Monday, 29 November 2010

Week 15 - Quick Review

What an unbelievable weekend of action! 41 goals, all 20 teams scoring = zero clean sheets, thrashings, comebacks, upsets, could only be the English Premier League, surely the most exciting and competitive league in the world as this moment in time?

The star of the weekend has to be Dimitar Berbatov, becoming only the 4th players to score 5 goals in a Premier League game (the others being Alan Shearer, Andy Cole & Jermain Defoe). An amazing haul of 53 points made 10.45% of fantasy managers very happy indeed.

My own week hinged on an 11:56am decision to move Green & Malouda to Howard & Nasri, a frustrating swing of -25 points which prevented a very decent week. However, it was not to be and I had to settle for 93 points, although this was enough to move me back in to the Top 500.

My current team looks like this: Carson, Kolarov, Koscielny, Bale, Adam, Brunt, VDV, Nasri, Nani, Chamakh, Rooney

However, it seems Van Der Vaart could be out for a month after an apparent hamstring tear suffered against Liverpool yesterday. If it is that serious then it'll be impossible to find someone to fill the gap for £6m, so some serious changes will need to be made with Rooney the most likely to be downgraded (which has now made me slightly annoyed I didn't barndoor Berbatov). The only good thing to come from the injury is the fact Bale will get set pieces back.

Now after a pretty heated week in the comments section of the blog I've decided I need a bit of a break just to cool off and re-assess the way I approach things, so this will be my last post until later in the week when I'm back with the Week 16 Player Picks.

Until then, please let me know how you got on in Week 15 and also how your team is shaping up after the barndoor.



Anonymous said...

the 1st....yeahhh....

Anonymous said...

the 1st yeah.....


Anonymous said...

relax am...take your time.....get a cool cool relax period...then come back with good ideas...

I'm taking robinson for the GK....glad you've picked carson...

Anonymous said...

managed to BD bent, meireles, nasri.....I;ve sold T. Cahill...

Anonymous said...

ended up with 104 pnts which include the -1 from Robinson and -.5 from Elokobi. Last minute swap on holden with elmander brought 10 pnts to the table which aint much but its better than a 0. So far the team looks like this..

Kolarov, Bardsley, Skrtel
Nani, Nasri, Silva, Lampard (assuming hes back by then)
Defoe, Obinna, Kalinic.

Btw am first to comment :D

Anonymous said...

Guess we had 4 ppl comment at the same time lol

Anonymous said...

AM, I think you are a star! I was never into Soccer, I mean Football (!) and thanks to fantasy football, and your blog I am loving it! Now watching the games is fun and I am loving working out who to barn door etc.

I think its crap that you get any flack, and dont really get why people dish it out, esp as it's free etc.

Thanks for all your updates, your blog and its bloggers are a wealth of info so I hope you keep going!

Eva in Oz

Anonymous said...

i've got 210 point this week. with 3 berbatov's in my team. how lucky i am. suck!!


AlexDarlo said...

Cue some tool having a go for you taking time out.

As you know I think you do a great job, but something I have always thought could be improved is the messaging function, a) to allow discussions on certain topics rather than a free for all in one list and more importantly b) something to allow you to manage subscriptions.

Bojan said...

please don't change your GK decisions anymore... thank you in advance my friend...

Anonymous said...

I feel some kind of Ray Wilkens moment coming on...

Anonymous said...

*Wilkins rather, I imagine you get the point though

Anonymous said...

Thank you AM for all your advice. Don't take to heart what others said in the last post. Take time to clear your mind. I can understand your outburst at that anon although I thought you should not have called him an idiot. That anon should be checking out team news on his own, not always rely on others. You have your own life too and can't possibly give an update at such short notice.

I appreciate the time and effort that u put into the blog. All advice, whether good or bad is not your fault. Games are getting more unpredictive, such as this week when there were tons of goals and not a single clean sheets.

Once again
Thank you AM


Bojan said...,,10303~2232132,00.html

meyo said...

currently i choose carson for my GK. & i think i might stay with him.. so please change ur GK, AM.. hahahaha...

donut said...

Cooling off is right!...

Decision to take Howard instead of Green was a 29 point swing!!

BUT looking at it objectively you (and many others) made a perfectly sensible decision...
only for the FF gods to have their fun and mock you!!

Nasri also somehow lost SP duty to Wilshere in Fab4 absence which again was unpredictable (and something to remember since he is sitting pretty at 7.26 even now...)

Anyway, just remember last season, you were in a much much worse position and came back strong so keep it up!!!!


Disgusting week of 76.50 for me

Anonymous said...

Discussing week15 is like recanting a near fatal accident.
Good for those of you who did well.


Anonymous said...

What?!!!!!!!!! VDV will be out for a month??!!!
Are u serious AM??? oh man...


L'Orange Noir said...

I got 91 points which isn't half bad considering I took a zero for Holden.

I just wanted to say that I really appreciated your injury updates - I had abonglahor in my team until I saw your update and then switched to Obinna instead. Had a massive effect on my score this week so thanks for that and for taking the time to blog each week.

Anonymous said...

happy with my week. 100+ for first time in ages. 3 of the last 4 have been goal droughts & injury plagued. now my luck is changing. 4 goals come along for obinna, benty, nasri & nani. keeper got a clean sheet too... kirkland (@1.00 ) ;) no points for it, but nice to have in a clean sheet free week. jarvis also did well. risked drogba- didn't come off but at least the game went ahead. not having vdv or holden also seemed to help my rise in the rankings. brought in brunt & rvp on bd. surely rvp has gotta start soon.


Anonymous said...

Good job AM.


Anonymous said...

man up AM!

Justin Lim said...

dear AM,

you the man. you have helped us loads over here and just ignore those retards. keep in mind youre doing a wonderful job and i really enjoy your insights and predictions into the games before the weekend. (: keep up the good work mate.

loyal blog reader.

Mike said...

I had a very good week, 120 points..

Imagine if I would have had Berb also... :(

Anonymous said...

fair play nik, you have made a couple of mistakes over the past week but then I think anyone writing multiple posts and replying to hundreds of comments every week for 18 months is bound to have the odd bad day here or there, especially when you get people on here clearly trying to wind you up. You are doing a real good job and I agree you should take a few days to relax and come back fresh. we cant have u packing things in, because no matter what people have written, this blog is helping each and every one of us and if it ever ceased to exist we'd all be a lot poorer for it

thx Gaz

Mike B said...

It's only a sign of how popular this blog has become, when you regularly get wind up merchants, and people typing "first!!!", on here.

I would be quite proud of myself if I had a blog that was so popular, even WUM's posted!

I'm going to forget about fantasy football for a week now, as i have had the worst run of luck ever, culminating in Defoe missing a penalty yesterday. It's such a demoralizing game sometimes, but i love it haha.

I have gone from 500ish to 1890 in 3 weeks, so i need to stabilize and sort out my crap, before it's too late.

VdV being out is extremely annoying, as it has let everyone who wrongly dropped him a while ago off the hook, if he's gonna be out for a month, those who kept him will simply have to drop him now, and with no cheap Bale, I can really see myself suffering every week.

What a season!

Roll on 2011/2012, I want to start again!

kwyjibo said...

The only reason I'm even playing YFF this season is because of this whatever happens, thanks for all the hard work.

The problem is that as a blog gets more popular, it is bound to attract bad elements. Hang in there...99.9% of us think this blog is great.

The only things that's not great is my team! I don't know what happened. I'm in a complete tailspin. I hope that some way I can turn this season around. Only 62 this week.

In just 3 weeks I have dropped from 313 to 2,313. It's strange that the drop is exactly 2000! Not sure what to do anymore as every change I make seems to lead to disaster.

I picked up Berbs on the BD, since ManU has Blackpool next. But, it's on the road where Berbs usually doesn't score, if I remember correctly.

The VdV news is tough...he averages 12.73 points at a current price of 12.22. Barely making back his points...unless you have him at 6.14 like me, which is a complete steal. I may have to hold on to him, even if he's out for a month. It's a tough decision...

SfSS said...

guess i will keep VDV even if he is out for one month, he cost me just above 6 units, so there is no way I can get somebody really worth for that price with constant returns, well unless i would be very lucky, which i am not this season :)

Anonymous said...

i guess those 10.45% managers are not regulars


kiD said...

u know, if he is out for a month, by the time he comes back, january transfer window would be back. so we might can another cheap option then!!

Anonymous said...

I'll say it now and probably again, your weekly hard work is much appreciated by those who care AM! It was another week of frustration with the selection of Howard between the sticks...and an egg from Holden. Is picking a solid goal keeper necessitating a PhD? ha! I'm sticking with Carson (this week) or a low budget/decent option and taking my chances...going to use the funds to bolster midfield/strikers. Looking forward to the next post AM...Thank you again for the hard work!

Anonymous said...


Keep up the good work. Don't get too bogged down with people who rely on this blog to do everything for them.

Look forward to many of your posts to come.



Chaos said...

This was first time in premiership history that all 20 teams scored in the same weekend...

I'm currently 1078th, I dropped just 1 (one) place this week! Kinda bizarre.

I have VDV at 6, but don't think I can afford to keep him if he is out for a month.

LC said...

Once again Thanks AM for all your hard work.

On another note. I was gonna put VDV in at 14 but thank god he is injured.. Phew! I was trying to get too many big players in, but it wouldnt work.

I got a choice. I have 2 very similar teams available and stuck on 2 players.
Should i go VDS and Etuhu or Gordon and Meirales??

Teams as they would be are

1 - Gordon
Kolorov, Koscielny, S.Caldwell
Nani, Malouda, Brunt, Pennant, Meirales
Chamack, Rooney


2 - VDS
Kolorov, Koscielny, S.Caldwell
Nani, Malouda, Brunt, Pennant, Etuhu
Chamack, Rooney

Another option i could do, i go for Barton over Malouda and upgrade Gordon for VDS then team 3 would be

3 - VDS
Kolorov, Koscielny, S.Caldwell
Nani, Meirales, Brunt, Pennant, Barton,
Chamack, Rooney



Arsenal_Bergkamp said...

AM did a fantastic job on this blog. I did pretty bad in goalie selections the whole season but this blog and the weekly picks helped me to stay in the top 50. I am looking forward to your picks later in your week.

Team news for Zhirkov,Balotelli,lampard,terry,Sunderland,arsenal will largely impact my team selection this week.

Everyone Please remember to CLICK on the Ads/Banner to help this Blog.


Anonymous said...

I've dropped about 3000, there's no way i'll hold VdV for what could be 6-10 games, but the way players keep returning negative points or not playing, this week 4 of my picks aaahh! I'm sure you can switch between a midfielder and defender at that price and hope that return their value. Last year serie-a i remember spending about 65.** on 3 strikers and they returned -18 i promptly quit that game.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is a good blog, but I'm about at the same percentage I was at last year at this time 96%. Maybe that is the best I can do, no matter what help I get. good luck.

Anonymous said...

Cut the bullshit, back to the essence : Shoot your teams.

Kolarov Bale Squillaci
Adam Nani Brunt Lampard (or Malouda)
Chamack Baloteli Di Santo

Anonymous said...

your blog is great..though my first season as a fantasy football manager is nt what i had hoped for, it certainly has become very enjoyable ever since i have come across your blog!keep up the great work and ignore the retards!

Anonymous said...

jewfin ?

greginho said...

you think that rednapp and wenger are not sorry for starting injured superstars now. how stupid do you have to be, to get your players injured again? torres had the same thing happen with rafa benitez, he was always not healthy and would hurt himself more.

Anonymous said...

thank you AM.

This is my first season playing yff using ur blog as reference...u make yff more interesting..i gonna finish yff until the end of season..unlike before i always feel bored coz my left behing...

Anonymous said...

Great blog AM, don't let the haters get to you. The first law of Fantasy Sports is that you don't blame the advisor's advice/opinions--it is your own finger that chooses the team/player. The haters just can't man up and thus have to blame someone.

I had chicharito then berbatov (once i learned rooney would most likely come in to take chich's place) in my team because I was playing the statistics that I explained in a different post, about Strikers doing well vs Blackburn. However, after being on chatroll I decided to take berbs out and put RVP in--this is no one's fault but by own, no matter who or how many told me RVP is more quality, I am the one that didn't go with what I felt my statistics told me.

And to those lagging behind (like myself) it is a long season and maybe it's time to take some chances. Scott Parker this week would've been an excellent one, as most ppl went with Nasri. That's just an example of taking a chance, not that playing a slight doubtful Parker at home vs Wigan was a big big risk, but I hope you guys find the mental toughness to fight the rest of the season.


Mell 10-11 said...

The hits, misses and the success are the joy of playing fantasy football in the first place. AM just the
assistant manager , we are the managers. VDV is fast becoming Fab Number 2 .

Arizona said...

vdv at my 6.3 value produces 12 points per game average.
silva at current 6.2 value averages 4 points per game.

Over five games VDV scores 12 points-- sinks to 8.0 in value. (four games at zero, one at 12 pts).
Silva over five games is 20 points.

So what's this all mean? Damned if I know. LOL.

Anonymous said...


VDV is due back on the 12 of Dec according to physio fit he can stay during this time though remains to be seen...


Anonymous said...

I don't think that the information in Physioroom is verified. Physioroom puts VDV's injury as ankle injury but reports seem to indicate it is a different new different (hamstring), which could take much longer to be back. Wait for further confirmed reports before deciding on VDV.

Anonymous said...

Physioroom is getting really lousy. Wrong information, no updates. Never visit them again

joxt said...

these last month i'm really beat up pretty badly, always move down and in this week i got down 2000++ rank with only 53,5 points @_@

my team last week was
bale, salcido, boateng, bosingwa
nasri, nani, silva, dyer
k.davies, rooney

and i arrange that in thursday because i was away until the deadline @_@

this week, my temporary team are
bale, boateng, bosingwa
nasri, nani, larson, meireles, brunt
rooney, -

only carson, bale, nasri, nani and larsson are safe..
the other can be changed..

Anonymous said...

@joxt- if Bosingwa and Boateng are at full price, you may want to switch
Bosingwa to Kolarov
Boateng to Salgado
or just get Bosingwa and Kolarov if you can. We don't know if Boateng will start and Kolarov has been scoring better and has more potential.

DeviLxDeviL said...

Cheers AM, you did great, ignore any bad comments from the retards.

Again, -ve points for my GK this week. 84.5 points for week 15. Can't decide between Tevez or Rooney. Anyone considering Carrol this week?

Btw, Real Madrid outplayed by Barca. Total football.

@Bojan 12:18 PM, November 29, 2010

LOL haha.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your advices, AM.Very useful for me ;) I had a very good week, 116 points.. without Berb also... :) This is my first season and I have 1309 points!

Malouda or Tevez - What you think about that?


Kendo said...

Hey Nik

Love ur blog its a real source of what's going on and who to pick (or not to pick) each week in our fantasy (real) lives.

keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

Hi AM,
Your blog is awesome but there's a problem..(not with the blog). Your recommendations are excellent but most of us end up taking wrong players. Just a suggestion, it would be nice if you could post the poll results here before the deadline (if you're free :) )...
Excellent job you've done so far... really appreciate it and love it. Helps us alot in choosing good players out of 100s of em..

Keep up the good work.
Thanks again AM.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:28

Yr suggestion is good but honestly speaking I think we are asking too much from him. I also think that all of us can easily go to weblink and see the poll results by ourselves. Am has done an excellent job here but we ourselves has to got own initiative to get any additional job. No heart feeling mate. Cheers.


Anonymous said...

I mean 'any additional info' not 'job' ....:p

donut said...

Anon 1:30AM a jewfin is clearly a jew dolphin. not sure what the problem is?

In FF land I am on

Bale Kolarov Jara
Nani MTay Lennon Wilshere Malouda
Gyan Elmander

For once, pleased with the look of this, esp Wilshere. Gyan prob on bench again but @6 I don't care. Missed out on BD Obinna which is annoying as he looks good.

Due a good week after 2 bad in a row!!


Anonymous said...

Just a thought so don't go down my throat and go all crazy on me ;-)
I love this blog but I've noticed something lacking and it's not on AM's side who by the way does a fantastic job except for goal keep.... cough cough splurt not go there he he :)

What I'm talking about are answers to fellow members / guests questions about teams and players etc.

If you happen to look through the posts and comments very few if any get a response to a question asked about their team selection or what players to pick etc.

It's not down to AM he can't be here for everyone so for the people that are here chatting let's try and help each other out more by answering / giving your opinion on other people's teams etc.

This is the only thing lacking here for me other that this blog is in my top 3 for FF and I love it!!!

So let's give this a try :-)

Malouda in or out?

Anonymous said...

Malouda in for me! It's time that they win something at home.

joxt said...

@anon below my comment up there :)

thx for your advice..
yes, i'm still confuse about boateng..
but i buy him @4,53
for bosingwa, i buy him @7,98
so he's really doubtful in my team :D

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