Saturday, 13 November 2010

Week 13 - My Team


Coleman   Kolarov   Zhirkov   Bale

Van Der Vaart   Adam   A.Johnson

Gyan   Tevez   Drogba

I'm under no illusions - this is the riskiest team I've picked so far this season.

Risk 1: Rob Green in goal - for the team rock bottom of the league, I toyed with the idea of Carson & Krul, but in the end I went with the keeper who seems to make more saves and this is a MUST win game for West Ham. As discussed in the chatroom last night, whoever I picked will do awful, so I'm not holding my breath.

Risk 2: Kolarov - no guarantee he starts, but if he does then he's an attacking full back who may get the odd free kick & loves a shot from distance. At the price he's not a huge risk, and he could yet prove a bargain.

Risk 3: Adam Johnson - has been accused of arrogance by Mancini, has been caught getting drunk at a student party two days before a match and can't get off the bench. So why have I gone with him? I honestly don't know, just call it a hunch that he may come in to give someone a rest. If he does start he could do really well.

Risk 4: Going with Tevez AND Drogba - over £38m on two players, Drogba has malaria & Tevez probably hasn't fully recovered from his thigh injury. Any success for me revolves around them really, so I need both to score at least one goal this weekend with that sort of investment, or it's pretty much a disaster. Again, a hunch they will both produce something special.

So there you have it, a team full of uncertainty. I decided that sitting around 750th place for weeks, now over 150 points behind the leader, is not where I want to be. Not many people will have the same team as me, if everyone plays I could have a huge week, but if not it I'm fully aware it could be very painful!

People often question 4-3-3, but the main thing I like about it is it's essentially a 1-5-4 formation...Kolarov is the only defender, Bale, Coleman & Zhirkov are all playing in midfield alongside Adam & AJ, while VDV, Gyan, Tevez & Drogba will be playing upfront. Obviously Coleman & Gyan have tough matches, but prices of 5.5 & 6.1 make them worth holding given their upcoming schedules. As I said, if everyone gets on the pitch I have a chance of something happening, but it is a big IF.

So that's my team. For Week 14 the pick of the games are Manchester United at home to Wigan, Chelsea at Birmingham & Liverpool at home to West Ham, so I'll be looking at players from these teams on the barndoor.

I'll leave it there. Please let me know your team. Any ideas who you may bring in for next weekend?

Good luck to all!



Anonymous said...


Pop Thy Collar said...

I went with a risky 4-4-2





Brickin' it on Green and Obinna...

G-man said...

Somewhat a different approach this week. With all relative bargains in defence and midfield, decided to treat myslef to Cech at home. Also didn't feel good about Tevez (thigh, homesick again), and thinking Berbatov should be getting back on track.

Coleman - Zhirkov - Kolarov
VdV - Scott Parker - Nolan - D. Silva - Pennant
Drogba - Berbatov

chrism said...

Zhrikov Bale kolarov
adam brunt nolan VDV
Drogba Hernandez Odemwingie

last chance for Bale and Drogs, but I said so last week.


Anonymous said...

Bale Coleman Zhirkov
VDV Malouda Adam Albrighton
Drogba Chamakh Carroll

Let ChamWow go last week and regretted it.

Mist worried about Foster, but he'll chalk up sone saves.

Nate said...

Boateng Zhirkov Bosingwa
Holden Adam VDV Ramires
Gyan Torres Drogba

Loaded up on Chelsea players (Ramires just filler) and double up premium strikers. Don't love Torres vs. Stoke, but have a big discount and wanted him vs. West Ham at home next weekend.

Sedey FC said...

my team this week~


comment would be great!!(^.^)

SIL-80 said...

I am going with the same idea as AM.. putting faith on Drogba & Tevez, although I am using a slightly different strategy.. going for 3-4-3 instead of 4-3-3 by AM. Hopefully it works out fine :)
My team for this week :
Squillaci Zhirkov Kolarov
VDV Adam Silva Nolan
Drogba Tevez Odemwingie

Anonymous said...

Very brave A.M.

There is a chance that Holloway has loaded too much pressure on his first team players by resting them all, and his reserves performing so well. With that in mind Green might be an inspired pick.

My team

Coleman Bosingwa Zhirkov
Barton Adam VDV Malouda
Odemwingie Caroll Tevez

Was a coin flip Between Malouda/Gerrard/Dempsey and Carroll/Varney.

I dropped Malouda weeks ago because he needs to score to return any pts, but Sunderland are so ripe to get thumped by Chelsea I'm giving him a cameo.

I have kept Barton at 5.5. He is probably a better enabler than gambling on Goalkeepers every week. Just hope nobody gives him any cigars for Christmas.

JUELZ said...

Hoping my forwards destroy

Captain Kirk
Zhirkov Bosingwa Coleman Kompany
Malouda Boa Morte Carrick
Torres Kalou Tevez

Anonymous said...

My team

Coleman Boateng Zhirkov
VDV Malouda Adam AJ Nolan
Obinna Tevez

Went for 3-5-2 this week as there are many good midfield picks out there. Hope I picked the right ones. I see that most have gone with drogba. I am scared to go without him but just couldn't justify spending 21units on one player. Honestly I don't see him returning his value (watch him prove me wrong now!)

This season, gameweeks seem to be progressing so fast that I can hardly catch my breath. We have to select 3 teams in one week. Imagine how busy AM is with all his posts and the recalculation of the blog cup results. Kudos to you AM for all your hard work.

Good luck everyone!


Birty said...

Bale, Williamson, Zhirkov, O'Shea
VDV, Brunt, Adam, Nani
Gyan, Odemwingie

Foster - am I mad? Away to Man City? This decision was part a hunch that Birmingham may get something from City and partly down to the fact that I couldn't be bothered finding another GK

O'Shea - Friday afternoon hunch that O'Shea would play and Hernandez would be on the bench. Turns out its the other way round. Damn.

Nani - looked like he was away with the fairies on Wednesday night, hope he brings some form back.

Gyan - away to Chelsea. Did you know that Gyan, after only 2 starts is the 13th highest scoring forward?

As for next week I'll be looking at Sunderland, Bolton, Blackpool and West Brom and then ending up with a team very similar to this week's!

Bradley said...

My team:

Coleman Zhirkov Kolarov
VdV Brunt Malouda N'Zogbia
Odemwingie Tevez Gyan

Hopefully I can turn things around this weekend. Last weekend was horrific (one point less than last season's infamous "snow week"), and the midweek games were an improvement merely by being standard-issue bad.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

aj and kolarov start AM. brave decision could pay off, hope you get good points dude

Gavin said...

I went with a fairly similar team to you, AM, so I'll be hoping for you to have a good week. My team:

Zhirkov, Coleman, Kolarov
Brunt, VdV, Adam, Holden
Gyan, Tevez, Drogba

Good luck everyone!

Anonymous said...

Adebayo is not even on the bench

Anonymous said...

bale has the good week!! i dropped him...:(

No Name Fc said...

nice last crouch put his name on a score sheet..thanks crouch :-)

kwyjibo said...

@Anon - Bale scores 2!!! I dropped him, too :(

Anonymous said...

kirkland is no longer 1M !?!?!?

Anonymous said...

wah..capt kirk price jump to 4.65 eventhough he is not playing? conspiracy theory anyone??

Anonymous said...

kirkland top in positive mover with +3.65, well done yahoo

arewe said...

suck bale..when i buy him dont score goal but when released u make a damn..

Anonymous said...

Pls who to BD for next week, i see the updates coming fast

Nik good good risk, good day for those who held Bale, i see Drogba further spoiling my week.


No Name Fc said...


BD for week 14



West Brom

D. Campbell







kittboss said...

tevez give me negative point, how bad!!

Gavin said...

Anybody else see the Tevez disallowed goal? I didn't think there was anything wrong with it. Huge swing in points based on that decision, since he was apparently shown the card for the handball.

No Name Fc said...

Torres gonna be substituted..luckily sold him for Crouch this morning.. Stoke 1 vs Liverpool 0

Eddie said...

Tevez is a dick. And yes, it was handball.

West Ham could do with some shooting practice I reckon- according to soccernet, they had 24 shots with only 1 on target. I guess that's why they're bottom of the league though. Surely Obinna's gotta stick one in soon, I make it approximately one million shots without scoring. To the nearest one million.

Anonymous said...

-3.5 from Tavez and Torres? Incredible. And I dropped Bale.

Anonymous said...

Somebody tell me why i should continue playing this game when a strike force of
Torres Odemwingie Adebayo
will give me a total of -2.5, just crazy, crazy.

Anonymous said...

Torres Odemwingie Adebayo
-2.5, crazy, real crazy

Kellz said...

66.5pts with Fabianski, Coleman, Zhirkov, Malouda, Gyan to go. Feeling like I could hit 90-100 this week if I can keep atleast some CS from my 2 defenders and keeper, not expecting too much from Gyan, but do expect a goal/assists from Malouda.

My BD Team atm:

Bale, Kolarov, Zhirkov,
Nani, VDV, Silva, Brunt, Holden,
Torres, Gyan

1.41mil left over

Holden/Fabianski are the only ones I might rotate, but will wait and see what happens tomorrow. Tot vs Arsenal should be exciting next week, but a bit scary to have Fabianski if Bale decides to play like today!

Hope we see a more effort from teams to score (ahem, Mr. Mancini please stand up) tomorrow after three 0-0 draws today, which means there were 6 keepers people could be happy about.

Anonymous said...

77.5 with Zhirkov, Malouda and Gyan to go.
Kolarov was the buy of the day; 15.50 from a cost of 4.43! Nice job AM.
Disappointed I dropped Foster facing City and he turned in a good performance. I had him in the sixes. However I picked up Hart and got points but there were 4 lower priced keepers with better points.

Tevez f#$k you. Thank You Holden. I dropped Bale and he performed. Charlie Adam is wearing thin on me. Despite his discount he could be gone soon.

Will Macheda start next game for United?

Also someone noted Kirk's price jumped. Lamp's price is now in the 14s.

Current BD team
Kolorov Kompany Bale Zhirkov
VDV Albrighton Holden Adam (could be going)
Gyan Macheda (great goal today does he start next game?)

11.49 in the bank


kwyjibo said...

I'm so glad the blog cup was not this weekend. An absolute disaster of a day...only 39 points! Three games ago I peaked at 313 overall, now sit at 1119. Ugh!

Sure I still have 3 players to go, but unless someone gets a hat-trick (Walcott, Gyan, Zhirkov), this weekend is a bust.

My 4 huge mistakes: dropping Foster, dropping Bale, NOT dropping Torres, NOT picking Kolarov (whom I almost picked just 20 minutes before the deadline). What a nightmare...

Now I don't even know what to do for next week. My only BD pick was Kolarov.

I need a beer...anyone else?

Anonymous said...

my team this week..


bale boateng bosingwa zhirkov
nasri nolan cleverly mikel
torres tevez

and my striker really awesome..
two of them get red mark..
lucky stil have bale and krul to increase my point @_@

Anonymous said...

Please, who's the best blackpool pick for week13, against wolves gotta have one me thinks

Anonymous said...

Off topic but just wondering how people enjoy rugby and cricket.

Anonymous said...

Bannan Albrighton Wilshere etc if they're all English then England got a future.

Birty said...

@kwyjibo - I told you to keep Foster :) Well I'm not sure I did but I took a punt on Foster cos citeh look toothless.

I also kept Bale and swapping Hernandez for O'Shea who didn't play and gained 0 got me 4 points!

All in all a pretty good day. Now if Gyan and Zhirkov can both get hat-tricks.

grabbed Holden on the BD but I think I may have to let nani go otherwise I'll be in the market for a bargain basement Defender.

Anonymous said...

88.5 if i get 12 from Zhirkov i'll be happy
Boateng Zhirkov Kolarov
Nani Vdv Nzogbia Albrighton
Torres Adebayo Odemwingie

2 straight CS from Hart for me but i've dropped him though i fancy the same backline

rwlwhite said...

Aaaaah! I have once again lost faith in big name players! 34 million worth of talent in Torres and Tevez, with relatively simple matches combined to get me -3.5pts!!!! I will never pick them again (well, probably will but you get my point!). Have no idea who to pick next week, but I have drafted in Elmander (who i picked up in the FPL game last week and has a great run of games coming up) and Richard Kingson, provisionally, depending on the state of Gilks, as Blackpool are at home and he is cheap! I'm glad I dropped boateng for Kolarov at the last minute, but since they both played, i picked boateng up again so now have both for next's hoping they keep a clean sheet! Brunt did well, so he stays for the home game v Stoke and i've also brought in Phil Jones for Blackburn's home game to villa. I don't think villa can keep up their form, and he always picks up points...this season's Roger Johnson?

Oh, and i got 63 points with only zhirkov to come (thanks to krul (17) kolarov (15.5) VDV (11.5) brunt (12))

Anonymous said...

112 points

Anonymous said...

Torres/Adam or Gerrard/Varney, please got to get this right, early yet though.

Birty said...


Someone asked if AM thought Gyan would be the first away player to score at the Bridge. Guess the answer is NO, he'll be the second!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sunderland, it could have being worse for me

kwyjibo said...

Unlucky week 13, 56 points, my worst of the season by far. If not for Gyan, it could have been much, much worse. Dropped 600 places to outside the top 1000 for the first time since week 8.

That's 2 zeros in a row for Walcott, will he ever play again?! That's the last time I listen to the Fantasy Football Scout(well, I'm sure I'll get over it in a few days), and I quote:

"with Walcott certainly looking likely to start"

To make things worse I mostly missed the BD both days, only getting Kolarov. If only I could afford one of those fancy phones and be able to work on YFF while I'm out...

Just happy it wasn't the Blog Cup...

SK said...

@kwyjibo - Walcott and RvP both have international friendly midweek so considering Wenger's options, there was no need to make Walcott play this week. Plus Arsenal have two midweek games in a row following game against Tottenham. Except Song, everyone else will be given sometime off the next few weeks, whether it's a CL or EPL game.

I feel your pain though. Last weekend, I was at a conference and I scored 47.5 pts in Week 11. Despite my 3 FWs scoring 6.5 pts this week, I still finished 111 pts, so somehow I'm back in the top 100.

kwyjibo said...

@SK- Thanks for the explanation. It's just the shock reaction when you see your score for the first time...I'm over it already!

I still think I'm going to drop Walcott, though, for a more sure starter.

Congrats to you, and everyone who did well. Especially nice to see the top two overall from AM Blog.

syz said...

it is my 1st year playing yff and i'm currently at 555 overall,148 among united fans,1st in my private league.
all thanks to this blog and fellow managers who given all helpful comments.

cheers. :)

Kellz said...

106.5pts largely thanks to Fabianski, Bale, Brunt, Obinna, VDV, and Gyan. I think I will stick to Fabianski for the long term as he continues to score very solid pts, even without the CS this week + the fact I have him for 6mil.

Moved up into 454th place

Current Team:

Bale, Kolarov, Zhirkov
Nani, VDV, Silva, Brunt, Holden
Torres, Gyan

Basically Gyan keeps impressing with another goal, what a goal to get away to Chelsea who had yet to conceed before this game. Basically looks like a lot of people dropped him, but at 6mil I was only hoping for a couple SOT :D

Drogba, Malouda and Co. seemed to have cooled, and thus are proving you don't need the most expensive players to score huge pts (shout to Holden, Jarvis, Brunt, etc)

Good luck!

juelz said...

chelsea suck I put a lot of faith in them this week and it wasn't easy being a united fan but I really expected better. All I can say now until Lamps is back I'm staying away they do not look like a championship team without him. Especially because of there schedule I don't see them sitting first by the end of december maybe even 3 or 4 Man u and Arsenal should pass them.

Anonymous said...

another disaster this week..
only get 76,5 point @_@

torres, tevez, nolan, zhirkov and bosingwa scored poorly @_@

RWhitesLemonade said...

I ditched Zhirkov, even at a good discount, even though he played OK today.

Today showed how much Chelsea miss Essien in the middle.

To all the people who have suffered with Drogba, Torres, and Tevez.... They're still Drogba, Torres, and Tevez and can put up massive points next week. Just like much maligned Gareth Bale scored 29 this week.

Having said that, Nani over Malouda for me next week.

Anonymous said...

3 goals on Cech and he still comes out with 1 point???? Arghhh!!!

Anonymous said...

high risk high return AM. well done , u got 100+ for this week.


Anonymous said...

yes they still the same..
there is up and down :D

i still using torres for next week, but dropped tevez :)
but i'm confused between torres or gerrard..

i already bd carson, nani, brunt and odemwingie..
but i think i only want to use one wba player beside GK, and i prefer brunt..
hmm, don't know if it's a great time to pick adam with 9+ price

Anonymous said...

Only 61.5 points this week. I regret dropping gyan. Initially I thought he was only a one week wonder. Had him when he scored a brace against Stoke. Then stupidly sold him thinking he wouldn't continue scoring. How wrong I was. Now i got him back but have lost the discount I had. He should do well next week against everton.

My current team
Boateng Kolarov Onouha
VDV Holden Nani Fabregas Adam
Gyan Odem

Looks good on paper but, as we all know, doesn't always work out in reality .


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