Friday, 23 September 2011

Week 6 - Update

Quick run through of the news on this Friday afternoon....

My fear in the week that David Luiz will replace Jose Bosingwa appears unfounded as Luiz played 120 minutes in the Carling Cup. With Alex suspended for a sending off in that match it should be the usual back four of Bosingwa, Terry, Ivanovic, A.Cole. Drogba is back the squad but Torres should continue with Mata in support.

Martin Skrtel and Charlie Adam are both available after serving their suspensions against Brighton. Steven Gerrard has a chance of starting after getting 20 minutes in that match but another appearance from the bench seems more likely. Martin Kelly is fit to return at right-back and Dirk Kuyt is rumoured to replace the increasingly disappointing Andy Carroll in support of Suarez.

Manchester City rested a host of their first choice XI against Birmingham in midweek and gave 90 minutes to the likes of Tevez, Balotelli, Zabaleta, Toure, Bridge & Kolarov, so expect the usual suspects Aguero, Dzeko, Richards, Barry, Kompany, Lescott & Clichy to return for the game against Everton.

Javier Hernandez has recovered from the injury picked up from Ashley Cole's horror lunge/block/leg breaker so he should continue to partner Wayne Rooney at Stoke, with Nani & Young supporting from the wings. Chris Smalling is struggling with a groin injury but Rio Ferdinand is back so he should partner Jonny Evans, with Phil Jones & Patrice Evra completing the back four.

Tottenham are likely to field a very similar side to the one that beat Liverpool last Sunday, with just one or two possible exceptions. Niko Kranjcar has picked up a hamstring strain which could mean Rafael Van Der Vaart slotting in on the right of a 4-4-2, and Assou-Ekotto is a doubt after a bout of midweek flu. Bassong, Corluka or even the returning Gallas could slot in at left back if BAE fails to recover.

Arsenal have Ramsey, Rosicky & Sagna back in the squad after injury, but Yossi Benayoun and Djourou are both missing this weekend. Gibbs got 90 minutes in midweek so I'd expect Santos to get the start at left-back, and I'd also expect Theo Walcott to start after his benching at Blackburn. That means Wenger needs to make a decision between Arshavin & Gervinho on the left wing, with Gervinho the more likely to start.

That's everything I have time for as I'm off for an evening out in London so won't be online tonight or tomorrow morning. I've had to save my team already and it's very likely to be my final Week 6 team:

De Gea, Boyata, Santos, Bosingwa, Wright-Phillips, Adam, Arteta, Silva, Adebayor, Aguero, Rooney

I stuck with Rooney over Van Persie in the end but I've put a £10 bet on Van Persie to score two or more goals so that should soften the blow if he goes points crazy against Bolton. Other than that I'm lacking a Chelsea attacker but Bosingwa gets forward quite a lot, so hopefully he'll contribute something, Aguero/Silva, Arteta/Santos, Adam, SWP & Adebayor cover the fact I'm expecting wins for City, Arsenal, Liverpool, QPR and Spurs. I'd love to have Van Der Vaart at Wigan but couldn't quite afford him, and there was no room for Suarez or Mata.

Please check out the following links if you need to find any further team and injury news:-

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Please let me know your team, and feel free to add an additional injury news you hear/read about  in the comments section below to help out your fellow fantasy managers.

Good luck!



Anonymous said...


alfred said...


Anonymous said...

I am between two teams at the moment...




What do you all think? Trying to pick some players that will perform well without picking those that everyone else will. Trying to get back into top spot in my private league.

capiTeno said...

so do we think arteta or walcott... i can't decide !

david peter said...

cech + van der vaart + gervinho
krul + cabaye + van persie

Miku$Army said...

bosingwa brown boyata
silva young nasri/petrov/walcott knightly
aguero dzeko rooney

What do ya think???

Miku$Army said...

bosingwa brown boyata
nasri young silva VDV
mata dzeko aguero

bosingwa brown boyata
nasri young silva knightly(filler)
dzeko aguero rooney???????


kwyjibo said...

@Stephen - Are you sure about Welbeck? Last I heard, Hernandez would still be starting. Nothing confirmed, of course, but even Fantasy Football Scout says Welbeck will likely start on the bench. May want to keep an eye out for more news.

@david peter - I would go for the second, or what about krul + VdV + gervinho as another option?

@capiTeno - I'm having trouble with that one, too. It seems that Arteta only score well when he scores. Makes me nervous.

Can't decide between several teams, but kind of leaning towards this:


Also have Young saved in the background, but then I lose Traore-Bosingwa for Mertesacker-Boyata.

Another possibility is to trade Young + Cabaye for Arteta + Nasri.

Still have Dzeko in the background at 9.90, but will probably switch for Mata...

One reason to keep Young is that ManU may have a big game. Anyone else feel that fatigue may play a part for Stoke? Their starting XI played 3 games in 6 days, and now only 4 days rest before going up against ManU.

Too many decisions, not enough time...

Anonymous said...

De Gea
Metesacker/ Boyata/ Brown
Silva/ Van der Vaart/ Merieles/ Ben Arfa
Aguero/ Suarez/ Mata

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the info.

Have been tinkering with the line-up and I am now considering...


With 3.5 remaining to possibly up grade Arteta to Adams and Boyata to Bassong.

Very difficult fantasy week considering most have locked in on Rooney, Silva, Aguero and DeGea for the season (barring injury). I need some different scorers for when those four do not bring in the fantasy numbers. I can then move up all levels of the EPL fantasy table (Private, Blog & Overall).

DavidKBritt said...

Hey Nik,

This week I'm very happy with my team (for maybe the first time this year):

Boyata, Wes Brown, Rangel
Silva, SWP, Cabaye, Henderson
Aguero, Adebayor, Rooney

Rangel and Brown have been scoring very consistently for their price. The front three are hard to argue with. The midfield is less set in stone, but I think this is about as efficient as you can get, at least with the discounts I hold.

speedjunkies said...

hey nick..what up with your never manage alone blog??

Anonymous said...

I think that I may settle on this:

Brown,Boyata,Bosingwa (The 3 Bs)

Trying to consider if I need both BFAY & Hernandez but with Stoke's starting XI playing for the fourth time in less than two weeks it might be necessary to have both. What do you think???

Anonymous said...

Richards Kelly Bosingwa
Silva SWP Young Adam
Aguero Adebayor Torres

I'd be surprised if i don't score a 100 points even without Torres

Ken M. said...


Vorm is my wild card. 13 saves!

Good luck everyone.

DavidKBritt said...


Consider Kightly for your filler spot. Pugh isn't set to play, and Kightly will most likely actually return you some points.


HondaCBR said...

Team set for the weekend games! (a bit risky if you ask me)


Boyata Bosingwa Mertesucka

Silva Larsson Cabaye Henderson

Aguero Torres Mata

Good luck to all managers ahead of the games!!!

Edward said...

I am a bit new here i just want to have all of your opinions that should i risk buying torres/ welbeck n dropping rooney or should i just keep rooney if not my team would be looking like this:


Santos, Bosingwa, boyata

Silva, SWP, J.MCEachran, Brunt

kun, ade, rooney

pls reply ASAP about my team

SK said...

@Edward - I highly doubt Welbeck will start. But who will you bring in if you get Torres for Rooney?

SK said...

@Edward - Rooney is not going to keep this up for the entire season but I would keep him while he remains hot.

Matron-D said...

@Edward - I dont think welbeck will start...Why not Suarez? I think he is a great buy this week.

And also, no1 seems to be paying any attention to dzeko..

strayjd said...


De Gea
Santos, Bosingwa, Richards
Tarrabat, SWP, Young, Silva
Rooney, Adebayor, Aguero

Is it better to change Richards+Tarrabat to Boyata+Nasri?

kendo said...

Torres??? Mr sitter! ;)

Miku$Army said...

nasri,knightly,bosingwa or SWP,richards,bosingwa?

Anonymous said...

Richards Taarabt better option.

kendo said...

Wrecking my head here considering swapping out dzeko for mata

Would leave me a lot of spare £ but don't want to replace anyone else

Could regret it think it might be best to let dzeko stay??????

Kent Lim said...

Dzeko + Young + boyata - 1
Van Persie + SWP + West Brown -2
Which one is better?? Tell me!!

Saimoon said...

Torres or Suarez???

FK said...

arteta or cabaye?

FromNam said...

How can I see Arsenal line-up in Bolton match??

Gibbs or Santos will start??

NjeP said...

My team:
Brown Santos Boyota
Silva SWP Cabaye Arteta
Kun K2 Rooney

I'll give Szczesny [Arsenal DF to be precise] one last time. Brown has been excellent despite his price tag, Santos scored well last week despite no clean sheet, Boyata..well because he's cheap and need to do little to justify his price.
Silva & SWP is a no brainer, trying to fit in Cabaye since he looked sharp last week. Arsenal MF of my choice is Arteta [it was walcott at first but suddenly Arteta's price went down, since walcott may get rotated, why not upgrade him to arteta].
Kun & Roo is having their best form of the season, i'll stick with them both since RVP has not been on target for a while. Trying my luck with adebayor due to his match up. Was thinking to swap him to Gervinho so I can upgrade Boyota to Traore, but let that be my last minutes reserve ^^.
Currently I'm at 76 thousand something..I failed to save my team on week 1 and paying the price to actually catch up with the rest. How is your team doin'??

Gingerman said...

Man City's team for today: Hart, Richards, Kompany, Lescott, Clichy, Yaya, Barry, Silva, Nasri, Aguero, Dzeko

Josh said...

#MCFC team to face #Everton: Hart, Richards, Kompany, Lescott, Clichy, Yaya, Barry, Silva, Nasri, Aguero, Dzeko

Anonymous said...

City line up is up same team that faced Fulham

kendo said...

According to yahoo Gibbs is starting instead of Santos??

Anyone got arsenal team sheet?

Soccer Player said...

Week 6 First Eleven!


Bosingwa, Brown, Mertesacker

Silva, Wright-Phillips, Taarabt, Cabaye

Aguero, Rooney, RVP

Good luck!

Soccer Player

Brian said...

@kendo, don't have a team sheet, but Yahoo's "projected lineups" are often wrong.

Let's hope this is another I've also started Santos this week.

Anonymous said...

Based on his performance last week Santos should never start ahead of Gibbs.head of Gibbs.

David S said...

Rooney not even in squad today. Will gut a lot of YFF players. Glad I didn't have him.

Anonymous said...

worst week ever. No rooney no santos. Not even a goal. And I've already dropped out of the top 1000. Not good.

Anonymous said...

Went for Ben Arfa over Ramires...

27.50 point wing...


kwyjibo said...

@benjitrain - I'm with you there. Banging my head against the wall. No Rooney, no Santos, no goals and now, to top it off, Stoke just scored, and there goes the DDG clean sheet as well.

Forget 100 pts, I'm just hoping for 50 this week!

David S said...

The Torres straight RC means he is out for the next three EPL games--there are no intervening League Cup games to help absorb the suspensions.

AVB will now have an unassailable reason why he can't start the mega-expensive yet largely-ineffective striker. I would expect Drogba to be nailed-on until the Spaniard's suspension is served.

I would also expect Drogba to play like he wants to win the permanent role. Bolton, Everton, and QPR are the upcoming three opponents--ample opportunity for Drogs to prove that he should be the man.

Anarhican said...

Why De Gea has only 6,5 points? Where is that 0.5???
He had minimum of 8 saves in total! WTF is this yahoo doing???

kendo said...

Same boat no Rooney or Santos No goals :(

Rick said...

What a terrible week. No Rooney, no goals and 40 points.Where do we go from here?

Matron-D said...

@ Anarhican....De Gea had only 4 saves..check on soccernet...If they had not conceded He would have got damn high points..

AFM said...

did u mention persie for 2 goals...ouch...that hurt...

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