Sunday, 4 April 2010

Week 29 Update

Hi guys - sorry for the lack of activity...I'm waiting for the Man City points to come in/rankings to update properly before writing my full weekend review, but thought I'd post a quick update,

At the moment Week 29 is not looking great for me...I'm guessing I'll get around 20 points for Tevez & Garrido, meaning approximately 85 for the week. Obviously it was also a terrible weekend to be a Spurs fan.

As for the barndoor, I'm not too keen on Stoke or Fulham double gamers for Week 30, so limiting myself to just 4 at the moment - Hangerland, Gera, Faye & Etherington. I've also brought in AJohnson & Given on the barndoor, but didn't bother with Adebayor as he always lets me down.

Tevez, Bullard, Bale, Malouda & Bendtner will probably stay, but I still have £4m in the bank + may downgrade Given to Myhill (freeing up even more), so more switches are likely.

How do you think you've got on this week? Any barndoor work?



Jeremy Spitzberg said...

Just Osman to Etherington for me. Eth seems to shine in 2-match weeks so he's a must have for me. Otherwise, I'm with you... not a great selection.

Of course, I could be all in by Friday. ;-)

Oh... FIRST!

Ban said...

A terrible week for me! I think most of us too.
Just AJ, Vermaelen and Bent for me.
I just thinking about should I change Bent or Arteta to Etherington?
Arteta is on question-mark, will he back next week?

Bojan said...

95,5 + 25+ for given and tevez... very nice week... i left only 4 players in my team from last week... bale,bender,eth and malouda... bender could go for Moreno...

Mike B said...

72 points with Given and Tevez still to come. Should be around 95+, which i guess is about average for the week.

I haven't made many changes yet, i want to see some prices come down.

For now i have...

Ferreira, Elokobi, Bale
Etherington, Gera, Jones, Malouda
Tevez, Bendtner, Torres

Buying Malouda at full price isn't ideal, but i believe he will continue his impressive run of form.

I'm just happy i didn't go with Saha in the end, Torres will be great next week at home to Fulham, i hope his price doesn't now drop too much!

Kellz said...

In the same boat as Bojan, 78.5 + 7 for given and 20+ for Tevez, so I should hit around 110 for the week.

Decided to not bring in Dempsey and Dropped him for Bent. If he stays fit, hes a long term choice for me since he plays @Westham, Burnley, @Hull, a very nice string of fixtures for a striker who could have hit 50+ points on his old club.

So my BD seems to be:

Given, Bale, Jags, Manceine, Malouda, AJ, Duff, Ethrington, Tevez, Bendtner, Bent

Actually pretty happy with only 2 DG, the matches just aren't that favorable and Fulham seem to only be focused on Wolfburg. If they lose the 2nd leg and go out, we can assume Duffman et al. will play more in the double week.

Anonymous said...

I've calculated 85.5 points for me without the Tevez points, although someone in the chat room said that Rosicky is worth only 17 points because one of his SoTs is Walcott's. Even so, I believe Tevez will bring me beyond 100 points, so I'm okay. Bendtner, Tevez and Rosicky were fantastic, Campbell, Malouda, Bale, Heitinga, Howard and Etherington were solid. Saha and Nasri were expected to be along the top-scorers this week but turned out disappointing. That's why you can't always go with the sure picks.

BD team:

Bale Ferreira Hughes
Malouda Etherington Duff Gera
Bendtner Tevez Bent

Well, it's not going to stay that way. I should get Baird when his or Myhill's prices drop. He didn't start today, but I can't believe it will repeat itself - he has been starting at Fulham for ages, even after Europa League matches, and should start both games. He usaully scores well even without CSs, and one can expect he will get a CS during the double-week (and I don't necessarily mean the Stoke game...).
I will probably drop Bent as well, because if he doesn't score he doesn't get points as well, and I believe West Ham have a good chance at home the way they looked today. Gera might stay, although it's not final, but I like that guy. Having said that, I can see him starting at Liverpool and being benched against Stoke, so it's dangerous. Duff is pricey, and might start on the bench for one game. He's not young after all. But he has been fantastic this season, and could quietly deserve 20 points even if it's only against Stoke. If I find a better choice I will probably drop him though.
Myhill, Bale, Ferreira, Malouda, Etherington, Bendtner and Tevez are certain, so these are only 4 spots for me to choose, but they could end up very important so I could use any advice.


Birty said...

I've had Sorensen for the past couple of weeks at 8 and don't see any reason to let him go now that stoke have ba relatively easy 2 games. He may be the only double gamer depending on how I decide to go with Duff or Bent.

Saul said...

lol Jeremy...last!

Anonymous said...

my week was normal, 50 points + tevez, gonna end up 65-70 points? i hold on to myhill, took the -5 points, but now against burnley, for 1~ something sounds good.
for next week, i'll only go for etherignton form 2'gamers, cause fulham seem to rest their's and not really good picks either. My hunch for the week is carlotn cole or kevin doyle, i'll go one of them, otherwise i'm keeping torres,tevez,etherington,bale,myhill,jagielka, bullard,carlton cole/doyle.
need some suggestions for two midfielders and one defender, stevie g seems to be good pick, but not cheap & liverpool suck hard currently, risky, any ideas ?

Saul said...

@Anon 11:33 pm - What about Malouda @16.xx, expensive but definitely worth it...better choice than Gerrard I think.

ToffeeDave said...

my weekend wasnt too great thanks to the 2-2 draw, was hoping my blues would keep a cs against a desperate west ham side, but they couldn't get the result. I feel europe is out of the reach of everton this year, which could be a good and bad thing next year. im gonna end up roughly 80 points as well but just hope I did enough to beat tuhau fc this week.

Kellz said...

@Toffee: You got ahead of yourself saying Eve for 4th but I think its extremely possible for them to get into the Europa League. Keep your hopes up! Better for Liverpool to show 2 quality european teams than 1!

@Anon 11:33: sure results aren't up to expectations, but Liverpool have hardly "sucked hard" lately. Stevie G is the cheapest hes ever been this season and had an average cost of 18mil last season. Liverpool should have two good home games to Fulham and West Ham. Defenders why not try Fox who is back for Burnley facing Hull, and AJ who had 2 assists and major crosses and hes still 7mil. Hope your team doesn't "suck hard" next week, good luck lol.

greginho said...

i would much rather see everton than city or villa or definitely liverpool go into champion's league, but it might do more harm, it is a very talented, but thin squad.
case in point is arsenal's breakdown with the injuries, due to playing twice a week for so long, and fulham's slide because of it's europa league exploits. everton need more depth. aston villa is doing its late season plummet, do to its lack of depth.

Cusut07 said...

myhill - Cuellar - jagieka - A.Ferdinand - arteta - AJ - Ethe - Duff- zenden - tevez - d.bent
rate my team, plz!! thanks

Saul said...

Jarvis anyone?

Anonymous said...

viera anyone??


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking about dropping Bent. He should be on a great discount, but Sunderland tend to underperform on away games (they played really well and beat Spurs, but looked poor @Liverpool, and you can't really say Liverpool are any better than Spurs). Plus, West Ham seemed yesterday as if they found a way to avoid rellegation, and on a home game, against a team that has nothing to play for... Bent is a big risk and I can't believe he'll score.
I'm also afraid about Duff not showing up for one of the games. I can drop both him and Bent for CCole and Gerrard. That does't seem bad, though Cole couldn't score lately, and I can't still forget the annoying 7 points Gerrard got me on week 28 against Sunderland.

I would like to read some advices!


Bojan said...

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Full story: The Sun

Anonymous said...

Well, ended up 72 points, that's quite okay, still luckily in top 200, i think if you got the money, i would recommend gerrard(cheap actually, IF liverpool peforms) or lampard, chelsea's playing fa cup, so i think only lampard guaranteed to play two games, sad thing is my budget won't let me, tevez, torres, bullard, etherington taking much cash. picked up foley(hull defenders seem to be good picks also) for third defender, besides bale, jagielka, cheap and against stoke at home could get a result, stoke doesn't score much in away games. my problem lies in midfield, i would love to pick j.cole, as a chelsea fan of course, but risky.

shadowgex said...

i can't decide between tevez, rodallega, bent or tevez, berbatov bent or tevez, rodallega, berbatov!

any ideas which is best? (I have bent BD'ed at 12.xx)

at the moment, berbatov is my only manu player, but i may bring in valencia in mid.

Anonymous said...

My current team is:

Campbell Vermelen Smalling
AJ Bullard Mokoena Narsi
Drogba Tevez Bendtner

I currently have Drogba with no discount, 25.53. I'm considering dropping him so i can swap him for Gerrard and Etherington. Narsi i m dropping 100%. I dont trust Arsenal vs Tottenham either..

Ferdinard Smalling Syvinho
AJ Bullard Etherington Gerrard
Tevez Bendtner Bent

what do you think about this team?

Anonymous said...

who is the manager of Man Utd ? 51st in the AM Chat League, who ever you are , can you reply with your chat name ? =)

Saul said...

Anyone think going for both Gerrard and Torres is a good idea? My logic is that Fulham are safe from relegation and are applying all their energy on the Europa League...on the other hand Liverpool are fighting for a top 4 finish. With Fulham's away form I predict a Liverpool win by a high score, agree or disagree?

Team atm...


Contemplating going for Green on goal vs. Kirkland.

Saul said...

The thing about Gerrard is that he doesn't get any more fantom points, he scores and still doesn't return his value. Maxi better bet???

Anonymous said...

to saul.
i've got torres, don't want others, he's the main game-winner for sure, gerrard is now playing more defensive position, not behind torres, you know..but if you got the money, pay the price
your team looks good, but i'm not so sure about fuller, two away games, he normally doesn't get many points, suggesting carlton cole/kevin doyle, on the paper looks good

Anonymous said...

about the tottenham vs arsenal, i think that tottenham want to bounce back with a win and it's a derby, arsenal have so many players injured, i wouldn't go for any, unless you have vermalaen/bendtner on big discount, that's how i feel. green or kirk, both solid picks, both go against team, that's away record is the poorest in entire league?!

bean said...

i was waiting to see how bad the damage was after the City points came in.. terrible week for me with 55 points. taking the risk of fillers like song and rodwell to fit torres/tevez/saha up front didn't really pay off very well.

on to next week. as many have stated here on the blog, not really excited about the double week teams. fulham have europa distraction/fatigue/rotation and stoke two away matches..

picked up Bent on the barndoor, but don't really think I'll keep him. he never seems to have two good weeks in a row, take a look at his points per week chart. though I find it interesting how little Bent has been mentioned this season, he's quietly been scoring well, 6th for total points.

want to keep torres because he likes to score at home, but just not sure about Pool. i could see torres still being pissed after being subbed for N'Gog, or it'll make him want to prove something against a tired, rotated fulham squad who don't really have a good away record..

i'm thinking more about Villa with a good double week after playing Everton.

Think I'm going to take some risks now to try to finish in top 1000. Was just outside last week, but after this crappy week back to 13xx position..

Thanks to AM and all the great analysis/comments from everyone.

Hinrik said...

My BD-team

Bale Hangeland Verm
N´Zogbia Etherington Malouda Rosicky
Adebayor Anelka Bendtner

Hinrik said...

I sold Tevez btw and did not buy D.Fox for 4.79. :)

PBS said...

Arteta + Bullard or Malouda + Whitehead hmmm?

Saul said...

Check out this link where Ferguson claims that Rooney may play this Wednesday's Champs league match...god is he trying to break the kid?

Kellz said...

@Saul: interesting read it seems Fergie is shitting himself about losing the first leg to Bayern and dropping 2pts behind Chelsea all in the same week. With out Rooney, Utd doesn't stand as good of a chance. Thats the problem Utd need him but hes injured, rushing him back will only end badly for Utd and England. If Berbs can step up, I'd rest Rooney to make darn sure his ankle is 100% or risk another injury (i.e Fabregas)

Bradley said...

Toon going up! Toon going up!

Okay, now that I've taken care of the most important thing...

I've been amassing 0s every week for the past month. This past weekend I swallowed hard and dropped Arteta. Because of the ensuing changes, rather than getting nothing from him, I got next to nothing from two players. The result: a lame 76.5 points (used to be 77 but Jagielka appears to have had 0.5 taken away). Fortunately, my overall ranking hasn't suffered too much, but on the other hand, that also means I've been missing opportunities to move up. Sigh... Hopefully I'll get over this bout of boneheadedness.

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