Saturday, 10 September 2011

Week 4 - My Team

De Gea

Gibbs    Mertesacker    Riise

Walcott     Silva    Cabaye    Nasri

Mata    Van Persie    Aguero

Major, major investment in Man City & Arsenal this week; I know if either team performs poorly or either manager decided to rotate a few players then I'm in serious trouble.

I had the added problem (as I'm sure many of you did) of this morning's price changes leaving me with a team in negative funds, so I had to drop Richards down to Mertz to enable me to save - thanks Yahoo.

Next week we have Arsenal at Blackburn, in-form Wolves at home to QPR, Man City at Fulham, Bolton home to Norwich, Villa home to Newcastle & Everton home to Wigan, so I'll be looking at those teams on the barndoor.

Let me know your team - and good luck, especially if you're in The Blog Cup!


mzar2u said...


mzar2u said...


Gibbs Mertesacker Richard

Walcott Silva Cabaye Arteta

Mata Van Persie Aguero

adeem said...

so what im 2nd

Eldwin said...





adeem said...


gibbs richards boyota

walcott cabaye SWP silva

dzeko van persie hernendez

Ian Sanderson said...

De Gea
Bosingwa Mertesacker Riise
Silva Wright-Phillips Walcott Ramsey Brunt
Rooney Ruiz

Last minute change of Aguero to Brunt, could be a mistake.

Anonymous said...

Gibbs Boyata Smalling
Walcott Young Wright-Phillips Silva
Van persie Hernandez Adebayor

we shall see... rought start to the year... top 250 last year currently sitting in 20,000 or so

AntonyGP said...

Gibbs, Riise, Richards
Silva, Young, Nasri, Arteta
Mata, Dzeko, Adebayor

I had 2.35 remaining but I was happy with the balance so I settled on this team..

Current rank is: 20,080

Ian Sanderson said...

@ 9b5bf518-dba1-11e0-845f-000bcdcb2996

that's a catchy name you've got there.

Irons said...

After a whole day tinkering i decided to completely rip out city, except for Richards:

Gibbs Richard Brown
Taaraby Cabaye Walcott Bale
Persie Mata Luiz

My team seemed to get less and less set as the day went on, i decided on this at 2am and saved it. Never thought i'd end up with this though, lol.

I love the Bale gamble, should be fun. With VDV out hopefully he dominates the game. Luiz is a real punt in the dark for me but i didn't want adebayor (yet) beacuse of bale being there already.

Good Luck!

Ken M. said...

What a mess...

Made most of my changes because of Blog cup as the "normal" weekly risk was acceptable but the "cup" risk was not.

I am sure I overreacted as usual to reports of rotation and such, leading me to loose some nice discounts. almost instantly changed DDG to Lindegaard on last nights squad sheets, on the reports of possible rest for DDG.

Dropped..DDG,Rooney,Aguero and now there is still talk of Nasri a possible miss???

I repeat..what a mess.


Good luck everyone...

Anonymous said...

My team:

De Gea
smailing, gibbs, riise
silva, young, cahill, swp
mata, rvp, dzeko

i hope this team will make a great impact, because my team was helpless last week..

and i'm in blog cup in group 14..

Data Head said...

AM, not sure if it means anything, but I find it pretty interesting that your team and my vote-generated Blog Team share the same defense and several other players: De Gea, Gibbs, Mertesacker, Riise, Walcott, Silva, van Persie, and Agüero. So in short, go team Nik!

neil said...

riise richards merteseacker
silva taarabt cabaye bale swp
agüero vanpersie

Sonic Rover said...

My team:

Gibbs JARiise Brown
Silva SWP Dempsey Obertan
Rooney Dzeko RvP

It's much more premium heavy than I normally like, and there are some starting doubts, which I usually try to avoid. It'll probably either pay off big or fail miserably.

I suppose DDG will wind up starting in the end. SAF's pre-match comments can be safely discounted whenever you see his lips moving. Indeed odds are you'd be better off banking on the opposite.


Ken M. said...

Dzeko & Nasri Benched.......GREAT!

Don't care about Dzeko, don't have him

But Nasri!,,,,,,,,,,crap!

Source: Scout tweets

Chris_B said...

Killing me. I benched Aguero and started Dezko. Aguero gets the start and first goal. :-(

gman26 said...

Silva is 54% owned. That is the highest I've ever seen for a player.

gman26 said...

Jose Enrique/Bosingwa/Gibbs

And the awful start to my season is continuing. Overhauling the team today. Shake things up a bit. See if the lads respond.

Anonymous said...

W. Szczesny
Riise Gibbs Richards
Nasri Walcott Wright-Phillips Taarabt
van Persie Balotelli Sturridge

atleast Sturridge scored before he was taken off

Ian Sanderson said...

"Last minute change of Aguero to Brunt, could be a mistake."


gaius marius said...

My goodness do Arsenal ever appear a waste this season. If you can't pour goals in on Swansea, are you top third of the table? And taking cards to boot?

David S said...

Glag Aguero didn't start. I was afraid I would drop him and then he'd get a hat trick or something.

Anonymous said...


Letting Aguero go was a huge mistake n my part because Dzeko did not play at all today. I picked the wrong player to be rested. I guess that means Dzeko will start with Balotelli in the champions League this week.

Ken M. said...

Any chance of Hernandez getting a hat trick so my original thoughts of Aguero being a season keeper at 6.50!!! (he is NOW but at 8.45) won't haunt me for the rest of the week!

Going to need something like it now just to keep pace with those who had him.

Come on United!!! Young 2-goals Hernandez-3

to much to ask?

Ken M. said...

DDG starting.... perfect!

completes my own hat trick!!

3-times stupid!!!

Sonic Rover said...

I knew I needed to drop either Aguero or Dzeko, and of course, I picked the wrong one. With Sergio in about half the teams, the hole I've been digging this season is only getting deeper. I did pretty well last gameweek, but otherwise, my picks have been rubbish so far. *sigh*

David S said...

So the combined firepower of Arteta, Walcott, and RVP produces a grand total of 2 points at a cost of aost 50. Pretty special.

gman26 said...

This Man U team is starting to look like the Patriots of 2007. Lots of fantasy options. We'll see if they can keep it up next week vs Chelsea.

Anonymous said...

I echo those thoughts Ken! I upgraded Aguero to Hernandez. Should've been Mata > Hernandez in retrospect!

Glad I opted for nasri over Walcott and Riise over Smalling, despite only a small difference in points.

Might hold onto Van Persie despite this weeks dissappointment..

Raconteur said...

Guess who sold Rooney and Aguero this week? Yep, that would be me.

How I returned 110 points I don't know. Could have had 180 though.

Anonymous said...

Think i should stop playing.
I also think its a bad time for Chelsea to meet united.

Theseus said...

Hmmm, the AM blog team in my league shows Torres and some other scrubs (benayoun lol) not netting much of a return...

None of the 'expert' bloggers ever picking Man United players...

Meanwhile I'm rolling right along averaging about 130 pts per week with Silva, Aguero, DDG, Nani, AY & Rooney, and nothing else but cheap enablers. Will it work like that forever? Of course not. But until that lineup starts sputtering, injuries or something else happens, just sayin... you 'experts' might wanna get some Utd players in your lineups already! ; )

greginho said...

my team
de gea
smalling, mertesacker, stearman
taarabt, young, nasri, benayoun
dzeko, aguero, rooney.

so arsenal keeps it perfect record alive. every game that arsenal does not get anyone sent off, they have won. keep it up for the rest of the season and the gunners can push for a title.

MB said...

as with everyone aguero to dzeko (and then missing Kun on the barn door) was a bad decision but gibbs over brown almost made up for it.

My guy Gyan has left sunderland :(

Anonymous said...

Anybody considering Graham or Sinclair for next week, Swans are at home to West Brom and they've got to score sometime!

FromNam said...

Walcott (+0.5) and Arteta (-0.5) cost me nearly 28 mill but bring nothing than a big f***ing 0. I cannot trust those Arse-anal players anything.

Glad I did not trade Rooney and DDG for RVP and Szczesny (what a spelling). I love Gibbs, how the hack the can have so many points.

Young offered little. Would be unfair for Brown and Boyata if asking any further from them.

Currently at 113 points with only SWP to go.

Bright points: Rooney, Aguero, DDG, Gibbs
So-so: Brown, Boyata
Fucked up: Young, Walcott, Arteta (45% cost of the team)
No-show: Dzeko

greginho said...

frontnam, i guess you are right you can not trust arsenal players for anything. so it is best to not pick arsenal players because the rest are all performing. that is why tevez(19.52) got 2, ashley young (19.16) got 2.5, lampard (19.03) got 3.5, malouda (17.57) got 4.5, dzeko (13.71) got 0, nasri (13.68) got 4, torres (11.87) got 1, mata (7.73) got 3.5, etc.

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