Sunday, 25 September 2011

Week 6 - My Team

A bit late, but just for the record, my final Week 6 team was:

De Gea, Boyata, Santos, Bosingwa, Wright-Phillips, Adam, Arteta, Silva, Adebayor, Aguero, Rooney 

From my Friday Update post:
"I stuck with Rooney over Van Persie in the end but I've put a £10 bet on Van Persie to score two or more goals so that should soften the blow if he goes points crazy against Bolton." 

Rooney's no-show hurt badly, especially with RvP hitting 2 goals (although I won £44 from my bet!), Santos was also benched, so I sit on just 58 points with Wright-Phillips to go today. I also missed the barndoor yesterday, d'oh,

Hope the week has treated you better?



Rick said...

Rooney not playing really hurt and not scoring any goals with the rest of the team did not help much either. I sit on 44 points with 3 to play today. I am hoping for a miracle from SWP and Taarbt.

Anonymous said...

same here as rooney and santos not playing. a last minute decision to change dzeko for k2 was so right after all. SWP and brown to go !


Chaos said...

90 points with Swp and taarbat today, however loads of teams have both players so not sure how much it will help.

Eldwin said...

Really happy with my week so far sitting on 99.50 points with SWP to go and broke into Top 40k after hovering around Top 50-60k! Finally a change for me with RvP paying off! Hopefully I can decrease the deficit further again next week. :)

AntonyGP said...

Soo many good options this week.. I settled on this line up:

De Gea
Bosingwa, Boyata, Santos
Silva, Nani, Wright-Phillips, Obertan
Aguero, Adebayor, Van Persie

I needed a educated-risk to catch me up as I was sitting 20,000+ in the rankings and didn't have Rooney on discount so went with RVP. I wasn't sold on Arteta and Adam so I used a filler in Obertan and got Nani and my Man Utd player. Worked out to be 50 point swing! Now sitting on 97 and ranked 9,000ish with SWP to play should see me get over 100!

I did however take a hit on Santos who I dropped Gibbs at discount for!!

My team:

Rick said...

According to Fergie, Rooney might be out for up to as many as 7 games. I have him at a huge discount, so what to do?

The Greek said...


For ONE match. And there is a national team break after next weekend.

DJ PIGG said...

My last minute tinkering paid off!

Until about 10am on Saturday I had Rooney and Tim Cahill in my team. I swapped them for Arteta and RVP and which resulted in a net gain of 39.5 points!

Still not doing brilliantly, though. 85.5 points with SWP still to play. I had contemplated swapping him for Ramires so I hope QPR slaughter Villa today!

Rick said...

Thanks Greek. I read the report on Yahoo. Maybe Fergie playing mind games again.

D said...

78.5 with SWP and Traore to go. Adam was a let-down again, so was Santos' benching, but still a decent enough score. VDV and Suarez were the main point-getters for me.

Looking at Chelski and ManU for next week...

David S said...


Wouldn't worry about missing the BD. Not many deals on offer. RVP probably had the biggest price spike, but even at BD price he will be a risk away vs. Tottenham.

Regarding SAF's comments about Rooney, I suspect one or both of the following dynamics are at play:

1) Classic SAF mind game to keep the opposition (and YFF players) guessing

2) Excuse to keep Rooney out of international duty and therefore safe from the risk of a genuine injury

Sonic Rover said...

I'm sunk. I was on 46.5 with SWP and Traore to go. However, with Traore having conceded a PK, received a YC, and lost the CS, 12 of those points evaporated within seconds. This is my 3rd full season and the worst so far. This weekend won't help as it's shaping up to be my lowest points haul ever (I've done better in weeks with snow postponements). SWP just got an SOT, but I think he'll need a hattrick in the remaining 20 minutes.

Sonic Rover said...

And Traore just got sent off with a 2nd YC. I'm probably going to end the day with fewer points than I started with. I'm going to have to cross my fingers and hope for phantom points to bail me out.

OG in stoppage time. Does me no good, but having seen QPR play at Loftus Road in January, I'm happy they're salvaging a point.

Ian Sanderson said...

Decided to sell Rooney this week, but have still fared badly.
This team got me 60 points so far with SWP's low pointsstill to add on.

De Gea
Santos Cole Bosingwa
Silva Wright-Phillips Arteta van der Vaart
Gervinho Ag├╝ero Mata

Sonic Rover said...

Yep, lost points but not too many. Finished on 44.0 (not my worst) and dropped to a godawful 27,396th (probably to worsen a bit after tomorrow's match). I hope I can put together a decent week soon. This season has been excruciating so far.

kendo said...

60.5 watched qpr game swp was disappointing the villa didn't impress either for the barn door

Dropped Rooney and put in vdv and mata back again bd r Ferdinand Modric and adebayor hope united and spurs can do it next week

Anonymous said...

Bloody Pitiful

Soccer Player said...

So far, I've got 97 points with Rooney not playing.. I still have Brown for tonight. Hope he will give me some positive points.

Soccer Player

Skip said...

RVP will get hurt within the next 3 weeks.. he ALWAYS gets hurt!

Skip said...

oh yea. i got 67 points :(

FinnSam said...

I got 111,5 with Brown to go. Good week for a change.

So is Rooney back in for next week or not? What about Chicarito?

south of europe said...

103 points wes brown still to play....
santos benched persie vas good suarez too nice game form silva, aguero , bosingwa , tarabt....
I am very happy overal first time this year in 10 000 !

Ken M. said...

Only 69.5 points this week with only W. Brown going today.

Took a few chances along with a couple bad moves cost me around 25 points this week.
Playing Vorm in goal combined with starting Nasri over Modric, and staying with Santos even though it looked like Gibbs would get the nod were not my best moves.

The one that bothers me the most was keeping & starting Gervinho just because I held him at a good discount and I felt very strongly that it was not a good choice.

I need to focus more on matchups and overall knowledge then a good discount.

I know this...yet I do not do this!!!!

Evolution come slowly.
I just hope I learn faster before "I" become extinct.

kwyjibo said...

Well, it's pretty pointless to complain as most of us seem to be in the same boat. But, yes, no Rooney, no Santos, no goals, no clean sheets comes to 54.50 pts with only Brown to go. Any chance he'll get a hat-trick? lol!

Overall, my choices didn't do that badly. Out of the ones that played, they all made back their points except for Mata and Nasri. It's just that when 32% of your team doesn't play, it hurts. Assuming they made back their points, add that 32 back in, and you've got almost 100 pts. So, yes, that was the difference in the week.

Is it just me, or is Dzeko starting to look like this year's Berbatov? He may score 20 goals, but do it in only 6-7 games.

There is a lot of conflicting Rooney news, I may forgo the risk and do a straight swap of Rooney to Nani. Anyone else?

greginho said...

i am at 47 points with just wes brown to go. i had mert. instead of santos, so that was ok. my problem was rooney too, but smalling as well. i knew friday that he was a doubt, but i had no time to drop him. i missed out on both barndoors. this is my first bad week. i will just take my lumps and try to get back to 100 points next week.

i am avoiding dropping rooney till friday. i will see who is the best replacement. nani at home to norwich and van der vaart at home to arsenal. i expect 2 goals out of vdv. i might go to adebayor and up from wright-phillips

Chaos said...

103 for the week. Rooney, Dzeko and.aguero getting just 10 points between th helped a lot.

south of europe said...

dzeko is stupid fantasy player he was like that whole last year. Suddenly he scores 4 goals in one game and he is first option for 50% of managers....

Rick said...

And a better option is??

Hooligans said...

70.50 for this week. I moved up in all my leagues because everyone else did as badly as i did. I dropped Caulker, Ashley Young, Nasri, and Gervinho Picked up R. Ferdinand, SWP, Taarabt, and Rooney. If I had kept original lineup would have earned 12 points. New lineup netted 16.5 so I did better but not by much.

Anonymous said...

To zero or not to zero.....

Soon, I will be faced with the decision to take an intentional zero for goal. I was not wise enough to hold De Gea in the below 5 range and I see this as a growing disadvantage.

The way I see it if I want to risk keeping pace with the average points that De Gea is producing I would need a keeper in the 8-9 range to be sure putting me at a 4-5 point disadvantage with most managers on just one player spot...every week.

My other option is a keeper a 1 which would then free up 4-5 point advantage for my team in other player spots, over those who continue to hold De Gea at around 5, and would allow for possible higher scoring players at positions others are using fillers at.

I am not there yet and have Krul this week and like the match up (kinda) zero day is coming?


David S said...


The zero option at GK has genuine merit.

The trick of course is making sure you get a return on the funds that are freed up, but fundamentally the strategy is valid and was employed successfully by many fantasy managers last year.

Many blog readers will also remember Tuncay at $1--lots of folks bought and held even when he wasn't seeing any playing time just so they could use the savings elsewhere. Same logic as the GK zero, just a different position.

So history definitely bears this out as a valid approach. Good luck deciding whether/when to do it!

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