Saturday, 6 November 2010

Week 11 - My Team


Bale   Coleman   Evra

Larsson   Adam   Fabregas   Van Der Vaart   Silva

Hernandez   Chamakh

I'm sure you'll agree this was the most difficult week of the season so far to pick a team, with a huge number of high profiles names (held at discount) out injured or listed as major doubts.

Having looked at the 100's of comments on the blog over the past few days, fantasy managers have dealt with the uncertainty in different ways, and therefore we have real variety in team selections. Get it right and you'll be shooting up the overall standings, but get it wrong and it could be a disaster.

I really don't know if I'm satisfied with my own team. I had the above line-up yesterday lunchtime and had a look at it last night / this morning trying to improve it, yet I couldn't find any combination of players I preferred. There are some risksy picks and if things go badly I could struggle to break 60 points, but in the end I backed my hunches.

In goal I stuck with Fabianski at home to Newcastle. I hold him at around £9m which is a lot for me to spend on a keeper, but he's playing well and brought good points last weekend so I settled on him over Robinson. Bale is in form, playing left wing & will be back on set pieces at Bolton, Coleman is playing right wing so I gave him another shot (after he was subbed after 60 mins last weekend), but the big risk in my Week 11 team is spending over £10m on Patrice Evra.

Evra isn't having a great season, but I found myself with funds left over & I just had a gut feeling that he could do well at home to Wolves. Also, I wanted two Manchester United players but didn't fancy any of their midfelders due to uncertainty over who starts ( 4 from Scholes, Carrick, Giggs, Fletcher, Oberton, Park) and didn't want to go with two United strikers. I think any success this week will hinge on how this one pans out for me.

In midfield I dropped Nani (at around £15m) but decided to hang on to VDV as I think he has a chance of being back for Sunderland on Tuesday. Adam is a season-keeper, Fabregas was confirmed fit by Wenger so I had to pick him for the Newcastle match and my final two picks are further hunches. David Silva is looking more settled each time I see him play and I expect him to start and do well at West Brom after being benched in the Europa Cup while Seb Larsson has been quietly consistent all season for Birmingham and I think he has a chance for great points at home to bottom club West Ham.

I have the same front two as last week, although this is probably the last chance for Chamakh. He does ok and is averaging around his cost but too often he disappoints in home games. I was looking at dropping him but noticed a hell of a lot of people have dropped him this week, so sticking with me could give me the edge if he can knock in a goal of 2! Hernandez was the pick of the week, in form, at home, playing Wolves, no brainer.

So that's my team!  Please remember Week 12 is in midweek and is the 3rd Round of The Blog Cup.

Lots of nice fixtures to look at for the barndoor, Chelsea home to Fulham, Spurs home to Sunderland, Arsenal at Wolves, Aston Villa home to Blackpool, Newcastle home to Blackburn & Everton at home to Bolton, plus it's the Manchester derby!

Please let me know what you settled on for Week 11. Who's coming in on the barndoor?



Anonymous said...

almost copycat to my team AM except bale,coleman and silva =)

Miec said...

I woke up about 30minutes ago.
When I saw my team, I was .. really really surprised.

Bale Ferdinand Ridgewell
Nasri Brunt Adam Silva
Hernandez Dembele Chamakh

I think that it is good idea to drink less.
The worst thing is that I saw no space to improve..
The good thing is that I have no nani neither vdv. And I expect all 11 players to performe and hope they will perform well :)

Greetings to all these beers i drunk yesterday. :)

L'Orange Noir said...

I chose to drop VDV as well as Nani. I settled on;
Bale Salcido Zhirkov
Adam Fab Cleverly Silva
Bent Hernandez Benjani

A few hunches but at least I'm covering all the bases by having 11 different teams represented!

Ian Sanderson said...

B. Foster
Zhirkov Samba Evra Bale
Adam Van der Vaart Fabregas
Gyan Hernández Chamakh

Anonymous said...

My team

Bale, Salcido, Coleman, Zhirkov
Fabegas, Adam, Silva
Hernandez, Chamakh, Dembele

Good Luck! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick

I almost have Evra, but went for Park instead since I need to move from Dembele to DBent..

Finger crossed, I went for the right way


TwoFace said...

My team :-


I agree with AM..i think Larsson could have a good week, i opt for Foster instead of Robbo since got extra fund..Obertan will take the kicks from Nani hopefully he'll starts..kept VDV and let's hope he play in midweek :)

Bent is the odd pick as everyone is picking Gyan..hattrick plzzz..

Birty said...

Still on high after last night's FA Cup win, shame we can't have Cotterill and Platt in the fantasy league, they were outstanding last night.

Anyway, my team is:
Foster, Bale, Vidic, Sagna, Brunt, Adam, Gardener, A-Ash, Chiquitos, Gyan, Dembele.

Y'all should be banned from picking Gyan now he's starting because I've been taking a gamble on him the past few weeks.

Anonymous said...

4 goals in 3 matches against Spurs for Kevin Davies and yet i didn't pick him.

Kavedas said...

I hope u get a HUUUUGGGGEEEEEEE week AM
we share 9 players :)
its Kompany+Benjani vs Coleman+Silva

Anonymous said...

Bale / Squillaci / Samba
Adam / Van der Vaart / Malouda / Brunt
Drogba / Hernandez / Benjani

and the GM (QP FC), off the bottom and moving up:

Salcido / Bosingwa / Squillaci
Adam / Dempsey (season keeper)/ Malouda / Larsson
Hernandez / Benjani / Drogba

Anonymous said...

I picked Bale after 6 weeks and this i what i get?

The Greek said...

@Anon 2:04


Anonymous said...

arghhh bent no play...

Anonymous said...

no berbatov or bent, this is not funny!!!!


Anonymous said...

no BENT!!!

Dave said...

Bale was definitely not worth the cost this week, maybe he's just a Champs League performer ;). Spurs looked flat and Gallas looked slow + old. Maybe Gyan against Spurs midweek is a good bet??

Bradley said...

My team:

Bale Salcido PJones
Brunt Adam Fabregas Van Der Vaart Holden
Hernandez Chamakh

Probably should've picked Silva over Holden, who sadly didn't get in on the Bolton goalfest.

@Miec: I had to pick my team in a similar condition. ;)

Birty said...


Didn't even have time to type "Hargreaves is back" before he's off injured.

Anonymous said...

I'll be lucky to score a +ve point this week

kwyjibo said...

It's early, but so far looking already like a bad week...The goalie nightmare continues with West Ham (West Ham?!?!) already putting 2 past Foster with another 30 min to go. Gyan's goal is so far my only bright spot...

Benjamin Wang said...

Anyone think its finally time to drop Bale?

Anonymous said...

Looks like a disaster week for me already

Bale Boateng Zhirkov Salcido
Adam VDV Nani Fabregas
Chamakh Hernandez

Already taking zeros for Nani and VDV, Bale disappointed, Salcido injured and Hernandez yellow carded. Hopefully Arsenal will win good.

On the BD, dropped Hernandez, Salcido and Bale(finally) for Anelka, Coleman and Downing. Starting to regret keeping Nani, but since I already took a zero, might as well keep him for a while more.

Boateng Zhirkov Coleman
VDV Adam Nani Fabregas Downing
Chamakh Anelka

Bradley said...

Wow 28 points from 7 players so far. Unless the remaining 4 bail me out tomorrow, I could wind up with my worst week ever not involving snow.

Anonymous said...

Seems like my decision was absolutely RIGHT this week. So happy!!

I dropped VDV+Nani for Park+Gyan and it was a good return.

And now I already got VDV back. He is cheap! LOL

Birty said...

@Kwyj - Foster always comes through. 9 points for 2 goals and a draw. Are you keeping him for the Chelski game next weekend?

Birty said...

Sorry, that's two weeks time, he's got Citeh next weekend.

Anonymous said...

no bent..with chicarito keep on disappointing...

arghhh...i'm gonna slit you throat bruce..if only

u go one

Bobby said...

Today been a good start for me.... made 98points with 4 players playing tmr... thanks to Park and Gyan...

Got Ivanovic, Zhirkov, Malouda and Fabregas tmr... come on lads... hahaha

Anonymous said...

i dont see adam as season keeper when he score relatively below 2 digit figure?

Anonymous said...

VdV discount 3.89
Nani discount 3.55
No regrets there, picking the right players would have checked the zeros.
A pick of Gyan Davies and Park.
Did anybody seriously replace Nani with Park?that's not true, Lets see the balance of the difference in their price to show.

Anonymous said...

If you see Bale in my line-up, please remind me to take him off. Thank you


Anonymous said...

Hey, does anyone know what the Stoke GK situation is? I haven't seen anything about Sorenson being injured but Begovic has played the last two games and good be a nice cheap option for the midweek game.

Anonymous said...

Get on Barry Banana for Villa, he's gonna be the next big thing.

Anonymous said...

Who is the worst Yahoo striker on the game, Chamakh or Hernandez?

Cahill and Larsson saved me today...

ONE LOVE said...


Agree with Barry Banana for Villa.

Anonymous said...

Larsson and Coleman-- nice picks AM, our Hernandez kind of a washout. Oh well, I have 8 to play and I kept Nolan as a longshot, more for next game than this one.

LC said...

@Anon 6:30pm.

I replaced nani for park and then i made a second one taking Chamack for Gyan!

I guess i got lucky this week.


kwyjibo said...

@Birty - yes, Foster surprised me! When I saw the score 0-2, I was expecting a big minus. So, yes, for now I'm keeping him for the match against Stoke. Not sure yet after that.

Bale really was a disappointment, just not sure about keeping him for Tuesday. I thought for sure he would score more with VdV out. But, once I saw him curve that free kick off the outside post, I started having a bad feeling...

No BD work yet. A lot of my decisions over the next couple of days depends heavily on whether Nani will play the midweek match.

Anonymous said...

according to SAF, the starting 11 players for wolves game were not fully fit. Affected by some sort of virus. Plus midfield performance always not that good, create not much chances for striker. Hernandez din't score still acceptable. Since got him at 5.xx, will probably keep him. If chamakh din't perform today, will drop him for sure.

Anonymous said...

@LC -Yeah! I like to think it was your good picks that did it, you could have taken a zero on Nani and Vaart and still scored around 100 with the right picks. The top 4 scorers so far cost about 25.** and i had all of them at one point but significantly i kept none of them. Very bad week, i was even expecting a negative score.

Anonymous said...

Argh!!!! Was talking up Park all week but didn't get him in the end. Missed out on 30 points as a result. Wanted to get him in for VDV but decided to take the zero in the end. Well at least i had gyan, somewhat reduces the pain a little. Counting on Fabregas to destroy Newcastle to get me a respectable score as my other picks did not work out.


joshtottenham said...

In fairness to fantasy bale, he hit the post and could easily have had 2 assists if spurs had strikers who could get on the end of things. He was inches away from a further 15+ points.

joshtottenham said...

In other news I also went with Evra as a left field pick, as he played in midfield the other week when injuries hit....1.5 points is pitiful tho.

Ken said...

Regarding the Bale comment.

Would appear that Bale has something in common with me.

We are both just a couple of inches away from being a legend.....

kwyjibo said...

Walcott is starting! Woo hoo! Now, please score a hat-trick...

Anonymous said...

The other week Evra played left wing it was still 1.5pts its why i didn't bother with him.

Anonymous said...

The other week Evra played left wing it was still 1.5pts its why i didn't bother with him.

Anonymous said...

Drogba on the bench - why Carlo why?

kwyjibo said...

Well, so much for this weekend...every time I put my faith in Arsenal, they let me down.

Except for the nice free kick that hit the post, Fabs looked terrible today...he's only made his points back one time this season, which is why I still don't understand his high cost. I think it's time to get rid of him.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

2 more goals from Balotelli could save my week some.

Anonymous said...

Recently, Nasri not perform a good job..
Fabregas, Arshavin & Walcott also in good mood and keep shadow Nasri performance..
Is it a time to drop Nasri?? since there is a lot of midfielder range around 10..


Benjamin Wang said...

Everyone can un-BD Balotelli now

mehicoradio said...

torres with 2, including a nice one for the 2nd. Liverpool actually look good today. Off topic, but apparently chatroll has completely killed itself. Been down for at least 30 min (maybe even an hour, not sure).

Mike said...

A complete SHIT week for me, and friday night I had a hunch to pick up park and I didn't do it, now I am shooting myself in the foot because of it. Arsenal really killed me this week.

MPFC/KPM said...

This year just gets weirder and weirder. I think Chatroll might be a doubt for Tuesday/Wednesday's games. I guess we should wait for 'team' news.

I was going to get on here and bitch about this week but my home page says I am now 812th overall. So I think I am just going to keep quiet for the time being. Obviously that is going to drop with the Torres/Reina/Liverpool D owners, but I don't mind.

I will say this. NO MORE Chamakah. NO MORE Chicarito. I call bullshit on those two for the rest of the year. When Rooney comes back I will pick him up. I also call bullshit on Arsenal defenders(especially Kos) for the time being.

That was a nice Balotelli barn door fake out. I must admit I fell for it.

MPFC/KPM said...

BTW, my barn door team

VDV/Cahill/Albrighton/JS Park

I also have $20.31 in the bank,so some work needs to be done. May barn door Torres.

Sulldaddy said...

Chamakh is officially dead to me. He was before this week and I am glad I didnt fall for his uselessness again. He will NEVER see a spot on my team this season again. pretty low scoring week with mostly low end guys getting the goals. Of course Torres owners are probably having a party!

Anonymous said...

Only consolation is Chelsea and Arsenal lost

Anonymous said...

Only consolation is Chelsea and Arsenal lost

Anonymous said...



never again in my team

Anonymous said...

Chamakh was never a good striker, maybe he fits their style of play but always dead to me

Musteng said...

another bad week for me. 50.50 only in total
hopefully to get better result on blog cup week.

SfSS said...

disastrous week, 34.5 points, dont remember scoring so low even in my 1st season, balotteli just proved again that he's a total idiot

Anonymous said...

yo nik..such a bad pick u got this week.. ;p

Anonymous said...

awful week for me- sub40- at least i'm not alone. with chels & ars both failing to score & man u playing crap. on sat i had evra, chic & berb and got 2.5pt's ! thankfully anelka/drogs didn't punish me . glad we got another rd coming up quick to quickly forget about this week !


greginho said...

the sign of the times. chelsea's highest scorer had 5 points, arsenal's was 7 points. the difference is that chelsea lost AT a big club and arsenal lost to a decent team, but not even really a good team AT HOME. i had 45 points, but stayed respectable at 349th spot.

richard_pitts_2000 (knotvery athletic) said...

I got 55.5 and actually went up 1,169 places to 4,209 - guess everyone had a bad week so it's not actually been that bad. My BD team at present:

Hart (big discount)

Zhirkov, Djorou (start in the absence of Kos?), Kelly
Barton, VdV, Adam, Brunt
Torres, Drogba, Shamflop (last chance)

Final line-up will depend on team news - I could see Bentdner replacing Sham, at which point I might go 4-4-2.

paul mac said...

why all the hate for chicarito.i bought him at his low cost and is scoring above that every week.if i get a point a pound im happy with 100 points so he is doing a great job in that to fabregas he only made his value once this season.same for adam he is averaging over his price for me so definate season keeper

Anonymous said...

36 points with zeros from VdV Nani and Bent. Bent surprised me but ...

Kellz said...

I got every one beat, 28 pts from 9 players, with 2 negatives and 2 zeros. Worst week ever!



My BD team atm:

Bale, Coleman, Boateng
Albrighton, VDV, Silva, Meirales
Torres, Drogba, Gyan

But thinking Drogba, Gyan, Boateng could go for Tevez, Obinna, Zhirkov or a 7.52mil defender!!!


Anonymous said...

61.5 points this week. I'll accept that considering that most scored poorly this week.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant week for my fantasy team 98 pts.
Coould have been better
Fab4 & drogs 9.5pts for 38m
Not-so-Super Mario getting red
Damn Ancelotti! Why didn't you started with Drogba?


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