Thursday, 8 April 2010

Week 30 - Player Picks

I'm rushed off my feet with work at the moment so this post will be a bit shorter than usual, but hopefully it'll still provide you some useful pointers.

After a fantastic week of Champions League football (can you guess why I've posted the picture above?), we turn our attentions to Week 30, a single week for all teams after Fulham v Stoke was rearranged for the first week of May.

Week 30 is the Semi Finals of the AM Challenge, where we'll cut the remaining 60 teams down to 20...with those 20 teams taking part in the final in Week 33!

The all important fixtures...

Week 30 Fixtures
Saturday, 10 April 2010
Hull v Burnley, 15:00
West Ham v Sunderland, 15:00

Sunday, 11 April 2010
Blackburn v Man Utd, 13:30
Liverpool v Fulham, 15:00
Man City v Birmingham, 16:00
Wolverhampton v Stoke, 12:00

Tuesday, 13 April 2010
Chelsea v Bolton, 20:00

Wednesday, 14 April 2010
Aston Villa v Everton, 19:45
Tottenham v Arsenal, 20:00
Wigan v Portsmouth, 19:45

The stand-out fixture is Chelsea home Bolton, with the blues full of confidence after their victory at Old Trafford last week. Liverpool home to tired Fulham & Man City home to away strugglers Birmingham are both tempting, while you have to fancy Wigan & Hull home to Burnley & Portsmouth respectively.

I'd expect Man Utd to bounce back after last night's exit, but Blackburn is a tough place to go, Villa v Everton is going to be tight, as will West Ham v Sunderland, while I don't want to think about Tottenham v Arsenal as it makes me too nervous.

It is worth remembering that Chelsea, Tottenham, Aston Villa & Portsmouth play FA Cup Semi Finals at Wembley over the weekend (which could go to extra time), so their players have that added risk of fatigue/injury/suspension before they play on Tuesday/Wednesday - something to keep in mind when picking your team.


In my opinion it comes down to 3 straight choices - spend the money on Given, or decide between two bargain keepers, Myhill & Kirkland, playing at home to the two weakest sides in the league. I don't trust West Ham, so Green is omitted.

I'd initially brought Given in as I believe Man City will beat Birmingham, but I then saw the highlights of Burnley's horrendous capitulation vs City. I honestly can't see Burnley getting anything vs a Hull side who are at least fighting under Dowie & beat Fulham in their last home game, so I believe that makes Myhill just as good an option as Given - at less than half the price.

The alternative is to bring Chris Kirkland in for a similar price to Myhill, as he faces Portsmouth at home. Wigan have been proper Jekyll & Hyde this season, but they should have enough to see off a broken Pompey side. It's a matter of preference, both have good chances of a clean sheet, but I'll be going with the Hull keeper. Mind you, I wouldn't blame you if you stuck with Given.

G Neville

A nice mixture of defenders to pick from this week; Bale is Bale, while Ferreira probably represents the best value pick, home to Bolton at a cost of just 6. You can never be sure of Liverpool's back 4, but you know Carragher will be in there somewhere & has a great chance for a clean sheet, so he's in my plans.

Jagielka has been scoring great points since his return but is still under 8, Garrido or the bargain Sylvinho will play left back for City, so wait for team news before choosing between them & Upson is another choice, at home & with a decent average this season.

Gary Neville should replace Rafael at Blackburn, Fox as a set piece taker was worth the pick up on the barndoor (but don't pay full price), John Spector will continue at full back for West Ham & Hutton should return for Sunderland.

Paul McShane has been doing a job for Hull & has a clean sheet chance, before we get to the Wolves trio of Elokobi, Foley & Mancienne - at home, low price, decent filler options.

A Johnson

Plenty of usual suspects in the midfield list! I expect Lampard could end Week 30 as the top points scorer, but I don't think I can justify spending all the cash on him in case I'm wrong. If you have him at a discount then you should feel very lucky, but I don't, so I'm looking at cheaper alternatives.

Bullard, Gerrard, N'Zogbia & Malouda are 4 players with great fixtures, all at home in winnable games, so I expect big points from all of them. The same for Adam Johnson, who was outstanding vs Burnley, mustering almost 20 points without a goal thanks to some devastating set piece delivery.

Despite Man Utd's exit last night, Nani & Valencia were superb & with only the league left to fight for I'd expect to see both men start on the wings again at Blackburn. Nasri will cause problems for Spurs, Jarvis & Etherington will be on set pieces & Arteta could return, which will delight those who took two zeros to keep the discount.

At the cheaper end of the scale, Maxi, Malbranque & Zhirkov should all get starts so could act as decent fillers to allow you spend the extra elsewhere.

C Cole

Not a lot needs to be said about this list - it includes pretty much every striker available! Drogba is too expensive at full price but many will have the discount to make the Bolton game a dream, Torres will relish facing Fulham, Tevez is in the form of his life & Berbatov should start in Rooney's absence.

Adebayor, Rodallega & Bent are 3 players who constantly disappoint me whenever I pick them, but it's hard to completely ignore them given the combination of form & fixtures. Carlton Cole will continue upfront for West Ham, Bendtner should only be considered (especially with discount) & Defoe is an option as he's unleashed against a Gunners side missing key defensive players.

Saha, Carew & Doyle are some outside picks who won't be picked up by too may other managers. If you fancy doing something a bit different then they could be decent outside bets.

That completes my Week 30 player picks (so much for the shorter post!)

My team page looks like this...


Ferreira  Carragher  Bale

Malouda  Bullard  N'Zogbia  A.Johnson

Tevez  Bendtner  Torres

As you'll notice, it's exactly the same as it was on Tuesday & unless I see team news suggesting any of the players above are injured, it will be the team I go with. I can't remember the last time I settled on a team this early in the week, so it's bound to go wrong!

Let me know if you think I've missed anyone from the lists above. How's your team shaping up?

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Caleb said...

Hi AM, I am thinking of getting one of the Hull forward Fagan or Altidore due to price. Which one do you think is better?

Gasper said...

My team for this week

Bale, Fereira, Melchiot
Ether, Nani, AJ, Bullard, Jarvis
Bendt, Tevez

Assistant Manager said...

Wow, that really is a tough one Caleb...I can't say I have a preference really, but I'll go with Fagan as he appears to have started the last couple of games.

Anonymous said...

hi AM, txs for another great post.

currently going with

Bale/Alex/Da Costa or Ferreira

not at all happy with the Arsenal duo and still undecided between Da Costa, who seems to be playing regularly - albeit for a suspect side - or Ferreira, a solid DF in a team full of confidence but not the greatest attacking full-back in london, let alone in the EPL.
in which case I'd drop Alex and upgrade for Carra, Jarvis or someone else.

any thought on Burnley's Duff, a DF who scored 11pts despite last week's rout at home to Citeh?

any advice would be welcome.
txs again and bring on next season..;)



Anonymous said...

I need some help here. I have 8.9 million for either one midfielder or one defender.

I'm currently on:

Bale Ferreira Foley
Arteta(7.59) Malouda(10.90) N'Zogbia
Tevez Torres Bendtner(9.26)

I have Arteta and Malouda at big discounts while Bendtner at a small one. Paid full price for the rest. I can't find a decent player at 8.9 units and below. Considering selling bendtner but the other options do not appeal to me.



Birty said...

That's a great picture. I miss Roy Keane, he'd have never let Bayern get away with that last night.

Bale, Ferreira, Fox
Arteta, Malbranque, A-Jo, Walcott
Pavl, Agbonlahor, Bent

Not at all sure about my front three. I don't like having two guys who could play 90+ minutes at Wembley. I'm currently thinking about Macheda who may get a start alongside Berbatov, that'd allow me to put Bullard or Duff or Nani in a 3-5-2

Anonymous said...

Any one considering Vermaelen got him on the BD for 8.73? Also Joe Cole after his goal last week?

donut said...

AM - thanks for your hard work - nice list and its good to wait for it...

I think Moreno at 5.27 a likely starter against Portsmouth at home should be a filler consideration on your list...

Liking the Jarvis option this week - that could be good!
Not sure about Nasri v Spurs but I am normally wrong...

Need a good week to get back into top 100

I like your team (except Bender. I don't like him and grudge any point he gets, even when he's in my team!!)

Anonymous said...

Nice pic AM! "Typical Brits" ;-)

Anonymous said...

Here is my team...

Verm Bale Mancienne
Malouda Gerrard Bullard NZogbia Etherington
Tevez Bendtner

0.55 left

Just realised that I had all four midfielders that AM mentioned as top picks, is that a good sign?

I picked up Etherington as I thought they will be having a DG, but do not know what to do with him now. Away to Wolves isn't that bad of a matchup right? If not who should I drop him for?

I know Spurs-Arsenal could potentially be a high scoring match, but I had Almunia at 5xx so I am not keen on dropping him & start playing cheap keeper roulette...

Any comments will be welcome..


Anonymous said...

Hey AM,

Nice PICKS there. Just wondering why no one is picking olsson who being listed as defender is deployed in forward role. Can anyone please tell me if there are any injuries to him that I don't know of or it's just the fixture.

Currently with

olsson ferriera Elokobi
Malouda Bullard Walcott Wilshere
Torres Tevez Crouch

Please advice.


Anonymous said...

Good! Enough of that CL distraction. Now we can concentrate on even more single week players for our YFF picks.

Anonymous said...

is there an obvious statistical reason that most, if not all, posters go with only three in the back? just curious as i sometimes like four in the back if there are highly likely CS points. new to this forum but i do ok hovering b/w 1400-1600 overall. i do see more fillers at low value in the midfield??


only .15 left

(how do you guys get some of those players to all fit price-wise. i understand BD and discounts but man, pretty good foresight! whew!)

any suggestions about my 4 defenders (hutton for a ~5 midfielder?) are appreciated!

spur (YFF team name)

bean said...

I would maybe include McCarthy and Melchiot as cheap options from Wigan

bean said...

looks like a good possibility that Ivanovic is back if he's set to be on the bench for the FA Cup match at the weekend then could be more likely to start on Tuesday?

Kellz said...

@Caleb: I agree with AM, Fagan seems the one to start.

@Nuno: First off definately don't take both Alex and Fererria, you just don't need to risk the off chance Bolton grab a goal away. However I don't think West Ham are nailed on for a CS either. One game I do think has a higher chance of a CS is Wolves v Stoke in which you can buy Wolves player Foley who is listed as a defender but in midfield. WHo knows he might score this game.

Otherwise I think its best to hold onto Bendtner and not Walcott, since you most likeyl have him for 5mil and he will score IMO. I think you can move around Walcott using the great list AM has provided, But looks solid.

@Anonymous: Verm is a hard sell away to Spurs which will produce a 2-3, 4-3 game like it does most seasons, therefore you will hope Verm can score or block many shots. Its not a bad move, but for the matchup its not ideal. His price won't fall that far back down but there are nice options AM has listed. As for Joe Cole if hes gonna start then keep him.

@D2D: Its definately a crap shoot with Almunia, best of luck. As for Ethrington I don't think a set piece taker really needs a good matchup, as long as he can send in crosses/corners you should be set for points. However if you want to drop might I suggest Valencia who had a great first half in the CL, Jarvis who is coming into great form, or O'hara another set piece taker with a moderate matchup. All are under 11.

@Keshari: Keeping Olsson was an interesting move considering no one will have him. While I feel Utd will win, BBurn could prove a tough contest and he has been threatening goal since he attained a starting role. But don't bank on a CS. Walcott and Wilshire are the only guys you might want to reconsider, but Wilshire against Chelsea doesn't scream points to me. AM has some great players posted but not a lot of great options for 7-8mil, so might just be better to stick with them if you don't want to drop someone else to upgrade them.

@Spur: Actually I quite like your team, all of your back 4 should play. Best of luck.

Good luck to everyone guys! Were in for a great finish to the season!

Liverpool 3 - Benfica 1


Kellz said...

My team hasn't changed and most likely i set:

Foley, Fererria, Bale,
Bullard, Malouda, AJ, N'Zogbia,
Tevez, Bent, Bendtner

I know Bent hasn't scored an away goal in his last 7 league goals, but what a better time than to turn it around now? @WestHam, Burnley, @Hull is an amazing schedule, plus I like the confidence he has vowed to catch Drogba/Rooney for the Golden Boot. Come on Bent!

KPM said...

Interested in thoughts

Ferreira Carragher Foley
Bullard Malouda Gerrard N'Zogiba Adam Johnson
Bendtner Doyle

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment Kellz, very useful and informative as usual. You really got me thinking about Valencia...although he does not take FKs unliek Eth.

And your team looks very solid. I am not sold on Bent yet. I will probably grab him on the BD instead. I would suggest Berbaflop or Rodallega as an alternative


Kellz said...

@KPM: Strong well balanced team. Stoke aren't the same away as at home, so I am hoping for a CS for Wolves, either a 0-0 or a 1-0 to give you some Doyle points :D

Anonymous said...

Goalkeeper :)
defenders :)
midfielders :)
strikers :(

bean said...

the reason i posted the Ivanovic news is the strong possibility Ferreira will not start. lots of people (including myself) have him in, so keep an eye out.

Anonymous said...

Ferreira Mancienne Melchiot
A.johnson Bullard Nasri N'Zogbia
Bendtner Rodallega Torres

Not save yet, still have Tevez(16.xx)
Should I have Torres or spare to any other positions?
And is it too risk to have N'Zogbia and Rodallega in same team?

Any advices would be great.

Saul said...

@bean - Thanks for that information, I'm gonna go with Foley instead of Ferreira...I'm in no position to take a (0).

My team from now on(bearing injuries) is...


Had Kirkland in goal before but opted for Myhill since I already have the Wigan CS covered with figueroa. Took Ferreira out thanks to bean and brought in Foley, I think it's a good decision; and Altidore's my only filler, what do you guys think???

Saul said...

Oh, and AM - I did catch your drift on the picture above "Typical Germans" he should not have said that. He should be blaming Rafael and throwing a shoe at him for costing us the game!

Anonymous said...

why no anelka love ?
will drogs play for 90 3 days after cup semi ?


Anonymous said...

"offside from corner"? nice one. the refereeing is real poor nowadays(including epl). the weakest link no doubt.


Anonymous said...

Thanks AM.

Any thoughts on Babel @5?

Shouldn't he start because he's out of the Benifica match?

Any replacement players @5 I should consider?

Good luck all.

Anonymous said...

Well, I usually explain me teams, but I don't have much time now. I'll just say that after considering many defensive option I decided not to choose any Liverpool defender, because I could see them conceding a stupid goal against Fulham, even if they finished the game winning 4-1.

Bale Scharner Terry
Malouda Gerrard N'Zogbia Maxi
Tevez Bendtner CCole

My only worries are Maxi or Cole not performing well, as they showed already how unstable they are, and Scharner not starting, though he really should. Also, the are some report suggesting RvP could start against Spurs, but even if it were true, Bendtner should sub him on the 50th minute and then score a stunner on injury time, right?



KPM said...

Swapped out Melchiot for Ferriera because of Ivanovich potentially taking his spot.

I don't like my forwards either but Yahoo won't allow me to use a 5-5-0 formation!!!!

I sold Torres to facilitate adding both Malouda and Stevie G, which I felt was a decent swap. If anyone disagrees with that logic feel free to give me alternative suggestions.

rwlwhite said...

im stuck between putting in zhirkov or moreno

Anonymous said...

Bale Ferreira Carragher Garrido
Arteta Bullard Malouda
Bendtner Torres Anelka

Any updates on Arteta? I've taken 2 blanks on him already, if he is not fit, I will drop him and lose the big discount

Anonymous said...

My team as now

Bale Mancienne MDuff Faye
Eth Nzog FloMo AJohson
Torres HRod

Any advice because it seems i'll be taking zero from james..last week to, but i'd pays off as i endup with 100 point.

Thinking about Liv player but no one comes in mind. Gamble on MDuff as he's been my player in CM01/02..hahahaha..those days..


Anonymous said...

Dump Arteta, even if he is playing, he'll be playing defensive midfielder again. He was lucky to grab goals in previous matches.

Baz said...

AM love the photo. Don't want to jinx you but from the great Guardian footy section
and then


roonaldo said...

• B. Myhill
o Hull
o Sell at 3.36(market price 3.36)
• P. Ferreira
o Chelsea
o Sell at 6.15(market price 6.15)
• G. Elokobi
o Wolves
o Sell at 4.61(market price 4.61)
• P. Scharner
o Wigan
o Sell at 8.33(market price 8.33)
• Sylvinho
o Man City
o Sell at 2.56(market price 2.56)
• F. Malouda
o Chelsea
o Sell at 10.90(market price 15.80)
• T. Walcott
o Arsenal
o Sell at 8.38(market price 10.89)
• J. Bullard
o Hull
o Sell at 13.25(market price 13.25)
• D. Drogba
o Chelsea
o Sell at 22.16(market price 25.53)
• H. Rodallega
o Wigan
o Sell at 12.78(market price 12.78)
• R. Fuller
o Stoke
o Sell at 7.26(market price 8.53)


Anonymous said...

Hi people!

This game is coming to an end, and I'm progressing pretty well lately. though this week I'm putting a little less balanced team (at least that's what I feel)

My current team:

Bale, Elokobi, Sylvinho
Valencia, N'Zogbia, Babel, Malouda, Maxi
Tevez, Torres

Too many Liverpool players I guess?

Need your comments AM, Kellz, and all of you!

Want to end this season high!~


Chi said...


I wouldnt blame Rafael, if we really have to point fingers, we should blame the defense on those sloppy(good?) goals Olic scored instead

Anonymous said...

I am currently considering swapping Myhill to Jensen and Babel to Faubert for now too. =) I lil bit riskier goalkeeper (finger crossed) and I guess Faubert will be better than Babel. Any suggestion?


Anonymous said...


Myhill is playing at home. Hull is fighting to avoid relegation and would love to beat fellow struggler. Burnley never won an away game. Home keeper is always a safer bet. Just my peniless comment, might be wrong.

Mohd said...

my team for this week



kendo said...

Got my doubts about Ferreira now

bale (5.45) baird ferreira
malouda nsomnia kompany (bd'd) a johnson
drogba rodallega bendtner

foley an alternative?


Anonymous said...

Week 30 -
Pauly's bargain basement Top Fillers : (Generally playing at home with a good fixture, & cost less than 7m.)

After a return of 38 points for last week's top picks, for 31.90m invested (120% return - not as good as week 28!)


Myhill (Hull) 3.36 **
Kirkland (Wig) 4.07 **
(James (Ports) 1.00)
Green (W Ham) 3.95


Ferreira (Chels) 6.15 **?
Mouyokolo (Hull) 6.35 *
Elokobi (Wolves) 4.61 **
McShane (Hull) 5.82 **
A Faye (Stoke) 6.80 *
Foley (Wolv) 6.24 *


Mikel (Chels) 3.87 *
Zhirkov (Chels) 5.63 ** ?
Henry (Wolves) 1.61 *
Whitehead (Stoke) 2.79 *
Etuhu (Ful) 3.24 * ?
McCarthy (Wig) 6.50 **
Babel (Lpool) 5.00 **


Kalou (Chels) 5.03 **?
a). Fagan 4.92*/ b). Altidore 4.24 (Hull)**
Scotland (Wig) 5.23 **
Macheda (Man U) 7.13 * ?
Moreno (Wig) 5.27 ** ?

** Top picks
* filler picks
? Not certain to start - check the team sheets!

Hope that's helpful - have a good w-end AM and all of you who make this blog so useful


Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on Rosicky anybody? He was shooting like a madman the last league fixture... Worth a punt against Spurs? Though I'm really afraid of these derby games, its always expect the unexpected. Its either him or Nani against the rovers but then I gotta go for a cheaper defender...

Anonymous said...

I dont know about Ferreira anymore. Ashley Cole and Ivanovic are coming back very soon. News have said Ivanovic will make the bench as early as the up coming FA Game.

Henry (Wolves) 1.61 * is cheap but didnt he get a red card last game making him suspended this week?

Anonymous said...

thx guys for the news on ferreira/ivanovic issue. can't risk the zero. might have to slot elokobi back in & see if hahnemann will do his stuff again to get them a clean sheet.


Anonymous said...

TOP FILLERS : UPDATE (for Week 30)

Henry (Wolves) is suspended - thanks @anon 11:17

ALSO suspended this wk :

Boothman & Caldwell (Wigan DF)
S Parker (W Ham MF)
Zabaleta (Man City DF)

Not to pick the above !


Anonymous said...

Ferreira stays in my team...
I cannot see Ivanovic playing on Tuesday.
(Physioroom says: Ivan back for the 25th of April)
Fingers crossed though! ;)


Anonymous said...

@ SF
Van Persie has not even begun training yet!

see :


Fidan said...

People, I know ManUtd must feel a bit down after going out of CL like that (and I looooved every second of it ;))...but the fact that they are being ignored for the trip to Blackburn is beyond me.
They were all out to win-it-all (the treble) in the mid-season and they are now on brink of losing-it-all, but I think that that's exactly what we know SAF for. LIFT THE TEAM FOR THE NEXT TASK!!! I'm sure he'll once again find the right words to motivate his team to fight for their "lives" and keep the pace in the title race. So, ULTIMATELY...picking ManUtd (attacking) players is NOT a wrong thing to do. A risky, maybe. But, thats exactly what one needs (I know I do) in these closing stages of YFF season. And more importantly they are now more affordable than usually (Nani,Giggs,Valencia)
For now, I have Nani on my team, but with some team sheets counting him on the bench, I'll keep an eye on Valencia and Giggsy too...!!!

My team:

I'm still not sure about Foley,Garrido, Nani, Rodallega. I'm still considering: Mancienne, Jarvis, Babel, Moreno, Altidore, CCole...!!!

Any suggestion???


Fidan said...

...and ADawson of Hull (if fit)

Anonymous said...

lol fidan, i love your post but find it funny that you rant about man u then name your team with a total of ONE man u player...and with the changes u suggest it would be ZERO. looks like your ignoring them too!!! :)

Fidan said...

Naaaah, ANON. You're wrong. And the rant (which I wouldn't call it a rant) was more like an errrr...OPINION. This is a blog, a community, where opionions and ideas are discussed, and it's been really puzzling me why there was not a word about United players. It is not about picking ALL of them or even ONE of them. As, imo, there are currently 3 group of team, I'm concentrated on:
1. Teams that are fighting for the title (Che,ManU,Arse)
2. Teams fighting for CL-spot (City,Pool,Tottenham)
3. Survival fighters (WestHam,Hull,Wigan)

I hope you get the idea...!!!

Anonymous said...

@fidan ... completely resonate your thoughts ..

Bryce said...

Thanks AM and all the YFF gurus! My team for the moment looks like this:

Bale Ferreira Vermaelen Carragher
Adam Johnson Malouda N'Zogbia
Bendtner Torres Adebayor

I'm still debating verm/adebayor or walcott/c.cole. Any suggestions? Adebayor is official dead to me, but given his performance last week, it's hard to ignore him. headache!

Saul said...

@Chi - I agree, that first goal should have never been and we should've been 3-0 up coming into the second half but with 11 men we would've preserved that result or scored more the way we were controlling posetion, Rafael's stupid send-off meant we lost the ball and lost a striker to place all 10 men back for 35-40 minutes...then it was all Bayern on the ball.

On another note, the Fantasist just made a very good point:

"Birmingham's on-loan keeper Joe Hart (9.45) is barred from facing parent club Manchester City (Maik Taylor deputises @5.83)"

Maybe not the best fixture but something to think about maybe.

Louie B said...

My team at the moment -

Bale Ferreira Vermaelen Mancienne
Malouda Bullard AJohnson
Bendtner Tevez Torres

I'm on the fence about switching Verm to Carragher but I got a feeling Verm is going to notch a goal against Spurs.

Anonymous said...

Choice A:

Ferreira Agger Elokobi
Bullard N'Zogbia J.Cole Mokoena
Torres Tevez Bent

Choice B:

Ferreira Agger Melchiot
Bullard N'Zogbia J.Cole Nasri
Bendtner Tevez Bent

So essentially is it worth it to drop Torres, Elokobi, and Mokoena in favor of Melchiot, Nasri and Bendtner?


Saul said...

@lfcinpa - The question you need to think about is...should I gamble on Arsenal thrashing Tottenham @White Hart Lane, or should I gamble on 2 very easy match-ups in Torres/Elokobi???

I like "Choice A" but would try to go from Agger/Mokoena to Hutton/Zhirkov, but that's just me...I don't think you should be taking a (0) at this point of the season.

Anonymous said...


I would add DF Melchiot**, Wig (6.72)

MF Utaka*, Por (3.90)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the feedback Saul.

I will look into a move of that nature.


PBS said...

Im having a tough time to decide between either Nasri + Sylvinho, or Zhirkov + Garrido/Hutton. Nasri has bigger potential than Zhirkov but Sylvinho might not play...What do you think?

Anonymous said...

PBS = toug one, I think I like Zhirkov + Garrido. I think both Sylvinho and Hutton won't play. Nasri is hit or miss and away to Spurs.

Here's another tough one: any thoughts on AJ versue Valencia?

AJ has a home game and had a great week last week, but part of me thinks ManU will destroy BB after this last week. Thoughts?

Saul said...

@anon 6:33 - I'm having a similar problem...with Valencia, Nani, Giggs, Park fighting for 2 positions on the wings it's hard to tell who Fergusson will field.

I know Nani and Valencia have been starting in the last couple of games which is not good because SAF might want to rest them now that Giggs is back.

I went for Nani as he has been on tremendous form, scored 2 goals vs. B. Munich and Fergusson would/should field his best players from now on if he wants to win the league(excluding rooney, injury).

Saul said...

but only Fergusson knows who's gonna play.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Saul. I usually guess wrong about who SAF will select. AJ is the safer choice. Good luck.

Anonymous said...


Rest Nani and Valencia for? For worldcup? They are out of FA Cup and Champions League. They are going all out for the league. No rest for Nani and Valencia.

Anonymous said...

my team;
Bale Elokobi Ferreira
Bullard N'Zogbia Malouda Nasri
Drogba Bendtner Tévez

Not sure about defense & nasri...
any comments???


Saul said...

@Anon 6:52 - You never know who SAF will field...he does have to give Giggsy and Park some playing time but you're right, if he does want to win the league you'd figure he would go for Valencia/Nani who have been doing well lately. He tends to rotate his players though...that's what i meant to say, not rest.

Saul said...

Coming from Team News in the FA Cup...

"Winger Aaron Lennon, who has returned to training after a long absence because of a groin injury, is still not fit enough to return to action."

Possible comeback vs. Arsenal? Returned to training but might need 1 or 2 full games before being fully fit.

Anonymous said...


txs for your advice. can't afford foley and ferreira so going with alex and sylvinho instead. yeap,i know... but i have a feeling the big brazilian will pop up with a goal against bolton. besides, he regularly outscores ferreira, elokobi or any other fillers i could choose from right now. all this maneuvering to fit cheeky bullard in MF and finish the job.



richard said...

ive got now

bale hutton salgado
maxi adam nani whitehead
tevez torres bent

only 0.21 left. Possible changes?? need help this is my 4th week

Anonymous said...

I want to play these guys...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

anything wrong with ohara? i dont see his name mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Bale / Mouyokolo / A. Faye
Arteta / A. Johnson / Bullard / N'Zogbia / Whitehead
Torres / Berbatov

Anonymous said...


after all the post being posted, i reshuffle my team to


Bale Faye MDuff
N'Zogbia FloMo Nani Valencia AJ
Ade HRod


Anonymous said...

this is my team and am done no more changes


Anonymous said...

good luck all the mangers end of the season dont sweat too much.

Kellz said...

I have rethought some changes, right now thinking of Myhill, Neville, Nani for Given, Ferreria, N'Zogbia

Last week I friday traded in Olsson and that worked out fantastic, should I tempt the football Gods again with another such offence?

Anonymous said...

sylvinho injured

Anonymous said...

kellz thats a good swap.i wanted nani i coulndt afford him. this is my team


caldwell looks like he might play according skysports.


Cescy said...

help please...

hutton mancienne verm
valencia bullard maccarthy adamj
bent bendtner torres

can either keep verm (might score), valencia (might not start!?!), mccarthy (may sneak a cheeky goal)


sylvinho (may not play-but cheap), nani (i think more likely to start than valencia after midweek CL display-but again not sure), etherington (normally delivers-set piece taker and at the heart of all good things stoke do!!

otherwise my team is sorted...

please help Kellz, Saul, AM and co.

thanks...a confused Cescy.

Catlio said...


I am confused between the Drogs/Torres option. Drogs has easier match-up but have more risks. He can get injured at FA Cup match or Ancelloti may opt to use Anelka as lone striker.

Torres, subject to minor knee and Benitez is one manager difficult to predict. He may choose to rest torres for whatever he think may important (I can't understand why Europea League is more important than 4th place finish)..

Torres has a slight nod for me as next week, they face west ham at home, he is rested for this weekend and he is cheaper than Drogs. But I get Drogs at discount...if I sell him, I will not be able to fit him in my team anymore...

Help guys...

Cesc: I think..the most important thing is to keep Nani in and Valencia out. Nani takes more Set Pieces (though it usually rubbish). I will choose Nzogbia ontop of Etherington for this week.


Saul said...

@Cescy - Catlio makes a good point about Nani, takes corners and set pieces...with Rooney out he's the only guy who can provide United with Free Kick goals, well Giggsy's another but Nani has been in great form so he should get the head start.

Although your defence may look rubish on paper, the fixtures are perfect...Vermaelen's the only dilemma but he's good for the long run, and who knows, he may even pop up with a goal vs. Tottenham. I like it!

Only thing I would change is Valencia to Nani if you can afford it otherwise I like everything else.

JJ said...

No-one in for Benayoun? Should start, great match up and price.

bean said...

@JJ - Benayoun played 90 against Benfica, so may not start.

i ended up with:
Melchiot Foley Mouyokolo
AdamJ Malouda N'Zog Mok
Torres Tevez Bent

good luck everyone, seems like a lot of different picks this week..

Mikl-em said...

hi all, haven't had much time to post, but been trying to read at least. Very interesting and very helpful as always. Thanks AM for all you do, and everybody else for keeping this lively & interesting!

Wishing I had confirmation on Arteta, very frustrating, but I'm going to go ahead and keep him again. I'll be pissed if I get a third zero off him. We shall see. Here's the lineup...

Given (7.1)
Verms (8.67) Bale Onuoha
Bullard (7) Arteta (7.58) AJohnson(7.46) Malouda
Bendtner(5.56) Tevez (16.93) Altidore

I went with Jozy A with enthusiasm. He's been starting every other game, so this is a good one. He's been getting in the box and drawing fouls & penalties like mad, he's really due to get shots & goals. Hull at home, I was recently reminded, actually have a better record than Stoke at home this year. I think Jozy will bring back points. Well, at least 5 of them; I expect at least a shot or two this week.

Otherwise... I keep hanging onto Given cuz I like the fixtures and I have him w/ a bit of discount. But that'll end this week (w/ the Man. derby ahead). Bringing in Bale & Malouda at full price.

Good luck all!

Anonymous said...


Caldwell is suspended


Benayoun may not start, but who knows what the fat spanish waiter will put on his menu


Anonymous said...

For some reason I am picking Kuyt, I just have a feeling about him, also loads of teams seem to have ditched Bale which surprises me as he has been gold this season.

Anonymous said...

is modric injured?

Anonymous said...

I'm taking a huge risk, honestly, fitting torres on my team destroy everything! haha..

I'm kinda scared with my current team but here we go.

Bale, elokobi, onuoha
Valencia, nzogbia, malouda, Maxi
Tevez, Torres, Kanu

appreciate any comments! Still keeping myself updated on any team news.


Anonymous said...

yo am i have 25 mil to buy 2 forwards some advise please im completley clueless dunnegoods

Anonymous said...

oh and my team is myhill 1.69
bale 5.45 jags 7.39 feriara 6.15
malouda 10.90 ethrington 11.13 nasri 8.38 nani 12.39
drogs at 10.66 im thinking maybe bellamy any comments apreceated


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that more people haven't gone for Etherington. Is there somethong I've missed?

Anonymous said...

Any information on Insua? says he's injured and doesn't list him in the Liverpool squad. Does that mean Kyrgiakos gets another start?

And I'm hoping Torres IS fit and plays Fulham, seeing as he was substituted in the 86th minute against Benfica, after getting a knock.

And no love for any Wigan defenders, AM? They're playing Portsmouth, a team who's either going to be fatigued, or injured by the time that game arrives.

@ Anonymous 9:58am:

Maybe buy a safe bet (albeit expensive)like Torres or Bent, and a cheap striker alongwith (although a bit of a gamble) like Tuncay for 4.xx, or even a Moreno for 4.xx?


Efthymios said...

My team:
Bale, Ferreira, Bramble
Bullard, Malouda, N'Zogbia, A.Johnson
Torres, Tevez, Fagan

Any thoughts?

Cescy said...

thanks for the advice, Catlio and Saul, went with:

hutton mancienne sylvinho
bullard adamj n'zogbia nani
bent bendtner torres

thanks for the help and good luck to all managers...

a more relaxed and conclusive Cescy...

Anonymous said...

sylvinho injured..!!!

Fidan said...

Just to mark this milestone :)


Now, thats a blog...!!!
Way to go AM...!!!


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