Monday, 15 November 2010

Week 13 - Weekend Review

Week 13 turned out to be a great one, as Spurs won, my team scored 110 points sending me up to 373rd overall and we passed 1000 Facebook members. To top it all off, the top 2 teams on the leaderboard are [AM.Blog]'ers - congratulation to Arsenal_Bergkamp, South City and Boss FC in 6th...keep it up lads!

We saw more twists & turns - Chelsea suffered a shock home defeat to an excellent Sunderland side, Arsenal closed the gap with a vital win at Everton, Man United left it late to draw (again) at Aston Villa, Liverpool sucked (again) at Stoke, Bolton kept their great start up at Wolves and Wigan scraped past West Brom.

There were a few 0-0 draws, so plenty of keepers & defenders picked up decent points, Man City were held scoreless by Birmingham, Newcastle by Fulham & West Ham by Blackpool. The league is taking an extraordinary shape - just 9 points separate the Champions League spots & the relegation zone, which is unheard with over a third of the season gone already.

Those of us who kept the faith in Gareth Bale were repaid handsomely as he top scored with 29 points, while great contributions from Rob Green (15 unexpected points), the bargain Kolarov (15.5), goal machine Gyan (15.5, again unexpected), 2 assists from Van Der Vaart (11) and 10 misc points from Drogba helped push me past 100 for the first time in 5 weeks.

Other impressive performers this week were Holden, Onouha, Jarvis, Albrighton, Crouch, Foster, Al Habsi & Krul, all scoring well above their cost, but there were a number of expensive striker flops as Tevez, Torres, Berbatov & Hernandez all went negative - ouch.

On the barndoor my team ended up looking like this:

Carson, Kolarov, Zhirkov, Bale, Adam, Brunt, Nani, Van Der Vaart, Gyan, Elmander, Torres

With that team I still have £3.5m left in the bank and lots will change before the Week 14 deadline...I'm still undecided on whether I go with Gerrard or Torres at home to West Ham, Coleman is still held @5.7 behind the scenes, having two Spurs players worries me but I have huge discounts on both, and I can't currently bring myself to pick any Arsenal players for a north london derby. I'm also regretting my decision not to grab Holden at pre-update price.

I'll leave it there - please let me know how you did in Week 13. Who came in on the barndoor? What do you think of my early team?

Thanks for your continued support...Week 14 Player Picks will be on Wednesday night.


p.s. Corrected 3rd Round Blog Cup Results can be found at:


Eddy E said...

Thanks AM--I got bruised up over the weekend. Can't dwell on the weekend as I must focus on the next weekend!

Anonymous said...

I'm playing a risky game at the moment, I don't have Gyan or Van der Vaart or Nani. The only player I got on the barndoor was Foster.

Still, I'm quite pleased with my results this week, I scored 105 points.


Musteng said...

got 82 points but still able to improve some ranking. luckily Cech did 6 good saved to neutralize the 3 nil lost.

Anonymous said...

Started the weekend in position 1007 and finished there also! 98.50 points with Holden saving the day for me.

Current Team is
Zhirkov Kolorov Kompany Bale
VDV Albrighton Holden Adam
Gyan Macheda

I have Hart in nets but will probably switch to Carson or whomever Blackpool has in goal.
I'm light upfront but Chelsea have a tough away fixture to Birmingham.

What's the status with the strikers at ManU?

Torres is so hot and cold I may go for Gerrard. Currently have 23.22 to get a keeper and strengthen the team. Maybe Elmander at home to Newcastle.


red77hot77 said...

Boateng Kolarov Konchesky
Nani VdV Albrighton Gerrard Fabregas
Odemwingie K.Davies

90 last week, while i've been hesitant, Gyan has raked in the points but somehow i'm still reluctant.

Anonymous said...

I need to improve on that 90, my only worries for now are Konchesky and Kingson. Without injuries the rest of them will stay.

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

I got 121.5 and moved up to 477th. This is my highest score yet. Unfortunately I did not BD Kolarov or Onuoha as I was too busy, in fact I didnt make any BD picks at all this weekend. The BD seems to close awfully fast these days, I am having trouble almost every weekend in making it online before it closes.

kwyjibo said...

I don't want to talk about last weekend. Already posted in another thread and don't want to relive the nightmare...

Currently I have:


I don't really want two city defenders, but I have both at such a huge discount, I'm not sure what to do. They don't need much to make back their points, but even one goal and I lose 2 clean sheets...

Also, not sure about the goalie or forwards. Sure, Torres got negative points, but he's got West Ham at home next! Thinking of keeping him for at least one more try...and Jussi hasn't given me negative points, but not very many points in the positive, either.

I'm going to leave it and come back to it in a couple days. Hopefully I can think of something by then.

Congrats to all who actually had a good week.

Anonymous said...

My team is looking a lot like kwyjibo, with the same concerns. I only managed 70.5 points last week, primarily due to Torres/Odemwingie combining for -2.50. Need to rebound this week.

Right now I've got:
Boateng, Coleman, Kolarov
Adam, VDV, Nani, Malouda
Torres, Gyan, Odemwingie

Having 2 Man City defenders and Joe Hart means I'm wrapping far too many defensive points into one team. With the discounts, I don't plan on dropping Boateng/Coleman/Kolarov right now though. That group of defenders cost me 14.5 points total and should routinely bring in more than their value. I need to make some decisions on Malouda, Odemwingie and Torres probably. I've got 4.3 points to work with and I'm just not sure how I want to procede with those three. I've kept Malouda all year. He can't be this mediocre for much longer.

Cech's Mates

Anonymous said...

Why did Kirkland jump up in price?

Afrikan from Rombo- Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. said...

Got 119 pts this wknd. Didn't do much BD other than adding Onuoha and Alrighto for Coleman and Hutton

My current team

Fabianski (@6.08)
Zhirkov (@4.22)~ Kolarov (@4.44)~ Onuaha (@6.85)
Nani (@14.7)~ VDV (@6.14)~ Brunt (@8.94)~ Holden (@6.79)~ Albrighton (@9.00)
Chamakh (@6.96)~ Gyan (@6.07)

I still approx 20mil in the bank. Should I add Arsenal players- Fabregas/Nasri since I still have enuff cash but I feel like the team is complete and I have been staying away from big time players since dropping Drogba, Bale, Malouda in Wk 6. Please advice.

Afrikan- Rombo- Kilimanjaro, Tanzania said...

Got 119 pts this wknd. Didn't do much BD other than adding Onuoha and Alrighto for Coleman and Hutton

My current team

Fabianski (@6.08)
Zhirkov (@4.22)~ Kolarov (@4.44)~ Onuaha (@6.85)
Nani (@14.7)~ VDV (@6.14)~ Brunt (@8.94)~ Holden (@6.79)~ Albrighton (@9.00)
Chamakh (@6.96)~ Gyan (@6.07)

I still have approx 20mil in the bank. Should I add Arsenal players- Fabregas/Nasri since I still have enuff cash but I feel like the team is complete and I have been staying away from big time players since dropping Drogba, Bale, Malouda in Wk 6. Please advice.

Ken said...

Afrikan &.........

If you have those players at that pricing and have 20 mil in the bank my advice to for you to start GIVING advice.

Personally, I could spend that 20 mil on some FINE defenders this week. The rest I would let it ride...

Anonymous said...

@Ken ..... to tell yu the truth this blog has been very very helpful. usually i dont spend more than 7- 8mil on goalies or defenders but have been spending more than 15mil on midfielders and forwards but all big valued ones have been such disappointment to me hence i decided to stop spending money on them. it has worked wonders for me as almost all my less valued defenders+ midfielders that i have been using quite often/almost every week- jones, zhirkov, coleman, holden, brunt, vdv, albrighton-have returning back theu values almost each week.

- Afrikan from Rombo-Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

L'Orange Noir said...

I had a good week; 116 points moving me up to 648th my highest ranking ever. Big thanks to AM and all those on the blog that give advice.
It was mainly down to Bale (persevered with) Holden (lucky) and Gyan (couldn't find anyone at 6 mil that was better), with minor contributions from VDV, Brunt and Drogba.
If I hadn't swapped from the Wigan keeper to Carson to fit in Zhirkov last minute (at the expense of Simpson as well) I could've been looking at a mega week with the two additional clean sheets.
Anyway I'm currently on
Kolarov, Coleman, Zhirkov
Adam, Brunt, Holden, Nani, Albrighton
Drogba, Gyan
I'm looking to trade out Drogba, Zhirkov and maybe Coleman too, which will give me a lot of cash to play with.
Any suggestions who to bring in?

LC said...

Hi Guys.

I had a crap week. Got 61pts. My lowest score this season.

Im currently set on

Boateng, Kolorov, Zhirkov
Milijas, Holden, Brunt, Nani, Pennant
Chamack, Torres

Any ideas if or who i should change???


Ken said...

Afrikan & ....

I am a first year player. Point total = 1036
This past week..84 points

I cannot pick (one) good forward (for points) let alone 2-3 each week. I do well with my mid-fielder picks, average with my defenders and goal.

I am almost ready to do with my forwards as some have done with Kirkland in goal. Find the least expensive, take (2) zeros and put the money somewhere else. I won't, but sometimes....

Agree...this is a great place for information.
Exceptionally ran with a great group of people who take time to share.

Anonymous said...

Fell from 485th to 809th place after a truly awful 65.5 points...


Ian Sanderson said...

96 points.
Position 1224.

Had Bale but have just cast him aside.

syz said...

i'm thinking bout either k.jones or pennant for week 14.
what do you guys think?

Bojan said...

my bd team:


zhirkov kolarov p.jones(onouha)

vdv nanni fab4 gerrard

gyan chamack chicharito(wellbeck)

FLScott said...

Brunt or Ferdinannd?

Dave said...

Terry looks set for an extended absence due to a nerve problem in his leg. Does this mean Ivanovic deputizes for him and Bosingwa therefore does not have to compete with Ivanovic for starts at right back?

Dave said...


I favor Brunt, as he should provide decent returns whether his team wins or loses and whether or not he scores. Rio may not return his value if MU can't keep a clean sheet.

Bradley said...

Hey AM, Woking's in FA Cup action Tuesday afternoon vs. Brighton! Are you excited? :)

joxt said...

i got a disaster week again, only got 76,5 pts because of torres, tevez, nolan, bosingwa, zhirkov and mikel scored poorly..

this week my BD team was

bale, boateng, bosingwa, zhirkov
nasri, nani, brunt, adam
and 1 striker still not decided with 6,66 left in bank

bale, boating, zhirkov and nasri i got in low price..

same like you, i still confused with gerrard / torres
and i think i will only keep 1 chelsea player, and maybe i will throw bosingwa to get decent striker..

joxt said...

btw, i confused if it's the time to drop bale..
i got him from the beginning of the season..

Anonymous said...

@Flscott -Brunt surely, ferdinand hardly gets double digits.

Musteng said...

bale has 2nd highest points in YFF. I was regret to drop him and can't afford to get him back now

Anonymous said...

134 points this week,
& I had Tevez!
Quite pleased with my score
made some fortunate choices
Missed BD hence picked FP(Full price) bale than FP VDV
Wanted milijas But Jarvis was cheaper So picked him
Holden was a replacement for Nani So that I can pick Tevez. (Semi- fortunate)

Fantasy Gods are smiling!


Anonymous said...

HUH..WIILL rooney have a chance to play saturday??PLZZ HELP

he will be back in outstanding form..

whose gonna pick HIM???

Anonymous said...

how do you hold a player at discount behind the scenes as am? can anyone help me out?

kwyjibo said...

@Anon - you just don't click 'save', and all discounts are held. But, you have to make a final decision before the next game deadline. You can't hold them past the deadline. It's just while you decide what to do for the week...

Assistant Manager said...

I was just about to answer anon, but kwyjibo has answered it perfectly, thanks mate!

kwyjibo said...

No problem, Nik. With all the work you do for us, I'm happy to help...

If I ever find myself in the UK, name the pub and drinks are on me...Cheers!

kwyjibo said...

Oh...and I almost forgot...I just read this:

Joe Hart Injury Scare

Anonymous said...

alex out for 8 wk's , on top of terry injury.
bosingwa's playing chances improved but downside is less chance of clean sheets.
bruma is 5.85 btw


Anonymous said...

I think Bruma should pair ivanovic,

FLScott said...

I've got 9.04 for a D/M/ or Forward.... what's the smartest pick on the week. Thanks for your help guys from the previous post - going with Brunt.

Kendo said...

Hi Folks

I have been carrying out an experiment since the start of the season wit two teams as discused with AM.

I wasn't sure about trying to go for match ups each week making as many changes as possible or to hold on to quality value players at discount no matter the opposition.

I've been managing leagues here since 05 and still unsure.

My fixed team with quality players held on to at discount only changing when long term inury/suspension occurs is now ranked 2,186.

My flexible team changed every week has been a disaster ranked 25,315

Bit of a difference and my flexible team has actualy improved over the past while as Ive settled the team more!

fixed team at discouned price

bale kompany zhirkov
adam nzog song vdv
drogs chamack carroll

bit of a difference think i kow which tactic to use!

Comments welcome!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

One question. Which goalkeeper is likeliest to keep a CS?

Anonymous said...


I would pick Kdavies for that budget. He tend to score better at Home

Anonymous said...

@anon 6:47 am
I had Begovich for past 2 weeks & He has been outscoring his value. I fancy him doing just that @west brom. Jussi also returns positive points more often than not.


Anonymous said...

interesting experiment Kendo !. i suppose ideally you need a blend of the 2, which is what the top leaderboard teams do, but it's still comes down to judging who to drop and who to hold at the right moment. i was interested to read this :

under fab21 that

"I've been stuck between giving players the hook too early (Zhirkov, Fab21, and Brunt) and too late (Drogs, FloMal, Bale) this season. #Frustrating. ".

i've certainly done plenty of that stuff myself.
Berbs main culprit. but also obinna /dembele at wrong moments. still tempted for Berbs this week !.


Anonymous said...

Begovich-no way, carson @home is twice as cheap.
I've also had good points from keepers 10 out of 13 weeks. I just want the best bet out of the 20 teams, price is not the problem cos i'm picking low value strikers this week.

Anonymous said...

Also Begovich is same price with Reina playing at home to goal-shy westham.

Anonymous said...

Also Begovich is same price with Reina playing at home to goal-shy westham.

Musteng said...

Point adjustment again. Bale got 31 points
Holden too from 23 to 24.5

Ian Sanderson said...

Uh-oh - I think there's been another price adjustment.
I've got an extra 2 points from somewhere and moved up 17 places.

Assistant Manager said...

Yep thank God the adjustment was for Week 13 and not Week 12 again, I honestly don't think I had the motivation to recalculate the blog cup results for a 3rd time. But this is further proof that in future I should wait a full week before doing any results as Yahoo adjust things 3/4/5 days later.

Anonymous said...

Jarvis has lost a stack. previously 22 i think, now down to 17. seriously pissed off with that ! these adj's tend to be just 1 or 2 pt's don't they !?.


Anonymous said...

i had tevez and torres, i don't think loosing a few points off Jarvis' 22 really qualifies being particularly annoyed

Anonymous said...

Any adjustments for Tevez or Torres?

Anonymous said...

nope, they still equal a grand total of -3.50 between the two of them

Anonymous said...

Price adjustment moved me into the top 1000 for the first time. Woohoo!

@ Afrikan- Rombo: Having held all those players at that discount I'd be interested to know where you are in the overall standings?

Also Kendo last year as the season concluded I took the top point earners at all positions assuming a 443 with no concern given to their values and if you had held all those top point getters all season long you would not have come close to winning the whole thing. As S.P. said it's a blend of a good core, picking match ups and of course luck.


Kellz said...

@Afrikan: Hey if your set tea mis working for you then thats great and keep it up! But I agree with BCB, I am currently ranked 474th chiefly due to holding 2 or so players a discount wee kin week out, picking up solid performers for good matchups, staying away from fillers like Kirkland, and throwing in that bit of luck to get a huge pay out.

If your having trouble pickin a flexible team, surely don't be afraid to ask for some advise, there are so great contributors here!

Good luck

Kendo said...

@bcb &sp i think it is a case of having a balance and knowing when to hod em or fold em, looked last night at the league leader who does have a hardcore mainstay of good players and flexible with others ie keeper.

Was worthwhile experimenting and my performance improving as a result

Roll on next season! :)


Laperpool said...

last week i get 100,5 point, still without barton to play...

don't change the team yet..


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