Friday, 12 November 2010

Week 13 - Update

First things first, I just listened to Ancelotti's press conference live on the Chelsea website & he has stated that Lampard is again 2-3 weeks away with a new injury, Alex is out again, Anelka should be back and as we know, Essien is suspended.

This is the team he suggested, with two decisions still to be made tomorrow: Cech, Bosingwa OR Ferreira, Ivanovic, Terry, Cole, Mikel, Ramieres, Zhirkov, Kalou OR Anelka, Malouda, Drogba

I'm thinking Bosingwa is the more likely to continue ahead of Ferreira, but I'm probably going with Zhirkov to be safe. I've noticed Ancelotti has been less forthcoming with his line-up in recent weeks, and was prompted by a journalist to reveal the above info, so don't take it as gospel. It's just the best info we're going to get before the deadline.

Barton has banned for 3 games, no news yet on who may replace him in midfield (or on set pieces) for Newcastle, but it won't be Ryan Taylor as he's picked up an ankle knock in training. Guthrie or Routledge are the most likely. Ameobi faces a late fitness test.

Spurs have injury problems: Defoe, Dawson, King, Keane, Lennon are still out, while Pavluchenko, Huddlestone & Bentley are all doubtful. Van Der Vaart's hamstring is ok so he'll continue.

Gabby Agbonlahor could be ready to play from the start vs Manchester United after coming off the bench in midweek.

Roberto Mancini will freshen things up vs Birmingham, so that could mean starts for Adam Johnson & Kolarov, although nothing is confirmed yet. City really can't function without Tevez so I very much doubt he'd be one of those rested. Balotteli has two games left of his suspension.

Blackpool will welcome back the majoity of the player rested up at Aston Villa, which means Charlie Adam will be back in the starting line-up.

Seamus Coleman will also be back on the right-wing for Everton after his midweek rest.

I recommended Bolton's Gretar Steinsson this week, but he is in fact suspended after picking up 5 bookings this season, so don't pick him! Another recommendation was Johan Elmander, but he's doubtful with a virus.

Keep checking back for news later this afternoon. Poll is open until 7pm UK time:

Finally, as you probably all know Yahoo adjusted some of the points yesterday afternoon making the Blog Cup results void. Frustrated, I was going to re-do them last night but left it in the end, and boy I'm I glad I did because they changed them again overnight! I went from 83.5 points, up to 86 then down to 85. I'll wait until things have settled down next week before recalculating them and in future will wait 3-4 days before spending any time on them.

How's your team looking?



Anonymous said...

Mehul Thakkar is gay!!

Assistant Manager said...

Thanks for that important piece of information.

Anonymous said...

Is he actually? That changes everything.

Anonymous said...

stephen hawkin is in a wheel-chair

Anonymous said...


Assistant Manager said...

Shit, I'd picked Hawking him upfront...I hate making last minute changes.

Anonymous said...

carroll a good pick?

Anonymous said...

It changes alot, like my decision to drop alan hutton and instead upgrade my striker to Peter Odemwingie

Also AM im suprised you did not include Matt Jarvis of Wolves in your reccomendations, he has a okay(ish) matchup at home to Bolton but he has been fairly consistent. What do you think ?

Michael said...

"City really can't function with Tevez" - Freudian slip there Nik lol.

Cant afford to take zeros for Barton so unfortunately dropping him. I heard today that Wayne Routledge is the only play in EPL to have played for 6 clubs and not score - this week im sticking him in, could go badly though I have very little option with the cash I have.

Tevez is in, had Obinna in but swapped today with Picqionne (SP?) as he scores more although a big fan of Obinna.

Going with Crouchy up front for the first time this season. Hasnt scored yet and at WHL against Blackburn I see him breaking his duck, if not at least he will set up VDVs goal :-)

Had Silva in my team and was pleading for him to do anything but he was SHITE against Man U, very lazy, even worse that the Berb, at least he's a threat. Has been swiftly removed for Adam 'The only thing I like about City' Johnson.

Back line the same as mid week, Bale, Djourou and Zhirkov. Malouda, VDV, A Johnson and Routledge make up the midfield. Tevez, Picq and Crouch up front. Stupidly swapped Fabianski at 2 weeks agos discount 6 price for Green during midweek. Sticking with the Hammer for now.

Anonymous said...



AdmiraLord Nelson said...

I am still holding Bale, Malouda, and Drogba at week 1 prices :P

Anyone considered Milner for the weekend? I think he COULD score big.

Good Luck picking teams!

Anonymous said...

anyone here fancy walcott??


Anonymous said...

yeah i fancy walcott, he is well handsome

Assistant Manager said...

Oops, thanks for the heads up Michael, changed to "without" ;)

@ Anon - Jarvis was left out deliberately as Milijas is stealing a lot of his set pieces.

Anonymous said...

What to do with the Malouda?

6 out of 7 games with poor points!

Do you think he can he get back to his old self?

Thinking about dropping him.

Anonymous said...

@Anon- I think malouda despite having a poor run is a season keeper. You need chelsea representatives in your team as they are so high scoring hence create fantasy value. Drogba/Lamps are too expensive. Anelka is okay but inconsistent and also a bit expensive. Kalou is good when he starts but Malouda is all round strong + he is a midfielfer playing very attacking, so I wud keep him in for the whole season

Anonymous said...

@Anon- Cheers for the info on Malouda mate :-)

What are your thoughts on Nasri?

Three bad weeks so far!

Anonymous said...

Any news on Obinna, start or not, C.COle injured or not??

Mike said...

My team so far, please comment:


Zhirkov Bosingwa Boateng

Song Walcott Brunt Adam

Tevez Torres Hernandez

Anonymous said...

i love that anon-AM mehul-hawking jokes. ;)

Anonymous said...

Keep Nasri or change him for Parker for this week?

Anonymous said...

team so far please comment:-

kompany, bosingwa, hutton
maloda, vdv, adam, brunt, parker
drogba, carroll

Anonymous said...

my team :)


bale boating zirhkov

vdv adam fabregas nani

teves piquoine gyan

any thoughts guys :)

Anonymous said...

why boateng list as TBC in the injury report?

kwyjibo said...

@Anon - That's a good question. Boateng is listed on as injured with 'no return date'. There's no mention of it anywhere else that I can find. Strange...

Currently have him, too @4.35:


No Chelsea players, not sure if that is a mistake, but I don't have enough to switch Walcott for FloMa, and I don't want to drop Nani. I'd have to drop Torres, and he's been scoring lately, FloMa hasn't.

My other question would be whether to keep Walcott or switch to Milijas?

Anonymous said...

my team,please comnt

zhikov boateng squillaci

teves n klinic.
should i change players?
any sugguestion please

Dave said...

Anyone taking a flyer on Kolarov, especially if J-Boat looks doubtful??

Anonymous said...

Will Ferreira or Kolarov start, which defender best for 7.70

Anonymous said...

Gilks, Al-Habsi or Carson???

What to you think gets CS! i think Gilks but everybody is picking Carson.

And whats up with that: Walcott or Milijas ??

My team atm:


Zhirkov | Boateng | Coleman

VDV | Adam | Walcott | Malouda

| Carroll | Obinna | Drogba

But if i drop Gilks, then i drop Walcott and buy Milijas.

What to you think?


Dead Leg United said...

This week I'm running out:

Boateng Coleman Zhirkov
Adam vanderVaart Nani Brunt
Odemwingie Chamakh Tevez

and I like it. The big question was Nolan or Brunt, and I've opted for consistency over feast or famine.

Bad luck with benchings the past two weeks, but hopefully that changes.

Anonymous said...

Anyone keeping Barton for the 3 match ban. I have him @ 5.49. Would it make to sense to hold on to him? He doubles his value in points most weeks.

Anonymous said...

So after a good progress in the last few weeks and a place in the top 500, I'm findind myself again a bit stuck with my team selection, though this is probably what I will also have at the deadline:

Coleman Zhirkov Jacobsen Kompany
VDV Holden AJohnson
Torres Odemwingie Tevez

It's not very conventional, so I hope it will better then most teams and not much worse. I hate going with 4 defenders in a season with so few clean sheets, but Jacobsen seems to me like the best value under 6 even after I dropped him with his pre-week 12 price and bought him back.
Gomes isn't very cheap and Spurs didn't get a CS since the first day of the season, but home to Bburn, even a Bburn in a very good run of form, must be one of the best chances to get the second one. The only other keeper who seemed worth the money was Krul, and he's a bad keeper with a leaky defence and no Barton to win the game, against the improving Fulham. I smell negative points there, while Gomes usually returns average points anyway.
Torres is a risk with so few phantom points, but usually he scores in streaks so I believe I should keep him until he gets cold again, at least until the home game vs West-Ham. I hope I won't get poor points away to Stoke, but even they concede many goals this season.
Holden is sure points but doesn't have blow-outs, so he's the safe-but-not-brilliant pick of the week. Johnson started on the bench the last couple of games and came on quite early in both instead of Silva, so I have the feeling he'll start in Silva's place this time.
My only regret is not having Drogba, but I really had to ruin my team badly and drop Torres to buy him, and he really haven't justified his price in a very long time. Home to Sunderland might be a good time to return to form, but I can't see myself putting that much money after being burnt by him on easier match-ups (Sunderland look like the defeat to Newcastle had a very good impact on them).

So that's about it.
Advices anyone?


Anonymous said...

My 1st eleven....any comments?

Boateng Zhirkov Kolarov
Malouda RDV Nolan N'zogbia A.Johnson
Carroll Tevez

Confused said...

I have 8.73 left to spend.

should i pick Obinna, Chicharito, Yakubu at forward or perhaps Holden in midfield?

(got burned on Obinna and Yakubu being benched mid week, but think they will rotate back in.)

thanks for whatever advice you may have!

Ken said...

Humble opinion: Carroll at his current price will be somewhat of a bust this week. Just don't see it. So many mid-fielders at same or lower price I think will give a better return. Change to a 3-5-2 and use Adam if you don't have him, or Holden, even maybe Albrighton, Song???

I will pass but I also dropped V.D.V before returning him at a higher price.

Good luck

Anonymous said...

why is no one talking about Van Persie, came on as a sub last wk and got recalled to the dutch squad at around 14 i think he is a steal

Anonymous said...


Watch out for Milner--- starting or not?

Anonymous said...

team so far please comment:-

kompany, bosingwa, hutton
maloda, vdv, adam, brunt, parker
drogba, carroll

question parker or obinna/ piquionne/c.cole

rwlwhite said...

i've gone a little different this week. gone all in with my forwards and defence:

boateng - zhirkov - o'shea - williamson
vdv - brunt - y.toure
carroll - torres - tevez

not happy having yaya in there but i've stupidly missed a few BDs and lost some of my discounts due to tinkering at the last minute, but i'm hoping my points come from clean sheets, goals from the front, and a hat trick for VDV (its a long time since i've wanted a spurs player to do well but he keeps on going and i don't want him to stop!)

rwlwhite said...

FPL official game has boateng as a doubt

any other news?

Anonymous said...

finally i've made my decision for week 13

j.boat zhirkov hutton
nani brunt c.adam VdV
gyan(6.07)torres odemwingie

any comments guys?

Anonymous said...

Arsenal are not desperate and have got options, so imo there's no need for wenger to RVP back, i still see him coming from the bench.

Anonymous said...

bosingwa, brunt, parker
zhirkov, brunt,odemwinge

Emnperor said...

silva or adam johnson ? who will start ? whoever starts it's a great pick

Mehul Thakkar said...

If RvP makes a couple of ineffectual sub appearances, his price might drop to a very nice price. Remember Arteta for 8 and Bale for 2 last season or Arshavin for 6 a while back? Surely RvP at 12 or so would be in everyones teams.
Well, up until the point that he breaks a fingernail and is out for 3 months anyway.

Oh, and if anyone has Roberto Mancini's mobile number or any other managers' for that matter, it'd be much appreciated, ta.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys (and girls), I don't know about you all, but this week I'm finding it extremely difficult to find the best team. Constantly switching between Drogs and Tevez. To Bale or Not To Bale, that's a difficult question. The Boss or Zhirkov? Finally I've decided upon the following team.

Boateng, Bale, Coleman (at 5*)
Adam, VDV, Milijas, Brunt
Tevez, Odemwingie

that leaves one spot; Holden or Obinna.

Obinna has already burned me twice, but at home to Blackpool sounds like a great last chance. I've heard rumours that Obinna was benched midweeks because of a knock. Can anyone confirm that and give me a feedback on my team?

as you can tell; no Chelsea players. The reason; Sunderland already managed not to lose to the following teams; Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City....this isn't going easy for Chelsea (regardless the 7-2 victory of last january)

thanx for any reply. Special thanx to Nik; you've been a massive help for some years now mate! cheers.


Boomgaard said...

@ Voorschoten1977

Decent looking team there, I too have found myself without chelsea players, let's hope we're not punished. I'm personally not sold on Milijas because although he had a good spell early last year, he then totally disappeared from everyones FF radar for about a year up until about 3 weeks ago. Still, I see why many people have picked him up- he sure loves a shot at goal.

As for Holden vs Obinna, despite Holdens uber consistency, i'd opt for Obinna, as he has the greater potential for a bumper point haul. I believe Obinna did have a slight knock midweek and was rested due to the busy schedule but I expect him to play at the weekend especially as C.Cole is a doubt. He's in my team anyway.

Good luck to you

kwyjibo said...

If Boateng is a doubt, that's a tough one. Have him @4.35, so I may hang on to him and risk taking the zero for one week.

Anonymous said...

not having zhirkov at least seems rather daft. he is pretty cheap plays mf and chelsea, at the bridge, don't concede. my team is strange, especially the keeper, but arsenal shoot quite a bit and convert less often then they should, I don't think tottenham will every keep a CS

zhirkov bosingwa kolorav
brunt silva ramires VDV
gyan torres DROG

gyan should go but I like him at discount ramires will have to get forward more often with zhirkov being the only other attacking player in chelsea's MF


Ken said...

Just an observation. On the premier league link where the line ups are posted with field positions, I do not see Drogba in the Chelsea line up.

Am I looking in the right place for current line up positions?

Anonymous said...

Okay I need a quick opinion.. Carroll + Brunt or Malouda + Guthrie? Guthrie may be taking kicks for NUFC, but is the risk of that (and Malouda's recent poor fantasy form) worth it? Agonizing :D Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

any comment for ji sung park

Anonymous said...

My current team....

Krul = at home (basically NUF play well at home)
Malouda Nolan Holden Adam VDV
Caroll Torres

But, still confius either :
1) to go with Torres (vs Stoke = stoke are strong at home with solid defence)
2) or go with Tevez (poor performance so far after returning back from Argentina)
3) Also thinking of Nani (need to downgrade krul to kirkland and sacrifice Holden or Adam with the cheap MF)

AM, managers, need your opinion...


Anonymous said...


how about Nzogbia???


Anonymous said...

Will Kolarov and Obina start?

Anonymous said...

Song or Silva, any suggestions guys?

Anonymous said...



SK said...

Bale Zhirkov Kolarov
Adam VdV Cesc Brunt
Piquionne Varney Rodallega

What do you guys think of this team?

Anonymous said...

Boateng Zhirkov Ibanez Coleman
Malouda Nani Adam VDV
Obinna Tevez

First time I'm spending big on a keeper, but after Anelka isnt confirmed starting, I decided to just switch him to Zhirkov and used the extra funds to upgrade Carson to Hart.

Mell 10-11 said...

Anyone going Kenwyn Jones & Gamst Pedersen . They seem to getting into some form

Anonymous said...

Week 13

Al Habsi
Kolarov Zhirkov Coleman
Nani VdV Adam Milijas
Gyan Tevez Obinna

Overall Rank:4226---Ranks 4225 and up: Watch yo back.

Stato said...

The premier league link is not to be trusted. It regularly gives ridiculous line ups. Better to try Niks link to Football Scout.

Any news on Boateng anyone? It was a strange sub on Wednesday moving Zab across to bring in Kolarov.

Anonymous said...

j.boat is out this week?

Anonymous said...

Drogba, Torres or Tevez?

naren said...

Mikel,Whitehead,Van der Vaart,Scholes

Pls rate my team

Anonymous said...

scholes is suspended... 5 yellow cards.


SIL-80 said...

My team for week 13
Squillaci Zhirkov Kolarov
VDV Adam Silva Nolan
Drogba Tevez Odemwingie

Not sure how it will work out. If Mancini rotates the squad, not sure whether it will impact Silva, as AJ might come in to replace him. Hopefully Mancini rotates on defense and keep the midfield as it is.
Hope to do some catch up as I am falling behind in my private league :)
Good luck to all...

Laperpool said...

Finnaly my 13 Week Team :

Bale - Kompany - Kolarov
Adam - Barton - VdV - Milijas - Nani
Gyan - Torres

Barton may be will miss the game, but I decided to keep him in my team, learning from seasons before.
Goes to Nani as the 1st priority to drop Walcot.
After reading updated from everywhere about the Arsenal & ManCity starting 11, I prefer to leave Walcot, cannot guarantee he will play, so I have 2 option, Nani-Kolarov or Bentley-Bosingwa. I prefer combination Nani-Kolarov.
Cause Bentley is doubtfull.
Hope that Kolarov will play full 90 menute.


Gareth Keenan said...

Hi All,

Looking to gain some ground in my league and have noticed that there's some decent value floating around at the moment. Would you be inclined to take a punt on any of these?

Agbonlahor....... 8.13
Kolarov.......... 4.44

Be great to hear your thoughts

Anonymous said...

my team so far
i'm very anxious with my team...
can you help me with my team...
your help will be highly appreciated:)

Anonymous said...

boateng listed as injured in physioroom

Anonymous said...


Barton is out for 3 games, not just 1! No point in holding him even at discount

Anonymous said...

Thoughts on Nasri please!!

Anonymous said...

Hutton - Kompany - Zhirkov
Adam - VdV - Johnson - Malouda
Obinna - Torres - Carroll

Am currently 485th place overall...


Anonymous said...

help!!will boateng play?i hv him at 4.35..shuld i sell?

Anonymous said...

It will be worth keeeping Barton at 5.5 if it was just a 3 game ban to worry about. The problem is he lost control without any significant provocation, so how many more red cards is he likely to get? Barton benefits from the presence of Carroll and we can't depend on that yet either given his off-field antics.

Barton should return his value if he plays 2/3 of the remaining games which failing injury he should do. There has been as shortage of reliable players this season so it is 60:40 that I will keep him.

Anonymous said...

nani-cesc-gerrard trio....yeahhh

Anonymous said...

@Gareth Keenan

Good for you to noticed that but in my opinion:

Both Kolarov and M.Taylor wont guaranteed to start, but Kuyt may regain his consistency hence pick him up now before his price rises up again.

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't be a bad move to keep Boateng at that price. even if he doesn't play. Chelsea should cruise psast Sunderland and he could easily score double his value. Coleman is the star defensive buy if you don't have him. Zhirkov is good value, but is unlikely to hold his place for much longer.

Anonymous said...

Kuyt is lacking in fitness. Playing Stoke at home is like trying to run through a dense forest for 90 mins. I think Liverpool will soon tire. Possible penalty for Torres, but I'm staying away from the Reds for another week. Reina wanting out of Anfield, won't be doing good things for morale either.

Anonymous said...

So Nik, What is your team line up??

Anonymous said...

2 from these 3....bosingwa, zhirkov, hutton plz comment

Anonymous said...

get rid of city and liverpool front men as they will score 20 or -5! LOL

Eason said...

Anonymous @11.53am

I'd say Zhirkov and Bosingwa if they are sure to start

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