a more advanced role with Parker protecting him so he should get chances at Wigan, Cabaye will be behind most of Newcastle's creative play vs Blackburn, while Taarabt remains a threat and should be on corner & penalties against Villa.

Van Persie

I hardly need to go in to detail on the strikers this week - they're all the big names you'd expect to see given the fixtures. Sergio Aguero is on fire with 8 goals in 5 games and has a winnable home game, Van Persie looked dangerous last weekend and faces Bolton, while Rooney could've had a 3rd hat trick in row against Chelsea and his movement will cause Stoke's central defenders all sort's of problems.

Juan Mata has really impressed me since he joined and looks like exactly the sort of player Chelsea have been crying out for. I think we'll see a big week from him against Swansea as he shoots from distance and looks to feed Torres - I'd love to fit him in my team if I could. Suarez has been looking a little bit stroppy as Liverpool have struggled in the last two league games, but he's a different animal at Anfield and I expect a goal from the little Uruguayan.

Adebayor has 3 goals in 2 starts and with chances being supplied by Bale, Modric & Van Der Vaart you'd expect him to keep that up at Wigan. Dzeko has been a bit quiet since his 4 goals at Spurs but if you're holding him at discount you might want to hang on to him this week to see how he fares (he and Aguero should both get a rest in the Cup tonight so they are sure to start) and Gervinho should continue in an advanced role for Arsenal so remains a good option.

Finally, Fernando Torres. Forget the miss (if you can) - I saw glimpses of the old El Nino at Old Trafford and think this could be his big week as Mata appears to be the key. I'm not brave enough to risk it though - are you?

That's it for the players; here's what sits on my own team page at this moment:

De Gea, Boyata, Santos, Bosingwa, Wright-Phillips, Adam, Arteta, Silva, Adebayor, Aguero, Rooney

I actually quite like it, but at the same time there is a sense of frustration creeping in at having so many players at discount. As I mentioned I'd love to bring Mata &also Suarez in but there just aren't enough forward slots. Aguero is staying where he is and at the moment it seems mad not to hold on to Adebayor @5.79 after the way he's started his White Hart Lane career.

I haven't completely discounted the possibility of switching Rooney (held at 23) to Van Persie, but that's a decision I'll make closer to deadline. I have the funds to go Bosingwa to David Luiz if we get any hint that AVB may make defensive changes, I'm not 100% on Arteta or Adam and I still hold Modric at discount behind the scenes. VDV & Young are still at the back of my mind and I'd like to upgrade Boyata if possible, so there may yet be some tinkering, but DDG, Santos, SWP, Silva & Aguero will definitely stay.

I'll leave it there but I'll be back on Friday with all the team and injury news, and we should have plenty once the Carling Cup schedule finishes tonight. How's your own team shaping up? Anyone you feel I've missed from the lists above?



MUFC said...

Mehul Thakkar is GAY

Rick said...

Talking of Man U defenders. No mention of Phil Jones?

B4P said...

Team is looking like this so far...

Brown Mertesacker Boyata
Sliva Cabaye Taarabt Ramires
Rooney Aguero RVP

Wondering if I should spread some of the forward wealth to the midfield?? Thoughts??

Anonymous said...

Why is Boothroyd starting ahead of DJ Campbell? He's clearly not as good and DJ could increase SWP value some.

Anonymous said...

Richards Traore Bosingwa
Silva Nasri VdVaart Dorrans
K2 Gervinho Suarez K2 Gervinho Suarez

Musteng said...

gibbs brown boyata
silva Young SWP VDV
aguero rooney adebayor

still thinking who to replace gibbs with 6.34

GBU said...

Is Gerrard coming back at home against Wolves? Will Adam be suspended/available this weekend?

Ѭ said...

De Gea
Brown - Boyata - *Woodgate?
Silva - Young - SWP - VDV
Aguero - Rooney - Dzeko

I hope the right decision is made by not dropping dzeko to adebayor.

虎-Thệ Tổk Im∆m-¬MYѬ™

kwyjibo said...



Still feel uneasy having nearly 43% of my funds tied up in Rooney + Young, but the Stoke starting XI played 3 games in 6 days. ManU + a tired Stoke could equal a huge payoff...I hope.

We'll see. Still time to think about it, but Young could change to VdV or Nasri.

bean said...

AM - regarding Spurs, I think a Champions league spot keeps important players like Modric next year, a Carling Cup trophy does not.

Saul said...

@GBU - Adam will be back on the weekend. He's serves his 1 match ban in the Carling cup.

Saul said...

My current team:




Which one do you guys think?

Raconteur said...

Nik, how would you rate Richards chances of starting given that:
he's rotated with Zabaleta
He didn't play very well last weekend
They conceded two sloppy goals last week and Zabaleta is seen as the more defensive choice.

Assistant Manager said...

Hey Rac - Zabaleta played 90 minutes in the Carling Cup tonight, as did Tevez and Balotelli, I'd be shocked if it wasn't a full strength, first choice City team on Saturday.

Ken M. said...

So far I am holding firm to most of my original picks for this week.

Again, my main question is Rooney/RVP.

Rooney, on the road and facing a goal tender who has 23 saves to 5 goals allowed.

RVP, home facing a goal tender who has 16 saves to 13 goals allowed.

Kind of makes ya wonder...

Assistant Manager said...

The RVP or Rooney decision could well make or break many team's Week 6 Ken. I went RvP over Rooney when RvP did nothing against Swansea and Rooney scored a hattrickagainst Bolton, but now RvP faces Bolton and Rooney has a tougher game, so whatever decision I make, I'm sure it'll be wrong :)

Raconteur said...

Just seen teams that played tonight. Does Zabaleta and Luiz starting in carling cup suggest Richards and Bosingwa are likely to start?

Raconteur said...

Didn't see your earlier post Nik, but yeah, leads to that conclusion. Dzeko and Aguero up front by the looks of it. Good to see Hargreaves getting time and playing well.

RVP v Roon is very difficult. RVP with easier fixture on paper and good points last wknd without a goal but losing some set pieces. Rooney does well against Stoke and he's looked imperious recently.

I think my forward line will be Aguero, Mata, RVP/Roon. Have Adebayor and Gervinho at discount but only around £2mill each. Might break a golden rule and go with defenders, all at home, Richards, Bosingwa, Santos, Traore.

Raconteur said...

Breaking the rule of going 4 defenders over 4 midfielders*

Scott said...

Would love to hear everyone's thoughts on the return of Hatem Ben Arfa...

David S said...

Will Alex's red card in today's Carling Cup begin to be served this weekend? If so, doesn't Luiz's spot alongside Terry in the center of the Chelsea defense seem almost assured?

David S said...

Then again, Luiz played the entire game including OT tonight. With Chelsea's league game coming on Saturday, I could see Ivanovic partnering Terry instead. And that would leave Bosingwa's spot at RN essentially uncontested.

David S said...


Kelvin said...

Nik regarding your comments about harry.i think last weekend's results and the signing of ade shows that his decisions have been spot on. Spurs could have beaten stoke that night. It was down the pens. Trust in 'Arry is the call mate. Looking at arsenal's poor start, liverpool just got hammered by u,spurs have a fantastic chance for top 4.returm of king, signing of parker, friedel n ade you have a very very strong spine.
Btw thanks for the hard work every week!

Anonymous said...

My thoughts for the upcoming week:

Richards and Clichy will start in defense for Citeh considering both Kolarov and Zabaleta started in the Cup match. Adam Johnson was not even in the lineup so I think Mancini will deploy him on the right side of the midfield from the start.

As for Chelsea midfielders, the best option I see for this weekend is Ramires. He's much cheaper than Lamps and looked very active in the Chelsea forward movement at United. He "ate" a goal otherwise his price would have been higher then 6.60. His confidence should be high after that performance. Another Chelsea midi that will definitely start this weekend is Meireles. Didn't play in the Cup match and with Lamps' form I see AVB continuing to start him in matches.

Anonymous said...

With Cech out after the first half, could be Hilarious starting again for the London Ruskis. So I'm not sure I'd take on a Chelsea defender. As for their forwards, Torres looked good and if he looks good again this weekend, I'm BDing him. If not, Mata might come in. Depends on how they look during the game, not how they score against Swansea.

ManUdt's match at stoke will be a scrappy affair in my opinion. Stoke looked like crap last weekend due to their Russian trip but they'll be charged up for the United match. I see a Rooney goal in this game to end 0-1. As for their midfield, unless you have Nani or BFay at a discount, i'm not sure if you'd bother with the rest of the midfield. Perhaps Park will start considering the nature of the match but good luck picking Ferguson's mind.

Tottenham is looking better with the Modric/Parker/VdV midfield. Parker is allowing Modric a little bit more freedom going forward and VdV is VdV so he'll score well. Considering I have BFay at a similar price to VdV's current price I'm considering dropping BFay and getting VdV. Might be a sensible decision considering both are on the road but 'Arry's team looks a bit more favorable against Wigan. (Again, I think Stoke will be ready to take points away from United.)

Anonymous said...

In defense Walker looks like he might score some points. Then in attack, Ade will get plenty of scoring chances with VdV, Parker, Modric, Bale and Walker feeding him. Looks to me like he'll continue his scoring streak this weekend again. I don't have him at 4.xx, but still at under 8 he'll stay.

At Arsenal you have lots of options with a decent matchup against Bolton at home. Leaky defenses means forwards and attacking midis on both sides could be gold. Then you have Santos who will probably start and score well and Boyata whom I'm holding as a filler. All he needs is to avoid RCs/OG/YC and make two tackles to return value.

At QPR, SWP, Taarabt and Traore look favorable to the Yahoo! fantasy game. When will Taarabt open his PL scoring? Well, could be against Villa this weekend. Same for SWP. But I'm not convinced about Bothroyd as a player, let alone as a fantasy player. Had this guy scored a couple of goals, SWP and Taarabt would have more points today.

Anonymous said...

At Liverpool Suarez is due a goal. He's been working really hard even in those losses so I hope it pays off for him. Carroll is out of form and I'd give him a few more weeks. The guy looks like Torres at the end of last season: his movement is not good and looks lost on the pitch. He'll get himself together soon and it will probably be a surprise to us all when he finally scores. As for Pool defenders, I'd really stay away. I'm not convinced at all. They all look shaky. I think they die a little inside when the ball is in the vicinity of Carragher.

At Swansea, Vorm might have a good scoring week. The young boy is facing a possibly again misfiring Torres. He'll make lots of saves but I still see Chelsea winning this one, but probably just by 1 or 2 goals. Those Swansea defenders look well positioned most of the time which helps them rack up those phantom points just by cutting off passes and crosses.

Now, for the rest of the teams (because this post seems long at this point), Krul is pretty good option at that price if you don't have DDG (Why again?). Newcastle defenders could be good too; they look solid back there.

West Brom - Fulham could be an entertaining game, but yet might end at 0-0. Who knows! On the other hand, Norwich - Sundy will probably be still 0-0 but probably a boring one.


ericbana said...

Nik, why does adam still in the list of player pick this week??? he is suspended for 1 game. said...


Brown Boyata Santos

Silva Taarabt/S.W.P Arteta A.Young

Aderbayor Aguero Rooney

Anonymous said...

@ericbana: Adam served his suspension during the Cup match. He's eligible to play this weekend.

Crazylegs! said...

Adam has 1 match suspension which is served during Carling cup match!
He is eligible to play this weekend in Premier league.

Matron-D said...

what about ben arfa? will he play?

Chinu said...

I have Rooney and i m probably confused too on Rvp/Roo..
But temporarily for my self satisfaction
I hav kept Rooney @ 23 and switched Modric to Arteta!
Most probably Arteta Will score more points than Rvp! ;)

P.e.t.e.r - Champ19n

Gingerman said...

You guys think that both Dzeko and Aguero will start? City are playing Bayern on Tuesday so wont Mancini give them some rest?

FinnSam said...

Why is nobody talking about Meireles? Is he playing in holding position in Chelsea midfield?

Brian said...

De Gea
Santos, Richards, Riise
Silva, Young, SWP, Petrov
Aguero, Adebayore, Dzeko

I'm already holding Aguero ($8) and Adebayore ($5) at my other 2 forward spots...and I want at least 1 forward spot to play with.

So although I have Dzeko for $9.90, I'm having a hard time deciding between him and Suarez this week. I just see Suarez having a big game and his price is prob as low as it will ever be ($13.50). I will have to find a place to save a few dollars to afford the upgrade. Prob cut Petrov for Cabaye.

What are your thoughts on Cabaye for Newcastle this week? He's been getting plenty of shots, but I've read they have some players coming back. Do you think Cabaye is a safe bet to start and play 90 mins?

Ken M. said...

@jddh 1982 & David S.
Some great post. In my opinion always feel free to put in as much information/research/thoughts/rebuttals/confirmations or just an hello that you are comfortable with.
I am sure that to some it's just yesterday's dinner,but hopefully new "fans" are showing up all the time and with those who take the time to share this can only keep getting better.

Still "polishing" up my team so I am looking at Friday before posting. I am still one of those who post his team, more to see if anyone see's a mistake then anything else.

Good luck this week:

The Lineup Adjustor said...

Nick YFF Assistant Manager, thanks for your site week in and week out. I come on here a lot but rarely take the time to write to thank you. Thanks for your weekly guidance.

Even though I appreciate you a lot, to be honest, I couldn't care less about what you think of the trophies or your Spurs. But I do care a lot about what you think of the upcoming matches so I was glad when I finally got to the "Anyway, on to the week ahead" part of your post.

If you can, please kindly share your thoughts regarding early season strategy as everyone has the same ManU keeper and Man City strikers. Should we have the same 4-5 players and compete with the remaining 6-7 players or should we try to gain, with great risk, with other players? When would be a good time to leave the pack?

Thank you in advance.

Your manager

Brian said...

@ Lineup Adjuster...

I've been wondering the same thing about when to cut bait on the ManU/ManCity train. In particular, how long can Rooney keep this pace?

I should say that I'm more focused on winning my group, rather than moving up in the world standings.

So I've noticed most people in my league now have Rooney, Aguero, and Adebayore as their starting 3 forwards. David Silva and SWP in their midfield. Almost everyone has De Gea in goal.

As of right now, the only guys on my team that I believe are year-long keepers are De Gea ($6), Aguero ($8), Adebayore ($5), and David Silva ($9). Everyone feels the need to hop on the Rooney train right now, and with good reason. But he can only go down in my opinion.

I think this would be a good week to stop going with Rooney ($23) and start going with a guy like Suarez($13)/Mata($8). Suarez and Mata have nowhere to go but up. So I'm going to buy one of them while they are cheap, and use the money I save on better midfielders/defenders.

We shall see how this works out...hopefully Rooney doesn't pull another hat trick this weekend ;)

FinnSam said...

Unfortunately I have to lock my team today. And thinking I answered my own question earlier, I think Im going with


Not bad but not quite happy with it.

The Lineup Adjustor said...

@Brian...good points.

The Manchester Express has made everyone a conformist this season. De Gea, Aguero, Rooney, Silva, SWP, Dzeko, and now Adebayor. Throw in Boyata and Brown and the game now is your 3rd defender and your two midfielders, Nasri vs Arteta, etc. We need to shake things up a bit.

I have not ever seen Rooney in finer form in half a decade. Young seems to be providing good service and no CR7 to take up opportunities though there is Nani. Won't be dropping him this week.

Good points with Suarez and Mata but can they beat out a Dzeko with discount? If I get them in it'll be Adebayor and with him at five million that wouldn't happen unless I was drunk with the mouse either.

Ken M. said...

I agree with everyone that both City & United dominate most fantasy teams but options are plenty to be sure...

I believe it is possible to be a consistent 100 point team without any City or United players. May take a little more work but I believe that if both City & United were on a bi-week this week that we would still see great scores in excess of 100 points.

Just wish I had the spine to prove it???

Google Beta User said...

@Ken, for me no United or Chelsea players (i really really don't like either team and don't want to have to support them). So I'm somewhat handicapped in this game too as I couldn't pick De Gea for example, and I didn't jump on Mata. I'm a Liverpool fan--but I can pick City or Arsenal players comfortably, no problem.

Irons said...

This is so frustrating, i'm 0.14 away from the team i really want. Times like this the pennies really count..

I'm paying 5.50 for SWP, 11.65 for Silva and 8.45 for Aguero. Bad planning!

Irons said...

oh yeah, and 21.90 for Van Persie!

Irons said...

De Gea
Santos Bosingwa Boyata
Taarabt Adam Silva SWP
Adebayor Aguero RVP
2.84 spare.

I'm 70% sure this is the team i will go with. I would have liked Traore (held @5.61) for Boyata but i'm just short. Screw it though, i don't think there will much difference in the points anyway.

I'm gonna give Taarabt and SWP another week at least. Well, i haven't actually selected SWP before, but it looks like he could be a season keeper even @5.5. No way i am dropping Taarabt just yet though after he has averaged me 8.5 points without a goal or assist. Also should be on pens, as everyone knows...

Yeah, overall i'm delighted with my team..

Irons said...

Blimey, just looked back at your post Nik and your team...i'm not copying you guv, honest!

Irons said...

Let's make it a nice round 5 continuous posts. Yeah, that's better.

Anonymous said...

@Ken.M: Thanks. I wrote it before going to sleep last night so it's pretty much my thoughts as they came out, incoherent I suppose. :P

. said...

Nick, what do you think of my team?

Brown Boyata A.Santos
Silva Young SWP Cabaye
RVP K2 Mata

I can see either Dzeko or Aguero will not start this weekend, they will be competing against Bayern. Im considering dropping RVP for Rooney/suarez/Aguero/Dzeko and use other balance for my defence, Brown and Boyata are filler.

Anonymous said...

Missed the DDG bandwagon and feel like I am and will pay dearly for it. But here's a team with him in it. 0.2 away from getting Santos in place of Smalling :(

Brown Smalling Boyata
Silva Adam Arteta SWP
Aguero Suarez Mata

kendo said...

Goin for dzeko at full price alongside aguero picked up arteta And Santos on the bd

Brown Richards Santos
Taarabt arteta silva Swp
Aguero dzeko Rooney

Seem to be holding to players who are keeping their value why let them go??

BrownThunder said...

Will no one go for Torres? If he's going to come good, it's got to be at home against weaker opposition, no? Though I quite like the way Swansea is playing.

FromNam said...

I think I gonna keep trio Dzeko - Aguero - Rooney for another 2 weeks.

Aguero stays no matter what. As for Dzeko next 3 games are (H) Everton 24/9 (A) Blackburn 1/10 (H) Villa 15/10. He will stay at least after Blackburn game. I hope he will injure himself during international duty, that will make my rationale for dropping him much clearer.

For Rooney, after Stoke game he will see Norwich at home which is too good to turn down.

So it is boring and frustrated as there are so many good strikers in Torres, Adebayor, Mata but I cannot find any good excuses to replace any of Kun, Roon and Dzeko.

For DEF, I will reward Brown and Boyata another week as I have no complaints on them since I shipped them in 3 weeks ago. Bosingwa was rest mid-week so I presume he will start v.s Swansea.

For MID, I have Nani and VDV newly-dragged in. SWP looks like SK. That leaves me with 1.05 mill. I still have to wait for some discount to have enuf cash to ship in one filler. Other wise Nani will make stance for Young. TBH I like what I saw from Nani than Young.

My line-up this week is:

DDG/Brown-Boyata-Bosingwa/SWP-Nani or Young -VDV-Filler at 1.xx/Kun-Dzeko-Roon.

Tùng Đầu Gấu said...

Please help me:
Ader + VDV or R.Taylor + RVP ?

Matron-D said...

I think the best defenders to take this week would be against those playing against strong clubs. *Stoke/Swansea. Although most probably they would not be getting a clean sheet, they are definately gonna give some good points by last man saving tackles and fouls won..I honestly think stoke and swansea defenders would get high points

FromNam said...

@Matron: I don't think it is a good strategy. I would rather go for Bosingwa than Stoke/Swansea defenders given greater chance of CS.

For a Keeper, this strategy may be true since he presumably would have a lot of SV to make. On the other hand, he may ship 4-5 goals and return a big negative like Arsenal's last week.

SJ said...

Hi, first of all thanks for the blog AM! It has been a great help, especially if I don't have the time to do the research myself.
Now what do you guys think...

degea/ bosingwa, richards,mert/ silva, arteta, BFAY, modric/ aguero, dzeko, mata

or should I play around a bit and bet on Rooney having another big week? Then it would be

degea/ bosingwa, brown, boyata/ silva, arteta, modric, SWP/ dzeko, aguero, rooney

silva, aguero, modric, dzeko and degea are all on discount, so I don't want to touch them just yet

EA robot performance said...

i am new here, any comment on my team?

Musteng said...

@EA robot performance
gibbs might not start. you have to follow the arsenal news closely

david peter said...

cech + van der vaart + gervinho
krul + cabaye + van persie

Batman said...

krul + cabaye + van persie

Brian said...


I agree with Batman. krul + cabaye + van persie

If price is not a concern, which forward should I go with this week?

Dzeko (vs Everton)
Mata (vs Swansea)
Suarez (vs Wolves)

joo said...

Suarez, but I'd give torres one more chance.

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