Tuesday, 2 November 2010

No More Double Weeks!

From the Yahoo Fantasy Football Homepage:

Fantasy Football will no longer be including midweek games in the same game week as weekend games. Midweek games on Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th November will now be counted separately. Therefore you have the option to make separate transfer choices for these midweek games. The transfer window for midweek games is open from midday Saturday 6th November until Tuesday 9th November at 7pm. After 7pm on Tuesday 9th November you will then be able to make changes for the following weekend's games on the 13th/14th November.


So single weeks from here on in - I think it's probably a good decision as it stops you needing to rip your team apart for the double, although I did enjoy the odd double week!




Anonymous said...

it's a welcoming change.
but the double week was always something us the managers are looking to make up some ground to chase the leaders or spread the lead on top.
but then on the other hand it's annoying when u pick a player and he only plays one of the two games or injured in the first game!!

Read said...


Thanks for the update-I hated building teams and putting in borderline or outright bad players just because they play twice. Good riddance.

By the way, thanks for all your great advice over the last year-4 teams in the top 50 have [AM.blog]-very impressive!


Birty said...

meh, I liked the double weeks but what happens if there's only one or two games mid-week? I know no one probably has the answer but I just thought I'd ask.

MPFC/KPM said...

Had a feeling this was going to happen when I compared the number of weeks this year to last year (38 vs. 34). I posted something on another thread.

Having said that, if there is a 'snow out' of games OR if teams agree to reschedule a match due to CL/UEFA/Carling Cup/etc, Yahoo won't be able to adjust for that.

Going to be interesting when there are only a handful of teams playing in midweek. That will probably cause ALL players from those teams to spike in price due to people taking advantage of the double game. On the other hand, all the other players will go down in price, although not as dramatically.

donut said...

Luckily the weather in the UK will ensure that we have lots and lots of either double "weeks" OR midweek "weeks" where only a couple of teams are playing, which will ensure that we still have the decision on whether to drop or not to drop...

I think from the looks of that report, if there are postponed games which are played in midweek these will be added as additional weeks which tends to favour those who can rip their team up every week without relying on discount...

We'll have to wait and see though - looking forward to additional tinkering next week!!


Guy said...

If there are only a handful of midweek games due to postponements, either they'll be tacked on to the existing week, meaning it's like MPFC/KPM says, or I suppose they could be in a mini extra week on their own - as implied by the message which says they won't be in the same week as weekend games. Either way we'll want to pick players from those teams and will end up ripping our teams apart.
It's probably a fair decision, given the fact that the fixtures are all known in advance but once there are postponements we'll all be in the same boat as before.
Still it gives us more weeks to make our selections and I live in hope that I'll get it right eventually.
Wow - just noticed that donut has posted nearly the same sentiments as me. I agree with you!

Ian Sanderson said...

Double-Game weeks sorted the men from the boys.

Gulp - Nani news anyone?

Anonymous said...

WTF VDV Scored !

Bojan said...



Anonymous said...

anyone can comfirmed Nani and VdV injury status?


Anonymous said...

yeah!! no more double weeks,hahaha...so i hope i can do well.


Anonymous said...

Nani out !!!


joshtottenham said...

VdV seemed precautionary. Doubtful at this stage but he didn't limp off so hopefully he hasn't strained it (hamstring). If there's a doubt then he will probably be rested, he's too important to lose. Most people have him cheap tho, and most people won't drop him, so really it makes little difference. Glad Nani is out, missed him on the barn door!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that news Nik!

Did anyone get fooled with the 'Charlie Adam out' posts? Good job I wasn't suckered, he's still in my team at 5mil.

Glad Nani is out, like Josh T, I missed him on the BD.

Well, there is only one replacement.

'Sir Gareth Bale'

Anonymous said...


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No Name Fc said...

well done Spurs..great win at White Hart Lane..

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

@ Donut and @ Guy!!! You guys are sooooo right...we ditched double weeks for double BD weeks or "mini" weeks....luckily Christmas is on a Saturday and boxing day is a Sunday if boxing day were on a Wednesday we would be in for one hard core week of 3 BD's in 10 days!!! I'm sure there will be a few "mini" weeks along the way if there are postponements for bad weather or cup replays, but Yahoo really dodged a bullet with Boxing Day falling on Sunday or else the people who work YFF would have to screw around with their job all through the holiday break.

Mignolet/ Bale Jacobsen Samba/ Adam Van der Vaart Nasri Arshavin/ Drogba Balotelli Benjani

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

Yep, Double Game Weeks = Double BD Weeks!!!!

Anonymous said...

anyone know how long nani will be out???

Tayo said...


In the absence of Nani who takes the kicks for ManU???

Tayo said...

Nani, Valencia, Rooney are all out...
Giggs anyone???

Anonymous said...

Yep I did get fooled with the 'Charlie Adam out' posts. Sucks. Traded him out with Brunt, who had a poor game. Buying Adam back at full-price is..well...I'm confused. I'm not getting fooled with the VDV posts now.

The other question, if Nani's out - Got him at 14.70. Do I still keep him and take a zero for one week (hopefully), or do I lose him the discount? Suitable replacements - Bale/Drogba (by putting in a bit more)/Malouda?

How's Zhirkov for this week, again? He could play Liverpool seeing as Lamps and Ramires are still sidelined.

-Bombay Blues

Anonymous said...

please comnt my team..
i need ur help


Anonymous said...

Drop one of Adebayo and Balotelli, there are options like Zigic Bent, just to name 2 playing at home, Chicharito who was rested and is sure to start.

Bojan said...

what is the best Bale inspired news title today in English press?

Fidan said...

I know Doctor Teeth will like this =)...!!!


Anonymous said...

nice to know for sure anyway. like you say proabably a good thing but sometimes the odd double wk was very lucrative.


Anonymous said...

Nani at 4.20 discount. Drop or No drop?

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