Monday, 8 November 2010

Week 11 - Saturday & Sunday

I'm not going in to detail on Week 11 - all I will say is it was pretty much a disaster for everyone concerned. I don't want to moan too much at my paltry 60.5 points as it actually moved me up into the Top 750, with some people scoring in the 40s, 30s, even 20s. I will, however, forever regret my decision not to go with Park & Gyan (both in my team at various points over the week) as this could've been the opportunity to really make up some ground in the overall standings.

The weekend started badly with Spurs' pathetic capitulation at Bolton, but we weren't alone as the Champions League teams all struggled - Manchester United were very lucky to beat Wolves, Arsenal were awful at home to Newcastle & Chelsea lost to a resurgent Liverpool (and a resurgent Fernando Torres). These unexpected results were the main cause of the very low scoring week, with many people loading up on the big teams and getting poor returns. There were also some "MIAs" as Berbatov, Bent & Drogba all failed to start, or appear at all - ouch.

The good news is we don't have to wait long to put Week 11 out of our thoughts. Week 12 is just around the corner so we'll all have the chance to bounce back - the deadline is tomorrow: Tuesday, 7pm UK Time, so I'll put together a quick player picks post later today (no poll this time). Please keep checking back and remember, it is the 3rd Round of The Blog Cup!

How did you do, who came in on the barndoor and what are you looking at for Week 12?



LC said...

A big thanks to AM for all his hard work.

I luckily did have Park and Gyan.
I also have moved up to 484th. Thats my best position ever.

Fingers crossed i can keep it going.

BD'd Gomes, Torres and Bale.

Not sure what i will end up with yet though, but many thanks AM and to all the bloggers.

I wouldnt be where i am without you guys.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

yeah, luckily had gyan and coleman, so did ok, up to 190 or so. really bad week in general by the look of things though.

got torres on the bd, in comes VDV back as well, but we'll see what happens there.

it's been a pretty strange season so far...!

Anonymous said...

While i was messing around not knowing who to really BD with one eye on the Chelsea match, Yahoo updated the prices. Even dropped Balotelli and lost the discount but got
Nzogbia, coleman and Hart, dropped fab21

Boateng Zhirkov Coleman
VdV Nani Nzogbia
Torres Yak Balotelli

4.35 left n i'm ok with this team

Anonymous said...

gyan and coleman saves me.. while my big spending player sucks, arteta, fab and bale.. end up with 99 points, great for this week i think.. after 2 consecutive bad weeks, finally i turn it around.. moving me back to top 200.. 121 overall!! thanks for the great work AM also the others for the comment and suggestion in the chat room..

Anonymous said...

I thought about Gomez too but in nearly all their matches, Spurs have conceded an early or have conceded first.

Anonymous said...

What the hell does it take for Drogba's price to fall... he's scored poorly for the last few weeks, culminating in a pathetic 2.5pnts for the 22 I shelled out for him vs LIV... surely his price should dip more than 1m as a result???

Musteng said...

I think the price is fluctuate depending on the points scored + the percentage (%) of people owning the player.
i believe there's a lot of people still owning drogba including me.

toshack said...

any1 will go for RVP?

saram said...

RVP is very risky..

he wont start for a couple more games and there is always the possibility that he will get injured again quickly.. Id stay away until he becomes more settled...(if he is lucky enough)

kwyjibo said...

Yet another low scoring week for all, it seems. With 78 points I moved up 450+ places to an unheard of 501! And, I owe it all to this blog...thanks everyone.

Had Gyan, but Foster and Boateng also made back their points.

I BD'd Balloteli, then right after I clicked 'save', he got a red card! Oops! So instead I dropped him and Fabs to BD Torres. Now watch, Fabs wakes up and gets 30 points...

Oh well, good luck everyone in the next round of the Blog Cup!

Anonymous said...

i've got a bad week too..
only get 44 points, di santo, berbatov and bent not playing @_@
it drag me down about 900 rank to 51++ >_<

this week, i only get caroll and torress in barndoor..

my team right now..
Bale, Boateng, Zhirkov
Gerrard, Nasri, Adam, Scholes
Carroll, Torres, Di Santo

while bale still depends on VdV
zhirkov, gerrard, adam, scholes still removable..
while di santo only for make it 11 players :)

Scott Mescudi said...

FloMal or Arshavin? I'll go with the first answer i get lol.

Anonymous said...

thanks AM.. now my rank is 215.. but i;m not depend on this blog only. just do reserch myself.. for week 12,

stearman skrtel luke young
gerrard cahill adam fab4
gyan delf carrol

usually 3 players n above will score like week 11- park, gyan , balotelli

Anonymous said...

ohh.. forgot...


Martin said...

Zhirkov / Coleman / Bale
Nasri / Albrighton / Park Ji Sung / Van Der Vaart
Gyan / Tevez / Odemwingie


Zhirkov / Coleman / Coloccini
Nasri / Albrighton / Park Ji Sung / Behrami
Gyan / Tevez / Torres

Anonymous said...

neither ;)

Anonymous said...

missed obinna on bd...

Benjamin Wang said...

Should I give Drogba + Malouda another game at home to improve? Or should I pick up Odemwinge/Nando/RVP/Theo etc?

Anonymous said...

@ Mustang

I drop VDV and his price has gone up? Less people owed him this week, than last.

Even worse Bosingwa goes up nearly a million, gets 1.5 points, and also less people owned him this week.

I just don't understand Yahoo market values for players.

greginho said...

just want to show i don't hide when things go sour like so many. i had my first bad week, and it was really bad. i had 45 points.

i knew going into the week that i was going to take two zeros with van der vaart and nani. i decided that since they were part of the reason i was in the top 250, i was going to weather, what i hope is only one week of zeros. i looks like my plan worked out ok, because i just lost 101 spots to 349th. it was so bad i had no players in double digits, 2 with 9 and 2 with 7.
boateng/ squillaci/ zirkov
van der vaart/ nani/ cesc/ nasri/ adam
chamakh/ hernandez
i replaced boateng with onuoha, nasri with elmander/ chamakh with gyan/ hernandez with yakubu.
i was torn between nasri, kalou, milijas, and brunt. none were much better than nasri, which is pitiful. if i would have dropped nani, i would have picked up brunt and he only got 2.5 so in a way i am glad i didn't waste nani's price on 2.5 points.
i talked my son into changing obinna with gyan. obinna had his best game, but gyan had better.

Anonymous said...

cant wait for this mid week games!! tevez will score hattrick!!

Clive said...

I notice a lot of people still have Bosingwa. Is he definitely starting against Fulham. Did he play really well when he came on or something that he has to start tomorrow?

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