Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Week 12 - My Team


Coleman   Bosingwa   Bale

Barton   Adam   Van Der Vaart   Albrighton

Gyan   Obinna   Drogba

Reasonably pleased with my team this week so hoping for an improvement over Week 11!

Krul - I'm nervous backing a Newcastle keeper, but didn't like any of the other choices & Blackburn are hardly prolific scorers.

Coleman - Playing right-wing, had his best game last weekend.

Bosingwa - Should get a start at right back in easier home games & is sure to get forward.

Bale - The next two home games are his last chance. I'm expecting double figures or I'll have to get rid.

Adam - Mr Consistent.

Barton - Back in my team, playing really well, set piece taker.

Van Der Vaart - Might not play but "has a chance", and if not he should be back for the weekend & that £4m discount will come in handy. If he's out it's good news for Bale & set pieces tonight.

Albrighton - Playing well, getting forward & scoring goals, home to Blackpool.

Gyan - I just can't see Spurs keeping a clean sheet and if anyone is going to score, it's going to be him with Bent missing out again.

Obinna - Overdue a goal, should be on set pieces with Noble out.

Drogba - Hoping he raises malaria awareness by scoring a hat-trick.

Let me know what you settled on....and good luck, especially if you're in The Blog Cup!



Dan said...

hmm..very brave team AM..

Mike said...

My lineup..


Zhirkov Bosingwa Coleman

Walcott Song Brunt Cahill Silva

Bendtner Torres

Bradley said...

My team:

Coleman Zhirkov Warnock
Van der Vaart Barton Albrighton Malouda
Gyan Obinna Tévez

I'm still in the Blog Cup -- for now. Having Krul but not having Bale or Drogba will probably come back to bite me. If I at least get a goal, it'll be an improvement over last week (then again, so would having at least one player in double digits).

Ian Sanderson said...

B. Foster
Zhirkov Bale Bosingwa
Adam Van der Vaart Fabregas Walcott
Gyan Odemwingie Obinna

Hopefully good enough to get into the next round.

Anonymous said...

My team:

Boateng Zhirkov Coleman
Holden Adam VdV Malouda
Drogba Gyan Torres

Went with Malouda since a lot of people are giving up. Same reason for sticking with Drogba. I feel like I'm points chasing too much this season though, may have to switch things up massively.

Mr Doy said...

My team


Zhirkov Bale Boateng Ibanez

Young Malouda Whitehead

Drogba Crouch Carrol

Hoping Spurs can score a lots of goal :)

Anonymous said...

Hutton Coleman Bale
Barton Adam VDV Albrighton Downing
Obinna Torres

Torres vs Tevez was a coin flip I expect I'll revert to Tevez if City hold together. Bosingwa might not start so Hutton makes a debut. Downing edged in over Nolan as I think Blackburn will have targetted the Newcastle game. I had picked up Gyan but decided he was too high risk for a cup week. Gyan could as easily pick up a negative as a high score, so went with the reliable Obinna.

Anonymous said...

TEAM NEWS - Four changes from defeat at Bolton. van der Vaart makes return from injury, Bentley makes first league start of the season, Huddlestone and Pavlyuchenko also return to starting lineup. Palacios, Sandro, Kranjcar and Crouch make way. TEAM: Gomes; Hutton, Gallas, Kaboul, Assou-Ekotto; Bentley, Huddlestone, Modric, Bale; van der Vaart; Pavlyuchenko. SUBS: Cudicini, Bassong, Corluka, Jenas, Kranjcar, Palacios, Crouch.

Bobby said...

After having a good weekend (115points) i've changed 5 players to my team.. added:

Bosingwa, Dunne, Squillaci
Albrighton and Gerrard

Kept Park, and Malouda, Hernandez, Gyan and Yakuba...

Lets see what happens... :D

kwyjibo said...

Was there a points adjustment at the last minute? My week 11 total just went from 78 to 79 just as the deadline for week 12 passed. Can't complain, though, it bumped me up 3 places to 498, my first time ever in the top 500.

Anyway, on to the Blog Cup. Good luck to everyone!

Anonymous said...

Coleman Faye Hutton Jacobsen
Malouda Downing VDV
Gyan Tevez Torres

rwlwhite said...

Coleman - Squillaci - Zhirkov
VDV - Adam - Cahill - Nolan
Carroll - Torres - Obinna

Anonymous said...

I've just had a look on Teamtalk for the weekafter fixtures and they are not listing the Spurs v Arsenal game. Do they know something about future events in NE London that we don't?

G-man said...

My line-up:

A. Cole - Coleman - Zhirkov
VdV - Barton - Downing - Pennant - D. Silva
Drogba - Obinna

Good luck everyone!

No Name Fc said...

Drogba is believed to have had malaria for several weeks and, having been left out of the starting line-up for the game against Liverpool as a result of a fever, tests on Monday night confirmed the presence of the disease.

However, Ancelotti revealed Drogba is now fit again and is likely to be available to face Fulham at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

A huge bet this midweek, but a huge bet turned out well this weekend with Elmander's 17 points haul so I don't really care :)

Coleman Zhirkov Squillaci Jacobsen
VDV Silva Downing
Drogba Torres Yakubu

I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out really bad, but I believe it has the potential for a really high-scoring team. We shall see.


Anonymous said...

Haven`t seen Gyan yet :(

Anonymous said...

VdV and gyan scored..

SfSS said...

good start, both gyan and vdv score, some consolation for weekend's disaster :)

Anonymous said...

I predicted Spurs would have so much possession that Gyan wouldn't get a look in. So now its hello and Goodbye to Hutton and Bale, and a quick prayer for a Torres hat trick to save my cup run.

Barndoored Gyan but expect to drop him, perhaps for Varney.

greginho said...

big difference for me. each game had 1 player going against 1 other player from my fantasy team. i had van der vaart and gyan in the one and am enjoying the 36 points. the other one saw ben foster go against onuoha. this one was definitely the worst matchup for, as "mr. reliable" let in 3 and cost me minus 5 points. the new boy to the defense let in an ok 4.
i had 13.11 left over after i picked my team and it was suggested that i pick dunne from villa in squillaci's spot. i got the bug and went through all of the defenders and came away with leighton baines as my expensive addition. he has been doing what we had hoped bale would do, consistently getting points clean sheet or not. oh wait we don't really know what bale would have done with a clean sheet because tottenham has none.

SIL-80 said...

A disaster week for me in Week 11. Hope to bounce back in Week 12.
My lineup as below :

Squillaci Zhirkov Hutton
VDV Barton Albrighton Emerton
Torres Drogba Carroll

mikl-em said...

I have a weird team this week, but my outside of AM's picks choice has paid a big dividend today, so I'm excited. Hoping I can keep beating the odds and stay in the cup, despite having a dismal overall record in YFF this year.

I picked up Gardener for 7.57 and scored 16.50. Also grabbed Etherington, who assisted two shots that that led to goals on the rebound. But you don't get extra points for that. :(

Anyway, here's the lineup. Cautiously optimistic now (which is usually the death of me).

Coleman Zhirkov Bale
Fabergas Etherington Gardener Silva TCahill
Hernandez Yakuba

Good luck everyone!

Dave2 said...

FYI Tevez now listed as 50.50 for the derby...but it is only the daily mail...


Laperpool said...

Finally my week 12 team :


Point so far :
Bale : 8
Hutton : 1,5
VdV : 20,5
Gyan : 15,5
Total : 45,50

Thanks to mr VdV & Gyan
Hope that the rest of the team could grab good points...

Anonymous said...

Bale Boateng Coleman
Malouda Adam VDV Nani
Delfouneso Kalou Obinna

Anonymous said...

AM..how aboout the next week game (week 13) analysis??

Which player should we barndoor from tonight game?


Anonymous said...

Got 22 points from VDV and Hutton so far. Still a long way to go with most of my team playing tonight. Hoping to hit the 100 point mark this week.


Anonymous said...

jack, posible barndoor should be nani(if his injury recover)& drogba..


Anonymous said...

28.5 from VDV and Bale :) Not too shabby...

Boateng Zhirkov Bale
VDV Malouda Adam Barton Albrighton
Yakubu Carroll

Fingers crossed for the rest.

Jugsy :)

Juelz said...

Going for the kill this week

Coleman Simpson Bosingwa Kelly(Lpool)
Malouda Ramires Albriton
Drogz Torres Delfounseo

I see a drogba and torres explosion in the making this week

Anonymous said...

Bale is no good after champions league games he may be young but Harry runs him ragged and now with 3 90 minute appearances in a week he seems like a waste of money. I used him the first 7-8 games he was great after he scored under 10 consistently and it doesnt help that the defence can keep a clean sheet that hurts his points more than anything

rwlwhite said...

Had a good week last week. 103 points thanks to picking park! Have gone for some interesting options this week:

Coleman - Squillaci - Zhirkov
VDV - Adam - Cahill - Nolan
Carroll - Torres - Obinna

I actually think some of those are a bit risky. Torres, Squill, Zhirkov, Cahill and Nolan

Thankyou to VDV for popping up with 20.5 pts last night, hope the rest of them do similar!

paul mac said...

adam and coleman on the bench and nani starts after i dropped him.damn i hate loving this game

Anonymous said...

krul- no clean sheet points already!

No Name Fc said...

gosh..2 players on bench..C.Adam and Coleman.. not a good week..

Anonymous said...

Only 2! I have C.Adam, Coleman, Wallcott and Obinna!!!

However I also have Downing and Torres...


No Name Fc said...

One more..just realized Obinna on bench as well.. luckily i have downing in my team..not a good week..

kwyjibo said...

3 players not playing...not looking good for the blog cup after a good day yesterday...Need Torres to score a couple more!

Anonymous said...

Tim Krul: liability

Anonymous said...

Time for Drogs value to dip below 20 methinks!

Anonymous said...

Bad week for you nik

Assistant Manager said...

fuck off "anonymous"


Kellz said...

140pts week with:

Bale, Coleman, Zhirkov,
Silva, VDV, Ethrington, Downing, AY,
Torres, Gyan

My BD tema atm:

Bale, Zhirkov, Bosingwa
VDV, Silva, Barton, Brunt,
Torres, Gyan, Obinna

I am absoultely positive Obinna will play versus BPool on Sat so hes in. I felt like Chamakh will let you down and I just missed Odem on the BD and at 11mil he seems too expensive in an away match. Barton has equalled Carrol's total pts all with only 1 goal, so he is in for next week versus Fulham. Zhirkov should start with Essien's Red Card, maning Lampard, Zhirkov and Mikel will fill the midfield roles. If it looks less likely he'll start I will drop to upgrade Brunt to Malouda. I have 4.47mil left.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Bad week for you nik
10:41 PM, November 10, 2010
Assistant Manager said...

fuck off "anonymous"

ahahahhahahahahahahaha...nice one nik

FLScott said...

I love this board!

Kenny said...

I'm not exactly sure how retrospective punishment works in the FA but surely Joey Barton will be missing a few matches after that punch on Pederson. Correct me if I'm wrong but if the ref doesn't mention an incident in the match report then the player involved can be disciplined for it afterwards. Silly, silly boy.

kwyjibo said...

Goodbye Blog Cup
I'm leaving you today
Goodbye all you people
Scored only an 82
Good luck to the rest
Of you


Pierre Deslesbonvivants said...

This fantasy football is a cruel mistress. Once I finally lose patience with Chamakh, he scores. Twice.

Anonymous said...

kellz nice going, heck of a high score. I like your post, informative without boasting. You freed yourself of the weight of Malouda and Drogba.

I dropped Drogba three weeks ago and so far, so good. (I say that with the certainty I just have not been burned yet, but the immolation is a'coming.)

thanks for the picks Nik, on Piquionne and Dijourou-- I never would have found them without this blog.

Anonymous said...

Another badweek.. Only 71pts, goodbye blog cup...

Anonymous said...

I had 107 points this week and all that without Walcott playing at all. So 107 points on 10 players, not bad. And today was the first time that C. Adam did not cover his value. Strange week.


Anonymous said...

103pts. should be enough for AM blog cup survival. gyan HOTTT. thanks AM.

Anonymous said...

stupid Joey barton got suspended for 3 games. lost my discounted player again.

Anonymous said...

73 points which is disappointing. Drop Fabianski to sneak some value with Walcott who I thought would have a day out and got donuts.

Big changes needed to get up above 5000 as dropping rapidly now!!!

Any tips???

Anonymous said...

Pls any thoughts no Ferreira for wk12 if Alex is not back, seeing as Ancelloti is always rotating his players.


Anonymous said...

my name is marwan and i'm pro.. rank 355 this week..
my team for week
zhirkov bale vidic
gerrard walcott milijas floma
torres zigic obinna

sure 100++

Ian Sanderson said...

88 points.
Dropped Chamakh for Obinna and also had Walcott -boo hoo

mikl-em said...

You know my teams never *look* that bad on paper, but I've had a really awful season so far.

Congratz to Kellz, brilliant as always. The funny thing is he and I had 5 of the same players, including an identical backline. But wow. I ended up about 85 points lower than that. Definitely out of the cup, and glad I don't have money riding on this season.

Next week (in 2 days) is bound to be better...

Anonymous said...

Boateng Coleman Bale
Adam VDV Nani Malouda
Obinna Kalou Delfouneso

93 points from this team though Coleman, Adam and Obinna were benched, after a disasterous 34 points in the weekend, moved up 600 places to 2500+. Glad I kept VDV and Nani at discounts even though Nani disappointed this week.

On the BD:
Boateng Coleman Ibanez
Malouda Adam VDV Nani
Obinna Anelka Tevez

Dropped Fabianski, Bale, Kalou and Delfouneso for Carson, Ibanez, Tevez and Anelka. Will have to monitor Anelka's injury, while Coleman, Carson and Obinna could also be swopped. Any suggestions?

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