Saturday, 24 April 2010

Week 32 - My Team


Bale   Jagielka  A.Dawson

Malouda  Milner  Pienaar  M.Taylor

Carew  F.Campbell  C.Cole

Really not pleased with my team this week, it's one of the worst I've put together all season, but I just couldn't afford the players I wanted after missing the barndoor - could be the same story today as I'm out all day at a BBQ with my mates, enjoying the UK sunshine!

I did everything to try & get Tim Cahill in but was 0.07 of the switch of of Pienaar/C.Cole to Cahill/K.Davies. I found it so tough to settle on strikers this week...Fraizer Campbell is real wildcard pick, but he's been playing well & faces his old club so will be keen to do well. To be honest I could've gone with Kevin Davies & left 1.47 in the bank, but I hate leaving cash left over.

That's all I have time for - please let me know your team, best of luck to everyone & enjoy the weekend.



Twoface said...


Best of luck AM with ur squad..

Ban said...

My Team:
Bale Jagielka A.Dawson
Malouda Bullard Arteta M.Taylor
Tevez Carew Bendtner

Shiv said...

Similar team to mine.

Bale, Jagielka, Steinsson
Piennar, Taylor, Mokoena, Malouda
Tevez, Bent, Davies

Hope it works out for us AM. I tried my best to get Cahill in too but it wasnt possible unless I sold Tevez which I wasnt really willing to do.

Lots of BD work ahead what with the double gamers :)

Ban said...

Good luck for everyone^^

rwlwhite said...

I've gone:

Bale, Jagielka, Salgado
A.Young, Cahill, Malouda, Gerrard, Benayoun
Davies, N'gog

bit risky with yossi and n'gog, but i figure i'm not going to win the game, and i'm nearly 700 points ahead in my mini league so can't be caught, therefore i can risk a few hunches this week

greginho said...

i almost went with 5 midfielders, this week, because of the thin options available up front. i decided that i liked all of my options from last week bendtner, carew, and tevez.

salgado, bale, jagielka
malouda, arteta, adam johnson, milner
tevez, bendtner, carew

i am hoping arsenal win 5-2 with bendtner getting all of the goals unassisted, i want tevez to get the brace, with johnson assisting.

Birty said...

Hutton, Knight, Dunne
A-Jo, Arteta, Wilshire, Walcott
Bent, Agbonlahor, Davies

Already started my Barndoor work - cleaned house. The only non-double gamer I have is Arteta.

Bojan said...

i have rooney... 21M gone

Bradley said...

My line-up:

Arteta/M. Taylor/Maxi/Malouda
Tévez/Carew/F. Campbell

I'm not thrilled with the forwards other than Carlito. Originally I had N'Gog but dropped him for Campbell because of the injury news (meaning he'll probably play after all and score). I considered K. Davies, but he's just as likely to collect cards and fouls as score. I wound up holding on to Carew for lack of a better idea. Maybe I should've gone 3-5-2 this week.

Maxer said...

i've jumped-off bendtner wagon this week making my forwards as tevez, gabby & anelka.. other player i'm hoping can help me are milner, bullard and malouda.. with dawson and mancienne as fillers..

good luck everybody..


Alper said...


Anonymous said...

I've been switching around between Malouda or Anelka, and here's my team:

K.Rich/M. Taylor/Maxi/Malouda/T.Cahill
Tévez/F. Campbell

Have a great weekend everybody...


Anonymous said...

yes! penalty!

1-fucking 0!


Ian Sanderson said...

Last weeks barn door saw me swapping Tevez for Torres, so have had to do quite a bit of re-arranging resulting in a team I'm very happy with...

S. Given
Bale Baird Jagielka
Bullard Lampard Arteta Gerrard Taylor
Tuncay Davies

Anonymous said...


Louie B said...

Bale Mancienne Dawson
A Johnson Milner Malouda Maxi Nani
Bendtner Tevez

Had a feeling Nani was going to get on the scoresheet. Bale - the gift that keeps on giving - FF def. player of the year if you ask me.

Who's looking good for next week?

Anonymous said...


Who's everyone looking at on the BD? Given?

Good luck this week everyone!

Anonymous said...

I took Kirkland and Hutton :(
Complete new 11 for nest week. First time I've done that since start of season. Currently looks like this
Konchesky King Zabaletta
AJ Kompany Gera Modric
Bellamy Pavly (A Fulham Forward)


Anonymous said...

Like many I went for a bargain basement front and an all-star MF. So far it's looking pretty good. Hope to get a decent result this weekend, I've had a Hull-like second half and need a break:

Mancienne / Bale / P. Robinson
Arteta / M. Taylor / Lampard / Mokoena
Carew / K. Davies (!) / Ilan (!!!)

Dave said...

Well, the 4 teams with double games are the obvious choice for the barn door. But most of them (Spurs aside) have yet to play. I will be going all out on 2-gamers in my front attacking seven. Looking at: A-Jo, Tevez, Pavly, Etherington, Dempsey, Modric/Bentley, Tuncay, and a bunch of dirt cheap defenders.

Would like to try for Schwarzer or Given, but that will depend on $$ available.

Ban said...

Game Over for HULL CITY!
I am one of your fans too, Tigers!
2011/2012 meet Tigers in Premier League again!
Cheers up, Tiger's fans!

Anonymous said...

nex week so far
bale/manciene/melchiot(2 change)
milner/eth/modric/de jong(unsure)

any suggestions?!?!

Hinrik said...

Bale Steinsson Mancienne
Lampard Malouda Arteta M.Taylor
K.Davies Yakubu Bendtner

Hinrik said...

This is my team for this week btw.

Anonymous said...

bendtner on the benchtner...sigh!

11 points from bale...nice!

Anonymous said...

70.5 so far...points are dribbling in...

Anonymous said...

darren bent 23.50 points seriously?

Anonymous said...

so far 52 points, i am really happy, bale got 11 points & conceded three goals, so unreal but good :D
have howard, jagielka, mancienne, lampard, carew, tevez to go,

Birty said...

Given looks like he's dislocated his shoulder. Nielsen - the sub goalie would be potential for next week apart from him not being avaialble yet.

ronson said...

boo! 80 points clean with only milner and mancienne to go.
poor poor week..

greginho said...

ronson you think that 80 points with two to go is bad. i have 43 points with jagielka, malouda, milner, arteta, and carew to go.

gordon and bale led my lines, with only bendtner getting close (5.56) to his cost with 5 points, the rest adam johnson 4, salgado 1.5 and tevez with 1.5. if ebanks-blake had not got the lucky goal, i would have had a 3rd clean sheet.

hoping for 15 points a piece of the remainder of my crew to salvage 100

Kellz said...

@Ronson: Hate to break it to you but Mancienne already played and got 0pts. But hey you have Milner who will hit 10+ so 90's is a great week.

Myself I have 30.5pts with 6 left, and truthfully they are my big hitters. Kuyt, Malouda, Arteta, Maxi, Jags, Howard. I am hoping to salvage my week with some stellar performances tomorrow. Kuyt was a quick decision after I dropped Rooney and Altidore. I had Ngog but he was in doubt with a back problem. I am hoping this means Kuyt moves to striker instead of being on the wing.

BD: Definately looking at Schwartzer, AB.Faye, Zabs, Given (for now unless ruled out), Modric, Ethrington, Gera, AJ, Tevez, Defoe, Pav.

But many of these players are expensive so I hope to get atleast 7 DG's.

Maxer said...

bad first game.. with dawson (5), tevez (1.5), mancienne (0), mendy (4.5) and bullard (-1.5).. ouch!!..

tonight all my big guns are playing.. milner, gabby, malouda and anelka.. hopefully each of them gave me 20++.. :)


Anonymous said...

pretty happy for once this, 65 points with lampard anelka alex ferreira malouda and benayoun to go. I am superstitious and everyone time I go heavy on Chelsea players they win so fantasy wise I will drop a bit. Just as long as we take the double :)

Anonymous said...

Built a pretty good platform Saturday, 76 pts. with Arteta, Lampard and Carew to go. Big goose egg for Mancienne but Mokoena was a superb filler. Took a big chance with West Ham that paid off big (Ilan, Green) I honestly didn't know who to pick in this game (could have gone with Kirkland and Moreno) so I let my GF (the General Manager) decide. Can't believe I jumped 13 places in my blog league (39th from 52nd). Hope I'm still in the top half after the Chelsea numbers come in.

bean said...

gambled with bringing in F.Camp instead of Bent to get me Arteta, hopefully pays off..didn't like seeing Bent's points this morning.


hutton ferr foley zat
adam arteta malouda tevez davies

(hutton's red hurt, terrible points from adam and tevez; what a bore of a match, was adebayor high?, liked davies points, satisfied with green's, hoping for big things from malouda and arteta)

for next week tinkering with:
hangeland faye richards
lennon ethering adamjohn duff whelan
defoe fuller

all in?
it's going to be an interesting couple of weeks in the premier league. lots of critical matches.

good luck everyone.
thank you assistant manager

Anonymous said...

last minute switch from Ngog to K Davies
and Carew to D Bent while dropping Howard to Jussi.

K davies and Bent paid off but Jussi was quite a disappointment. only 56 pts with Jag, Cahill, Ivanovic and Ferrria to go. bad week overall. :(

Next week I am looking at:

Mancienne, Wilkinson, Bassong?
Ethrington, Gera, AJ, Palacios (maybe)
Tevez, Defoe, Bellamy

Anonymous said...

Fulham is fielding a team of mostly reserves today. Anyone concerned about choosing Fulham players for the DG week since it seems like the EPL is no longer a priority for them?


Alper said...

arteta scored winning goal...

Anonymous said...

which keeper is better for next week;
James, home against Wolves or
Kirkland, home against Hull

Both are similar pricewise but im unsure which will perform better
any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

amazing sunday, was with 42 points, but stevie g, lamps, maxi, alex and arteta made some adjustments :) up to 456 with chelsea points to come


L'Orange noir said...

All the points are in and I find myself sitting on 130 points which is pretty good.
Gerrard, Lampard and Bent my big scorers.
Think I'm going to go really heavy on the DG teams this coming week... is anyone thinking otherwise?

Anonymous said...

Horrible week for me with gambles on RVP and Kuyt not paying off. 55 points and out of the top 1000 sadly although optimisitc of getting back in. Only bright points were Bale (as always) and Milner! Carew somehow managed to do jack all, usually avoid derby game players but just thought in his rich vein of form that for a cost of 8 he would at least rake that in!!

bean said...

i think Begovic(1.00) for a buck is a great deal for the double, assuming sorensen is out.

for the doubles, fulham's schedule looks great, though they have europa thurs, hammers sun, stoke wed.. all three matches at home. still, rotation is a risk, who knows who will start?

i like duff,baird,zamora (or nevland).. i like gera, but seems more likely to fall victim to rotation... is anyone not able to play in europa? gera maybe..? so then he would look good for the league matches. actually, zamora seems most at risk since his still a little injured.

keeping adam johnson, leaning towards dropping tevez.. just seemed to be playing so much deeper into the midfield lately with adebayor back. nielsen would be a nice pickup if he was in yff, seemed decent out there.

kind of interested in the "who's playing relegated teams" single gamers.. i could see lots of goals scored on p-mouth, hull, burnley... watson looks interesting.

bean said...

how about

Maxer said...

another bad week for me (and everyone in my private league).. only managed to get 46points with anelka 1.5points although Chelsea scored 7!!.. gabby 3.5 and tevez 1.5points.. milner and malouda pushed me a little bit from disapointments and embarrassments..


Yankee said...

@Bean - would you add Pavly in place of Ether since Stoke have 2 games but "nothing" to play for?

bean said...

@Yankee - didn't think Pav looked to great last match, was thinking Eidur cause he's so cheap. but that's a good point, we should be wary of the teams with nothing to play for..

Anonymous said...

After a few weeks in turmoil back to respectability with a blistering 150. Also just for the record, past the 3,500pt mark for the 4th season running which is always a personal landmark for me.

Unlike many of you I didn't get onto the Bale train but also unlike many of you I've still got DROG from week 1. That's 494pts!, consider that for while.

Question for the Spurs army:
If you were to pick ONE Spurs player other than Bale this weekend, who would you pick and why?

Thank you

Yankee said...

@Bean - that's what scares me about Begovic, but for a price of $1, I guess I only need him to survive to get a return of 1 point. Also, I guess he does have something to play for.

Kellz said...

@Anonymous: The choices of Spurs players to consider not in any particular order but my must have is Defoe followed closely by Lennon.

1st: Defoe -> sure starter and leading goal scorer for Spurs, faces Bolton at home in which I can see him hitting 2 goals. Tricky away match to Citeh but he can rise to the occasion.

2nd: Lennon -> Fresh from injury and looked lively in his brief appearance at Utd. His quick pace could destroy Bolton and open up Citeh. When he plays, you can expect some good phantom points.

3rd: Pav -> Should still partner Defoe but hasn't looked as sharp as 2 weeks ago. Hes at risk playing only once with Crouch possibly getting the second nod.

4th: Crouchy -> See Pav above.

5th: Bentley -> Hes on many peoples radar with Kranj out. But honestly look at his stats, ever since his shock 25pt match on week 20, his elevated price has not been worth it. For 13mil hes rarely produced over his price, Bale is also taking FK's so his value has diminished. Lennon is definately the way to go.

6th and 7th: Modric or THudd -> Both very similarly priced not offering too much in the way of points but good options over 2 games at 8mil respectively.

8th: Gomes -> Certainly breaking his shaky reputation and coming up with some fantastic performances this season. Bolton should be a gimme CS + Win which should carry nice points into the Citeh match. Even in a loss to Citeh, Gomes could very well make enough saves from Tevez and the gang to produce positive points. Hes behind Schwartzer though in my book as expensive keeper for the double.

Hope that helps, just my 2 cents.

Kellz said...

Just doing some "WHAT IF?" thinking on what the 4th place finish could look like from a begrudged Liverpool supporter.

-Citeh v Villa: Draw would mean Citeh with 64pts and Villa 65pts
-Spurs v Bolton: Loss for Spurs keeps them at 64pts.
-Liverpool v Chelsea: Win for Liverpool sees them climb to 65pts
-Citeh v Spurs: Draw sees Citeh with 65pts and Spurs with 65pts

Each team now will have played the same amount of games being completely neck and neck only separated by goal difference! How exciting would the games on May 9th be to decide the last Champions League Place!

Do I think Liverpool deserve 4th after the display this season? No
Do I still want them to take 4th this season? Yes
Am I dilusional or just won't give up?

Ban said...

A poor week for me! Anyone same as me? I think so.

End up with just 84points! A poor week points for me!
Mikel Arteta, Malouda and Taylor save my week!
Thanks god!

Big down for my forward!
Carew 0 Tevez 1.5 Bendtner 5

For next week, my team going to:
Kirkland (1st time change my keeper from Myhill)
Bale Zabaleta Jagielka
Arteta AJ Modric Watson
Tevez Pavlyuchenko Bellamy

No bd any players this week, and may let Bellamy, Pavlyuchenko and Watson go to change another! Any suggestion?

7 players of my team having double games, just hope can upgrading to 8 to 9 players to have it.

hoping for the best said...

I was one of the poor souls who lost Bale at 5.40 during the yahoo glitch two weeks ago. Anyone have any thoughts about buying him back now at 16.16 or would Aaron Lennon be a better place to pork the cash? I am only 10 points back in my group from the lead, my opponent has Bale cheap. Makes me think Lennon.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sad with my own team. Altogether gvin me 93 points, gutted to go with K2 (which i thought he could make some impact) instead of bent (he was on my list!!)
Robbo also give me no shit, and yakubu is another dead striker for me.

Defender not giving many points, but bale is superb, consistent performance.

For next week:

Duke (do u think myhill is gonna play?)

any comments?
Kellz, don't u think UEFA and double games will give a big impact for Schwartzer? I'm kinda worried. but indeed, Gomes looks good, but I am not sure after get they're ass kicked by MU, 3-1 sure dropping their morale.*sigh*


Kellz said...

@DarkZero: No I don't feel it will be negative for Schwartzer, hes been doing it all year. Goalkeepers aren't running 90min and thus aren't expending the same energy as a field player (they have their own keeper endurance). So Schwartzer should be fine to compete in all 3 matches.

YFFScout said...

I'm a big believer in players doing well against the same clubs. Probably read it already - really interesting article;

Afif said...

I totally agree with you Kellz..never in my life seen such tight competition for fourth place..this was the turn around week and next week will be the decding week..I'm betting that L'pool, A.Villa, Spurs and Citeh will go all out which will mean trouble for us Managers..well there is a famous quote " this is football god dammit"

Anonymous said...

Since it's nearing the end of YFF season, I am going all out on this coming DG

Begovic (1.00!!!)
Bale Jags Zabaleta
Modric AJ Kompany Lennon
Defoe Tevez Adebayor

That's 10 DGers

Begovic is dirt cheap & would relish the chance being the 1st choice keeper. Kompany is a filler.

Other than those 2, all are attack minded players...Comments will be appreciated ;)


Anonymous said...

sorry if the question had been raised before..

yahoo yet to update on 3rd choice Man city keeper?

L'Orange Noir said...

I've settled on the following, although it might change duing the week;
Bale, Rocha, Pantsil
Lennon, Modric, Etherington, Duff, Johnson
Defoe, Fuller
The only non-DG being Hart, who I think is a nailed on clean sheet, and Rocha who is filler but also against Wolves away so fingers crossed for a clean sheet there too.

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