Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Week 30 - Tuesday

Not a lot to say about last night as there was just the one game, Chelsea beating Bolton to strengthen their grip on the title, thanks to an Anelka winner.

I only had Malouda & he found himself on the bench until the final 20 minutes, mustering 2 points to take me up to a quite pathetic 47 with Bale, N'Zogbia & Bendtner to play. I've actually only dropped 50 places so far (down to 360th) so I can only assume plenty of others are having horrible weeks too.

Tonight we see the completion of Week 30, including Tottenham v Arsenal, and I am not feeling confident at all. Once tonight's points are updated I'll calculate the AM Challenge Semi-Final results & will post them up in the morning. I'll then be able to make a start on my Week 31 Player Picks which should be up Thursday afternoon.

That's it for now - I should be in the chat room this evening, so hope to see some of you there!



Anonymous said...


Caleb said...

I think everybody is having a horrible week as well. I am now standing on 58 points with only N'Zogbia to play tonight. Thanks for 2 of my 3 strikers given me a big fat zero points. Torres injured and was not even on the bench, while Fagan gave me a 0 points while he played about 80 minutes for Hull. I was so unlucky that I tried to pick between him and his teammate Altidore while he have 8 points with one assist provided to Kibane.

DeviLxDeviL said...

58.5 with Moreno to go. Damn bad week. Thanks Torres, Malouda, Bullard & My SK Myhill haha.

Hinrik said...

38.5 with Bale, Scharner, Rosicky and Bendtner left.

TwoFace said...

49 points with Roda,Bedntner,Bale and Nzogbia to go..come on!!

Anonymous said... Ouch :/

Cusut07 said...

60.5 + melchiot + Nzogbia + arteta(out) :(

Anonymous said...

69 with kirk bale zogbia n bentner to go...not sure good or bad week :)

Anonymous said...

I'm actually having a decent week, though it comes as basically meaningless. I'm already out of the Challenge here and I've wrapped up the league I'm in with my friends already. Basically just finishing out the year and trying to make a push at the top 1000 overall.

Sitting at 83.5 with Tim Howard, Bale and Bendtner to play today.

Next week is becoming a big headache. I've rotated lineups a number of times already trying to find the combination of Villa/Hull and single gamers that I like. Nothing seems to be satisfying yet.

Cech's Mates

bean said...

54.50 with n'zog, melch, & mok (ha!) to play...

how about this wacky lineup for next week:

foley baird Jag (get him today before he plays his 8th match)
SPet AdamJ Lucas Fahey
RVP Carew Jerome

i'm sure RVP will hurt himself while taking a shower, but could be an interesting differentiator if everyone is going for the doubles and the usual suspects..

bean said...

is everyone holding onto Malouda?

Anonymous said...

Yes, bad all around. 52 with only Rodallega playing today.

@bean - I've been holding on to Malouda, but have been tempted to sell him to beef up other positions. Who knows. It seems to be anybody's guess who is playing these days. I've had so many no-shows lately, it's killing my season.

Dave said...

Goal for Bale!!!! Best 2.84 in YFF I ever spent !!!

markygoods said...


Anonymous said...

i had bale @ 5.70 and consider myself lucky!

Kellz said...

69pts + Melchiot CS, N'Zogbia phantoms, and Bale goal + Bendtner goal (told some managers not to drop him at 5mil). Should be a fantastic week for me given how bad some managers have had it ( I didn't have Torres)

Good luck selecting next week!

FLScott said...

65pts + Bendtner and Diame; hopefully they'll get something done or this is my 2nd to worst week ever. For all of you who didn't go with Torres... Lucky you!

bean said...

nice work Kellz.. great week for you. there's no chance i'll catch you now.

Louie B said...

Finished the week with 86.5. Normally I wouldn't be too happy with that but considering how the gameweek started out for me I'll take it.

Backcountry Dave said...

Greginho, nice call on Salgado. Not only outscored Arteta + Saha but did it tenfold.

Bradley said...

Wow, from out of nowhere I've wound with at 96.5 points. Bale, McCarthy, and Bendtner really bailed me out (or "baled" me out, if you will). A nice end to the week after disasters from Myhill, Torres, Malouda, Bullard, and Mouyokolo. I picked the wrong time to bank on Burnley's wretched away form. I can't complain with the finish, but hopefully I can get my selecting back on track. I've almost forgot what it's like to have a week without any 0s or negatives.

Congrats to Spurs. Keeping their hopes of 4th alive while simultaneously undercutting the Gunners chances for 1st must be a dream come true. Gomes was on fire.

And most important, Newcastle have all but clinched the Championship title. The goal difference is certainly in their favor, but just one more point will put it beyond question.

Maxer said...

got 70points this week.. below my average 85 per game.. anyway, tevez and sol save my azz, while jag, malouda, eth and torres disappoints me.. and bendtner although he scores only managed to get 10 points.. sigh.. anyway, no regrets since i did my team last minute (because i have an exam on saturday) and still manage to get 70 unlike last week..

for next week.. i load up many villa players with malouda, torres, sol, jag and eth being dropped for warnock, a.young, milner, bullard and agbonlahor..


greginho said...

93 points! mixed message from my team. only one big named player performed, tevez. the rest of the players clearing 10 points all cost 7.46, 5.56, 4.33 and 2.70. they were adam johnson, bentner, salgado and bale. then i had stud players who all go 5 points or less and cost, 15.35, 13.25, 10.70, and 9.60. these were ashley young, bullard, malouda, and carew.

i called the 2-2 game for villa, but i was sure it would be young and carew getting the goals.

i get screwed everytime i pick expensive midfielders. i want cesc back, i need the consistency of a $17, player, not the underperformance of $13-15 ones.

thanks BIG COUNTRY DAVE for your support, on the salgado bashing. i also took the heat for supporting bendtner, in much the same manner late last week, but he came through with another 10 or more week for a 5.56 player. that is amazing!

Anonymous said...

What a random team i had for this week.


Sagna Hangeland Da Costa Ridgewell

Rosicky Zenden Walcott

bendtner Fuller Adebayor

And guess what, i got 96 points ?


This after the previous week, going All in on Man U at home.

Iri said...

106 points this week, including 5 goals.

that is with Arteta at 0 and Howard at -2.0 and Lamps at 2.0...

I lost 1 place in the overall standings...

Ban said...

End with 86 points

With Jagielka GOAL! Get -1 point and Torres 0 point for me

Myhill was getting -8 points, is okay cause I pick him long time ago and some little crazy may holding him till the end of season!

Something going wrong to Bullard and Malouda!
Hope they will score some goal in next game^^

AM Blog Cup I think with my 86 points, I going to say 'Bye Bye'

Week 31:
I had barndoor Onuoha, Milner and Agbonlahor

Maybe Onuoha will out, and Looking for RVP!

He is great and SOT for him is not a problem away to Wigan!

How do u think about RVP?

FLScott said...

The greatest DG'r team ever follows: (I might get burned): Naw

Dunne Mancienne Cuellar
AJ Jummy(yeah I know) A.Young Kilbane (dgfiller)
Bendt Carew Gabby

I expect no less than 135. Wantin' me trophy. 19 possible players on the pitch.

Let me know and best of luck.

Gasper said...

A good FF week for me. 103,5 points with Myhill :)

Othewise yesterday was the end of the dream for Arsenal. Well I didn't think we would be able to beat Spurs, and when Verm went off it was over. Silvestre is just too old. I said to myself that the title is lost a long while age, in november when Robin was injured. Mr. Wenger really needs to sell some players (Eduardo, Rosicky, Denilson) and get some fighters in. Yesterday Spurs showed more determination and will.

Anyway I hope that Spurs beat City to 4th spot. A weird thing to say as a Ars fan but I really like the way Spurs play.

This week:
Bale, Foley, Dunne
MF still undecided, but will put Geovanni in
Bendt, Tevez, Bent

Kellz said...

115pts culminates in an utterly fantastic week. Big thanks to Bale, Foley, Tevez, Bendtner. I am now into the top 500's and looking to progress forward form there.

So far:

Foley, Bale, Jags,
Malouda, Bullard, Ashley Young, AJ,
Bent, Gabby, Bendtner

still have 2.7mil in the bank and quite sad in my hasty drop of Tevez for Torres figuring his price would rise slightly due to the managers picking him this week, but nope. So I am left with some decision on getting in a Villa defender, Milner/Carew over AY/Gabby, and what to make of the rest of my picks.

For some reason I haven't been 100% happy with my team these last 3 weeks, but the selected players have gotten me over 100 points each time and raised me into the 500's. Weird?

Good luck guys

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