Saturday, 17 September 2011

Week 5 - My Team

 De Gea

Santos   Boyata   Baines

Wright Phillips   Ward   Silva   M.Petrov

Adebayor   Rooney   Aguero  


What did you end up with?

Cheers, AM


Caleb said...

Damn I did not see the Arsenal line up until the deadline so I do not have time for change! I still have Gibbs :(

Pi*xar said...

I ended up with stupid gibbs aaaarghhh!!!
you ended up risking petrov, i changed him and suarez for van persie and wright phillips

adeem said...


AntonyGP said...

De Gea

Gibbs Boyata Richards

Silva Nasri Wright-Phillips Osman

Aguero Adebayor Rooney

Ian Sanderson said...

Found out Walcott wasn't playing at 11.59 and couldn't change....

De Gea
Mertesacker Baines Santos
Silva Wright-Phillips Walcott Petrov
Gervinho Bendtner Agüero

MB said...

ha ha! thanks to following AM on twitter I saw the arsenal team and did gibbs for brown.


ended up with

hutton, hibbert, brown
silva, mpet, cahil, ward
kun, rooney, gabby aggy

rwlwhite said...

Santos, Cahill, Richards
Silva, Nasri, Toure, Ward
Aguero, Rooney, Klasnic

HarUtd said...

baines, richards, boyata
silva, nasri, arteta, cahill
agüero, adebayor, gervinho

last minute panic!! i hate that team!!
gibbs-> boyata
walcott-> arteta
klasnic-> gervinho

Arahan said...

Richards Boyata gibbs
VDV Silva Arteta ward
K2 RvP Kun

VDV to score a brace & Rvp with the hatty

Bull said...

Ian, I feel your pain mate

Mike B said...

I just saw somewhere that the Wolves V QPR game might be suspended due to a power failure!

I just got O'Hara in for Walcott aswell, looks like i'm destined to be without players today haha.

Ken M. said...

Gibbs @ 3.12

I knew there was a possibility of him not starting but having a player out at this price is not that harmful to my team. Better then someone in the 8-12 range. Would rather have someone in that spot of course..oh well. Still have a nice option at 3.12 on defense and Arsenal have some nice fixtures over the next few weeks.

Good luck..

OH..Also I see that 10/10 of the top teams have Rooney. I am sure that is because of his discount. So......go RVP & Hernandez!

matt said...

power back on at Wolves

Anonymous said...

Dropped Gervinho last minute because someone said he wasn't starting and he's scored already. omeone said he wasn't starting and he's scored already.

Irons said...


Bet you don't hate it any more! :D

Ian Sanderson said...

Ken, as with previous seasons, the top 10 at this stage is not made up of the top 10 managers - does that make sense?
I imagine they've all held the top scorers so far, more luck than good management at this stage.
Once injuries, suspensions, double-gamers, dip in form, African nations kick in the men are sorted from the boys.

Also if Santos takes over permanently from Gibbs I'd re-evaluate your assessment of holding 3.12 Gibbs.

Anonymous said...

Just did what i should have done a long time ago, bring in De Gea at 10+me ago, bring in De Gea at 10+

Anonymous said...

Gibbs could come in next week if that is all Santos is offeringng

Ken M. said...



After today I most likely would NOT be looking at Arsenal defenders anyway.

Hopefully, some day my post may help others the way you guys always help me. Until then..that will be me, stumbling over there with my football homework in tow.

Take care & good luck

Geoff said...

Totally screwed. Tried to take a few risks to jump ahead in my league - yeah, that won't be happening. Had Szcezzny and Gibbs - the Ars defense is dead to me. Also decided to risk Klasnic at home against weak opposition - worked out just gorgeous for me.

Most of the rest of my team still to play is shared by my league - just a bad week overall.

Ian Sanderson said...

14 points for Santos - that was a bit unexpected.

D said...

Seems like SWP is starting to out-shine Taraabt in YFF value. SWP scored a nice 14.5 through an assortment of SCs, SOTs, SCs, etc, while Taraabt did OK, but taken off after 70 mins.

Skip said...

40 points today.. all double digits except merts

only regret is keeping Merts.. instead of SANTOS.. But why did santos price jump so high after only 1 game?! in past.. new players prices don't jump till after like 5-6 games or so.. he is still priced ok..

do ya'll think switch merts *@6.21* or swtich to santos..

ps.. i really hope all the people that 4 or 5 MAN City players go down tomorrow!! mostly cuz i i don't have dzeko.. lol said...

Dispite defend poorly and conceded four goals but Andres Santos stil manage to get 14 points >_<

115 points this week, thanks to Aderbayor & Aguero

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