Monday, 19 September 2011

Week 5 - How Did You Do?

After a tough start things are finally on the up; 133 points in Week 5, a great win for Tottenham over Liverpool and a major milestone for the blog as we passed TWO MILLION page views - I don't think I'll have many better weekends this season. The 133 could've been 150+ had Rooney not slipped over/hit the post, but complaining would be greedy. I'm in to the Top 8,000 and hopefully I can push on from here.

We saw a real classic between Manchester United and Chelsea, played at such a pace and packed full of drama - goals, chances, misses and contentious incidents - it was the Premier League at it's best. Manchester City's 100% record is over after Fulham fought back from 2 goals down, Blackburn came from behind to beat Arsenal, all three promoted took 3 points, while Bolton & West Brom lost again to end the weekend in the bottom two spots. A cracking weekend of action from top to bottom.

I didn't make many barndoor moves as I'm quite happy with the core of my team at the moment but I brought Wes Brown and Luka Modric in just in case:

De Gea, Boyata, Brown, Santos, Wright-Phillips, Modric, Silva, Young, Aguero, Adebayor, Rooney (4.2 million left in the bank)

Lots will change - I don't think I need Rooney and Young at Stoke, so I may go Young to Arteta or Van Der Vaart (in which case I wouldn't need Modric), may bring in a Chelsea or Liverpool midfielder and I also plan to upgrade my defence with any funds left over. I'd love to have both Suarez & Mata but I can't see Adebayor, Aguero or Rooney going anywhere at this moment in time, while DDG, SWP & Silva will all stay.

How did you get on and what's your overall rank after these first 5 weeks? Did you bring in anyone in on the barndoor?



Matron-D said...

Hehe First! :)

Matron-D said...

Err i brought in adebayor for the 90 points this week...Pathetic..Hope i do better this week...Congrats Nik :)

Anonymous said...

nik surely the happiest guy this weekend ! by the way, only 103.50 points for me which are not good as i set up the benchmark of 12o points. ward doing nothing, picked merte over santos in dying minutes did costs me much. bd'ed arteta only so pray for me !


rajiv said...

terrible week only 66 points . Huge mistake gambling on Cech luiz and Tevez.

kwyjibo said...

Congrats AM, on the good week and the good Spurs win. VdV coming back so soon must be a relief, too.

116 for the week, finally going in the right direction. No BD work thus far, missed Santos and can't afford him now. Still have the same team:

Meatsack - Brown - Boyata
Silva - Cabaye - SWP - BFAY
Dzeko - Aguero - Rooney

Kind of torn between getting Chelsea and keeping ManU. Chelsea v Swansea seems like the obvious choice, but if Sunderland can put 4 past Stoke, what will ManU do? Not to mention, Vorm is doing amazing, and I imagine he'll be in the Prem next season regardless of whether Swansea stay up or not. I have a feeling that ManU is going to pound Stoke, and Chelsea will only win 2-1.

I don't think I'm going to keep Dzeko, but who to bring in? Sturridge or Mata?

Gingerman said...

Worst week since the start of the season. Only scored 79,5 points. Before this week I was just outside the top 2000 and i now dropped to 6162th. You guys think Aguero and/or Dzeko will be rested this weekend with another CL fixture coming up?

Anonymous said...

68.5 points I ended on..

Time for a shake up

De Gea
Mertesacker/ Boyata/ Brown
Silva/ Young/ Van der Vaart/ Meireles/ Kightly
Sturridge/ Aguero

Musteng said...

102.5 for week 5. gamble on charlie adam to make my team a little bit different cause me some points. But i am satisfied that i moved up 100 places.

I've dropped Dzeko & barndoor K2 at 8.18

Week 6 team

Gibbs - Brown - Boyata
Silva - BFAY - VDV - SWP
Rooney - Aguero - K2

3.22 left to spend. Might change gibbs with extra funds

kendo said...

Kept Gibbs on sat instead of switching to Santos so picked him up on bd with arteta swapped Hernandez for dzeko and dropped young picked up swp

Thought stoke would give united a game next weekend now I'm not so sure?

94.5 this week could have been worse

greginho said...

well arsenal's offense did well as they outscored blackburn 5-2.

only 94.5 points this week.

Sonic Rover said...

@Nik: Congratulations on turning the corner! Alas, I have not. I've been mired around 14-20000 all season. This week I'm back down to 18830th with 79.5 points. I did okay week 3, had bad luck weeks 1&4, made stupid decisions week 2, and had bad luck and made stupid decisions week 5. If it weren't for Rooney, I'd been dropping like a rock. I hope I have an above average week soon because team selection is starting to feel like work. :(


El Canon said...

111.0 for week 5.

Early Week 6 team

Brown/Boyata/maybe Richards
Silva/SWP/Young/Obertan (filler)

Might have to part with Young to get funds to improve 4th midfielder but probably not this week.

Hooligans said...

138 points for me. gonna keep the core of my team and adjust around the edges. added swp and smalling. got 5.91 mill in the bank and thinking of growing it. cheers

sanjay2 said...

will adam still be playing this weekend? he'll be serving one match suspension on wednesday nite... please advice.

A K SAW said...

I managed to get 128 points for week 5. Share your view at my blog:

Raconteur said...

Nik, tried to write to you on Monday in your previous post, but my iPhone sometimes has trouble with the 'Comment as:' box and doesn't give me an option to choose my google account so had to wait till I got on my home computer.

Figured you'd had a good week given your 55 points update plus the 5 further goals along with good scores from silva and DDG, as well as a brilliant win for spurs. Do you reckon Adebayor is that big 20+ goal striker you've needed for a while?

My weekend was not too bad, just over the 100 mark which is always a good total. Wouldn't have changed much about my team. Pondered selling Dzeko for Adebayor or Klasnic, so could have gone either way. Ward was a disappointment but worth a punt. Picked up Gervinho, Adebayor, Cabaye, Arteta and Santos on the barndoor. I like the look of my team, even with £20mill in the bank, but I'll be looking to bring in some Chelsea players I think.

Is the 2 million page views a total, or in a specified period of time? Also, is it individual views, or a total? Either which way, still really impressive. I keep intending to get hold of your details outside of this blog to ask you questions about blog revenue and the like, but blogspot doesn't make it easy to send e-mails or personal messages without everyone seeing.

Glad to see you moving up the table with a good points haul, it's thoroughly deserved given all the help, advice and time you give everyone on here. If I had my way, you'd by 2nd every year, one place behind me :). I'm sitting in the top 15,000, which i'm pleased with, as I've been a bit unlucky with some drops and picks.

Brian said...

De Gea

I have decisions on all 3 lines...

Def - keep Santos or switch to Coloccini?

Mid - keep Cabaye or switch to M. Petrov?

For - keep Suarez or switch to Mata/Dzeko?

Miku$Army said...

Early week 6 team

boyata mertesacker/smalling brown
young silva petrov/nasri obertan
aguero dzeko rooney

Please give some advice:D

Miku$Army said...

@ Brian
keep santos before his price rises
petrov in my opinion
i think dzeko

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