Saturday, 10 April 2010

Week 30 - My Team


Garrido  Carragher  Bale

Malouda  Bullard  N'Zogbia  A.Johnson

Tevez  Bendtner  Torres

No time to post details today - but I'll say I'm quite happy with it. Let me know your team! Who are you picking up on the barndoor? Villa & Hull have a double game in Week 31 so I'll be focusing on Villa players in particular...



BerbaOwnsj00 said...

Nice :)
Here is my team:


Bale Carragher Mancienne

Malouda AJ N'Zogbia Bullard

Bendtner Tevez Torres

rwlwhite said...

i've gone bold once again:

Bale - Ferreira - Sol - Onuoha
Bullard - Malouda - A.Johnson - Lucas
Berbatov - Torres

Anonymous said...

I'm taking risks, and I like it:

Bale Terry Scharner
Malouda Gerrard Maxi N'Zogbia
Bendtner Tevez CCole

Either a total miss or a total gain. I hope it goes on the second direction :)
I didn't like Liverpool defenders (they're weak) nor Man City defenders (too many doubts and injuries), and I couldn't go with Bullard because... I couldn't. I don't like him on real life, I don't like him on YFF. Finally my team is a bit different than AM's.

Good luck!


Efthymios said...

Good Team AM! We have 8 same players.
Diferent players are:
Ferreira, Bramble, Fagan (Carragher, Garrido, Bendtner)

Anonymous said...

I gamble on those players for this week :

Bale - Foley - Fereira
Malouda - Bullard - Gerrard - Nani - Whitehead
Tevez - Bentner

Anonymous said...

Bale - Ferreira - Onuoha - Figueroa
Bullard - N'Zogbia - Nani - Malouda
Tevez - Fagan

Birty said...

Bale, Fox, Rafael
Arteta, Malbranque, A-Jo, Walcott, Bullard
Bent, Macheda

I'm taking a gamble on Fergie's selection but with only a few weeks to go and lots of points off the lead its time for outside of the box thinking.

As for next week, I'm going back to Downing and Agbonlahor. I'm 1.5 from getting Dunne too. You gotta like Sunderland and Stoke next week too at home to Burnley and Bolton respectively.

Anonymous said...

Hi AM,

My team:
Bale, Scharner, Mancienne
Bullard, AJ, mokoena, N'Zogbia
Rodallega, Drogba, C.Cole

i having Drogba with not much discount, the only player that i worry would be Mokoena, there is no more funds for me to upgrade him with other, =[

hope AM can gv me some comment on my team, thanks n good luck AM

L'Orange Noir said...

My filler player Kilbane just scored!

I hope I get lucky with all my other players as well.
Bale, Fox, O'Shea
Gera, Kilbane, Bullard, Etherington, N'Zogbia
Drogba, Bent.

Have B'D Downing and Agbonlahor already in place of Eth and N'Zog.

Anonymous said...

DARN...-9 for myhill...thanks for recommending!

Anonymous said...

My gamble paid off! Picking Jensen instead of Myhill!


Anonymous said...

droppin capt. kirk/jensen and picking myhill was a biggest mistake! damn i should have gone w/my instinct!

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

Hull are just terrible!!!!

FLScott said...

Hull is dead.

FLScott said...

Bullard, Mouyokolo, Myhill.... dead to me. Please, please, please, leave the Prem.

Anonymous said...

Never ever pick Myhill again

Bojan said...



malouda,lampard,adam johnson,n'zogbia


just came to say hi...

Anonymous said...

Fuck myhill

rwlwhite said...

how good will bullard be in the championship?!

or will he be picked up by west brom, newcastle or whoever else comes up?

greginho said...

bullard would be very good on aston villa. they need the depth and they don't have a player like him. aston villa players are not consistent.

greginho said...

the darren bent and myhill bandwagons have officially left the station!

Dave said...

Forget the horrible YFF showing from those 2 teams - they are pure rubbish and both deserve to be relegated. Utter shite, poor poor quality. I watched the match and feel like I had 2 hours of my life stolen. Normally, having YFF players involved makes a match even more interesting, but this was hard to watch regardless. Ugh. Good riddance to both, stay up Hammers!

Birty said...

How'd that Myhill pick workout for everyone?

greginho said...

i was never going for myhill or bent

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


dumb myhill.......

Anonymous said...

i thought myhill for 1~ something is good, so over the past two weeks -13, whata a garbage, never recommend myhill, for fuck's sake, bullard only two points also, but im thinking to keep her, for double week as only hull player, also picked up agbonlahor & milner. so the big question is van persie, you just know, when he play's, he's gold, facing wigan also, but he's not cheap.

Anonymous said...

fantasy wise this week seem to suck a lot, no torres, not even in the bench, myhill, bullard, but the main thing is, manu drew, thumbs up for blackburn!

PBS said...

man im gonna fuck up so much this week...-8 myhill, bullard a lousy 4 points, no torres....dear me...

Anonymous said...

Carragher yellow card.....

Anonymous said...

fuck no torres!!!!!

Ah Leong said...

Awesome to see all my competitors in my league pick Myhill, Jummy and Torres. Luckily I went with Tevez, Given and...


rwlwhite said...

annoyed at the lack of torres and the pants performances of berbatov and hull in general. glad i picked onuoha though!

bean said...

not gonna be a good week here for me; maybe that's also why there's so little comment activity.

not sure about next week, to be honest i'm not too excited about villa double.. defenders are still too pricey with two away matches.. thinkin' about SPet as he's cheap and seems to perform well in double weeks.. i'm also thinking to be bold and hold onto Bent, still think he's still a solid choice to close out the season. was entertaining dropping Tevez, but how can you pass up the little Apache against his old club?

Picked up Schartz(Spaceballs), Baird, and Gerrard on the BD. Was really ready to totally gut my entire squad, but just went with those for now..

not too happy about two terrible weeks in a row.. so much for finishing in the top 1000 ..

bean said...

that would be Schwartz, not Schartz..
"I see you Schwartz is as big as mine"

Anonymous said...

horrible wk so far 33 pts but 5 players to go hope things can turn around. Barn door team is
B. Friedel(11.31)
G. Bale(2.65)G. Elokobi(4.61)P. McShane(5.72)
Drogba 10.66,Tévez 16.93,Agbonlahor 12.06
went with 7 DG according to bbc villa & hull have a d wk any thoughts??????
Colly 77

Anonymous said...

Yahoo is horrible. No subs and horrible point awarding. Tevez scored two goals today. The big boys play over at the official site where there are no points for judgement calls.

Ian Sanderson said...

Re:anon @ 7.34

What an absolute load of rubbish. I, like many on here, play both fantasy football games.
Despite it's faults, and there are many, the Yahoo ff game is far superior and certainly more enjoyable. If you don't like it (probably because you're doing rubbsh) then GOODBYE.

Kellz said...

Not a bad week so far, Tevez should be awarded Onuoha's first goal which will give Tevez the MWG pts as well. I should hit 71pts with Melchiot, Bale, Malouda, N'zogbia and Bendtner to go. Seems like a low scoring week for many, happy I didn't get into the Myhill trap.

Heres to hoping Villa players prices fall, I can't seem to fit more than 1 in currently.

Good luck mid week!

@Colly77: You don't need Downing and Milner, pick one and upgrade McShane.

Saul said...

My team so far, but far from done...

Gordon (can he get cheaper?)

Bullard at least has to return his price in a double right? Still not done as I have 10.49 in the bank. Don't want too much Villa but will most likely end up with 1 defender. I like Campbell and Bent.

Anonymous said...

Im a spurs fan.

the guy below me in the league picked onuoha & johnson (who I had for all of his ~2 point weeks)

draw your own conclusions as to my football mood.

Anonymous said...

but Onuoha is wrongly awarded 2 goals though

Saul said...

Ahhh wouldn't it have been nice had it been Hart in goal for Birmingham...he would've been a nice cheap choice for next weeks game vs. Hull with 5 goals chipped to City today. Oh well I guess at his current price he's still worth a gamble.

Dave said...

For what it's worth - watching today's Cup game, Bale was Spurs' best attacker (and defender) all match. He was firing in crosses that were connecting, winning corners and tracking back/ intercepting passes well. If it had been a YFF game, I'm sure he would have scored handsomely through a pile of phantom points. Hopefully he carries that form to the midweek match and isnt too tired from playing 120 mins at full throttle.

Baz said...

I had Torres and Myhill :) but like Ah Leong (see above) I went with Tevez and...


Looking for Malouda and Bendt to come up big.


Afif said...

I got Onuoha AJ and Tevez..but then again I too have Tores Myhill and Bullard..a poor 55 points..damn it! I dont think I'll make it through the cup challenge :(

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